(2004) Brides of year 2004


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Hi Peg76,

wow so good still can go holiday. my last holiday was my honeymoon....

he he so next time can meet up and play.

he is v michievous though. so u experiencing any morning sickness still?

where will u be delivering and who is ur gynae?


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Good morning Twinkle,

Yah, your son got to take care of my son liao bec he is one yr older....

Who is taking care of your son when u are working? Or have u been promoted to SAHM?

I have a very smooth pregnancy so far, no morning sickness at all, just nausea if i am hungry during my 1st trimester. I am now in my 22th week.

I will be delivering in KK and my gynea is Dr Yeap Min Li.


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Hi Peg76,

Hmm...ya hor..my son is gor gor. ke ke

Joshua is taken care by my inlaws (early part of the week) and later part of the week by my parents. So we move around with him loh.

we only get to go back to our own hse hopefully sat night. then sun afternoon off we travel again. ha ha sometimes if my hubby work late, like last sat, he work till 330am. we stay overnight at my parents place. so sometimes end up 1mth then go hm..like resort. he he

cannot promote to SAHM yet...everything so expensive..How abt u? who is looking after your son after delivery?

Great! so eat eat all u can, baby will be chubby chubby...i hve the same systom like u..somehow nausea, but once puke a bit, i eat like nobody business.

Oh ok..next time when u come for checkup, maybe can arrange for lunch at kk (my office is v near there). i deliver in mt alvernia, becos my gynae only go to thomson medical or mt alvernia for delivery. his clinic is at thomson plaza.

is a long story how i engage him...he he sort of like fate..


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good morning Twinkle

wow, so mobile. most likely will get a maid to help my MIL look after him but hubby is also asking me to consider going for part time so that I have more time for him during the 1st few yrs. I have not decided on anything yet. Very tempting to be a SAHM but worried cannot cope financially.

I seldom go to that KK unless i need to go for detailed scan etc. KK has a branch in sengkang, more convenient for me to go there and moreover i can see my gynea on Sat. I let you know if i am going for my detailed scan the next round.

wondering what happened to the rest of the Nov brides.


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Halo Hakida,

How are you doing?

Here is my Jayden's recent picture.



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Yeah, my boy big big liao.. but very naughty.

Yes, my son and baobao son both call Jayden. :p

He resembles me alot, that is the comment that everyone has been saying and still saying lor.


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hi ladies,

seems like nearly everyone's a mommy!

DS, can't believe ur boy's tat big liao!?

baobao still looking for pple to do baby montage? saw 2 mothers turned photographer in the motherhood portal of this forum, seems quite good.

yeah, in case u gals r wondering y i went to have a look....may have good news to share....actually it's more or less confirmed jus tat las scan cldn't see anything yet. been keeping quiet bout it cos 1st trimester not over yet so most pple dunno yet.

was planning for bb after exam cos graduating liao then tot jus try...now jus praying everything will be ok.

so happy finally got good news to share wif ILs, they wait till neck long long leh heheh but MIL nice lah, knows i'm waiting till course over...


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Hi Peg,

oh ok..thts great if u can do part time.
are u a teacher ? heard a lot of my teachers frends are opting part time..so can spend more time with their baby.

Mine is not..so err..most likely is either u work or quit...can't really work part time at this current job of mine.

OIC. didn't know kk has a branch in SK.

I hve just engaged mani & pedi Carole's services.
Bought the packages but hven't use them yet..ha ha too busy...till tomorrow then going facial.
don even hve time to cut hair...

Jasmine is fine. seen her a few times...

the rest...no news...


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Hello Yuki,

Yeah lor, u are the only one who replied leh. Yes, my son is 14mth now already! U in TTC thread ah? u also jun04 brides? u planning for a piglet bb ah?


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Hi Twinkle

No, I am not a teacher. I actually in admin but do a lot of events, thus a lot of running abt. Now getting bigger, cannot really run already...hahhah

well, I do "see" April sometimes at the motherhood website. We are in the same thread.


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Oh ok..so good to hear Apr also going to be promoted soon like u...he he

attached is some photos taken during his 1st yr old celebration last weekend at downtown east



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Hi Peggy,

so u due any time now?
so excited to see your new born soon.
time flies v fast.....is now early Jun...

Take care

remember to share your baby photos with me ok


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hi kokopooh,
it has really been a long long time....

how have u been?

me ok lor, since the same, except maybe gained some pounds.... and no, i'm not pregnant... hahaha...


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Hi eternity,

I'm fine, I m a SAHM & now preg with no2... my bb is going to due in dec & my no1 is now 16mths old... really hope to meet up with u guys onedays..



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sorry for the late update.

I have delivered my boi, delvyn on 13 May. Time flies, he is now 3 mths and 2 weeks.

see his pics: