(2004) Brides of year 2004


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Hi Smurfy,

I think your hair is fine... probably you are not used to seeing yourself in a different hairstyle =)

Nope... my bridal studio don't require me to top up for calla lilies.

Hi Mee Mee... why don't you bring your EG to another dressmaker or another BS and see if they can salvage the situation? Think will be much cheaper than if you need to re-do the whole gown.


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Hi Ocean,

I also went Sentosa for my PS.
Everything goes went smoothly, took 70% outdoor, 30% indoor of photos. My photographer was very nice to allow my colleague to tag along to take pixs for me, of course all these were pre-arranged. I had to show him my digi cam b4 he said yes, of course cannot allow us to jepardised their rice bowl lah.
What if we have high end camera, then end up choosing very little photos, not beneficial to them mah! I went 4 locations inside sentosa namely, old warehouse, the chapel, big tree and tg. beach. Even had time to change into casual....haaaa! Anyway I am glad over. I only bought ampoulse as after putting on mascara my eyes felt heavy oredi...didn't want to have fake eyelashes. Ampoulse cost me $25 but works wonder for my makeup, I don't have to touch up too.


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Hi ladies,
Anyone knows which shoes shop tailor-made bridal shoes? I need to tailor-made one... but till now still cant find one.
Can someone pls recommend.... thanks.


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hi fantasy,

haha...u r so cute!!! :p thks so much!!! me also quite excited!!

managed to get my WG shoes liao..happy!! now nothing much to do..only waiting 4 the day to come

how ur gown designing etc??

hi onee,

hey long time no see leh!! glad to see everythin goin well 4 ur HM leh!! me suppose to ROm the same day as u initially!! but now no more...so envy u leh!!

happ 4 u that u are happy w the wedding band!! in im opinion, i think hand bouquet is better leh!! wrist corsage more 4 ur ah yee on AD... but to your preference!!

as 4 me...now relax relax..goin 4 PS end dec..so goin to select gown end this mth...but i might postphone to early next mth cos last min prob goin to bali 4 getaway end this mth!! hehe


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hi fairymoss,amos
yap, me living in the same area as velooi lor...........yeh!

hi velooi,
what is ur blk? mine is 576.

hi taurus,
we have the same BS and BQ. WOW! moreover ur AD is my sis's birthday, so "qiao". we can share and exchange some info since we r having the same BS n BQ.


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hi mich03
wow, that means u left very little time for gown selection. u still havent decided ur EG yet huh? choosing those bare back kind? for me i may wana choose 2 pieces kind, i mus work out to trim tummy liao.......

hi piglets
wow, ur WD is a christmas eve. it was one of the date i have considered, then after WD can go chiong somemore....kekeke. mine BQ is also at PP leh, but my WD has been confirmed on 05 Dec'04.

ur PS so in Feb is really early lor, why huh?

hi smallonion,
this wkend i go to my BS again cos i saw one gown i really like n wana to try try so that when i MTM my WG can have better idea which is suitable for me, then my BS told me that i can start preparing now. i think that's too early but they say it is ok. anyway, if i conmit anything on the gown means i need to pay the 2nd deposit so i m not going to do that. my BS told me that the kua/teadress which is FOC will need to dep if there are available on ur WD, if u book late n they have given to others, esp kua.


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Hi icechoco,

Yes, I am a vegetarian. There is only limited location I can choose so choose that restaurant as we are quite with the boss and the location is accessible.

So where are you holding your banquet??


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Cos my photoshoot in end feb after choose photograph than have to wait 3 and a half mth for the album

As mine is digital photo not photo type so have to wait...


Hi all,

just came across this thread.. I'm oso a 2004 bride. My wedding will be on 26 Nov 2004 and my wedding banquet will be held in Marriott


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Thanx bin and amos...

hi rocher.. congrats! just heard from one of my frenz who attended a dinner at marriot... said it's the best wedding he's ever attended so far... good service and food..


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hi keanne
i have tentatively booked the date with them..my AD is 30 May but the dinner will be held 31st May.. i wan to find out more before i start negotiting with them.....
so your exams over liao???

I am pretty worried abt the job....cos it is really hard to find employment unless u r willing to take a pay cut!! Guess now is the employer's market....


