(2004) Brides of year 2004


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Hi Bubbles,

Shirley has few packages. w/o photo $2888, w photography 3288 ties up with The edge & Linn Kong. Photography with the edge incld:
MTM Suit Keep
BC Deco + 2 Hand Bouquet
mkup+hair x 4
12 x 8*10", 3r x 12pc
With LinnkOng 4288 (MTM BG)


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hi ladies!!

wow can see that all of u had a great time during CNY!!
true hor.. for most of us is last yr to collect ang pow liao!! so got work hard anot hehe :p
my mum said first year after marriage can still collect ang pow but also must give leh..

hi cat,
so ur JP really nice huh.. okie i will look out for her.. got to selct a JP fast liao!! thks!!
i do put on make up but only light ones.. hehe think when ppl put for u must be quite excited hor

hi ju,
welcome here!! wow really got lots of 6/6 brides

got ur things settled??

hi onee,
i'll pray the rain away this fri okie
u must be getting nevous.. me also.. cos next weekmy turn for PS liao heehee
good luck to ya and jus stay natural

hi bow_wow,
thks 4 the pictures.. they look nice!! but do these nailart must need alot of time??


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yooohoooo.... gong xi fa cai everyone!!!

it's been quiet...lemme 'liven' it up a little hehe....

hi postpet2,

hehehe... u like ba kwa alot ah?
i think i must be a real weird one... dun really like it v much ;p if ppl offer i wun mind eating it.

hv u got any bridal studio in mind?

hi HP,

ya lor... i had the same experience... the few 'good dates' that my mum got for me were really hot!!! and i was so surprised the venues i liked were all booked even tho' it's a sundays -- i thought only saturdays were hot. geez!

do u hv to have the customary on 19th? is it one of those "auspicious dates" things? if so, then ya... postpone the banquet to 20th is a good idea

if not, u can consider hving ev thg on 20th, cos then u'll save a fair bit on photography, makeup, florist etc costs go up when it's spread over 2 days.


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Wah Jamci, F&E 16~18 days in USA? But not in same city right? We thought going USA too cos USD depreciating (but now looks like going up again), but still more X then nearby...

But dun seem like we'll be saving much. Just booked our flight & accomodation to Tokyo. Will be going F&E for 9 days.
Going to be broke when we come back...

So how's the invitation distribution going for all of you? We distributed most of the invites to relatives during CNY. So now left only friends and colleagues.


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Cubby : Hehe, thanks ! I'm watching the weather every day, sky's still cloudy leh... Nervous about weather and that my hubby will enjoy the photoshoot lor... Thanks...


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hi gals... just didn;t log in one day and seems that I am missing so much action. hehe... so seeing you gals tomorrow... hee... it will be fun... one whole group of gals... can't wait!


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Hi cat, not at the same city. I'll sure bored.
Will hop within the nearby cities like San francisco, LA & LV for 16 - 18 days. We are checking out at Chan brothers this weekend.
Hopefully we can have F&E so that we can relax more...no more waiting n morning call.


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Cat, i left out your last sentence. I still have not printed the insert yet!!!....still dilly dally. Will distribution 2 weeks before my AD. My dad is going to inform them by phone first before sending out invitation card. Luckily i need not stressed over my dad's side.


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Hi all,

Blurq so qiao!! oh my.. I got my keys since last year.. now my hubby staying there...house reno fully done up..phew! hee.. i go there only during weekends..

Chillipadi, Thanks alot! I didnt know shirley packages start from $3288 I dun mind going with The Edge..any limitations apart from the photographer if I were to take the $3288 package? Eh.. just noticed no groom tux leh..so which package did u take?


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Hello ladies,

Happie New Year... Have been a really busy CNY holiday for me.

Oneeu, dont worry too much. Just relax and make sure you sui sui on friday. I'm sure weather will be fine on that day. FIL read from newspaper that it will contd to rain till chu qi (7th day of CNY) so by then it shld be quite safe... all dried up oredi

Your hubby probably just nervous. I'm sure he will enjoy it that day.

