(2004) Brides of year 2004


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sorry to reply late, something's wrong w/ my server just nw. Kena kicked out leh.

U've seen b4 meh? I 4got liao lor, those auto msgs I already delete liao.

The rest - pls chk ur emails 5mins later, sending to u all soon.


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autumn ivy,

i bought the red flower from this shop at jln sultan textile centre (can't remember the name-must go back and help u find out the name).. it's at the ground floor....


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u mean u didn't receive my contacts?? i thot i even got a reply from you??? hmmmm ????

i sent u a few people's contact, like annie, gin, and ivy... bo ah??? then i resend...


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hi bao2.. cool ler.. but how come your actual day gowns are different!! Then need to add$$ or not? The one at the beach very sexy leh.. what happens to the gown.. U bring 2 gowns to change is it?


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Okie... Cos me have my PS early, my BS advice me to do my gowns later... So me all take BS gowns for PS loh..

And me just comfirm my design for WG and EG not long ago... So my AD Wg and EG will oni be ready in late oct...

Yeah my outdoor me got 2 WG.... One is bustier and one is tube top and dress...


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for trial make-up & fitting together, must go kaki bukit coz i request to go suntec but cannot ..

i will, thanks! but i'm soo tired now coz not been sleeping well past few days & been getting migraine ... hopefully tmr will be well!


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hello all,
have sent the link, let me know if you did not receive.

hi onee,
me too, also sick during honeymoon. had mild diarrhoea in venice and fever in rome. glad that it was the last day in rome, so not so bad.

hi fantasy,
i went with tradewinds, it's a 12 days tour and cost abt $3.5k/pax which include optional tours and tips. abt 70% meals are provided and the hotels that we stayed are considered pretty good. spent in total abt $11k.
the scenary in switzerland is magnificent and very peaceful there. but things in switzerland are more ex. amazing we spent abt $30 on 9pcs nuggets, chicken salad and a large coke in macdonald. and the watches are no longer cheaper than in spore. at least the bally shoes at factory outlet are 50% cheaper than in spore and in good condition.
the buildings and cathedrals in italy are superlative. even though i am not a catholic, i enjoy viewing the cathedrals. food in italy is slightly cheaper than in switzerland. a 2litre mineral water cost abt 0.35euro in supermkt. very cheap rgt? the branded stuff are abt 15-20% cheaper than in spore after claiming the tax.

am also thinking of where to go next year. maybe spain/france or eastern europe. heard from my colleagues that prague is beautiful. it will be more ex to go eastern europe now that they have enjoyed EU and will bne using euro.
must travel more and far now, if not once baby arrive, dun think can go travelling for a couple of yrs.


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hi skylar n no time:
u gals wan to take back the mould from T dragon? will they charge us?? if not then i would also ask them for mine.


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Just realised there might b a mistake leh. U sure u saw was mine? Cos bao bao's was also the same design cos we both stayed the same plc. Was it 1 of the bedrms where we used the recess area as storage space, & u find them familiar?

Cos I hv just uploaded the pics leh. Bao bao's was her PS rejected pics + her hse reno 2gether. bt mine dun hv arh, I sent 1 by 1.


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Dabee... u're quite a nite owl hor.. hehehe...

skylar said can take back.. if foc.. i oso wan... juz for thrill.. hehehe...


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Bao Bao,

No CS meh..i thought i saw something like gold colour CS leh...with 3 embroidery buttons in front? i went in to see again...err...really dun have that piece i tot i saw....paiseh...or was it in one of your rejected photos? your rejected photos got any CS boh? really had impression of you in it leh...


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ladies ...

just went for my fitting today ... just need to add more details on the back of my WG .... EG okie ... only touch up on the crystals ....

chose the EG for my PS ... VERY sexy heehee ... black in colour .... something that can wear only for PS ....

now only thinking of what to wear for casual shoot only .... hmmm


Hi ladies...

Hi Agnes!!
welcome to the family.

polo: Great u r 'exploring' it. hope u like em.

sallen: i think poster will sound better than banner. banner sound too advertisement to me. but well its def smtg different. try it if u want to. place it @ d entrance. I think it'll looks better bah, jus 2 sense of my opinion.

ladies: just FYI, i'll be having exams soon so can only have a meet up after 15 AUG. keep me posted if u gals wanna meetup k.. dun miss me out.

okie... gtg


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hi gals,
please add ur names to the forth coming meetup for Nov. Brides...

