(2004) Brides of year 2004


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Wise~ but the colour of second EG the colour seem to be very bright don't u think so... Nvm me thurs go try and take pixs see nice anot...


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baobao, so fast home oredi? me still @ work

i like the 2nd EG too. but colour soso only, not outstanding enuf.

btw, when u try OTR gowns, can take pics meh? my BS dun allow...


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hi hayashi,

hw was ur vacation? did u enjoy urself? i gt quite a long time din travel by cruise liao..haha..nw quite ex unless travel with 4 persons!! haha..


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Brambles~ i think the nd EG colour not so nice leh... When i took pixs of this two gowns, im so surprise that the 1 EG turn out to be very fantastic... i think i now scan again the pixs and show u


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hi grace,

hmm..where is it? nv heard of it before? keke..sorry..mountain tortoise!! i'm trying 2 find camera cz i'm gg excursion with the kids 2 chinese garden this thurs!!


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Hi no time,

same here, trying to look for open toes one, not those covered up kinds coz i know I sure cannot be used to it one..... hmm.... think i will only buy 1 pair first, see how lor, gotta bring it along for my PS next time lor....


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i prefer the 2nd gown piglets.but the colour not very striking though


my granny has a membership with star cruise,so we dun need to pay for the room at all we just pay 52 bucks for the sea tax.


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actually, i din really go to the beach, almost stay at the pool all the time .. hee

my EG is fushia pink, ha .. very shocking huh? actually dunno how it will turn out on me coz never tried something like dat b4. it's my designer who convince me!

honey is good for overall, heard it's good for complexion too! hehe


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hi hi gals... hehe... been wanting to come into the thread but been busy... hehe

Lynn... tell us allllll about your photoshoot leh... hehe... did u like the make up and everything?

Ivory... by the time, u read this, should be tues and one day closer to the weekend liao. kekeke... hope the mood today is not black but sweet pastel colors :p BTW, when is your second fitting?

Chubbyrain, your fitting this sunday? hehe... that makes me officially the only one in this thread who have not seen my gown...

Forest, yup... i went to Karen(devotion) to try her out... tried her detox oil which babysheep recommended me, really did help my rash alot. Wow... not too bad for a product! Better than my doc's medicine. hehehe...

babysheep... thanks for the recommendation, u truly saved me from agony. Good luck for exams revision ya... :p

Exciting and Kk, hey, went on a shopping spree on Fri... gotto eat bread for the next month for sure liao. U mind if u help me bring some jam? hehehe...

Nickel n bebe... how was ur weekend? :p

Jan jan... what is the cream name? is it the AHA cream?


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hi c0co,
Long time like never heard from you leh... hahaa

So when did u look for Karen? Btw, I'm already been eating roti + Jam for the coming week liao
, shopping too much recently and juz bought shoe oso!
Btw, to answer your question to Janjan, that's AHA body milk lor... I give her some to apply

When r u going to see your gown??

same as me, thinking abt the paper made me gek sim. One of the paper format oso changed and the result will come out on 7th June, see how lor... hahaaha.... I still got 2 more sem to go.. sian!

weLcome Back
. So fast flying off already... take more H20 and take care ya

Going to ZZZzzzzz
, continue tml... see ya


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hello ladies...
been buz preparing for the wedding. GDL and an chuang was today and spent the whole day distributing cakes and wedding cards to relatives. so many customs and lotz of things to prepare. and those little things actually can be quite ex also.
most have rsvp aldy so am cracking my brains on the seating which is very tedious. instially thot that we need at most 30 tables, now has increased to 45 tables.
will be treating my jie mei to dinner and will also distribute the tasks to them. not too sure if me very stressed or not, pimples are popping out...

my photos are not reay yet and wedding is next wed. photographer mentioned last time he will pass them to us abt 1week b4 wedding. afraid that there isnt enough time to develop photos for relatives. will bug him tmw....

hi dear, the whole thing sounds so fishy, but dont worry too much, the truth will be known.

hi taurus, the ang pows thing will depend on your parent, some do and some don't. if the wedding couple is paying for the banquet and sometimes the bride's parent will help the couple by returing the hong pows.

hi girlfriend,
wow, wonder how ur hubby can manage to carry the 52 boxes of cakes and pig trotters (assume itz aso 52 cans). my hubby was carrying the basket today and said that itz was very heavy with oranges, some pig trotter cans etc.
ur GDL stuff a bit different from mine even though we are hokkiens. so itz really impt for the parent and parent-in-law to communicate on the stuff that they require. mine had a misunderstaning on the custom today. we thot the guy side will bring the long feng candle and we will keep the feng candle. my hubby's side thot that we will buy long candle and exchange the feng candle with them. luckily there's a incense shop nearby my place and we went down to buy the feng candle. ai ya, traditions can be quite troublesome.


