(2004) Brides of year 2004


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morning ladies~!!

me MIA for very long time liao coz din frequent SBO nowaday.



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Hi Eternity,
ohhh ok, thanks!!

So lala, u also wanna go for the face threading?
so Eternity, how long do u advise to go for face threading before ur PS?


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hello hello!

brambles~ the song sounds familiar hor.. but i oso can't rem...
is it by a grp or male or female singer?

HP~ wah... long time no see leh!!!
how's ur preps coming along?? choose gown already or not?

me having mini prob with invitation cards... do u girls know how ppl do it if i have a church wedding and dinner -- for ppl coming for church and dinner - do i print cards tt combine details for both? and for those just coming for church, i give a sep church invite?


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Hi Everyone,
I'm oso getting married this Nov. Can I join? Care to intro again?
My date will be 28th. Me with Paris and banquet will be at Dragon Gate....


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try little india for face threading. Either at the indian beauty shop b4 mackenzie rd or the other one after SINMA accessories shop. Its a groundflr unit so u can see many ppl actually waiting to be threaded!

It cost $15 for whole face include eye brows. You can tell them to omit it if u're afraid u dun like the shape they do.

But my brows came out real nice,never had such neat brows b4, as I have thick brows. They trimmed the length too.

Although its painful but its worth it. Suffer for tat 15min and u'll be rewarded with a very smooth face .

I'm doing it again about 1wk or so b4 my actual day.


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List of November Brides
3 Nov - Blursotong (Marriot, GHA)
3 Nov - Fleur ( Hilton, JWN)
6 Nov - rainibowbunny (mandarin,)
10 Nov - Sallen (Concorde, Bridal Gallery by Ming)
11 Nov - Moonlight (RTP , Whitelink)
12 Nov - Lorac (Goodwood Park, Milan)
13 Nov - Peko (Pan Pacific, Bridal Zone)
14 Nov - Taurus (Pan Pacific, Whitelink)
14 Nov - TwinkleTwinkle(Crown Prince, Bridal Gallery by Ming)
17 Nov - Adidas (Marriott, Whitelink)
18 Nov - Carrots (Hotel Intercontinental, Feline)
19 Nov - WinniePooh (Concorde, Santiago )
20 Nov - Mist (Marriott , Wedding Affairs )
20 Nov - Hydrangeas ( , )
20 Nov - Littlepig (China Club,Z-Wedding)
20 Nov - Agnes (Orchid Country Club, Whitelink)
21 Nov - Seabreeze (Sheraton, Whitelink)
21 Nov - Peg76 (GCW, Wedding News)
21 Nov - Stubbilla/HP (no banquet, )
25 Nov - Carole (Mandarin Court, French BS)
27 Nov - Mooee (M hotel,Kai bridal)
27 Nov - miffrabit (GCW, Wedding News)
28 Nov - anne ( , French BS)
28 Nov - bellbell ( ,Z-Wedding)
28 Nov - Apryl (Dragon Gate ,Paris)
29 Nov - Serenity (Meritus Mandarin , )


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gals... any other song recc for the 'day highlights' presentation???

pai seh, me going thru my list of songs now. trying to finalise my choice of songs by this month (if possible)


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baobao... thru' the yr, is it a fast tune? me want a lively song for the morning highlights

thanks. get the disc frm u this fri

hehe... cannot sing anymore liao. that's all i can recall leh. pai seh


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hi brambles,

Are u referring to this song:

One Boy, One Girl
(Mark Alan Springer/Shaye Smith)

He finally gave in to his friend's girlfriend
When she said, "there's someone you should meet"
At a crowded restaurant way cross town
He waited impatiently
When she walked in their eyes met
and they both stared
And right there and then everyone else disappeared but

One boy, one girl, two hearts beating wildly
To put it mildly it was love at first sight
He smiled, she smiled, and they knew right away
This was the day they'd waited for all their lives
And for a moment the whole world revolved
Around one boy and one girl

In no time at all they were standing there
In the front of a little church
In front of their friends and family
Repeating those sacred words
Preacher said, "son kiss your bride"
and he raised her veil
Like the night they met time just stood still

Repeat Chorus

He was holding her hand when the doctor looked up and grinned
"congratulations, twins"

Repeat Chorus


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Hi gals,

May I know who is alexus in the yahoo group? Sorry, me blur2 la.
Her gowns are awesome!
Initially I wanted to go for backless WG, but as I don't have a V shape to carry it, I went for one with some shaping on the side to give it a better 'pull'.
For EG, as I'm 'pearl shape' I can't have my dream gown too ... similar to wat Tata Young wear on the MTV awards.....
Hopefully, I will look good on the CS.

Guess wat, I had just bought a digital camera so that I can take photos for my first fit next week ...
Hopefully I can fit in as I've put on 2 KG after my measurement was taken.
Now counting down ....


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I need to rent men's coat for my father and in law (for AD) as it is not included in my package.
Any good recommedations?


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Hi oraia,

so far the invitation which i've rec'd usually they gave mi 2 cards. one for the church & the other for dinner.

mi friend "print" his own cards for chruch ceremony. picture of them as kids & a schedule of the event was included.

hope this helps.



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Hi Gals,

Just finished exams!!
It was sure a nice day to hide in the bed and sleep. so cozy...