Ju, welcome. You might want to add your details onto our list.

Cawaii, my hubby oso teochew. I know that for first year, some elderly will still give us angpow (this is regardless of dialect grp cos Hokkien oso have) but his family still give ang pow for first year. Guess we will ve to follow suit

Makeup artist BS tied up with has been booked for outdoor shots for my AD. Got to top up abt $800 to engage another one. Me thinking of Leon Lim, Alicia or Eric Tan. Any brides using them?? Any comments??
I should be going Europe for HM but have not started to plan yet. Think will do it after fittings and PS.


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Hi, just stumble onto this thread. Haven't been chatting for months. Didn't know there were so many June brides.

Hi Fantasy! Don't know whether you still remember me... was chatting with you on Frederick Lee....then disappear liao.

I'm now with Silver Lining and my AD is only a day before yours....


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Hi Cubby,

The nailart stickers are very easy to apply...just peel them off and stick them onto ur nails...=)...then just apply a top transparent coat to protect them...and you're ready to go! BTW, some designs have been snapped up already..


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Blurq & those who has sent me their details,

I have sent you the list of those who will be present for the outing and the details on where and what time to meet. Please check your email. Thanks.


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so where u getting your ROM dress? haf u applied for flat?

realised that nowadays ROM can be a rather extravagant event as well...

me ROM 1 year+ ago... preparing for my customary wedding in sept 04...


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Hey fish, welcome to the thread. So I see you had your wedding fixed on the 5th June

Jit's style quite different from Frederick and I'm sure Jit will be able to give u nice gowns as well. One of my girlfrd is also with Jit and she's having a low back sexy WG.
You designed your gowns already?? When PS gonna be? My frd using Ivy for makeup artist. You choosen yourse already?
Fish, you might want to update your details onto the June brides list so everyone can understand more abt you./


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hi everyone,
mi finally got time to pop in here for a short while before going for meeting...
hmmm.. the thread sounds quiet lately...
where is everybody?


hi oraia,
same to you 2! how have you been?
you dun like bak kwa?
me dun particularly like but i dun ahte too!
my favourite's pineapple tarts!!!!
eat liao then come lose wt!!!


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yup... when u going thru customary, i will be going thru ROM...
will be going to jazreel low collections see see look look...

still thinking whether to apply flat or not coz current place is quite a gd location and will be staying with his mum.. coz only mum left in the family...


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hi everyone!!!

happy new year!

i told myself to finish writing the cards and send out by this week. hope can achieve my target.

Smurfy... all the best to u. u gan cheong? heehee. a few more days to ur wedding.... how's everything?

i still need to meet the hotel ppl. and my coordinator is leaving. she's like can't be bothered now. and we call up to ask when to meet and she said 2 weeks b4 the dinner. tat's this week!! and she still dun bother to call us. wat kind of attitude is tat?

Mee mee.. i so blur. i want to see ur photos yet never give u email. alamak!
my email is [email protected]


hi feroy

if you want videographer for actual day, you may want to consider Moo Media, http://www.moomediaonline.com/. They do both AD photography & videography. I'd asked them for their quote, pretty standard. They're website's very cute, you might want to check it out
Never had any friends who tried their service though, so, I can't comment, sorry.

To the rest of the beautiful Oct 04 brides who are meeting tomorrow, have fun, I wish I could join you gals, sigh.


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hi secret garden!!!!!!

wah.. u MIA v long already leh!!
busy with ur renos ah? how's ev thg gg?
decided on divine or silhouette?

no lah, i'm oso like u lah.. dun particular like and dun hate... hehe.
pineapple tarts is the only form of pineapples i'll eat ;p
i've been eating and eating and eating.. fat liao. tmr must go gym!!!


