(2004) Brides of year 2004


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hihi cat, actually i am getting back all 4r prints and all negatives. so doesn't matter how much i top up still will get them all back. that is also why me and FH wana cut down on the wedding album orders, since we are getting all back anyway....
yep 62 pages is too thick think the guests will flip until siao loh hehehhee...that's why wanna cut down.

cc2, i tink 50 pages is a comfortable number. we are also htinking of limting to 50 pages...SIGH....need to eliminate again loh...


juz kidding lah...if u din go in..the yahoo grp very quiet mah..at least u r there..then will have more things to talk abt..more active mah..

hi cheona and babysheep22,
I have received ur emails..will send an invite to u gals soon..


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hi doremon,

honestly, i'm quite lost too. all i hv at the moment are quotations from a few studios. the ones we like are out of our budget while the ones w/in our budget don't really suit our taste. so wat i'm hoping is for a good package wif a good photographer. hehe...

care to share what berryhappy has to offer?


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hi ladies, good aftern!!

hi cawaii,
i usually like to do some research before travelling.. so i get to know other things as well.. yup.. think can double check w tour agency..then

hi fairymoss,
so its mid july ya!! definitely dun wan to miss the sale heehe.. wil consider postphone HM liao.. hmmm... i heard the sale is pretty good!! yup.. got to do some homework...

hi fantasy,
i also watched LOTR yest!! really awsome right?? worth the 3 hours time! yup.. beter go loo first.. we also tahan... hehe

any family members goin PS with u gals??? my sisters wil be coming along... so can ask them to take photos heehe..


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I got back all my proof too but still develop till 50 pages! If u have 60++ pages then maybe can spilt into 2 albums instead of 1!


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Wow... so many postings.....

Good for you that had contol the budget.... but I think will want to try my very best to work within it so will have more money for HM.

Hi Miso,
Thanks for the pricing, glad you can have Kelvin for actual day.... no budget so 'bo pian'


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Ok, Updates again!!
AD, Venue, Bridal Shop, PS (Photographer), AD Photographer

02nd Feb
- Piper (Grand Copthorne waterfront), Milan. PS:, AD: Blinkstudio

07th Feb
- Smurfy (Raffles The Plaza), Lezen & Ted Collection, PS: 2 Oct (Andrew, The Edge), AD??
- Dumpling (Pan Pacific Hotel), Bridal Veil, PS/AD - Kelvin (Beetle @ Work)
- Lovebyte (Four Seasons & Club Chinoz), Bridal Veil, PS: 16 Jan - Travis (Utopia), AD - Kin Ching (Greymatter)

08th Feb
- Odie (Fullerton), Silhouette, PS: 24 Nov (Kim, Studio D'fia), AD - Albert(Everafter)
- Miso (Fullerton - Jade), Silver Cloak, PS: 16 Dec (Kelvin, Bettle @ Work)

15th Feb
- Blue Lake (Merchant Court), Kai Bridal, PS: 12 Dec (Chris Ling), AD - KC (Greymatter)

21st Feb
- Ocean (88 Restaurant), Paris De Bridal, PS 7 Nov, AD - Photo: Still searching
- Pageup (Noble House), Everbliss, PS: 18 Oct, AD: Alan Dai & Eric
- Amethyst (Intercon), Amor Meus, PS??? AD??
- Poshies (Peninsular), Camillia, PS: 18 Dec (Kelvin - Beetle @ work), AD - Photo: Still searching
- Xue (Grassroot club), French Bridal, PS: 5 Dec, AD - ??

28th Feb & 1/3
- Mee mee (Orchard Parade Hotel), Graceful Image, PS: 12 Oct, AD - Qinzhong (Greymatter)

29th Feb
- Voice (Holy Matrimony: Trinity Theological College Chapel, Dinner: The Chevrons), White Link, PS: 8 Nov, AD: Kayledoscope


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hi cc2, no lah, we wanna save money leh. our package with Robin alone (without bridal) is already $3K plus coz we top up to full page. if we add until 62 pages, that means an additional of $3400. adding that to my Divine package, we are spending total of 9K. no way man.....hehehhehee.....


