(2003) Brides of year 2003


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1027, u have 85 tables??!! goodness! that's a lot! we plan to invite only ard 120 ppl but until now we already have more than that in the list *headache* I can't imagine having to handle 800 ppl
For eyebag maybe u can try teabag or cucumber? Never try myself though.

Nah, I don't want to straight away producing baby ... maybe wait ard 2 years. Hopefully at that time we have enough money. And I still can't see myself as a mother! Feel that I'm still childish and irresponsible. Scared that I can't take care or educate them properly. Morale responsibility very high *sigh* Unless ... like 1027 said ... honemoon baby, kekekeke. That's why I plan to go to gynae and get pills before going honeymoon. Plus bring extra protection


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Hihi Kare
Ya rite my hubby dotes on me v much. Dat's y I chose him mah
But my hubby is blocked-headed n unromantic. Sometimes he offended me w/o knowing. One thing which I dun like abt my hubby is he is a little mcp

Hihi Pausini
U sent an email to my hotmail a/c Subject is Window.Parent.go next(). The whole message came out in garbagge form. Wat is it har?


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ive drop you a mail regarding the meeting next saturday for corsage making.

i hope everyone enjoy the outing last night.
Very sorry about the price hor.


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amerline, nothing to be impressed about. I really prefer a small and cozy wedding, really!

you're right .... soon the topics will advance from pre to post wedding to family planning. Stressed may just be the first mother in our thread! hor stressed?

hahaha, rhs and i are on the same boat. i'm also going to put myself on the pill even before the honeymoon. i'll prob start eating it in advance of the wedding to prevent it from coming on the actual day. knowing my biological clock ah, the nearer the wedding the higher the stress = menses!! wah liew, cannot imagine going to loo to change pads in bridal gown!
just kill me .....


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i was advised by my banquet manager to use original as we will not know wat could go wrong with the burnt disc .. was francitically looking for the CD ... luckily found it @ the Borders ..

went to my rest. to test on the sound system yest... not bad .. tried the march in too .. was told tt we were walking too fast .. must realli walk SLOWLY ... btw my function rm is ready for my wedding when we were there yest.. must rem to bring my camera on tues to take the rm b4 any guests arrive, for memories ..

i still hv not packed anything yet .. :p
1 1/2 days to go ... trying to keep calm too ..


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We just joking on the price lah! Don feel bad abt it.


Very happy to meet up you'll last friday and really enjoy chating with you'll.

I will post the photos later. Still trying to recall who is the last one to join us. Is that you, wink? I wan to write our name on the photo so the rest who never attend know who we are.


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Hi Shook:
No leh i never send u any email.. Be careful i dun know is that a virus...

Next time got such mail dun open hor!!! no lah i didnt send, if i send u something i will post it here mah!!!


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Hihi Pausini
Scaring..... the sender's name is gongsh_99.
In fact, I received quite a no. of mails in garbagge form (not fm u). The mail is fairly big.


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hi gals... i had a gd time @ the gathering too. think the price was quite worth it, cos the food was v fresh, plus the cost to cover the lid tat amore & i spoilt! ;P

amore... i tell u, i muz really apologise to u man. we were introduced to each other's real name & i juz sort of forgotten all abt wat we tok here b4. when i went hm, i was laughing @ myself for asking wat u did when we toked abt it so much here, & oso your KL posting!!! ;P hehehe... sorrie lah, too much reno probs on my mind...

oh ya, an advise for those who are renovating, i think u better skip china homogenous tiles. we were unaware of all the probs tat came with the cheap price & had such a tough time removing some 'markings' on the tiles. tats why i couldn't log in yestr, hand can't even lift up!!!

grace & amore... i wanted to ask u 2 but forgot when the food came... ;P did u tell the make-up artist wat hairstyle to do for you for your PS, or juz let her zi you fa hui? i was told no need to tell her, unless not happy then ask her to change.


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yippeee... may be going for my tour now. chan brother just called. confirmed. now is awaiting confirmation of hotel. this is the second one that was offered.

departing 3 aug from london. but we may leave sin by jul 31 morning for london. want to join us?


hi cherubies,

congrats, so happy for you that finally your tour is more or less confirmed liao.

as for me, as my hubby is a civil servant, i think itz quite difficult for him to travel overseas now since he cancelled his earlier leave application liao. but i will check with him again coz i'm still waiting for my honeymoon mah! hehehehe

thanks for offering, so sweet of you!


