(2003) Brides of year 2003



I posted some pics in novas but I'd take them down after 2 days... abit depressing.



yve(yve)& MT,
I'm a little lost ...Can seem to find the Yahoo pics....Wat...Can i see the pics?

If it is not too convenient pls send me thru my email lei! [email protected]


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Dk... yup me from GM....

are.... went to Mustafa yest... saw the casio calculator... not sure is it the one dat u are looking for........ maybe u wanna go there and have a look


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Hi DK,
My session starts at 12.30. My makeup artist need at least 1 1/2hr. Dont want to rush him so decided to add another hour. Also hope that we can go to two locations, including hotel.


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Not really so fantastic on my WG back. But just accept it lor.


Hahaha.... so co-incident hor. Singapore is too small lah.


Last sat went to Personality to make my hubby shirt. Wow... his business is so good. The customers keep on coming in. My hubby find his workmanship good so decided to let him make 2 more pants. Spent $300 plus there lei.


So qiao...., my hubby also intend to buy me a running shoe. He went to Queenway last week but can't find a nice shoe for me. Last sat at Penisula also can't find a nice shoe, sian.....


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leo, I asked for the running shoes leh.. Cos my cross-trainer does not feel bouncy already. We went to Queensway last Sat, but cannot find any suitable Nike pair with air that is under 100. Nike shoes are very expensive!! So well, will still shop around lor.


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thanx amore! will pop by to check it out. already intended to go tonite to buy some stuff. nowadays a bit panic liao, need to set up the house b4 7th mth cos can't buy anything there. and shops close so early!!! so oni left with mustafa. going to harvey to check out TVs tonite.

leo29... glad you liked his place! his got a bit of attitude lah, but a really nice person to tok to. his biz sure is gd! ;P


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Hi maya,
ai yo. don't stressed ya. it's just days/hours to your wedding. let your fh settle this. u have done enough. must be cheerful okie?

talk to fh abt your frustrations and see what he says. ok? just write all your frustrations down here. u will feel better. it's both your wedding!!!


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hi sweets....

mayb all of them now enjoying marriage bliss liao.... hehe...


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Hi gals,

I am back from KL. I ate so much in Kl that i really feel awful and guilty.

Karen: really the high tea is so bad? was it the quality or the taste? So how, shld we still try the dinner buffet.

Shook: oh, i have since put on weight... the hse is my parents place. will try to post some more pictures...just that it is very time consuming.

Pausini: how's things going with you. eating lots now.

looks like it will just be the 5 of us meeting. Unless Jazz and Vin can join us. So how? we r on the 25th ?


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Hi May:
U are back, got any shoes????
What u have there? so great ???
i lose another kg when i visit my gynae last friday! hee hee.... now only 63.8kg!!!
Dun worry gynae said ok, cos i wasnt light to start with. I can eat but not much so dun bother abt me ok... just choose a place and i will go!!!

Kare: the restaurant that bad!!!! How? do we have a better place to go???? Or let look ard 1st since there are still a few more days before 25th.

Shook: havent go to see ur pix leh...

Jazz, vin also gone where....


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Pausini: i bought three pairs of shoes. Wanted to buy more but no see anything else i like.
bought some dvds too ..hehe...

alot of entertainment so just keep eating the good food..sigh...i think i put on alot...so i am back to dieting...if i can control myself.

u lost another kg...why like that...u must start to eat well..start loading up bird nests already?

i dont really know where we going. It is next friday we r meeting, so lets try to agree on the place. ok?

Shook: ur photos really ah? i want to c.


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Hi all,
Just collected my wedding card yesterday..going to send it out for printing...thinK I will use inserts instead of printing on the card cos it is cheaper

Hmm...my MIL asked my mum how much pin jin to give? My mum said any amount..wat amt is more appropriate ?heheee...really no idea..


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wah u all post so much..
my eyes hay wire liao...

are, i know abt ah huay ah huay.. am working at raffles city..

yve, i choose my pics long time ago..heheh
will be ready in aug, the full album..

are u all starting to print the invites yet?
i haven even write down the list of pple to invite.. panicking..


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hi gals,

i may be able to make it for the gathering as well! hope it's ok if i join in?

anyone has the contact no. of the market place? thinking of trying it out tomorrow leh. if i do go there, will let u know how's the food, ok?


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heh oso32,

that wld be great. I already forgot who is in may bride liao.

I think Maya getting married this weekend leh...

May: wah 3 pairs that is alot. U still have room to put on some weight. Never mind lah.

My appetite on and off kind. Sometime good sometime bad. I also dun know why like that.. Sometime i still feel like vomit.... *siao siao one*

Bird nest havent tried. MIL said dun have to eat so early but my mum cook some tonic for me every week lah so still ok...


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I'm feeling so sour abt the whole dinner thing! I'm sensitive to criticisms and all these is getting on my nerves. THis morning again got so frus with my SIL over seating arrgmt. I talked directly to her bec I didn't want my brother to be put in diffc position. Expcted her to be more understdg and sympathetic given that elders' wishes is something I cannot ignore. Shocked to find out that she is not in the least sympathetic and seems to imply that I'm not being sensitive to her and my brother's needs!!