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Piper, saw your beautiful photos!!
All these are your actual photos for the albums?? How come you can take all back so fast??

So nice, u gals taking abt HM liao!! Initally, we want to go Taiwan. But now with the SARS case, it is out. Moreover, Feb is near their election time, so things might be chaos there. Really dun noe where to go as hubby dun wanna go western country!!

Poshies, how's ur photo serarching?

By the way, have you bought your Guo Da Li stuff??


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u mean another $3.4k on top of the $3k? Wow.. that's really a lot manzzz... what size and how many pages does the $3k comes with? Since u got the CD, can develop and enlarge on ur own. :p


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Hello Ocean,

The studio will give us a smaller album of all the pics we've chosen in 4R - w/o any touch up. I asked them to give me the photos loose first so that it'll be easier for me to scan.


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New person in this thread.
Gintonic: I am also with Yvonne Creative!!! I personally quite like their gown and also the montage albums. when is your selection of gown date hah?

Dabee: Hello!


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got fine weather today, suppose girlfriend having fun..

hi fantasy,
my frd brought her camera along and her hb took for her while the photographer taking her pics and vice versa. guess will also depend on whether the photographer mind if they r taking oics on thir own.
wat u intend to get for your hubby?

me also endure until end of the show (LOTR) and then rush out to the ladies right after it end... imgaine i didnt drink much during the show and til high tide... but it's worth watching.


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I watched LOTR this afternoon. Wow...the show is really good!!! haha...didn't go loo, coz before the show clear already, and didn't drink too much water so didn't go.


How u know Girlfriend is mei mei? sekali she is jie jie leh?? Hee, just kidding. U all know each other's age ah?? Ok, I would start with myself, but if any of you dun feel comfy in revealing age, then dun say, ok? I thot it might be fun to share share but I also respect your decision if you want to keep it secret. :p Me is 25 this year. Fantasy ah, I didn't really get x'mas present for hubby every year, coz he always want expensive things which I can't afford, so in the end he would buy it himself or I would chip in a little.


Dun think any of my family members going with me to PS coz mine is a weekday so dun think anyone in the family so wei da to take leave.


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hi ladies,

Went for my PS today.. Everything went on smoothly even the weather was good... thank God for the fine weather.

We started out ard 12pm ended ard 6pm. I had a change of 4 outfits wif 4 different styles/looks. Really muz thank my BS/designer/MU artist, she really make me "mei mei" bride.

Word of advice, I think itz better nt to bring friends or family members along for PS coz you will b too busy to entertain them. They mite b too distracting or restless coz u will b bz changing outfits & styling. Juz my personal opinion coz my photo studio advised us nt to bring anyone along.

Overall, we had a wonderful time.. ... time passed very fast.. ...

Here are some dos & do nots:

1.Do bring a bottle of water with a straw

2.Bring a pair of comfortable sandals/slippers/shoes (I was wearing a pair of slippers throughout my outdoor PS, I only slipped on my shoes when the wind was blowing very hard & my slippers were showing)

3. Bring blotting paper (preferably those with powder kind)

4. Bring whatever outfits u feel like changing to (besides my WG & EG, I brought a cheongsam & ROM gown)

5. Try to match your HB's outfits wif your gowns b4 PS. (my HB changed as many outfits as I did)

6. Try to eat breakfast/lunch b4 PS (our only thots aft PS was to eat DINNER, famishing coz we had an early lunch)

7. Try to go for facial at least a week b4 PS to prevent outbreaks

8. Try not to drink too much water the night b4, mite cost puffy eyes.

9. Go for manicure & pedicure a day b4 PS (so that it will last thro' out your PS, I strongly recommended FAVE Nails @ Shaw House, my nail colors did not chip eventhough I was very chor lor)

10. Do bring along wet tissues to remove your makeup after PS. (to prevent future breakouts)

11. Do not agrue/quarrel wif HB b4 PS, it will defintely show in the photos

12. Try to pose or think of some poses before PS. Eg: kissing one another (bt dont worry abt this, your photographer will teach u to pose, mine did)

13. Send your wedding rings/bands for polishing b4 PS.

14. Wash your hair on the day b4 PS.

15. No matter what preparations u do, ENJOY your PS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16. Spray your fave scent

Fyi, we went to marina south, padang, esplanade, Anderson Bridge for outdoor PS.

