(2004) Brides of year 2004


Hi ladies...

wow there are really alot to read about..

amy: u having ur banquet in mandarin too??
which ballroom r u taking??? when's ur actual wedding??


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<font color="aa00aa">coven...</font>
can.. provided my hubby got tell me wat he see on the papers lor... cos i dun read newspapers one


hee hee, i'm no expert in this but my mom just chose a date for us to "An Chuang" when our furniture was being shifted in, and that's it. she didn't say if it should be done 6 days before the AD, or else we'll be sleeping on the floor now
but hor... i think u'd better check with both sets of parents first, cos, better do something that they think is right

my place is at bt batok as well, we're the new development near bt gombak MRT, what about ur SIL's place? keeping my fingers crossed she's not staying at the same place as us.....


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Hey girlfriend, isnt emicakes very expensive? How much does a box cost?? wat type of cake you ordering from them? Isnt it a must for our hubby to send the cakes over personally?

Bao bao, you very abit kiasu... dec 24 and you are getting pple to rsvp already.... but good also at least you have a rough estimate


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i think deposit as in downpayment is deductible from u and ur hubby CPF,at least 20% or the maximum amt that they can deduct from ur CPF acc.As for the 2k deposit,it will be reimbursed back to u.
As for renovation,depends on the materials that u are using.Very difficult to gauge.At least stand-by 20k.Aircon can get ard 2k to 3k.
I just know need alot of cash untill bank dry up....So u do things one step at a time,not so siong.


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me too, have to nag at my hubby to get the cards done. he didnt do anything over the weekend and he's playing lan games w frds now... so mad!

so sweet of you to sponsor the dress. me no budget, will only give my jiemeis a treat b4 the wedding. will ask hubby to settle on his bros.
staying with in laws so only renovating my room. everything done except getting a sofa. been looking ard but cant seem to find one to fit in the room.

supposed to met her tis sat but called her juz now, she said she didnt take down my appt and want me to mit next week instead. still got time so i dun mind.


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hi Eunice,
Well some roles u can consider
Brides maids
1. one to follow the bride and help her handle her gown- also to carry all bridal dresses for the day and first aid kit (both day and night)
2. One to help carry the jewelleries - also help u to change. This person should also make sure the bride gets her drink with straw etc
3. Evening - receptionist (one to take charge of the gifts and ang pows) and the rest to register the guests

Best men
1. Follow and help hubby - usually help to also drive the ah yee's car
2. For dinner - appoint 1 of the guys to be the person to be the controller of wine/beer/liquour for the night.
3. MC for the night?

That is all i can think of at the moment .....


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hi everyone:
how are u all? i have been really busy. cannot remember if i hv update u all, i have went for my fitting. is the first time i see the complete gowns. all not bad. i like my WG best. EG n teadress so so. i dun rally like my EG color which is suppose to be sliver but turned out to be grey.
but the design not bad. spagetti strap with front top n tail full of beads details. cannot remember if top back has beads... :p teadress dun really like, somewhere is wrong but duno where. i think i too fat at my tummy liao. i going to have my next fitting, trial makeup n hairdo end of the mth then photoshoot early june. i have put on weight again....

now my tummy fat fat again like 3 mths pregnant leh. i have stopped jogging for a mth liao no time and tired really want to go jogging again. no time liao. i like eternity lazy bum wan to be mei mei but lazy...... corset got use meh?


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Baobao..some things can give n take, some things cannot.

I insist that he writes his own cards! heh heh!

Today I nag at him again abt the cards.. he says writing the cards is an easy task and it takes him a day to do it.. I shall wait &amp; c.

My HB is also bz at work and I source out BS, hotel, AD photographer, videographer etc etc.. it can b very tiring at times.

Baobao, it's good to plan early! Good luck to you! For the rest of us, we will be ending our race soon..

fantasy, we are planning to get the fortune rolls from Emicakes, a box consists of 8 pcs of mini swiss rolls and costs $8.80 per box. My budget is about $10 per box. Mom wants individual wrapped cakes initially but we manage to convince her to take the swiss rolls instead.