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Hi fantasy

I had wanted Frederick initially but I guess I caught him on a bad day. He was too busy chatting with his staff that he ignores me when I walk in. I went to several boutiques after that, and took Silver Lining eventually because the photographer I signed up with highly recommended Jit's gowns.

Yup, I had my first fitting already. Very happy with my WG... it is more gorgeous than what Jit has drawn on paper. But unfortunately, I don't like the EG. Jit couldn't find the material I wanted so he replaced it with french lace. But I can't take french lace... make me look like mamasan
....so in the end I asked him to cut into a skirt for me and I bought my own top to go with it. Haven't had my 2nd fitting yet.... hope the EG goes fine now. Keep my fingers crossed.

My photoshoot is in early March. Taking Ivy as well... recommended by Jit. How about yours? Your photoshoot should be in March too right?

Okay... I've inserted my details into the list.
Girlfriend: 2 June, Flamingo Bridal, Concorde Hotel
Cawaii: 2 June, Whitelink, Marriott
bread: 5 June, Silverlining, River City Restaurant
fish: 5 June, Silverlining, RSYC
Fantasy: 6 June, Frederick Lee Bridal, Raffles The Plaza
cubby: 6 June, Milan, Pan Pacific
Pianokey: 12 June, Flamingo Bridal, Marriott
Fairymoss: 20 June, Irene's Creation, Sheraton Towers
Onee : 20 June, Ted Collection (DIY), Hotel Inter-Continental
kokchien: 26 June, Universal Bridal Studio, Pearl River Palace Restaurant
Cat: 27 June, X-Zen, Four Seasons


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Hi cubby

Just to let u know my JP is an old lady
My MIL's teacher so may not be ideal for you...Hehe. Got to get her because she is a family friend leh. I always think having an old lady to do marriage vows is good...The JP list is very long and go by their residential areas...But you can choose anyone.

Hi onee, same here thinking of going to Europe, especially Venice, Italy. We both love the sea and the gondolas...But I feel that if want to go to Europe, should go to a few places which will need at least 10 days. Can't afford so many days...Thus, now decide on Japan for a 5-day trip there. Going F&E.

Ladies, bear in mind the weather as well. Australia and New Zealand will be having winter in June/July. Europe and Japan will be summer (highest of abt 25 degrees).

Hi cubby & onee, good luck to you both for your PS. I'll be going for mine in late Feb. Where are you going for PS? I was thinking of going for manicure before PS.


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Wow, times are running short!! i give out some of my invitation to my collegues. Now was thinking if I got enough tables as I really wanted to invite so many pple!!
Regret neber ask for more tables!!

How everybody planning??


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hi oraia, 20 dec is a weekday, FH prefer to have customary on weekend so that his helpers no need to take leave. tat's why will need to hold banquet on another day if cannot find venue. anyway, only make-up artist and photography need to top-up, total abt $200
did research liao..hehe...


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hi secret garden~!
Happy New Year to you too~!

I simply love pineapple tarts. every place I visited, I will definately look out for pineapple tarts...

after new year must start to control diet liao, juz weighed myself, and I gained 1 kg~!!


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hehe HP,

alrightys!!! you've got it all thought out already eh? excellent!!!

i hope u can find ur hotel... which ones have u got in mind that are not yet taken? *pray hard they are not taken yet!*


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Happy New Year to everyone!!!! =)

Another 12 more days to go... hopefully nothing left out inadvertently :p

Hey Oceans, you can still let your co-ordinator know that there's an increase in the no. of tables. You may have confirmed that the no. of tables earlier on... meaning that that is the minimum no. of tables... but if you want more don't think it will be a prob. Do check with your co-ordinator.


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My relative sides all distributed by parents. Didn't need to do anything except tie ready the invites for them.

Actually, for long distance travel, personally feel package more relaxing. Cos no need to think too much by yourself.
Saw the KenAir itineary today. Actually not bad.

The thing with F&E is that you must plan, and then you must adhere to your plan. Else you will end up go there and did not see much things in the end.

