(2004) Brides of year 2004


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That's great. Now just relax and look forward for your GDL and photo collection.


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Hi dumpling, Miso and lovebytes,


SOund like more Feb 7 brides now

think we need an update now..a bit blur now

Hi Smurfy,

we book through UOB travel planner, thinking of exchanging our credit cards points for travel voucher. Yes, we have to pay a disposit of $800
Taj Exotica only provide breakfast so need to budget for meals. I heard that meals there aren't cheap.
Do you know how much are the activities like snorkelling over there?

Not that we want to stay for 5 nights lah..we have no choice, no flight back

Lovebytes, guess you need to make your booking really soon if you want to go in Feb 04.There isn't many flights to Maldives, esp if you want to take SQ flights


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hi julie,
ya ya... they are not so shiong as we do.. changing the gowns quite tiring hehe
i've just got my WG shoes.. dun know i will get anymore.. maybe when i select my EG then see how.. me also tend to wan to buy more shoes heeh!!!

hey NZ cum australia is great!! my fren did tat last time.. and she enjoy alot!!
korea was good also.. but i prefer winter time so get to ski hehe

hi ladies,
u sure europe sales is july?? cos i heard the sale is during april.. i went to recki the websites..they said the best time to visit europe is apr, may and early june! if it is really july sales, then i also wan to postphone!!! hehe
i think its goin to be quite hot in summer leh..me also got lots of things to buy hehehe

yup yup.. i also think better not post pics here.. we can share thru e-mail etc
hmm... my PS kept postphoning cos bridal shop closing for CNY .... now feb then PS.. haiz!! but then they wont let me take pics during gown selection leh


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hi cawaii,
my sis went europe this sept for her honeymoon!! she had a great time!! think its a great choice to go in sept.. but me cant wait so long leh.. hehe :p


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Hi fifi,

U can try ernest whom i engaged. Or kevin. Their no is 97496621. Kevin is 96866367.

ernest charges $788 inclusive of express edit. Kevin charges $550.

Hi oraia,

I am thinking along either berryhappy, kelvin from beetles@work or chor hui from photojoy. Me going for collages.


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hi cin

very stressed with wedding prep now. Got a question to ask tho...how do you prevent your guests from entering the ballroom without registration? Any ideas? What if the guests are late? Who do they give the ang pow to?


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hi hi ...

me got a videographer for my ROM and we really tot its real sweet to capture all these moments down ... but we really have no idea if we should engage one so soon or should we wait until its nearer to my wedding date then I start to make a decision anot ....

a good actual photographer will cost bet $1200 to $1600 ... but my bridal package already comes with the actual day photographer .... so me most prob will go for the videographer only ... or just get another photographer to capture the candid shots ....


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hi pageup...
wah! perfect model figure???!!! u must be joking! models dun have such big hips and elephant legs. haha... but the gown covers them well. my waist need 1 more inch to look more proportional. how nice if can transfer. actually my gown is loose. so there's lots of "lines" at the waist there. sigh. spoilt the pics.

hi odie...
i tot Silhouette dun tie with any inhouse photograghers too? must sign up separately?
hmm... think Kim and Chris pricing are similar. he got a $3800 package too. with every photos touched up with special effects. but i think that's not v affordable to me. will discuss with my hub wat to take tonight. like wat u said maybe just top up a few more pages. but forgot to ask the price for an extra page.
we're trying not to spend too much now as there's news that his company is going to have another round of retrenchment. sigh!


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hi all...

I think i m the only one wif gowns almost ready, will collect my gowns this Saturday. Ps on monday!

So excited now!!! All of you muz help me pray that weather is good! Planning for facial & dental appt today. Will share a list of dos & donts wif all of u aft PS.

We can only aim one location in Europe coz HB is teacher & June/July my company's peak period, can only take 2 weeks leave. Switzerland will be a good choice for us because the weather will not be so hot, HB also loves cold weather.

It will be a good idea to take photos during your fittings.. You can actually see the progress of your own gown & serve as good memories..

Most HBs no patience to wait & see us parading in & out of fitting room. Everything looks the same to them. Their suit take only 3~4 weeks to complete with 1~2 fittings.

Julie, I had 3 pairs of shoes.

I bought one pair for WG long time ago after I signed up for BS package from Vive. Another pair was bought recently from JWest. I juz loved the diamonates so no choice spurge on it, lucky itz not expensive. The 3rd pair is my ROM shoe, 5 inch, mite as well utilise it.