I have contacted emicakes and the sales person also recommended the fortune rolls. You may wish to check out emicakes website for more details.

Btw, starr cellars send a wine list to me. I haf contacted them for wine tasting. Most prob will drop by in the nxt free days to cfm our wine too.

My HB proposed to put a bttle of more exp wine each at his boss &amp; my boss table coz they have special palate... i wonder if it will be sensitive to o/r guest.


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under certain cicrumstances if the buyer CPF account is insufficient to pay for the downpayment,the balance have to be topup by cash.Otherwise,the CPF will advise u to downgrade ur flat.
Try not to get any renovation loan from the bank,the interest rate is so high,after renovating the hse,still have to save money and pay to the bank.
Dun know if u understand what i mean?


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i also dun mind having one BB soon.The best is if i can have one now.
What is ur job position?So free one!U company needs to employ ppl or not?I want to work there also!!!


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Hi all,

we finally talked to the contractor. He has actually misunderstood what we want... so therefore the quotes that he recently gave us are wrong lor...

so will be going ahead with him... have selected the laminates today.. hee hee..

Gone for my first fitting but have not uploaded the pixs up yet... hee hee


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hi grace,

i oso dun mind having a bb soon. bt due to budget..hai..my mum say these 2 years is the right age if nt too long den large age gap with the kids..haha


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hi sashamama,

i asked my hubby. he said the things tt u stated r jz rite..no need 2 ask any others..

as for the house, i oso bought a flat in punggol, reno abt 2 finish..u need to plan carefully abt the $$ 1st cz i'm nw having prob..reno exceed $2-3k. as i'm low income, cn't help much in the bills den my hubby nag n nag @ me..hai..

jz like wat hayashi mentioned, u need to have sufficent $$ in ur cpf, or combine cpf. if nt den hv 2 top up..have u bought a flat yet? if yes, u shld consult a ID 1st 2 get their quotations n den decide wigh is the best for u..if no, u cn plan n save for the hse n reno 1st.

for a basic std apartment, ard $20k onwards cz jz like wat u said flooring n etc..n oso depends on wat materials u choose. when u go dwn to the ID, they'll show u wat range n products they have n price range..nw i tink the expo gt exhibtion, u cn take a look n get some brouches n ask questions frm any ID companies there which u like..or u go any of ur frds hse n c c n get the ID comapany frm them..

i'm sorry if i left any any thing nt answered. sleepy nw..jz ate cough mixture..
fill me in if i left out anything!! thanks!! n sorry!!


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hi gals
nice meeting u all. although, we just knew each other, i felt that we are talking like we have known each other for some time already. sorry, did not talk very much bec i need some time to warm up....

looking forward to our next gathering....


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Hi ladies,

Gald that we all finally managed to meet up ....

So Janet ... must faster faster sort out your house, BS etc etc etc ....

Ladies who are going to Bali ... managed to dig out some Bali lobang from the bags of stuff that my mum gladly passed to my new place ....

I went to Wahyu Spa ... the website address is number to call is 361-777010 ... go there n call to make reservation ... they will send their vehicle to pick u up at your hotel n send you back oso ....

Then go to this beach place for dinner ... must go early to catch the sunset ... very beautiful ... I was so excited that we keep taking photos ... the restaurant name is Santicafe .... the number to call is (0361) 705977 ... they oso have vehicle to pick u to n fro ....

If not sure ... can ask the hotel ppl to recommend lor ... but rule of thumb .... MUST BARGAIN .... at least 50% ... including the spa ... bargain over the phone first lar ... or ask the local guide to bargain for you ... heehee ....

adidas>> you got any more things to add?

Okie ... hope tt we can all meet up real soon ...


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hi gals

nice meetin u all....and so happy tat so many of us turn up for the outing....
peg76 was rite...we seem like old friends gathering...