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Hello kokopooh!

How are you? long time no see... How work? U start the Jap course already? R u going to Major function?
I put deposit in OCC liao... ya finally...


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Weddings in 2004 (EFFECTIVE
MONDAY,NOVEMBER 17,2003 – 12:22PM)

3rd – yoyo (Sophia Wedding, Park Royal Plaza, Bishan)
3rd - Bonjon (Thomson Wedding Designs, The Chervons, Jurong West)
7th – Cin_p (Universal, Grand Copthorne Waterfront, Sengkang)
7th – ino (Everbliss, Hotel Inter-Continental, West Coast)



2nd – Amos & Wendy (Chijmes Hall, Conrad, Pasir Ris)
24th – Meijia (Milan Wedding, Grand court vegetarian at Orchard, Bukit Gombak)


5th – Bread (Silverlining, WJL, Aljunied)
20th – Fairymoss (Irene’s Creation, Sheraton Towers, Bishan)




4th – Ivory (Popular Honeymoon, Hyatt, CCK)

14th - taurus (Whitelink, Pan Pacific, Punggol)

3rd – smallonion (Everbliss, Concord)
5th – Twinkleglint (Whitelink, Pan Pacific, woodlands)
11th – Michelle Teo (Santiago, M Hotel, Punggol)
16th – Soupie (JLC, Trader’s Hotel, Bedok/Punggol)
19th – Doremon (Santiago, *no banquet*, Sengkang)
12th – Velooi (JB BS, Orient Ocean, Woodlands)


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hello gals!!
finally went for my trial on last friday. it was really fun. the makeup artist did 2 hairdo for me then i tried on about 8 gowns for the designer to see what is suitable for me....really love the ballgowns but gotta top up $1K for them....mm....well must wait for next month before i see the proposed designs....will share more then :p


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Hi gals,

Anyone know how to contact amosleong? Tonight we are going to check out AD photographer with the couple but till now, i have not received any confirmation yet.

Pls help!


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Hi gals!!

I am selling off the following items at 50% off. ANyone interested or know anyone who need them, pls let me know

1. organza pouches - 100 pcs @0.60cents each
2. scented votive candle - 250 pcs @0.50 cents each


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Exams over liao right?


When we are jobless, then we can have all the time to go for tea at any part of Singapore already

No choice lor... I'm also crossing my fingers and keeping a look out.... just got to be more thrifty lor .....


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welcome all newcomers...
good to see that this thread is getting active again.

doremon.. i think amos did post his mobile in the thread last week.. maybe u can try to scan thru the earlier posting.


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Hi Rocher,

Welcome to join in the thread. Yours is 2 days earlier than mine. : )

Marriott is indeed nice. Actually wanna to take there but becos of budget wise, eventually have to give up this idea. I'm a Pan Pac bride.

Have you sign up your bridal package yet? I'm a Divine bride.


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hi doremon,

it's me, finally got my AD date... : )
i am interested in ur candles, but dun noe when to give them out...
ROM at ROM then lunch recept.
AD only buffet lunch at in law's place.

Can give me some ideas. : )


Hi Yvonne,

thanks for welcoming me
... Hehe, so urs on a Sunday.
So u took up the Ocean ballroom package? Cos I was very interested and wanted to take up this package as well.. but I was too late and the date I wanted was taken up by someone liao. Very sad...then have to source for other hotels lor... So choose Marriott cos its our second choice, but it was much expensive than our budget. But in the end gave in cos of the location and the ballroom.

I have yet to sign up any package... still looking ard. Since my banquet has exceed our budget so maybe I will go to JB to look for my bridal package. Actually, that time I was in JB and I went to Divine couture to take a look, but too bad by the time I reached there, the shop has closed for the day... but I saw from the glass window that the gowns are quite nice, not those taiwanese style that most JB bridal shop have. But I think they dun have their own studio and photographer, they are getting someone to do it, so it may not be so good....How much is ur package?

Btw, check with you... since ur AD is in Nov, so when do u plan to take ur PS?


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ME is also 2004 bride....came across this thread while surfing the site....discussion is interesting so decided to join

ME date is Dec 19th...same as Doremon
.....only thing that's settled is the venue, at Swissotel.....