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Hi Shook, Pausini: it is getting so quiet now that our weddding is over... Karen already on honeymoon and Shook you will be starting yours soon with Jazz...

Then only left me and Pausini to yak in the May forum...

Shook: i have only seen my IL once after the wedding...need to drop by soon to pass them the
present. My hubby not very close to his parents.

My washing machine is Ariston brand and it is a front loading machine. Actually, i also dunno why i got so many clothes to wash...that i do it twice a day on weekday...maybe coz i hardly do washing on weekends? weekends i either wash towels or bedsheets.

Pausini: sometimes i also prefer to wash up after cooking coz i feel tat i am more efficient. But i keep telling myself not to coz it will then become an habit. what i do is clean after him loh...

I think the men nowadays are more willing to help out...dont expect us women to handle all the housework.

Shook: my hubby is very stubborn and unromantic too. He is not one of those men that will tell me he loves me everyday ... or sms me sweet stuff...

Marriage is alot of compromise ... giving and taking ... sometimes i think how to keep the flame burning for 30 years...must take alot of patience and understanding hor?


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Hi Yi,
yup... *cross fingers*... hopefully we can depart early then can go walk walk in london.

don't worry. let me know if you can. then i provide the full details for you. *humming happy tune*


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no wine for me. since i'm not having dinner.. hee hee.. so *escape*. won't be serving alcholic drinks during the buffet too.

not sure abt vouchers. may want to check out those bakeries websites.

i managed to get my mom to help with my ring pillow over the weekend. completed... phew... now is flower gal basket. wonder what i should use to make the basket... *put on thinking cap*

we are trying now to see what we left out. sleepy, are you having any singing for your wedding? trying to come out with songs and pianist. last min decision after our meeting with our pastor.


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dear all!!

I am back!!!
My wedding was a success!!!
Minus the morning hiccup everything was wonderful!!!

My emcee Daniel was just GREAT!!Without him my dinner won't be able to start on time...and all my ah yees were wonderful too!!!

Just can't imagine all the one year plus planning of my wedding is over....

will be going to New Zealand for honeymoon tomorrow!!

To the rest of the June brides!!Enjoy every moment of your wedding!!All the best!!!


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Hi cherubies

Wow...so good...no headache....I think I will not have wine...aiyo..after that day, ppl will forget rite?

My mom also did my ring pillow MONTHS ago. In fact, that is the first thing I settle...hee...now it's sitting inside a Ziploc bag...

Why basket must make one meh? I bought 2 baskets at $7 each. It's made of metal with colourful thread lining around...Already very nice so I dun need to decorate further. Just tie two ribbons at the handle will do.

Yup, having 3 songs before solemnization. I love to be in your presence, One day, Just let me say.
I only got 3 musicians...


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Hi Leo29,
Thanks for posting the photo.

Hi Gals
The gathering was fun!!!
Hope the rest will enjoy your corsage making session!!!


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hi gals,

glad i managed to make it to the gathering, was fun meeting up with everyone there...now can put faces to the names here....heeheee

leo, i was the last one to turn up

btw...i heard there is a shop(Level 2) at hitachi tower (raffles place) that does custom-made shoes...the shop is opposite the VCD store, selling alot of bags and some accessories...will check out the next time i go there again! Wen & DK, will keep u posted on it.

Yve and Pris, congrats to both of you!!!


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hi are...

as for the hairstyle.. she just do lah..
but for the one with kua, i told her no pleats..
otherwise look like school girl..hahahah
think there are 2 more drama ones which is the one with flowers on my hair and the blown up hair look...hahahha

i hope that when i look back in time.. i wouldnt laugh at such a hairstyle..hahah
this is becos i saw my fren's wedding photos taken 2-3 yrs ago... and its so obiang liao.. u know the kind where u post. he sit down u stand behind him... =p

gals.. really had a good time..
meow.. as for the corsage making.. i will let u know shortly.. and i got the ribbons liao for the chair. now i kinda regret the roses i got for the corsages..seems abit tooo BIG..oh no...

yve, although u missed this gathering..there is many more to come.. hehehe..
i envy the view from the room.. with jacuzzi n all...