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Hi c0co,

U r welcome. Good things must share mah. I also recommend my friend and my sister to karen. They all became her fans liao, haha. Glad to noe ur rash is much better.


c0co, u and me gotta eat roti and jam together. Shall we pool our resources together? Then like that can buy the roti and jam in bulk, cheaper. Sigh... overspent like siao too. See the bills I nearly *faint*


pray for me, I am very worried about my exam. Seem kinda distracted this year... can't seem to focus as well as last yr.

Also, my hubby flying away to rural Thailand on work for 3 weeks (no handphone reception).... sob sob.

Dear all who are interested...

This is the link for my first fit and trial makeup photos. My arms are so huge, got so much to do to tone them up before big day.



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hello ladies
so long didnt come in liao.. busy ah.. sianz..
hehe goin to have my fittin soon.. got to on diet liao hehe..
havent bought my shoe yet. saw a few at charles & keith.. got to bring my ROM shoe for fittin first if cannot then got to buy lor..

hi babysheep..
me look at ur pics already.. wah u look so slim now leh.. got any "mi fang" hehe
like ur gown especially the train.. hehe
ur arms is alrite..


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Taurus, mine is according to the hokkien custom. All these are requested by my mom according to the traditions. We just followed whatever she wants, she is the BIGGEST mah... right?

For actual day, the usual ang baos for jiemeis, xiongdis & whoever is involved in the wedding. My mom asked for raw pig trotters with oranges & a ang bao(to thank my mom for bringing me up). This item is supposed to b brought to bride's house by mei puo. My mom also instructed us to give ang baos as a sign of respect to the zhang bei in the family i.e. our grandmas. I think for cantonese, they use suckling pig instead of pig trotters.

Mom also said need to buy 2 pairs of furry slippers (dunno for what).

U r staying in BP? I am currently staying there too, will b moving to SK aft my wedding. *sobs* *sobs* will miss my family

My family already said they would keep all the ang baos for their tables. According to tradition customs, the groom has to thank the family by giving the family tables i.e. pay for the tables & the bride's family keep the ang baos. You may wish to discuss this with your family.

My family knew that we paid for the banquet bt they wanted to keep all ang baos for the 12 tables. Mom promised to help us if we didnt break even. We haf to see how it goes aft the banquet.

Cawaii, err.. we explained to my parents that it's impossible for my hb to bring 52 boxes of cakes coz most probably most of them will melt in the car (we ordered french pastries). We requested the bakery to deliver most of the cakes & my hb will bring 5 boxes yi shi yi shi together with the pig trotters (luckily only 28 cans). I double check & confirm with my mom these r the items that my hb has to bring on GDL.


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Girlfriend : Is the shop located at Jurong West St fifty something? 1 of my galfriend to me to bring my Mummy there to buy the barangs too. Not too sure of the exact location though.

Taurus : Mine is also a mix of traditionals and non-traditionals
We also have 5 items for the GDL
From what I know Bride's parents will return a bit of the ping jin to the grooms parents. Sounds like you are set for the day, just the nitty gritty that needs to be checked :

1) Finalising guest list and seating arrangement
2) Ang Bao box @ reception (if required)
3) Choose wedding music
4) Book lunch caterer
5) Finalising details with helpers (timing, no of cars)
6) Finalising details with photographer & MU artist
7) Pack barangs for AD (pens for signature book, photo album, etc)
8) Prepare ang baos for actual day
9) Financial arrangements
10) Look your best on 2 Jun

Cawaii : Hehe, sama-sama. We confirmed 30 tables and now gone up to 44 tables ;p Try to take things easy now that most prep for your wedding is done, enjoy your time with your jie-meis

Never mind lor, photos develop after wedding. Write a thank you on the photo and give it to relatives as a thank you to them for joining you in the celebration ?


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Hi Babysheep,

Saw ur pics... U look sweet with makeup.. Ur arms not big lah..

My PS coming soon but now more pimples popping out ... dun know if the makup can conceal or not... Now a bit last min to think of miracles...


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Hi Babysheep, Exciting, Coco,

At least you all get to get roti. I think I am going to fast for a month.. to save money and to salvage my figure. Too stress until I have been bingling on junk food. now I feel bad.. :p

Will keep us in prayers. For God's wisdom and peace. Trust God.

Dun worry about your hubby. He will be ok too.
Maybe take it as a good time to take a break and study. Me know sometimes hard to think about hubby but no choice. maybe can reward yourself and him after the exams and trip for a short hoilday.
then you won't feel so bad.

You really look very much different from your ROM photos. Karen keep telling me that you slim a lot. Keep up the good work. By the AD, you will look great, dun worry.
Where did you get the shoes? I never chance upon such cute shoes before. The flower is very unique.

You result so fast? Dun worry. should be ok. My result will only be out in August. Coz got to fly to UK... more fortunate than me. never go there before. 2 Sem very fast one. I got to wait once a year for the papers. more sian... but at least my wallet will only suffer once a year... but suffer a lot


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twinkletwinkle...kekeke arnor... carole's ROM or mine ? kekekeke..... unless u found mine (old old liao) in the Yahoo Photo net kekekek...

Addidas...hey i found this shoe shop in Greatworld City... NOVO...the shoes...not tooo bad .... are u also looking for high high ones? Seems that the new designs comes in every week... all from spain... kekek and quite reasonably priced toooo...... But i still checking around...very fussy with shoes...kekek Hubby says ... dunno why i waste so much time hahah cos gown covers shoes ....

Moonlight...wow...u make Bali sounds sooooo fun..how much did u pay for the whole pkg? sigh...i wish i can go holiday now..... hubby not enough leave to keep for the end of the year...so have to be prudent.... oh well...


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morning girls!

brambles~ wah... u worked until so late?! poor thing! *hugs*

baobao~ can't see the EGs clearly leh.. my eyesight must be failing hehe.


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onee, yeah it is at Jurong West St 5sthg. I used to stay there.

According to your list, onee, it seems like we are almost there except the table arrangements which is still a headache.


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You looked very NICE in your gown ..
Slimmed down alot .. So wat's the winning formula ??

Avoid the sunlight .. Use the brolly ..
And eat more fruits and try to keep your hair off your face ..


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morning all,

Adidas, I also stay at pool most of the time, esp inside the Jazcuzzi pool, its great!

Fleur, I paid $368 pp.. cheap to go now! Hurry if u interested. You should hear the comments from the rest of the gals, they have an interesting trip there too! right seabreeze, adidas?


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thats quite cheap ... me went just after SARS ... abt that price or slightly cheaper ... the pool at HRCB is SHIOK!!! we just kept going back to the pool every night ....

your gowns ready liao ar? my next appt is mid-june ... oso trying to be very discipline and lose some flaps .. heehee


your EG sounds happening ... very like voiz to push for a colour like that ... think u should be able to carry it quite well ...


me will go down take a look too ... do they have nice covered shoes hur?


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Girlfriend : Okie, I'll go there too...

Hehe, those are the items I've not done too :p Ya lor, I think table arrangement will be a headache even on that night. So I just made a rough guide for my helper to "hold the fort" that night


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Hi Ocean,
Well I'm at Blk 688A well you are in the same blk as one of my friend. Wonder you are staying at 12 storey?

Well, guess I can't meet up with you gals.. my schedule plan for my exams will be following almost every sat till I complete my course leow... but in afternoon, I should have no problem.


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hihi girls,

i've got a question for u gals, wonder if anyone can help:

does anyone have contacts for any geomancers or persons who can count auspicious dates without waiting for the tongshu to come out? me asking for fren.



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Hi all oct bride,

wow, u look so diff frm yr ROM! must share yr "secret recipe" .yr arm not big lar. and pray for yr gd exam result too! nice shoes n corsage u hv too. u bot or make it yrself?



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morning gals…. yesterday Mon Black… tdy <font color="0000ff">Tue Blue</font>

<font color="aa00aa">chubbyrain…</font>
dun worry… u got me accompany u… me bones even more big than u ah…

<font color="aa00aa">Unicorn…</font>
good for u… u tall so can hide the hips

<font color="aa00aa">c0co…</font>
tdy mood blue blue… not much better than yesterday…

this coming Thur go for 2nd fit lor… mayb I wun choose any more gowns lah… just use my MTM WG &amp; EG, 1 outdoor WG and 1 teadress that I bought… total 4 outfits liao… think shd be enough bah…

<font color="aa00aa">babysheep…</font>
u look so pretty n slim.. very envy u can slim down so much… me put on weight again…

the corsages very nice leh…
u oso very good with ur hands ya…

<font color="aa00aa">fanyong…</font>
drink more plain water.. keep ur face clean lor.. now dun try to put on any more make up or concealers… have u been going for facials? for me I dun, too ex for me so now I try to be hardworking n do mud mask at home myself lor


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Hi gals,

wow.. i can't catch up with the postings anymore..hehe :p

anyways, just went for my fitting last weekend.. love my WG! hehee.. EG also nice but need some alteration.. PS has been brought forward to 25 June instead of july.. trial in mid june.. everything moving quite fast hehe..

baobao, i also think the back of the 1st EG is nice.. but color wise may not stand out at nite during the banquet...


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Hi Ivory,
dun blue blue lah.. smile

tink our gowns can hide our big hips..

Hi babysheep,
gosh, ur figure very hour glass leh..
envy envy.. tink u lost weight again..
where got big arms? no lah.. its alright liao.. u too demanding.

if i can lose weight like u, i will b super happy..
ur corsages r so nice..
n u said b4 u not good at handicraft.. tts not true lor..