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ya.... seabreeze

my hubby .......xiao xin....ha ha

good nite lor...if he see i post his pic on tis post..he sure veri angry....ha ha


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hi seabreeze,adidas and moonlight

free can u gals e mail your weddin package detail
to me...maybe i wil go whitle link too.....

b coz i can tel the BS tat u gals intro me there,so maybe i can ask for more discount from them....ha ha...


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morning gals
wow, this morning really dun feel like waking up... so tired,
. got to make myself a cup of coffee...


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Morning all~~~

wow.. yesterday go home so late can still on comp and read forums?? hahah.. as I need lotsa of sleep, i went back and slept right away! hahahah..

Indeed, i find that this is very much like an old friend gathering, so interesting. Well, looking forward to the next one!


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Hi Peg,
don't really have a chance to talk to you yesterday, next time, we should sit closer. ; )

Hi Seabreeze,
thanks for information and the number to call, is the spa package expensive?

Hi Sallen,
I do not have the package details with me now, probably can only email you over the weekends!


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Hi Dabee,

Glad to hear from u

hmm.... good to have all gowns done up, so don't have to rush the designer for PS then. Did u take photo? possible to show us?

btw, good morning all sept brides !!!!!! It's Tues liao ....

Hi Eternity, I am unable to meet u people this sat liao coz HB is going on business trip next week + furniture is coming, thus we have to go new house to do a final touch up this weekend .... gonna be a busy weekend .... Very SORRY SORRY!!!!! Can we make it another day ??


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When you work in my company than you noe... It not that easy.. all the shit you have to do u noe.. and when you are so free ppl tends to ask you to do ting that is don't under yr scope... I don't mind to do thing for ppl, but they will take you for granted....

Even i work here my salary is very high, but im not happy here... I don't mine to work at other company that pay me below 2k salary


Ohayo LADIES!!!

WOW!!! many r early!!
I agreed itwas just like we have known one another for long time.. I really had a very good time with u gals...

Really look forward to the next gathering..

I need some coffee too..

any1 free wanna go out can always sms me.. like I told Janet, I find myself very free for the wedding preparation... Oops!!


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U gals can still tahan after last nite's outing .. me kana KO

feeling very tired this morning .. mind kinda like a zombie

cant think of any now .. wait till i'm more 'awake' then i will let u know if i can add more to seebreeze's advise
bao bao

jus curious... how long hv u been working with your company? does ur company gives u good staff benefit? me jus curious... no special intention...


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Hey Serenity,
I also very free, nothing much to do also, perhaps its too early, maybe 2 months before the wedding, then we will be more hectic. ;P
Nice meeting you and know that we have lotsa of things in common!.. hahahah


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Morning gals,

yo yo saw quite a few posting....me same like Moonlight, went hm....wash up , need to catch up with my beauty sleep

Agreed that it was like a old frends gathering.
Hmm....Seabreeze, I will faster faster start with my renov + finalising with my BS.Seems that I am the only one beri beri slow....clipart{blush}
Can email me the wholesaler contacts + your actual day videography ? Ty

Sallen, the picture you post very cute

I will also check with my designer rgd the finishing edge for my kitchen top + maybe ask her abt the built in sink. Thks Moonlight &amp; Serene (Kitchen expert!)


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hi everyone....
so early you all start already ,
it's nice to meet up all of you and kpo here and there....
hope to meet up soon....
can't talk now have to start working already...
.... enjoy...


hi ladies
i can't believe that Oct 2004 brides is not represented when i click on "last 12 hours", so, die die also must have a line there
anyway, have a nice day ladies


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Hi Hayashi,
Her name is Judy. Will visit her this week to find what products she use. Never really bother to check until now.


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Morning gals..

This thread is indeed a bit quiet lately, maybe bec Coco, Lynn, Forest they all overseas.. Hmmm.. N I din c kk post anything yesterday too..