Hi all

thot i just come into this thread to kay-poh kay-poh, cos i was an Oct bride before! Actually, just last year!

And this is freakish. My wedding was on Oct 4 as well!!!!!


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Welcome back!!
Hmmm... happy shopping n buying in KL huh.
My photos not scanned yet. Hubby v busy working. He works 7 days a week. No time to scan the photos.
May b I go to his office tis weekend to scan. Hopefully his colleagues not there.
Agee wif Pausini, u can afford to put on more wt.

Poor poor Pausini. Now dat u dun wanna loose wt. U loose wt. No worry as long as your gyne said ok
Hello knock knock, I din post my photos leh.
Other May brides Jan, SLK, Peabrain, Cat, Meekoo, Sue, Beanie seem to b missing liao. May b they dun come in2 tis website after marriage.


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Hi itch

my wedding's also on oct 4 but its this year.
any advise on last minute things to attend to?
I have only 10 weeks left !!!

AH !!!!!!!!!!

Hey rhs: i'm sure you'll look great for your photoshoot with chris ling! Dun worry k?


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basically your sil is like that cos it's not her wedding. explain to your fh and ask him to settle with your sil. no need to talk to her n make yourself so frus, ok?

will pray for you. don't agonize too much abt this cos the wedding's only hours away now. we are still here (i will be here).


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thanx sweetie...

pai sey grace..
juz like the flowers so much want to recommend, but so ex. had a hard time choosing juz 2.

gracie... sorrie, i dun intend to broadcast my pics, oni showing my frens here. my bridal is e.bridal at IMM (formerly tokyo then easac). u can visit them if you are interested.


Hi Serene,

It is the same shop at Chinatown that sells those guo da li stuff. They have very nice bedside lamps.. got those one pair of swans... and also got the grandfather-grandmother pair.. very cute!


hey 1027

when you do the countdown in weeks, it actually sounds much shorter than I thought it was! *heart palpitating*


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Interested in their Sofa but haven't contfirm becos I find it quite ex-$1500 for the 3 seater wood sofa and somemore the workmanship is not so good-undestood becos their furniture is from Thailand. Now we are considering whether to buy this set or another set from Cellini(Cheaper).


No attitude lei, a nice guy. Maybe becos i told him someone recommend him to me.


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matka!!!! now that you mention it I have a sudden panic attack!! Haven't done anything other than preparing for PS

Gals, if any of you are interested in yoga, I just received an e-mail from Yogaspirit. You can e-mail [email protected] or see http://www.yogaspirit.com.sg for address/contact number

[Begin quote]
Namaste everyone,

Good news for all....

We will be opening up a new class on Thursday at 7.45pm – 9pm.
This new class will start this coming Thursday, 17 July.

It’s a General Yoga class
Catered for students interested in Hatha Yoga (gentle). A suitable class for intermediate and advance students, as well as beginners. Regular practise of Yoga energises the body and mind and helps to rejuvenate your tired muscles and combat stress by deeply relaxing the mind. This General Yoga class will help you to enhance and strengthen your fundamentals in Yoga and the focus is on helping every student to achieve their fullest potential in their yoga practice and journey. This class is open to all who has or has not done Yoga before and for all fitness level.

The class will be taught by a very experienced teacher – Karen Leo.
She has over 5 years of a Yoga practitioner and a trained classical ballet dancer of 6 years, Karen went on to take up a Teacher certification course from the renowned Vivekananda School of Yoga, India in 2001. Karen has also studied under the feet of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois-Founder of Ashtanga Yoga, Anjani Shah- Anjani was trained as a private student under the founder Iyengar Yoga, B.K.S Iyengar for over 8 years, Matthew Sweeney and Louisa Sear. Besides Yoga, Karen practices Pilates regularly and teaches basic Pilates as well.

So come and try out her class!!
We’re hoping to add in more classes in Hatha Yoga, so please be patient....good teachers are hard to come by.

Other class changes:
Thursday Ashtanga MYSORE class will be changed to Ashtanga LED – 7.15-8.45pm with immediate effect.
So all who have just completed your ABC, come join the LED class!

There will still be MYSORE class on Sunday, at 9.30 – 11.30am.....so for serious Ashtanga yogis, come for this!

We have completed 2 Ashtanga Beginners Courses (ABC) and the July course is currently running. Registration for August & September is now open, so please email me if you are interested, or forward this email to all your friends, colleagues, etc. Class size will be slightly bigger so you can come with all your friends and have great fun!

ABC in August (Session E)
Date: 2nd August, 2003 (Sat)
Time: Sat at 1.30-3pm, Mon at 7.15-8.45pm
Frequency: twice a week (6 lessons over 3 weeks)
Cost: $150

ABC in September (Session F)
Date: 6 Sept, 2003 (Sat)
Time: Sat at 1.30-3pm, Mon at 7.15-8.45pm
Frequency: twice a week (6 lessons over 3 weeks)
Cost: $150

You will need to pre-register for the course. Please note that once you sign up for a course, you will be in that group for the entire 3 weeks. No group or time change will be entertained.This is to facilitate easier teaching and also, for you to get to know your fellow yoga mates. You are strongly encouraged to attend ALL 6 sessions. No refunds will be given should you not be able to make it for all classes.

