(2003) Brides of year 2003


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Maya: the additional time you now have can use it to settle all outstanding stuff for your wedding. nearer to the wedding, i got so many outstanding stuff esp the presentation that i wish i had another week. but now that things r over...i am super glad and relief...can understand what pausini means...

FYI, my attendance rate for the dinner was quite alright. I had to use one reserved tables...some of my relatives turn up...friends wise, i only got a couple that didnt turn up and hubby side abt 8 only. So it wasnt as bad as what we initially feared coz of SARS. But then again, we did call all our friends to make sure that they come.

Shook: yes, the french r stuck up. We didnt really ask for help just walk and get lost loh... but the subway in france, we really pay for only 1 ticket...i just walk behind hubby hug him and go thru the barrier. The locals are even more daring, they just jump over the barrier. No inspector ...it is like our MRT. And u dont need the ticket to exit...just for entry...so if some station, the entry barrier got no staff, you just squeeze thru ok....observe what the locals do and then follow...hey, it saves $$ ok.
And drink the french coffee...very good...
dont order mineral water in restaurant ok! order the cheapest red wine...they r much cheaper than evian water.
i paid $10 for a bottle of evian water coz i forget...still heartache man...the wine wld have cost me $12...


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Hi Priviledged, have not done much for church yet...only finished the mass booklet.
I'm in the process of sending out the cards only. Will be visiting relatives of Both sides to give out cards & cakes...this weekend. So looks like church stuff will be after next week lah..
Food tasting is also next week.... sigh...... a lot of things not done yet ah.... STRESS

Songs for march in is FH's job..... I'm lousy with music & according to him, he has made his choice.... so i'll hear it in a couple of days time....

I'm excited & stress at the same time... so much things not done...... arhhhhhhhh


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hi sweetie.. think we discussed abt marriage prep here before rite? me & hubby went to attend 1 b4 we ROM. we both find it very enriching, esp the personality traits. we found tat we r actually v compatible in terms of character, but handle prob the same wrong way. so sometimes when we hv conflicts, tend to think of wat was said in the course. it was also quite fun as there were other couples.

if u want, send me an email & i can forward you the course i attended. but like the course counsellers said, both parties muz be willing lor, else wun benefit if u r skeptical.


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Hi Shook, so sorry to hear of all the mishaps. Well, I guess we just can't control certain things. I woke up @ 6am, did my makeup @ 6.30am. FH reached my place @ 7.30am & after all the bargaining, praying, photo taking with my family, we left abt 8.30am. I reached Segamat around 12.30pm. Still got time to stop @ Yong Peng for coffee break. Of course, i din get down the car becos it was so hot outside. I only went down after the gang has finished their coffee break to take photos. Attracted some attention here as well. I dun hv a wedding dinner so at night is free & easy. We had a buffet lunch at home. At night, went pasar malam. All of us were so tired that we went to bed by midnight. The only thing I wish I cld re-do was to say bye bye to my parents. I was being rushed to leave the hse as we were getting late so I left without giving my parents a hug. So, I called them in the bridal car to say bye bye. So sad

hi Jazz/May, sure attracted lots of attention. even when we stopped in Yong Peng, pple just peeped into the car to look at me & smile. While we stopped for toilet break at one toll checkpoint, one Malay lady told her friend that my gown very nice. I din get down the car, just sat inside to wait for the rest.

Hi May, how's yr wedding? sorry if u've already posted. just quickly browsed thru the past postings.


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I've not thought of having a session to purchase the items but a session to make them together? Can?... I know spotlight is having a 20% sale now till end of this month. It a closing down sale at Orchard point. Maybe you can get all your stuffs there?

Enjoy your PS tomorrow with Melvin. Best if can bring Miffy around. It'll be cute


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serene... ya i posted the STUDIO sales online here...the sales over liao....

haha Grace is oso photoshoot tmrw leh!!!... beary excited oso!!! ... where u going tmrw?... me going changi an sentosa leh!!!.. went to indulge to do my mani and pedi today... did u go??


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Hi Priviledged,
With regards to the wedding ceremony, currently still working on it simultaneously with the collating of the program booklet.

Whitey, I am making my own ang pow boxes....Some popular book shopshops have nice wrappers.

Hi all, things are getting nuts and the strain of planning a wedding all alone is getting to me..esp at this time of the nite/morning...sigh

Hang in there everyone!


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Hihi May
I appreciate the smell of coffee but not the taste. My hubby loves coffee. Shall ask him to try. Oh boy, I dun drink wine 2. I plan to bring 2 empty platic bottles. Get water fm b&b everyday b4 we set off.
Haha I will try the subway trick u mentioned. Sounds v adventurous. Jazz wanna drive. Many ppl discourage us to do dat leh.
Saw yesterday's Straits Times, prices of package tour is v low now. My hubby said wow shld have taken the package tour. I asked him go f&e plus package tour can? He said he tally the toto he bought 1st b4 he ans my question.

Enjoy your honeymoon

Hihi Sue
Your make-up artist v fast. My make-up artist came @ 7am finish slightly after 8:30am. My hubby waited dwnstairs till my make-up done then the little boy went dwn to open door 4 him. Evening my make-up artist came @ 6pm, finished @ 8:10pm. Dat is where we failed. Bcoz of me, the whole dinner wz delayed.

U deserved the attention. Afterall, it is once in your life time. I enjoy dat kinda attention.
On my wedding day b4 I left home, I kow tow to my parents then hugged them & cried


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Hi Cin,

great! no problem at all..

the rest,
i went to buy the tea set and stuff yeaterday, found one set $15 quite ok..at beauty world.
cards still sending....

things not done , will be ang bao box, guest book, program, food tasting, tea dress, songs.

thats abt it.

how abt it?

28 more days....