Well, anyway, tell u all something stupid tt happened to me tis morning.. I went to work happily n along the AYE, i realised tt i did not bring my laptop out wif me.. Gosh!! How blur..
Made a turn back to my hse to take my laptop.. Tts y i reached work later than usual today..

Lucky it was still quite near my hse,at ard Clementi.. Imagine i hv travelled from Jurong East to Changi then i realise, i tink i will faint lor..

Hi Yvonne,
We must put Oct2004 brides on the last 12 hrs.. Is tt the latest or is there last 6 hrs, last 4 hrs?

Hi Ivory,
Sorry for cancellin our date last min, hope u had a good rest at home.. My bf is better now, actually i din nurse him much lah, juz accompany home, he sleep, i do my own stuff, then had dinner wif him when he woke up lor..


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Hi all pretties!!!

now really like we all seow liao, run here run there, fitting, house reno etc..... so Dabee, u went for ur fitting already ah!!! so nice.... so anyting to show eh? my will be in June lor.. hmm.... must be mei mei, true!

so lala, ur house done already?
sounds good~~~ now back to work, will chat ltr



this is my package from SB BS, have a look &amp; see if they fits u or u need alteration for some items...
. package w/photographer will be about $3400+

1 MTM Bridal Gown
1 MTM Evening Gown
2 Gent Coats
1 White Shirt &amp; 1 pair of MTM Trousers (can take back)
2 Bridal Bouquets
Bridal Car (include Driver)
Bridal Car Decoration
4 Bridal Make Up
Fresh Flower for Indoor Studio Taking
Head Flowers, Gloves, Necklaces, Ear-rings, Eyelashes, Ampoule
Unlimited Trial of Make-up
28 pcs 15" X 12" Photo W/Album
1 pc 10" X 12" Photo W/Album
1 pc 20" X 24" Canvas W/Album
24 pcs of 4R Photo (Of 4 poses X 6)
28 pcs 5R Photo W/Album
20pcs 3s mini (max)
1 pc Tea dress (Kua/2nd Evening Gown)
1 pc Guest Signature Book
50 pcs Thank You Card (1 Pose)

moonlight: yes yes we really have much in common.. &amp; our hubby(s) behaviours too.. hahaha

Janet: U R VERY WELCOME.. i'm just sharing knowledge from what i have learnt.. good to listen more so that u will have clearer ideas of what u may missed out @ times...rem get the sink+hood&amp;hob+etc ready for measurements...



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<font color="aa00aa">Yvonne...</font>
hee... my mum absolutely has no idea wat is to be done... she say all leave up to my MIL.. then ask my MIL tell her wat she has to buy n prepare n that's it.. cos she say my MIL has experience marrying off daughter.. hahahha... *faint*

<font color="aa00aa">chubbyrain...</font>
kekeke... heng ur working hrs flexible.. else u sure kena scolding from ur boss

its ok lah... in the end i oso din sleep early... sit down there watch Sun Wukong n the new 9pm show.. then watch Shi Zi Lu Kou until 1+ then sleep... from 7pm till 1+... tdy cant wake up at all... dunno tonite will sleep early or not... no wonder i become tare-panda liao...

wat happrn to ur bf? kena the same virus as <font color="aa00aa">bebe</font> ah?


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Hi ladies,

I'm so
that I can't meet u gals. I think u all have fun last nite rite???

My boss want me to solve the problem b4 I can leave office. so stayed and work OT till 9pm.

so wat u gals tok abt last nite??


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Hi Ivory,
Wah, y u slept so late? Wat is Shi Zi Lu Kou? U watching so much tv for revenge ah? To make up for the amt of tv prog u hv lost?
Hee hee..

My bf caught a cold lor.. Much better now..

Hey, did u gals watch eye for a guy? Cant stand tt guy who said he wanted to drop out.. He would hv been eliminated anyway wat
keke.. Tts wat the female lead said in Today's Life.. Ego man, afraid of being eliminated so he dropped out b4 she could eliminate him..