(2004) Brides of year 2004


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tell them, if u can ake it then go, if can't then will go nx wk lor.

i gotta close of nw, suddenly got last min things to do.

bye gals!


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shern, ya lor ... sick for 2 weeks liaoz .. on and off ... had fever twice. Hopefully i'll recover by then but BS say must fix appointment before going down leh. proofs ah ...not sure le...i din ask. Mabbe when i go n chose i ask dem. I hope can lor .. if not i :'(


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hi mrsleong,

okay, i think roughly know lah... never mind, when our meet up is closer, then we will exchange tel no.

hi addidas,

ahahaha... same same loh, i also dun feel like myself.

hi fleur,

hahaha... neither am i the glam bride.... hey, the brides i saw that day all very "ON" leh, all wear their heels one leh... ;p

hi moonlight,

take care and drink lots of water..


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hmmm, me also looking for convertible as wedding car... still no luck....


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Lynn, dun worry so much.. stay cool.. most impt is your health..must take good care!! your wedding is in decemeber.. so got plenty of time to choose.. if not feeling well.. rest first lor!! Hee..hee... me taking Ps next week.. any advices for me?


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Jean, advice ah.....ermmm rest more before the day of ur PS. Bring along a bottle of water when u go for outdoor shooting! Coz it might be so sunny.....make u very hot .. and thirsty ah... ;)


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hahaha... adeline,
to add to the list ya! the other day, me go buy my Calorie Limit lor, coz no more liao.. then hor, i bought Perfect Slim also leh... & I also very good leh, listen to u, me trying the Moisture supplements too & that girl persuade me to buy the new Whitening range one lor, got free 2 mask.... not bad leh the mask, me like... hehehehe.....

must be mei mei lor, hahaha.....

ya ya, this Fri, we all will nag nag nag... like a bunch of seow cha bor ah wait....
but for the rest of the Divine brides... then u all got to jump here & there liao....

so after dinner this Fri, u all still got go drink bor ah? or just that & that's it??

aiyoh... this fri eat eat eat ah?? seow liao... wait my gown cannot fit how???


no -time think we will talk more abt it this Fri lor ya, coz for me, like PIG or a summu wrester liao lah,
me eat eat eat, cannot go on diet one lor but somehow with Fancl, me never put on more weight leh & further more, my total body fats mass also decrease liao.... so it works lor...


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i am alone still in office. very busy today.
cant catch up with ur gals liao.
i kinda of give up on dieting liao. and recently my office got this crazy cake n bread craze... hmmm. some of my PS shots i look really FAT leh. no time: u so slim still need to diet???!!!
byie going home *yawn*


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hi no time,
it's really not easy to find one dog that you love leh.. must see got chemistry or not.. the salesperson was telling us if like then buy else next time will regret cos you wun get back the same dog again... but now really not a good time to buy lar.. like you say lor, no time to watch over him.. so give him a miss.. we still think of him sometimes.. hopefully next time can buy his brother or sister kekeke now my house furniture all buy dog friendly one.. metal legs.. scared next time kenna damaged by doggie if we going to have one kekeke

hi eternity,
high 5, but really not practical.. got to reconsider
see ya tomolo


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oh.. skylar.. u juz opened up my wound.. hahaha.. tat time got those mobile duno wat u call ah.. checkup employees one.. wah.. u see i skinny skinny... but body fat mass is super high ah! tink all stuck in butt n thigh.... aiyoh.. so hor.. cannot c skinny... but really.. so much fats... i really felt so kns.. hahaha......


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dabee... i nid to control.. becos fats easily show on thigh n butt.. my top can b s/m size.. but hor.. bottoms.. err.. really cannot leh.. i dun even dare to tell u wat size... really.. pear shape lor... common woman problem !


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fleur: try Simon wedding... they charge 1.2k for both photo n video. 1.2k including express video montage (morning of AD) n photo montage. just mention u recommended by Carole, the Wedding Emcee... i din manage to get myself pampered... cos hectic schedule.... very very tight... managed to get bra n bras n gstrings... whahhaha.. all at my FH expense...

purple: try to go for facial 1-2 weeks before AD. dun last min... u never know wat happpens manz.

Moonight: lol... good girl... that's a very good girl


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zann, i cut and paste from the one above, guess it's not the latest...
i couldn't find mine in it as well.

lynn, seen doc? maybe if you tell your BS you very sick but very eager to see then ask your hb to go down and collect the proofs....you gotta make the call tho, then they can hear your sick voice...rest more...flu bug going around....


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This is the latest, pls check, if your name is not in there, pls kindly add on. Thank you.