Date: 19 August,2004 Thursday
Time: 7pm

Central: Raffles Plc MRT - Coffee Club (above MRT beside Ocean Building)

carole - anyday, anytime
serenity - wed/friday 630pm
adidas - anyday except fri, 6.45pm
Moonlight - anyday except fri, anytime after 6pm
Fleur- Wed, Thurs
Apr - except fri
seabreeze - any day as long as arrange in adv, after 6pm
Twinkletwinkle - mon, thu after 7pm
sallen - anyday ,after 5.30pm


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oops, ah ger, your're right! looks a bit similar leh, both your places, i din see clearly lah cos in a rush
gues cos both uses light cloured wood...


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Hi Hi Morning ladies!


Ah Ger: saw ur hse reno, v natural.. show that you have a projector at home ya... wah great with movies... hey it is expensive to have wall to wall mirrors?


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Cawaii : Can't view your pics. Error message "Can't display the page". Am I the only one encountering the problem? I'll try again later...

All : BTW., my ROM/PS/AD photos are ready. Anyone keen just PM me lah


morning all...


AhGer & BaoBao, your hse does look alike huh...
but nice nice...

BaoBao - your pics v beautiful too.
sigh... i have not even take my PS yet...


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zann,hi hi!

hi joelle, been waiting for tdy sincer monday hehehe

ah ger, think i'll have another look cos i tot same so just glance thru


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morning gals!

Sotong u leh............... u del my invitation liao arh? Ok lor, I'll send again. My cols & Bao Bao's nt the same, I m using veneer for all my carpentry except for bathrm I use laminate. Our concept is also diff. For Bao Bao's guest rm, she did recess area, I also did, bt I added on to make it w/ a table. I actually 4gotten abt her hse design until when she sent us the link.

Y both of our flats look similar cos both in the same area & both happens to b the same corner unit mah.

Chk ur mailbox in a short while.

Thks for ur compliments. Hse small mah, so can only play w/ natural cols lor. Wat 2 do? Then focus the cols on the walls instead.

Projector - aiayh hb wants mah. Also gd lah, shut his mouth, if nt he kept pestering me to get a plasma. Pyscho me until xiao also
. Projector is much cheaper, abt the price of a projection TV. Then the small tv is a free gift when we bought our aircons. So suka suka we will on the small one lor.

Thks for ur comments.


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ah ger, still have lah, me very sotong at times hehehehe, that's why no attachment in my email. i tot light coloured wood cos pic cannot differentiate clearly


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I've uploaded the excel file for 30 July's meetup into yahoo grp. Pls advise if ammendments are required. Thanks.

Had collected my EG last nite. Pleased tat now it looked like the first fit's outlook. heehee
will be collecting WG on Sat for Mon's PS.

Ooops, I've red eye for 2 days liao ... duno will be ok by Sun anot ....


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Good LAdies

Just step in office.... Have a nice fridays and weekends.... Today me so happy miting Bram and joelle....


Thanks for yr comments... Ah ger is staying the same place and wif me and both of us take the corner unit. Thatwise look simliar


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Morning gals,

Sallen, i share the same sediments with Serenity. Can consider poster. Personally I feel banner like company event...sponsorship tht type.

Purple, yesterday went to PS fitting, sore throat better, but very bad flu. U got any med to recommend?

My fitting went smoothly. No alteration except
for my outdoor gown need to alter longer.

So now jus pray tht I get well quickly, apply Amy's ampule & wait for my PS next Fri


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Gd morning ladies...


last nite, i've went for my EG fitting, it's bout 90% done up with the crystals.. & ll try to post some pixs of my EG in our yahoo grp later... hehehe.. How bout U?

We r so busy that, we almost forget to buy HB's shirts & tie till BV reminded us..... than we start to kan cheong...heheheh... Now we got to pray hard for gd weather...



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hi no-time, Dabee,

me just went to collect my cards yesterday,u can take back the mould if only u do hotstamping lah, coz hot stamping will need the mould mah rite?? to take those back is FOC one, but u gotta call them to tell them leh coz the moulds will be in the factory lor, for me i told them that i wanna take it back when i did my orders from them...

they will usually give back to u lah, coz got ur name liao, they also cannot used it anywhere else lor, i took back 2 moulds (1 in chinese & 1 in English)

so u gals gg today?? where are u all meeting? anyone travelling by MRT bor if not can meet at the station first then walk there together lor....


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Think u see wrongly liao... Me didn't have CS for PS... Haahaa.... See too many bridal foto till blur blur....

But AD will be having CS loh...