Cant wait to see our photos..!!!!


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I think fantasy means "mei(3) mei(3)" beautiful hehehee..

I really feel beautiful today! Even HB also enjoy the PS.

Btw, another point to note: You may bring special gifts/present given to u or u haf given to HB to take during PS. Or even prepare some props for PS.

For us, I asked my photographer to take a shot of my HB putting on my diamond necklace coz it was a special gift frm him.

We also prepared a bottle of sparkled wine/ chamapagne glasses/strawberries to add on to outdoor PS mood. Btw sparkled wine was unnecessary, honey water can do the magic.


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Hi Qoo...

I sign up with Everbliss... but heard quite a bit of negative comment! Sighed!

Wow... Seem like 3rd July 04 is a hot day! Where are you ladies going for honeymoon? Me want to go to europe therefore can't go straight after wedding cos July & aug seem like not a good month to go! May need to drag till late sept or early Oct!



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hi gintocnic...congrats on finding your BS...guess must b a huge load off the shoulders...

hi eternity...mine is camellia houte couture...i personally like the designer, nicole...she is very friendly and helpful..and so far, i think her gowns are quite nice too...n the good thing is she tie up with quite a few good photographers...have u already met up with all the three BS?? guess u muz feel comfortable with the designer n photographer...good luck!


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Good gracious, BinBin & CC2, you gals are really spending big bucks.
Me poor girl still trying to see if can scrimp & save by getting cheap & gd AD photographer.

Anyway, if getting back all the negatives then no need to spend so much lah. But negatives not touched up one loh... Personally I think if 50 pgs then split into 2 albums better. Not so heavy and easier to flip.

BTW, izzit because both of you spent so much that's why they returning the negatives to you? My photographer says will return negatives only if I top up to $800. Dun look very possible to me.

Another way is doing your own album since getting back the negatives. Just get a photo album from BookBinders or Irints. Am actually thinking of doing that for my AD photography to save some $$ but thinking is too much trouble


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I dun get to get back all the negatives, only the proof. It was already stated in the contract that I will be getting all the proof back without topping any $$. I only top up another $300++ cos I took up the other PS package in JB. Me no $$$ so must go for the cheaper alternatives

I also intend to buy another album to paste all the proofs. Any idea where to get nice albums besides bookbinders? Where's Irints?


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Hi brambles,

its indeed difficult to choose a good AD photographer who is good and low in budget. somemore most of the photographer wil increase their prices next Jan, so better book early. Anyway, ive recommended before in this thread my AD photographer Hilarion Goh. i confirmed with him after viewing his portfolio, its really good. furthermore he has done AD for Zoe Tay, Audruey de cruz and few more celebraties, worth considering.

check out his website if you r interested, he is very friendly too..



hi eternity, it's about whose style you like and who you feel you'll get along with best
but best decide soon, you should already have started your designing process


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hi cat, yah loh, where's Irints huh? i am also interested. well, as for the package, it is part of the package and the usual practice by Robin to return all negatives and proofs if the couple signed up directly with him instead of through bridal. if i sign up through my bridal, i have to top up $300 of photos before he returns the negatives. but in signing directly, i already pay more for more photos in the package, so everything comes with it.

cc2, my original package is $2500 for 38 pages. i top up til about $3300 for full page so that i can also do collages. then now if want the 62 pags have to top up another $3400 coz i have a lot of collages...


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>_< paiseh...got the meaning wrong, Oops.

U really enjoyed yourself hor? Hey, when u come back to sg? I thot u went HK? was that u?

I got one question leh. When u said u change so many outfits, where u change them when u are outdoor? public toilet?? the floor not wet meh? Also I always wonder how to use the public toilet when doing outdoor shoots with the pon pon gowns with long train. and probably can't even see the toilet bowl with the skirt blocking the view or u would need a very very big toilet to accomodate the big skirt. How?