List of December Brides (2004)
2nd - White Orchids (In Wedding, Le Meridien, Hougang)
2nd - Inlove (Kowloon, Oriental, Punggol)
2nd - Winterhakone (BV, Fullerton, Punggol)
2nd - JG/newyjg (Sheraton Towers)
2nd - Joelle/moonny (GHA, Amara)
2nd - Shayne(TW, Shangri La)
3rd - Smallonion (Everbliss, Concord Hotel)
3rd - bynne (Sophia, Oriental, Tampines)
5th - Twinkeleglint(Whitelink, Pan Pac, Woodlands, berryhappy, earnest video)
5th - Meagan (Qings Bridal, Noble House, Sengkang)
5th - Wise (Inwedding, RTC, Jurong)
6th - gannk (Le Meridien)
8th - LingLing (Bridal Concept, M Hotel, moomedia, AMK)
9th - secret garden (Divine,Conrad, Telok Blangah, Hilarion, Ernest Video)
9th - lichristin (Novotel Apollo, Punggol)
9th - pochacco (Golden Horse, Westin, Sengkang)
11th - MTDT (Santiago,M Hotel,Sam Photography,Punggol)
11th - Owl (White Link, Le Meridien, Yishun)
11th - Squirt (Milan, Pan Pac, Bukit Panjang)
12th - Oraia (BV, Grand Hyatt, Jurong West)
12th - neece (Margaret's, M Hotel, Seng Kang, Avail Lite)
12th - KPO Lady (Paris, Pan Pac, Seng Kang)
12th - Zhuzhu (Camellia, Carlton, Tampines)
12th - Lovey(Divine, Merchant Court, Bishan)
12th - eVon (GHA, OCC, JW)
12th - postpet2(Fullerton)
12th - Priscilla (Free Lance, Hotel New Otani)
14th - Irenes (Milan,Pan Pac, Woodlands)
15th - Sally/Bluemoon (Everbliss, )
16th - Soupie (JLC, Trader's Hotel, Bedok)
16th - dearie (BridalVeil, Grand Hyatt)
17th - Babu ( , Beaufort)
17th - Shern (Silver Cloak, Rasa, Queenstown)
18th - Fanny (Jawn,Raffles the Plaza,Seng Kang)
18th - Coolsnow (French bridal, Prima Tower)
18th - wheredreamscometrue ( BV,Marriott)
19th - Trisha (Swissotel)
19th - Jasline (Htl rendevous, Holland)
19th - Doremon (Santiago, SK)
19th - Puzzlerain (Paris, Hyatt, Seng Kang)
19th - Christine (Bridal Concept, Hilton, Bedok)
19th - bear76 (TWD, Merchant Court, Punggol)
19th - joan (Marriott, Pasir Ris)
19th - kaitlynn (French Bridal, Marina Mandarin, Wdlands)
19th - haloya (Vanity, Grand Hyatt, Punggol)
19th - zann (Julia Wedding News)
19th - Ah ger (Popular, Oriental, A. Dai, Mirage, Bt Panjang)
21st - brambles (GHA, Pan Pac)
22nd - Circusbugs (Popular,Grand Hyatt, Bishan/Hougang)
24th - Fi Fi (Wedding News,Crown Prince, Punggol,earnest video)
24th - Bao Bao (BZ, Pan Pac, Bukit Panjang)
24th - jess27 (Noble House, Dang)
25th - Hayashi (Sophia, GWC, KimTian)
25th - Cruise ( , no banquet)
26th - Wendy 76 (Fullerton Hotel)
26th - Bunnygirl (Seletar Boardway,Imperial Courts,Punggol)
31st - Chobits (Conrad Hotel, Queens)
31st - Jean (Sophia Wedding,Park Royal Grand Plaza, Bukit Panjang)


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Hi Fleur,

I already everyday at home alone, so, not much feeling. But kind of bored. hehe....
As for bed, still no big bed. So, cun roll here and there yet....

Carole, thanks for ur advice. I will. Scared liao. haha.... Once bitten, twice shy....


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Hi Skylar, jen, Eternity & ladies

Thank you very much for all your advises.... the thread is superly fast.. he he... yar.. it's all abt the custom and traditional... i very mountain tortoise so quite luan in such things..actually my mum want to buy herself but i say dun want lah... so i ask here lor...my hb say is fine to buy more.... my AD is 23/9/04.. many things to do.... but dun noe where to start... coz got the 1 mth can't touch... like in between...how abt you girls??
since i new comer... so Congrats to all of you here...


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hi zann, no prob, just showed hb pics of the gals' place, think now he's finally gonna upload ours....

jean, jus recalled something, my aircon dripped twice, turns out the piping wasn't placed properly (it ends in the toilet, and i forgot to turn the pipe back down after cleaning) eh...difficult to describe, anyway just make sure the aircon pipe is not block, if not it'll drip onto your tv...


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ostrich sofa is very soft,it will not go out of shape.i think it's easier to change when u want to take the sofa cover out for washing.Less hazard.

how long have u installed ur air-con already,how come now dripping already,


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Hi hi ,,,,

i hv done my first PS (Indr) 2day,,
it quite fun n enjoy...the photographer will make me smile n look happy in front of the camera..as im nt the kind tat is good at smile;)

but as 4 my tradition is nt tat nice..coz diff phtographer n i already c the photo b4 touch up,, really dun like my tradition one(still tinkin of reshoot),, but 4 the WG is nice lor..quite happy with it...n next fri is my PS(indr again & outdr)...they gv me two mre WG to take indr...than go 4 otdr...


ya..normally hubby feel is tirin..(mine oso) =P


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u mean my air con or whose air con...my house not yet ready....

i havent start liaising with the printing co and florist leh....i thought the hotel will ask us to go florist when almost time?

my parents' house also L shaped sofa...is made of fabric from melandas...not easy to take out and wash ....thats why i prefer to get a leather one for my house...