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wow.. so many newbies.. coooL!

happybride, hey u're with JLC too huh... me too!
the JLC thread not active one.. so keep in touch and update each other on their service okie? hehehe


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it's happiness and happines!!!!! it's been sooo long!!!! Am glad that it's finally over and now can go back to lao gong!! heheheheee.....

I had hard time negotiating with Natalyn (then banquet manager)...a lot of stuff not giving...and they charge corkage as well...our wedding will probably have quite a few drinkers....so can't skip wine and beer...but i really like the atmosphere, so I decided to book tat place.....the other place that was my first choice was Conrad...but couldn't meet the min table requirement...but i tik amara is quite nice too!

Yea...can go kopi kopi....but then can be cheap kopi....hehehee...i from poor student to poor unemployed...can't spend too much! hehehee....

Am just going to enjoy my last month in Melbourne! FINALLY!!!

Update on your gowns....wat designs you chose?? was your makeup artist good? wat's her name? I have to start sourcing for make-up artists too...there was this make-up artist that was part of package for my friend's wedding...and he is charging $1300...too EXPENSIVE!!! so probably will start sourcing soon!! CAN't WAIT can't WAIT!!!


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hi soupie,

sure, ya i agree with u JLC thread not active one... heheee
there was once i was worried, maybe jlc does not have new customers in SB... : P
who's ur coordinator? when's ur AD?


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Hi Gals,

My wedding is in May 2004 too..hv not do much search for wedding package yet....any recommendation..budget ard $3 to 4K...Has anyone heard abt Camellia Haute..how is their service


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happybride, my AD is on 16 Dec. my coordinator is Lynn.. she's been great so far.... called me to confirm my wedding date.... i had wanted to take out the photography package cos their albums they use like not durable then she ask me to go down to see the photos again.. i think their magazine style ones are pretty nice.. so decided to go ahead with them.. so far she's been patient and nice lor.... heard that anna has left... so urs is the new coordinator or lynn?


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Welcome Carlin!!!
Can't really help you in gowns...but there are some great, wonderful and helpful brides in this thread that can provide you with lots of info!!!! Am not taking a package....so can't really share!!!

Where are you having your wedding dinner?


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Hi Twinkleglint,
Har? Like that left very little time for gown selection meh? If PS in June, then YC got abt 5mths plus to do my WG for me mah, no meh? Advise me, Advise me! kekekeke.....

Ya lor, i haven't choose EG... erm... my WG is bustier type.. also thinking of bustier EG... cos i love those bustier type gowns .... and they really suit me very well... hehe
Wah! u choose the 2 pcs one har? Must be very confident of urself hor... hehe .... Ur bf dun mind ah? haha.. My WG hor thinking of having those sheer transparent low-back type one... my bf already protest liao ... say y i reveal too much? but i dun care ah... i also go ahead... hahaha...
Now dun show, must wait until when then can show, hor?

How abt u? Ur WG wat type one? Think liao? Ur wedding day 5th Dec ah? its 1 day after me leh .. *wink* *wink*

share share ah .....

Hello Grace,
Wah! Digital photos ah? More ex, rite?? Ur WG ready liao? Wat's the design like? (sorry ah, me a bit kpo.. hehe)
Tot of where to take ur PS?


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Hi Orosalind,

Din rec ur PM? maybe can email to me. Thanks. Have juz info my BS my AD. Cos previously given them a tentative date. Better dun be so early. Trying hard to slim dowm. BTW, in one of the thread u mentioned u managed to reduce ur weight so much (~6-8 kgs rite?)WOW!!!
How u manage to do it???

Hi Lynn,

Can relax since BS n PP have settled. now left oni the photographer for AD.

Hi KK,

me oso busty hope mine will be smaller too..hehe.. $150 for ur gown is a good buy. Must info us if there's a sale going next time.



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Hi people,

need some advise. My good friend is having church wedding and chinese recept. when I bao ang pao, do I need to cover the costs for dinner as well as her church recpt? (1st time going for church wedding, so pls pardon my ignorance.)


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Welcome ladies! I'm known as "the guy" here. My wedding date is on the 2nd of April 2003, and wendy_aw is my bride to be.
Good to know that everyone's finding this thread active, 'cause it is!

Anyway, i've got this little favour that i need from the newbies please. Do read:

<font color="ff0000">Newbies, please read.</font>

Ok. Here's what we'll do. For those who don't mind letting everyone know when your AD is, just copy and paste this list into your reply box, and add your details to it. We'd like your photographer/bridal shop etc.,dinner venue,solemnization venue and the area which you currently live in or will live in, IF APPLICABLE. Input whatever you feel is relevant towards helping someone else out. THAT IS WHAT WE'RE HERE FOR!

Do keep the same format please, and make sure to copy and paste the most recent revision. Thanks
. Don't worry about any screwups, i'll fix them as they come. I've saved the original encoding.

We'll just keep this running till everyone's in it. Then anyone who would like a copy, just copy and paste it in MSWord or something. Do let me know if you update something. Here we go. Just copy and paste everything after this<font face="symbol">®</font>

<font color="ff0000">Weddings in 2004</font> <font color="119911">(EFFECTIVE Monday November 17, 2003 – 9:50PM)</font>

<font color="0000ff">JANUARY</font>
3rd – yoyo (Sophia Wedding, Park Royal Plaza, Bishan)
3rd – Bonjon (Thomson Wedding Design, The Chervons, Jurong West)
7th – Cin_p (Universal, Grand Copthorne Waterfront, Sengkang)
7th – ino (Everbliss, Hotel Inter-Continental, West Coast)

<font color="0000ff">FEBRUARY</font>

<font color="0000ff">MARCH</font>

<font color="0000ff">APRIL</font>
2nd – Amos &amp; Wendy (Chijmes Hall, Conrad, Pasir Ris)
24th – Ang Bee Kah (Milan Wedding, Grand Court Vegetarian @ Orchard, Bukit Gombak)

<font color="0000ff">MAY</font>

<font color="0000ff">JUNE</font>
5th – Bread (Silverlining, Wang Jiang Lou, Aljunied)
20th – Fairymoss (Irene’s Creation, Sheraton Towers, Bishan)

<font color="0000ff">JULY</font>

<font color="0000ff">AUGUST</font>

<font color="0000ff">SEPTEMBER</font>
28th – kokopooh (BV, Sheraton Towers)

<font color="0000ff">OCTOBER</font>
2nd – happybride (JLC)
4th – Ivory (Popular Honeymoon, Hyatt, CCK)

<font color="0000ff">NOVEMBER</font>
14th – Taurus (Whitelink, Pan Pacific, Punggol)
26th – RoChEr (Marriot)

<font color="0000ff">DECEMBER</font>
3rd – smallonion (everbliss, Concord Hotel)
5th – Twinkleglint (Whitelink, Pan Pacific, Woodlands)
11th – Michelle Teo (Santiago, M Hotel, Punggol)
12th – Velooi (JB BS, Orient Ocean, Woodlands)
16th – Soupie (JLC, Trader’s Hotel, Bedok/Punggol)
19th – Doremon (Santiago, *no banquet*, Sengkang)
19th – Trisha (Swissotel)


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keanne.. i am so happi for u.. finalli ni tuo li ku hai le!!

Do you know Kathy from Amara? So far I oni tok to her...I will try to bargain hard!!!
So you will be back in Dec ?

dora....lets cross our fingers that we wont be free for so long to drink kopi...

hello carlin..i can't help much too as I hv not done much for my wedding
....got info must share share!!!!


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Hi doremon,

I am looking around for cheap wedding favors. do you have photo of the
1. organza pouches - 100 pcs @0.60cents each
2. scented votive candle - 250 pcs @0.50 cents each???
you meant on top of this price, there is another 50% off? thanks.


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Just like to share that my AD is on 23 Sep 04, same as Gerlynn. My AD will be at Furama and my bridal shop is Flamingo Bridal.

Gerlynn, have you booked your hotel? I have sourced around for many hotels like GCW, Marriot, Regent and they are all booked on our AD. So settled for Furama but worry can't cover cos pple will think that it's an old hotel.
Have you booked your bridal package, your car/chauffer and AD photographer?