We will be teaching on Moon Days (ie: days that the studio is closed).

See you all soon at YOGASPIRIT!!

Love & hope,

** we are updating our website, so please email me all enquiries. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.**
[End quote]


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Leo, yeah agree that their furniture can kill. I also like the sofa, but too ex liao. Rather go somewhere else to look for it.


Hi rhs

mi just went for PS last week. agree with 1027, you'll look great for your PS with Chris Ling. just tell him the setting you prefer and he will bring you to places he is familiar with. No. of locations really depends..

Can you tell me the shop at Chinatown that sells those guo da li stuff? thanks


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hi everyone

finally our weddings r over. my wedding went very well too.

now learning to adjust to married life and going to in laws house for dinner..

happy adjusting all and do keep this thread alife okiee. now we tok abt marriage life oready.


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hey nicky,

its always nice to hear "happy" weddings ....

You living with husband w/o inlaws ? so how often do u have to go back to in laws for dinner...I've a fren who allocates 3 days of a week to each set of parents leaving 1 day for themselves....so siong...


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Welcome back! Wow.. now after wedding, can afford to put some weight ah. And like the other girls say, you can afford to put on. Not like me. Haaa.. so when are you leaving for NY again? How long?

Okay, back to topic. 25th is great. I'm still on. Can still try the dinner buffet. But the high tea was awful. The quality wasn't there and the food wasn't too great. Not recommended for sure. But the scenery was great. Can look at Fullerton and bring back memories of my wedding. Sigh, sigh.

I forgot the number already. Maybe can call 100 for it.


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A...sorry, wat number did I request fm u?

So who's on on 25th Jul? So far May, Kare, Pausini, Shook, oso32 rite? Who else wanna join? Looking forward to more names


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Hey HF! You're back
Thank's for the assurance. I'm so looking forward to it ...

Pardon my ignorance, but what's guo da li? Is it the one where you exchange gifts like foods, fruits, shoes, etc?


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Pausini: 3 pairs ok lah..i cld have bought more but no see anything nice. it is nice to be pamper by yr own mother now that you are expecting. good, drink more tonic to nourish yrself.

so who will be looking after yr bb? yr mom or MIL?

Shook: tot that your photos were ready...ok...will wait patiently then. You will need time to scan the photos.

Oso: the tel number is 6431 6156. Specifically ask for the Plaza Market Cafe promotion. Actually Prego is also offering 1 for 1 dinner promo but it is not applicable for friday and Saturday.

Kare: My dates are not firm. I am leaving in the first weekend of Aug and i will be NY for abt a week. I hope to catch a broadway musical this time. Not really looking forward to the trip because of the long flying time. More than 20 hours...gosh.

I am going to call to make reservations at 6.15 pm for 6 pax on 25th July.

Oso, when can you confirm that you can join us? Shook, can you check if Jazz can make it?


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yeah, once you can actually count the number of weeks (esp with your fingers!) you really start to panic!!

Was telling my colleague that i was having butterflies in my stomach for no apparent reason when i reaslied i only had 10 weeks left !!

Hi HF, haven't seen you around this thread for a long time! How was your photoshoot? Where did Chris bring you to for your outdoor? He is very fast in taking the indoor shots hor?
You should have collected your sample prints already right - you like it?


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hi kk,

til now i still dunno where is the shop in chinatown that u mentioned. can give me the address or location of it? nid to buy the guo da li stuff this mth.

also , can i chk with u gals : can i use normal bedside lamp & on it the nite b4 wedding instead of those traditional marriage lamps?


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hi sweets and nicky....
yeah... its kind of a transition for me too... nowadays i go back my mum's for dinner on weekdays cos i stay v near my mum.... then usu will devote either sun or sat to my inlaws' place for lunch or dinner.

now got to adjust to cleaning up ur own place, washing ur own laundry, ironing etc. kind of different for me cos my mum is a full-time housewife and so she takes care of everything in the house for us...

sweets.... dats v siong for ur fren leh...


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Envy u got the chance to travel so much. Then again travelling 4 such a long hr alone is no joke. So u celebrating our National day in NY?

I got reply fm Vin n Jazz. Vin joining us. Jazz has tuition on Fri. She will join us after her tuition (ard 9pm) if we r still hanging ard.


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Gals, Plaza Market Cafe is fully booked for the month of July. The only available dates they have in Aug is 22 August.

We either go somewhere on the 25 July or meet on the 22 August.

What is the preference?


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Sounds like a huge crowd. Wow.. yippee!!

I agree with Shook. So envious that you're travelling. And still have time to catch a musical.

I don't know if hanging onto 22nd August is good since we've waited a long time :p But I did warn heh that Market Cafe is in huge demand. But still, I didn't expect the whole month of July to be booked! I thought the promotion will end by then? Prego is good. Too bad they don't hav