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nice ler .... v natural ....

tot the hair-do quite okie .... looking forward to see your full album ar ...

counting down to my turn heehee ...


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hi addias
your hair look gd... very natural and nice...me too look forward for your album...

maybe we shall meet up once all out album is done and took all our album out before our wedding to share!!!

hi seabreeze
can I have the website....thks on behalf...

hi purple
wow so tradition the SHOES!!! May not really need it and I am not wear KUA...so just kpo...hehehe

ya I think better don't sleep at your own place next month can be quite scared too...me too very tinmid....

hi moonlight
ya ...shouldn't get too excited...the wedding day will be more extreme excited..just rest more and drink moremore water...be good girl hor....

hi carole
we will help each other not to be to stress...hehe

hi fleur
Don't worry abt other peoples as long as you are comfortable with your shoes ,it's ok...too bad I have to wear a 3 1/2 incles to match my hubby due to he is so tall..for my PS...my feet very tired after that day....so have not wear high heels after that...just to relax my legs meh for my wedding day...hehehe...very kaisu right!

WOW you already finish your wedding card...so fast....then it depend on wat kind of picture you want for your AD...can be quite hard to choose....set a budget before going to make decision..easy

haha...just ask your hubby to get out of the bed so that you can have to whole bed yourself...hehe


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hi hi gals,

Abit late & I supp everybody hv gone to Zzz....... liao.

Printing & florist - all nt done yet. Will meet up w/ the coord again in Sep/Oct then collect my cards then send for printing. 2 early to do them nw.

As for my sofa - it's also leather cos 1) we think it's diff to maintain fabric sofas, in case water spills, we hv to remv the thing & wash. For a leather seat, just need to wipe.

bt of cos fabric sofas are more comfy lah. 2) U all realise some fabric sofas may hv a stench after some time? maybe 2 many seaters taking tat plc, then arh if those ppl who r lazy to wash the cover, think if I walk pass I may *vomit*.

Bt of cso I doubt there's b anybody as dirty as wat I'd imagined.


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amy: can can can.... we all help each other... i did my cards too... hoping i can get it real soon so i can post it overseas.

april: nice pics....


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no time, alexus,

it's really a dream that me and hubby would like to haf lor.... but also dunno whether can find or not....

hmmm, veil and hair ah?? ask my hubby to drive slow slow lor... maybe travel at 60km/h on the highway... like that people can see the pretty bride and handsome groom in the car mah...


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hi may,

congrats and
to this forum....
yah, the movement for this forum kinda of fast recently...

if u haf any problems or questions, jus post them here... we are all trying to help one another...


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Addidas... u look really good lei.... :D
Amy..no lah wedding card not finish yet lah...kekek just choose the design i want only lah.... going to meet the printers this weekend to talk about the wordings...design..etc...but i think will only print in Sept....

heheh...if he at home and not sleeping on the same bed...means ...big fight HAhahahaha..and he got kicked out...kekekkeke


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Morning ladies,

Jean: my PS is nt week too, on thursday, when is urs?

Everyone's talking abt reno now, sigh... my pls not ready yet so now listening for golden advices..


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dun noe if there are pills for tights/buttocks leh. if hv must tell me hor. i've heavy bottoms too.
i think my pills cost less than $200/mth. Skylar shld hv spend more than $300/mth for her Fancl stuffs ...
Me also veri broke cos every mth my $$ goes into facial, pills etc etc
Me have too high cholestrol leh ... heehee
Both good and bad ones. Bad eating habits loh.


Yup, I love the new beetle and mini ... but HB dun wan to spend extra $$ on wedding car. There goes my dream ... heehheehee
He is using his fren's new Lexus Harrier as wedding car instead, cos more roomy.


So how much did you spend yesterday?
Are you drinking slimming drink cum eating slimming pills & calorie limits?
What whitening range? Pills? How much?
So far, is it effective???
I can't use SKII and Yamano mask cos I've sensitive/oily skin. Duno Fancl suits me anot??


You where got fat?? what's your wg/ht/?
Wat time will you meet us tis Fri?


I feasted on laksa, roti prata, hokkien mee, chicken wings, fried carrot cake etc etc, for last 2 days. I regained 1.5 KG liao. hahaha. easy to gain but difficult to lose!!!!
Guess I better take Calorie Limits b4 my meals soon. heehee


Can you bring along the pink and red roses corsages on Fri???


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MayLim, wan to join us tis Fri??

30 July (Fri) - confirmed list...
dabee (after dinner)
jen sia (after dinner)
autumn ivy

Date : 30 July 04 (Fri)
Time : 7-7.30pm
Venue : BBoss