Northwest now running promo for flights to USA. Have you check it out yet? www.nwa.com/sg You can check with ChanBro, ticketing department.


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hi fish: at last got ka kissssss having same day n BS.... my PS also early march leh... but hor have not go 4 any fitting yet... dun dare to call jit cos stil chinese new year....

yvonne: u also 5/6/04.... hip hip hooray....


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Hi Bluelake,

haha.. as gan cheong as ever...it feels like taking an examination and I am nervously preparing for it now :p

So far so good... finish selecting our songs. just done our guo da li and went to pay for our red wines today. They will be delivered directly to our hotel. Will be meeting our hotel coordinator again 2 days before AD to hand him our table plan.

So how's your preparation?

Hi oceans,
We are also increasing our table nos. I think hotel more happy that we increase unless the ballroom cannot accomodate.


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hi bread,

My PS is on 4th Mar 04...Juz bought my wedding shoes last sun have to wait till end of feb for trial makeup & fitting to see whether is the overall ok if the shoes not suitable then will have to find another one...


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Hallo Gals....
All must be really excited as the days getting nearer.....

I'm meeting my helpers this weekend to dicuss about all the details .... my hotel also never bother to call me....

Haven't done my final fitting as my EG was pretty loose during the PS.... my bridal had only inform me, only need to go down at later stage... but really getting worried....

Yup I think the hotel will only be more happy to have more unless u had hit the max table allow...

Hi Smurfy.... getting really ready rite .... so what are the song u have selected.... u chose song for the whole dinner event or just the march in?

Hi Piper,
Good Luck!!!
Hi Ocean,
How is you AD Photograhper's stuff getting on? I had paid Kai, u?? Want to meet up again to see u pic lah...

Blue lake.... relax.... don't let your hotel to affect your mood.... just take note of the important issues and go through with them... if needed ask to speak to the boss lor... let them know your concern....

Yup..... really praying very hard.... nothing will crop out.....

Typo... in my last msg.... I haven't done up my song and program...
think will completed only this weekend where meet up with my helpers...
When will you be collecting your photo.... mine 13 days more to go.... excited

BTW, I haven't booked my honeymoon.... sign~


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Fantasy : Thanks, that's a good news. Eee, tot if you sign up a pkg with the BS, it is their responsibility to engage the MU artist? Your MU not incl. in pkg ah?

Fish : Harlo...

CAT : Ya, to go to few parts within Europe 10 days too short liao. Japan sounds like a good idea with that time frame. We are still toggling where to go for honeymoon leh... KIV until after PS lah...


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Hi Fish, think the following is the updated list of June 2004 brides. Updated your info liao...

Girlfriend: 2 June, Flamingo Bridal, Concorde Hotel (click my nick for email, i cant post it)
Cawaii: 2 June, Whitelink, Marriott ([email protected])
Jo : 2 June, Flamingo Bridal, Oriental Hotel
Yvonne : 5 June, Kowloon, CDANS Country Club ([email protected])
bread: 5 June, Silverlining, River City Restaurant
fish: 5 June, Silverlining, RSYC
Fantasy: 6 June, Frederick Lee Bridal, Raffles The Plaza ([email protected])
Cubby: 6 June, Milan, Pan Pacific ([email protected])
Sugarbaby : 6 June, Fame, Meritus Mandarin
Pianokey: 12 June, Flamingo Bridal, Marriott ([email protected])
Fairymoss: 20 June, Irene's Creation, Sheraton Towers ([email protected])
Onee : 20 June, Ted Collection (DIY), Hotel Inter-Continental ([email protected])
Mel: 20 June , Jawn Happy Ever After,Le Meridien([email protected])
kokchien: 26 June, Universal BS, Pearl River Restaurant ([email protected])
Cat: 27 June, X-Zen, Four Seasons ([email protected])
Sneaky: 6 June, Wedding News, Ritz Carlton ([email protected])