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Hi ladies...


aiya i not into LOTR...it;s just that my hubby asked his cousin who has been traveling alot which country he recommend for honeymoon and he said NZ..so looking into it lor...ya i also heard that the scenery very nice and all. the main porb is the season lor...cuz that time will be winter and i scared of cold lor..see how first...


ya i will post the pics when the gowns are ready and when i go for my fittinf in feb.....thinking thinking whether to go NZ anot lor..cuz of season...hai....i am the troublesome one...heheheh

well i dun mind sennding it htru email....me dun have a webpage...wait a min i think i can post it onto yahoo site..think can...


ya lor that day i think i was like a model changing in and out of various gowns..till i really din know which is which..hahah..me looking for shoes also..will go to look for Jwest maybe this weekend with hubby..

Aust cum NZ is subject to the weather and final discussion with hubby lor..yet to confirm....


wow all planned already lah...good..when mine nearer also muz ask u for advice

will remind my hubby to bring digi cam on the day of fitting..ya i also agree that ot serves as very good memories..luckily my hubby okay..he din complain lah he just happily deiscuss with the lady who was helping me with the gown..so while i was in the changing room he was outside helping me look for other gowns to try on....it's only at the end of the daywhen he told me he very tired..hahah...

hai..my ROM shoes i have been fully utilizing it after my ROM cuz it was not of very high heels thus can be used for normal wear...me thinking of buying extra just in case.....



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Hi Moonlight,

I'm taking the ocean ballroom and not the pacific. As compared, the ocean is not so grand n big as the pacific but they do have the decor theme included.

Hi Maymay,

Videograph your AD can let you have memories. Actually it depend on individual. money wise it depend on the photographers itself. I think it range frm $900+ to $1000+.


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Hey Piper... I'm interested too. My email addy is [email protected]

Hi Blue Lake... Silhouette do not have standard packages... they check with each couple on what we want and then quote us a price. But they do have tie-ups with some photographers (I know there's Chris Ling and Andrew Choi... another 2 or 3 but can't recall now).

If you take any of those photographers it will be normal standard package like what you get at other BS i.e. 20 pages etc at another thousand odd bucks if I'm not wrong (again can't remember :p) depending on which photographers you choose... and this will be added on to what we pay to Silhouette.

Erm... retrenchment?? :S Try not to think too much for now... what will come will come... take care.


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Hi fifi,

yup, the prices i stated include the following:

• One day video shooting with professional 3CCD video camera
• (Up to 12 hours)
• One VCD with silk screen printing and design casing
• Total of 3 video tracks in VCD: video montage, morning event, wedding dinner
• Plus One DVD with silk screen printing and design casing
• Specially designed DVD title page for easy browsing

I cannot paste their email add here becos not allowed. Suggest u call him.


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HI fifi,

Here are the payment term

Payment terms:

• Deposit of min.$100 upon confirmation/bookings;
• Balance payment on actual day wedding (cheque or cash)

*Promotional price valid if bookings are made by 31 December 2003. ( Terms & conditions apply.)


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Hi Yvonne,
The ocean ballroom is the one at level 1 or 2? Sorry, can't remember the name. Only remembered the level 1 ballroom and level 2 ballroom. However, both room are nice!

Actually I do have a BS in mind. Was targeting WhiteLink as well. Same as Seabreeze. I realise that their shop at Suntec is much bigger. When i finished my compilation of what gown I need, I would most probably visit that shop again.


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hi moonlight ...

can go round to see see look look ... me booked WL quite some time back ... like 2 years ago ... hahahahaha .... that time GST was still 3% only ... dunno where did the impluse came from ... but me got a very good deal which is no longer avail now ... so quite heng lor ...


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Hi Odie
Thanks! The pics and your gowns are nice! I thot I saw 2 WG? i agree that it's more value to go direct to the photographers... seems like more willing to throw in free stuff. I think Travis (utopia) offered us 1 free collage which is not available if you're under BV pkg. but we didn't take him cos' timing not good, he's too booked!

yes please, i would like to view your pics.
[email protected]


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hi gals,

still dunno abt videography.. but if budget allows at that time, will probably go for it.. if not.. will jus get a fren to help us with it


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Hi hi
How is everyone??!!??

Keann - Welcome home to Singapore. Bet you must be having a romantic time with hubby now
Weather very siao these days so you better bring an umbrella if you go out.

DJ - I also think YK digital is good leh. But my husband abit more "traditional" and "why pay so much for AD" type leh.

Emmeline - As much as one should abide to the rules & regulations on eBay, I basically don't think you can get sued or anything if you don't pay up. I eBay alot when I was studying in the UK. There were several occasions when some buyers bid on my item and don't pay up after that. I cannot do anything also leh. Just bid for non-payer alert and get a fee credit back lor.

Errr... I sorta wrongly chosen a WG with a long train for my outdoor PS next month. Now very confused whether to change cos' they take my measurement liao...
So abit paiseh lor...


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wow.. seabreeze, you really booked so early ah? good lor, at least can get good deals! Think I will get chopped.. hahah. esp when they know that your wedding is like 11 months time and they will tell you alot about time factor theory.

as for videography, frankly speaking, I have not thought about it yet. Maybe just get some friends to do it for free!! hahah


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nex yr mayb b4 feb will finish reno......very stress on $$ now. btw, got one question to ask, i m choosing my hob & hood, which brand good? u using which brand?

wow, so fast finish GDL. if for me i sure won't go work one, no mood mah....hehehe

who u have in mind? tel me lah then we can share ideas. we actually go with doremon n another girl to meet lots of photogrphers n videographer before we confirm one.

my photographer is berryhappy n videographer is earnst video.

u mus ask the hubby's bros to help wan cos most of the time ur jie mei will b at the reception. for my frds wedding, her hubby's bro stand at the lobby n the lift then bring the guests over to the jie mei at the reception for regisration.


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Hi Amethyst... thanks =) Oh the one with the slim cut is my tea dress... looks white ya? Actually its ivory... when you look at the actual dress its rather yellowish =p

Hi Piper.. thanks for sharing. Your WG and EG are great!!! I like you WG especially its very unique and different =)


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Hi ladies,
Finally completed my outdoor PS today!
Even though it was raining on & off, on & off... Managed to shot in between the rain, and there was a break with some sunshine around 4 pm. Once we finished, the real rain started coming, lucky right?
Hope the photos turn out ok.
Hope shinchan & Doris may get better weather than me.


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Hello all

Will love to see your photos: Piper, Oldie, Page up, Amethyst - I have not even gone for my first gown fitting yet - so its all an exciting new world for me!! We are rushing to get the new flat up and renovated as well, so have abandoned wedding prep for the time being till mid next week. My photoshoot is only on Jan 16th.

HELP: My invites are not even printed yet - anyone with good & cost efficient printers to recommend? PLUS, I will be most grateful if you are able to share the template (layout and proper wording for chinese)with me...have no idea how this printing process works - and also how much does it cost??!! We are sending out 150 cards.

After the invites we still need to think about the walk-in songs, honeymoon prep, actual day schedule and so on and so on....will panic if I start thinking to far ahead.

THANKS - Bewildered and overworked bride-to-be


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Hi Odie,

Actually tat's not my WG. My package was for gowns off the rack. So I'll be wearing another gown for my AD.

Hi EC,

When's your big day? I've got my cards printed at T-dragon. Takes abt 10 days after you've confirmed your layout. Dun worry too much about the chinese wordings. They have samples for you to pick & u just need to provide them with your parents, your names & dates.


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ino... wow ur questions very difficult to answer leh... it's not up to us to control the guest leh... it's more of the guest initiative leh...

twinkleglint... my $$ all gone liao
hob & hood arh.. i'm using turbo (forest's recommendation). duno which is good. technogas shd be good but ex. depend with u cook often too...


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hi moonlight ...

true ... the nearer ur wedding the harder they chop ... thats why for us ... when we were bargaining ... we were telling them that we still have alot of time ... dun want to decide etc .. that time WL not that 'famous' and 'popular' yet ... but me always fancy their gowns whenever I pass by their marina sq branch ... so she gave us a very good deal like ... like more photos for album ... more costume change ... more rolls of film for actual day ... my tea dress (which me use for my ROM) and my hubby suit are all MTM and can keep ... now think no more ... only MTM but cannot keep ... so not too bad lor ...

but heard that ever since they become popular and famous ... must monitor them closely ... but so far my dealing with them have been quite good ... and they always call me to cfm my wedding date ....


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cin_p..sp if both of ur side parent never sit to discuss the GDL, how u all knw wat tradition to follow for ur wedding or what shld ur FH side give to ur ur side?


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Hi Piper,
Send me your photo too - [email protected]

Hi Gals,
Yesterday was not raining ..... luckily only start raining after my PS.... so 'heng'...