Lynn, Yvonne,
Just want to check. Do you all have long fringe?
Do the MUA have problem doing a lot of different styles with long fringe.

Coco / KK / Bebe / Unicorn,
I am not doing the ring at Fairy.
My hubby back out last minute and din give me the ring. So I dun know his size and he din want to make one too.

Saw that Hotel 1929 was quite good from the TV. My colleages and I were thinking of book a room for a ladies night.. heehee....

Hope you are "stressless" now...
Can I have the contact for Pine's cake.
I am looking for one. esp one that can do indi small cake

How's your weekend??? Mine was busy... cleaning up the room... throwing away a lot of lecture notes... to make space.. Oh yes. I have been using the bath oil too.. two days... improvement a lot. now trying on the stretch marks.


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Sad to hear that u hubby dun wan to make his ring ..
We are going to Fairy Inc tomolo nite to try the sizing ..
What paper are u taking ??


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adidas ...

can't rem ler ... think me paid $80 or $85 for padi + madi (french) + some special scrub .... but hers is the best so far ...


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Hi Unicorn,

Yah lor. At first he say ok. but then change his mind. say that we will get another pair else where... I never mind, coz me not paying

Happy trying the size tom.. Defi got a lot of good shops there too. can do some shopping for wedding stuff.
Me taking some degree papers.. this time got CF, maths, computer stuff..


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$80-$85 very ex hor.. thought now alot of promo.. like $40-$5 for both mani and pedi.. of course, dunno if their result is gd..


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thanks! have u heard of Snail The Nail Spa at Wheelock? my fren went for normal padi & mani cost $60, she said not bad ... hmmm, i find K Nails at delfi a bit too far leh .. hehe


hi kk

i used to hv long fringe but have cut short, new style according to my stylist. but i din cut them very short. it's long enuff for my MUA to style it with parting.

If u wish to cut fringe, just make sure u dun cut too short. If MUA wants short fringe, she can cut bit on PS but she can't do hair extension. ;P


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Hello all..

Another one u all can try is Bellasima at Orchard point..kekeke very professional...esp Siti, if she is still there.

purple ...my PS 22nd July loh...kekek anyone having their PS during that day? Me going to sentosa, cos i love the beach....just pray all goes well and no rain loh....

Seabreeze...the skills for K is good ah...very difficult to find very professional one now adays ...

Lorac, Peko,
Just attended a gf wedding at PanPAc, i was rather impressed with their service lei..though food was salty...but i think it was very impressive..kekeke and I quite like the bridal suit...very nice :D


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I tink we have too much in common.. we have the same wedding BANDs!!!! Hahaha.. when i was looking at your manicure.. i was like.. hey.. this look so familiar.. and i look at my own ring.. and said.. hey.. its the same! Lee Hwa ring rite? same taste eh! *wink*


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hi brambles,

i oso intend 2 use this song as my march in or photo montage..heehee..cz my hubby said this song is v meaningful n the right song 4 the wedding!!


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Hi gals,

Sorry very busy the last week over my PS prep and signing of reno contract.... Wow, last weekend very tight for me... I confirm my reno items liao...tomolo start hacking....

My PS yest... quite smooth.... except weather cloudy so no sunset... but then it it quite cooling and windy lor...now i very very tired.... eyes a bit swollen due to yest fake eyelashes.. I had my outdoor shoots in tanjong pagar's raliway, sentosa ...and fullerton..

Some advice to share wif u gals from my PS experience:

1) no need to go for any hair treatment or rebonding before PS cos that day the MU artist put lots of hair spray on ur hair so ur hair will be very very stiff...dun apply any hair cream, gel on the hair... MU artist will style for both u and FH....

2) They will also apply some touch up powder on ur FH's face... they will ask u and ur FH to take their ampoule so that the MU will last longer...

3) dun drink too much water the night before else water retention

4) dun worry abt accessories cos the MU artist will bring hers to lend u for the indoor shoots, but not outdoor cos they need to use it on other brides..
5) wear front button cloth so that ur MU will not smudge when u change to gown.

6) Dun wear tight bras few days before PS or else the bra outline will show on lowback gowns...

7) The MU is thick... I washed twice also cannot completely wash off all MU.

8) If go sentosa, must pay $10 for entrance.

9) Lastly, rest well and just relax... my case everything very impromptu one... only choose my outdoor gown three days before PS. Other than that everything on the day of PS then see how.. even the outdoor location i only tell

Good Luck for all ur PS...


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Hi coco,

Sorry too many msg i cannot follow liao... but 10 June I cannot make it cos I meeting my AD photographer to sign contact ...BTW, Ivory pls update for me, my AD photographer is Master Foong.

BTW, did any of u pay part of the package payment to ur BS during the PS?


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moonlight ...

think the normal padi + mani is abt $55 or $60 then me did french which is more ex + some scrub thingy lor .... find that she very detailed and gentle ...

adidas ...

heard Snail oso quite good ...


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Hi baobao...

Thanks for your invites.. really hope to meet up with you gers. Unfortunately, will be having some dine out with my gfs.


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jeslyn, high 5! nice song hor? hehe... me 99% confirmed using this song. juz that dunno for which presentation

any other nice songs to share/recc?