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HI Bei Bei,

Congrats! Hope you have a blissful and happy marriage ahead...

Btw, what song did you use for your walk-ins and first dish?

Enjoy your honeymoon!


Hi ladies! & Novgroom(if U're still around),
Maybe to kidnapped my boss PC back to my apartment..Heee!
It's so hot in Thailand & i rather be in the apartment & on-line with wonderful air-condition. Who can deny it's a great invention when the cruel heat is killing us.

Yve & Pris,
Congrats! Hope i'm not too late for this.

Can see the photos anot? Maybe must ask the others for permission too. Can See?

Thanks for the info. Dunno whether is the same shop my Sis-in-law was saying? She was telling me about this shop near her workplace but when she went there the shop was not there anymore maybe shifted or closed down....???
Anyone know about how long to custom-made the shoes?


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Hi Wink,
Thanks for the info! I have finally bought a pair of silver shoes. Dont have to go around hunting anymore. *Phew*


hi. i'm new here..... my wedding is in aug too.... on the 29th. there's no one in the aug thread... sigh...


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Hihi May

Dun worry. The other girls r still ard..Vin, Sue, Meekoo,...wonder wat happen to Jan, SLK. Maya shld b busy wif her wedding preparation now.

I have a headache on the present part. Dunno wat to buy for my IL side. My hubby has a big family, plus nieces n nephew, sigh..... My side shld b ok, small family. Anyway, my parents told me not to buy anything coz they understand things r x in Europe.

My washing machine is top load. Wat, u wash laundry twice a day? Do u separate the white n color clothing?

My hubby oso stubborn n unromatic, oso a bit MCP. Dat's engineer I think. He used to say he loves me whenever he wanna kiss me (I make him did dat on the 1st kiss n he carries on). Now he din even kiss me. He sms me sweet stuff, but not as frequent as b4. Guess men take it for granted after marriage since they already got their wife, dun feel insecure anymore.


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Hi Leo, thanks for photo.. hee hee v efficient.

Wink, do you remamber the name of the shoe shop? maybe I can check it out for the girls since I'm working around this area.

wen, good for you. so where did you finally get your silver shoe from?

grace, when you went for your PS did the photographer tell you wat to do? ie pose etc. or he basically left it to yourselves?


hi ladies,

I went to select my photos last night. it was soooooooooo pretty, i took abt 200 shots and selected abt 50 - 60%. but when they told me the price i need to top up, i nearly flipped.

It was way out of my budget.
each pic is $85 for 15R digital. if i take 100 it will be $8500!! even if i take half of it, it will still cost a bomb!

what should i do?? its so painful to take only 25 pics according to my package. although my bridal shop do not have nice gowns or service, but i must say that their photos are great. no wonder so many pple still going despite the ()**(^*%^ service they provide.

advice anyone?????



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Shook: sorry typo mistake i meant i was clothes every alternate days on weekend. yes, i separate light clothings and dark clothings. Not all white clothings...example, i will wash light beige clothes with white clothings...u wash all pure white in one go?? u put bleach?

mine hubby also engineer...haha... i also kinda agrees that men takes us for granted after marriage...i sometimes got to tell him off that i not maid. our friends have told him that he is very lucky to have a wife that cooks..but hubby feels that it is not very impt to him that i can cook... he ok eating out coz he has been doing tat since young...i cant tahan eating out everyday...so i always tell him that i will cook as long as i can...

i always complain to him that he is not loving...hubby excuse everyday tell u love u then got no meaning...sigh...

but this year on the aniversary of our ROM date...which is 3 days after our wedding...he did take the trouble to buy me flowers and a card... i was horrid...i forget to buy him anything...so to cover up i went to ta bao dinner...haha...

he complained but then i say i got buy back dinner for u what....

This is the 2nd time that such a thing has happened... the last time was xmas. I was so busy buying xmas presents for friends that i forgot his...and he gave me one...so paiseh...

luckily for men...they forget easily abt such stuff not like women...


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Hi Girls,

How are u?? Yah dun know where the rest have gone. Jan going for honeymoon too?? Guess Kare shld have reached!!

My washing machine also top load, samsung brand. used to wash clothes everyday but later realise is a waste of water for small amt of clothes. so now will only wash alternate days. Hubby likes all the clothes have the smell of sun. Now really possible on weekdays so normally we will tried to stay at home just for the sun... *sigh*

My hubby very close to his family so i get to see them twice or more times a week. I make an attempt to go back to my mum place at least once a week.