Hi Blue Lake,
Oh u met Kelvin at the lallang field, har.... did check with Kelvin on that.... he is nice guy.... able to make my hubby and I relax.... we when to 3 places for outdoor.... thought the weather was not very good but at least it not raining... well got the printed out of the pic straight after the PS... some of them really turn out to be good... will be meeting up Kelvin only after the Christmas for selection.... so had your be done??

Hi Odie,
Thanks for the Photo.... ur pic very nice lah...

Hi EC,
you better be hurry.... yup like what Piper metion, you don need to worry too much on the card, the printer had a set of standard format you just need to change according to the name and dates...

Hi Ocean,
Me too looking of AD photographer... but seen either they are too busy to meet me or I got no time to visit their studio.... *sign~*


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Ok, Updates again!!
AD, Venue, Bridal Shop, PS (Photographer), AD Photographer

07th Feb
- Smurfy (Raffles The Plaza), Lezen & Ted Collection, PS: 2 Oct (Andrew, The Edge), AD??
- Dumpling Venue, BS, PS AD??
EC - Venue?, Bridal Veil, PS: Jan (Travis)

08th Feb
- Odie (Fullerton), Silhouette, PS: 24 Nov (Kim, Studio D'fia), AD - Albert(Everafter)

15th Feb
- Blue Lake (Merchant Court), Kai Bridal, PS: 12 Dec (Chris Ling), AD - KC (Greymatter)

21st Feb
- Ocean (88 Restaurant), Paris De Bridal, PS 7 Nov, AD - Photo: Still searching
- Pageup (Noble House), Everbliss, PS: 18 Oct, AD: Alan Dai & Eric
- Amethyst (Intercon), Amor Meus, PS??? AD??
- Poshies (Peninsular), Camillia, PS: 18 Dec (Kelvin - Beetle @ work), AD - Photo: Still searching
- Xue (Grassroot club), French Bridal, PS: 5 Dec, AD - ??

28th Feb & 1/3
- Mee mee (Orchard Parade Hotel), Graceful Image, PS: 12 Oct, AD - Qinzhong (Greymatter)

29th Feb
- Voice (Holy Matrimony: Trinity Theological College Chapel, Dinner: The Chevrons), White Link, PS: 8 Nov, AD: Kayledoscope
Piper want to provide your infromation...


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hee.. forgot to ask u the last time...so, wat pdts does ur beautician use??? come to think of it.. very funny hor.. so far, i've nv met u at tg pagar, even tho' our bldgs r nxt to ea other... kekeke..

btw, im thinking of visiting jit next jan or feb leh.. wan to chk out his works... do u hve any advise on his pkg or work??? so, which photographer r u using for ur PS??

yup... i recommended the turbo brand to cin... my mum has used the brand for yrs.. (she has also used tecnogas b4) n based on her experience, actually all hood n hobs r the same.. performs the same functions... n its def way way cheaper than tecnogas n other branded names... cant rem the price tho, but there's a pkg for u to choose the model of hood n hob u wan.. me n cin r using exactly the same models


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Dear Annie:
i thought that YK has already confirmed with you? he told me that he is already booked on 23 sept 2004???!!!! what happens?



I can access the group leh. Hmm.. how come hah?

Orosalind, I work 5.5 days too, but tmr on leave. got errands to run.


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Hip Hip Hooray for you, Cat...
It's actually a load off after completing the PS huh?

One of my outdoor locations is at Sentosa.

Today's Shinchan's turn right?
And tomorrow Doris?

Next big item: Cards! All the March brides got the cards already? I haven't collected from hotel leh... Will have to call them up soon. Then we'll just get a printer to print the inserts. Like we dicussed earlier, few people took note of the card designs anyway... So I'm going to pay lesser attention to the design.


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hi keanne and madwoman,

I have not received any email so far from the seller since my last email to them, but I DID take the responsibility to email them to explain the situation. I suppose they may have decided to ignore the whole thing,.. but I'm not too sure. Anyway, i have not given them any credit card info, so how can they take action against me ? Yes, i am aware of thinking seriously about the item b4 b4 bidding for it now, i must say it was not clearly reflected to me on the site until i went to read more abt it....sigh...

Thanks very much for the advice and caution tho.

Think i'm once bitten twice shy now. Not going to ebay anymore... coz i don't even know what i'm seeing is what I'll be getting eventually or not either.


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Hi Lynn,

Me not on 5.5 days but we take turns to come back on Sat. Takes ard 2 mths to be my turn each cycle.

Happybride: Grp working liao, we talk there lah.