Did u do your indoor shoots on the same day as well?


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Hi moonlight,

Then you can look out for bridal show where u can get promotion rate for the package which is much worthwhile.

As for me, i got my bridal package from the bridal show. Both my hubby and I prefer to do all these preparation earlier so that we can play with the time.


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hi girlfriend,

wow.. thks so much for the detailed tips!! it really help!!! at least we know the dos and donts now!!

ya..most BS dun advise to bring ppl along.. cos will distract.. but 4 me its exception.. cos i'm bign my dog 4 PS as well!! so need someone to take care.. so got excuse heehee!!
glad that u enjoyed ur PS!! i think those extra props is nice ideas!!

hi fairymoss,
i think most outfits change are for indoor PS.. as for outdoor, usually dun chg unless u can find a really clean place to change. for eg, if u wish to take outdoor shoots at your banquet hotel, u can request a day rm fm ur coordinator so can chg outfit there as well!!


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Hi mandy,
Welcome to this thread.
When is your big day? I will be going down early Feb. How abt you?
Can share with me your package?

Hi gerlynn,
yah man, u are rite. Its like a big big load off my shoulders ya...
Have you chose your wedding gown and evening gown at CHC? Can share your experience with me when you went to select yours cos I am afraid I will be very lost on that day.


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Hi gintonic,

my big day is on 18th Sept 2004!
I will be going down in late feb to select gown...
Thinking of bring it earlier now...
What about discussing about our package privately?

You can send an email to me by clicking on my name and leave down your email


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hi all!

me also 3 jul bride!!! *high five* wow, why so popular this date? chose it cos 3rd is also my hubby to be's birthday..easier to remember hehehe.


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I need to ask u all question. Couple of mths ago, I bought a low cut slip dress. I realised that the dress can zhuo guang with certain movements, especially if I were to sit down and slouch. How to prevent the dress from moving? Can stick onto the skin?? Anyone of you got experience with adhesive or what? Where to buy them?? Dun tell me to use double side tape ah. I need to wear the dress this weekend and now panicking liao


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Hi all jan 04 brides..

Hey ..as our wedding is drawing near... did anyone of u all planning for any back scrub for your low back EG?? any good places to recommend??
Are you all getting nervous?


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Hi Yvonne,

I know bridal show can get good rates, but they very hard selling, So its quite though. I have been to a very small one at Suntec, like only 2-3 participating merchants. They pester you alot till its difficult to get out of the place. From then onwards, I don't really like bridal show one lor...


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hello ladies,

at last, me also can join this thread liao... hehehe...

we just confirmed our wedding date on 20 Nov 2004, venue at Marriott.

hmmm, when is our next step huh?? :p me dun know what else to do liao...


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Hello everyone!!

New member into da big family...my AD is on 21 Sept, guess that Sept is really the "in demand" date for weddings..... most of the hotels which I wanted are all booked up &amp; reserved man! Gosh, so had to really settled for the other, mine is Plaza Hotel, staff there all very nice....

Btw, just curious, for those of u who had already booked ur BS, when is the appropriate time for photoshoot ah? heard that they need a long time for finalizing the wedding album...


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Er cc2, what's proof?

Dunno if call Prints or Irints (the logo read like Irints to me). Anyway, it's also in City Link. It's near Thai Express, while BookBinders is opposite Singtel. Price around the same as BookBinder. Smaller shop though.


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I'm now using loreal scub... but I guess the effect won't be tat good since the back needs more time to 'recover'....

the only choice is 2 put more concealer and powder... any recommendations?

hehe.. kinda of nervous... just went down to Chinatown last wk and bought all the GDl stuff already...


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Hi LoveByte,

Looking through the updates list, we have 2 similar arrangements -- KC as AD photographer and holding the dinner at Club Chinoir. So coincidental... Why do you have another reception at 4 seasons?


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four of us engaging Qinzhong as our AD photographer.
Qinzhong=KC=kin Chong
he's so popular.

wanna scan a few photos for us to see? keke.
tat's wat i did.