May: He normally lazy to wash up, actually he have already done alot for me especially during weekend. Like wash clothes, mop the floor etc cos i cant do very heavy things now. So all he "pow" lor... so easy stuffs like that have to help up lor... Oh sometime he also do ironing.. hee hee hee...

I think mine worse still, i have t made him to kiss me.. hahaha... same same.. now not like last time didnt really sms sweet things liao.
*sigh* MEN!!!


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dun fret amerline !!!
we all go thru this problem ... never seen ourselves so nicely in pictures before, so all tend to select alot of photos.

Tell you what ... just buy another 10 or so photos from your studio and put into your album.

Negotiate to get your cd-rom of all the raw pictures back, even if its means paying some money for it.

If you want to develop more photos, bring the cd-rom to a professional lab and ask them to do touch-ups and develop the photo for you. It's much cheaper this way!

dun fret ok?
by the way, which bridal shop are u with?


hi Amerline,
u muz be a very pretty bride to want to choose so many! Maybe u can try negotiating the px per pic. As a guide for u, my bridal charges $65/pc, $55/pc for 20 pcs & above. If you pay for 30 pcs, u can hv d whole lot + negatives.


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Hi Sweetbuns,

Congrats to you!

Dun worry, you can join this thread instead...here, everyone's wedding date is different, only all in 2003.


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I post it in yahoo-Novas2003. You can go there and have a look.


Not efficient lah but me just too free,


Glad to hear that you settled your shoe liao. Is that similar to the design you original want?


How is your wedding? Everything goes smoothly? So envy you, now you can relax liao.


Thanks elaine.

ya.... i think i realised why there are less ppl in aug (cos it is chinese 7th month.... by my wedding is after the 7th month). only found out after choosing the date.... forgot all abt 7th month.

it's fun being a BTB.... i'm actually very excited.


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Just received call from my designer asking me to go for my 1st fitting tomorrow,
, finally.... Very kan chiong lei but worry oso, afraid the gown may not turn out nice.


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Hi Amerline,

Glad your photos turn out well

Maybe you can negotiate for better price since you are taking more photos?
e.g., lower per photo price
you can also opt for a second smaller album to accommodate those ‘2nd choice’ photos – smaller size photos would cost less (my cousin use this method)

Alternatively, like what 1027 says, you can get the photos into a CD-ROM and print them out from one of those photo shops at Peninsula Plaza
But, do bear in mind that the result may differ, e.g., brighter/ darker/ more yellow etc
And you would have to do the lamination yourself

Hope this helps!


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are... b4 the ps.. she did mentioned to me wat kinda hairstyle she'll do for me for my ps for the diff outfit.. anyway i just let her "zhi you fa hui"... the oni think i told her was... use neutral colour eye shadow pls!...

Pris!!.. how's ur wedding?!... must tell us leh!!!

akira... the photographer will tell u how to pose one.. so dun worry... just act nature can already...


hi ladies,

I am with Everbliss, they say no way they give me back my rejected pics

They charge $65 for normal 15R, $85 for digital 15R. They will never go down their prices, maybe give some freebies only. They know that they have advantage mah coz their shots are good.


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wah, even famous photographers from compass return the raw pictures to couples!
who is the photographer at everbliss who is so sought after?

maybe you can use this point to negotiate with them?

if they really really refuse, then got to discipline yourself to choose only your top favourite photos lor. $8500 is better spent on a honeymoon or a diamond ring, or to defray wedding expenses!

dun be upset amerline, some bridal shops purposely bully their couples like that. My sis also ended up buying almost $2k worth of photos fr her bridal shop (graceful image) coz they pressured her.

think on the bright side ok?


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Hi gals

Glad to know that you all enjoy the gathering..Must be fun rite

Hi Leo

Ya..Can understand how you feel rite now cos I have been through it already..Hee Hee..Lucky all turns out well for me..Believe it will be the same for you, dun worry lah..
. I am now feeling all excited for the PS next Friday..



hi 1027

ya loh, all out to bully us. but letting go of the pics is so depressing leh, so much effort placed inside taking the shots and I cannot keep them.

think i will go into pre-marital depression soon.....