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Sue: my wedding alright in the day...but at night i didnt enjoy the dinner coz of my dad and his side of relatives. We had additional 8 guests that we didnt expect turn up unexpectedly. My hubby had a hard time trying to max the table space so that we didnt have to use the reserved table. But in the end, still got to open one.

Actually, i cldnt remember much of the wedding coz i was so pissed with my dad. My gal friends were all telling me to tahan almost over. When it was finally over, me and hubby r just so relieve.

I personally feel that the dinner was really a show, oh i enjoyed being dolled up and look pretty but if i cant do it again, i wldnt want the dinner...

Anyway, you have fun at yours ...

Shook: leaving for honeymoon tonite. Yah, prices are very low...but the one i signed up still stays the same. So i quite glad. F&E is good, u move at your own pace... just enjoy each other. i worried i cant get up every am to go on the road for my package tour.

Will be back in June to share w you all my honeymoon and hopefully when can meet up at the end of June to chat up.

Take care and Karen - all the best to your upcoming weddingf! Be cool ok.


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Hi Ladies, don't panic. Things will work out, I'm sure.

Beibei, the oral strip thermometers are 45cents each. Our hotel says they'll provide a big bowl at the reception table for guests to help themselves. Their service staff will clear up the litter. We haven't worked out all the details about the taking of temperatures yet. we don't want to spoil our guests enjoyment by making things so regimented like queueing etc.

serene sng

HI everyone..

I was looking the forum and saw your posting in the Corset section..
Did you manage to buy the corset & how much you spend?? Can you help me in this??



Is tea dress must be kua3? I am thinking of wearing gown only (not wedding gown). When is the appropriate time for changing tea dress?

Thanks for advice.


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Originally I was thinking of attending this course also but too busy until i forgot. Now you remind me but... i don't think my hubby wan to attend.

So far what I know is that those course was quite good. Can spend lah, this money. It wun be easy for us to stay together. Unless you simply Bo Chap. Bad habit, husband don't want to help up in house work ..... are some of the conflicts that arise very often. So avoid conflicts is one of the most important issue a couple need to do.


Me too was thinking of bringing my dog for the PS. But have to standby my sister to look after it. If it spoilt my photograher mood, all photos come out sure very jia lat.

Grace and Amore,

Enjoy your PS! But very hot lei!


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Hihi May
We same same. Had a smooth am wedding but an upset pm wedding. I like my wedding banquet tho. So many pairs of eyes on me n hubby n round of applause whenever we marched in. I vain hor. I oso enjoyed being dolled up. Din have enuff of it. I oso enjoyed the 2 days stay in Carlton. The most relax time after the hectic n pressurised preparation. Bsides, we got to stay in the presidential suite on the 2nd day.... wonderful!!
Bring alarm clock or ask hotel to give u morning call in the morning. Have a sweet honeymoon

We can always meet when we r back fm honeymoon, especially Jazz, u n I. We stay in Sengkang.


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Yeah lor, these few days are so hot. Was thinking if we should bring a mini battery operated fan for the photoshoot. Should come in handy lor.


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Are got something to say here. So i helped her: Ikea is having their 25th anniversary sale and will ends on 25th May that's this sunday. As publish on Straits Times this morning, the tea lights(candles) are selling at a packet of $3.90 instead of $4.90 for 100 pcs and burn for about 3hrs. I know my sis has plenty left over. Was thinking where she placed it. Else i'll be getting one pack too for myself. Anyone interested wanna split?

Today very quiet huh? Why huh? Ava where you? Busy?


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hello hello !!

Its FRIDAY !!! Yay !!!

Just to let you know that Her World Brides latest issue is out today.

So sleepy now .... sigh, still got 2 hours more to go!

Going to isetan private sale tonight, anyone else?


hi ladies,

anyone got actual day photographer to recommend? I met up with a photographer yesterday, but wants some feedback from others.

Package : S$1,250
Includes : Unlimited Digital Shots, 12 hr services, 4R prints or 15 pg collage.

wat do u think?


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Hi Whitely,

Think only cantonese have to wear kua? the rest of us can wear tea dress. Like what totoro saidm you wear your wedding gown to hubby's place for tea ceremony. After that, before come back to your house, change into tea dress...


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Sue, wow, even with attraction at Yong Peng! So you travelled all the way up to KL? Were you tired then? Did you take some pictures at the causeway and Yong Peng?

May, enjoy your honeymoon, and looking forward to hear from you when you're back!

Shook, I dunno French, but no worries, shouldn't have problems. The most just picked up some crash course of simple French. Had the same problem when I was in Korea, it was practically a chicken and duck communication, not to mention I simply dunno Korean characters (all characters looked alike). But in the end, managed to survive. ;p See ya tomorrow!

Kare, hope you're feeling better. Remember for flu, it's lots of rest and lots of water.


Hi Ally,

u guessed rite. I'm a teacher.

been up since 6am to come early to do compo marking. Just knocked off. Shall stay till 9pm today to do other marking. Now taking a break. reali shag.



Thanks for your reminder! I totally forgotten her world brides next issue is jun.. kekee... i will still grab one, for the nice gown pictures


Are u only looking for digital? My friend has a good one to recommend. $500 for 8 rolls of film. The photographer is well-liked by the elders and he knows the customs very well too and he "sweet talk" very well.. kekeke.... Final product: 4R prints with reference numbers for easy re-developing


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Hi gals,
Anyone wanted to buy the ang bao box? I saw a red colour heart shape box at Gift Land Jurong Point selling at $9.90 but have less 50% lor. So will cost about $5. But will need to cut the slit lah. Very big lor.


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Congrats everyone in this thread!!! ur weddings are either freshly over or coming real soon...

i'm not may brides but i just happen to come across ur thread while trying to find ideas for making photo montage... i notice u have some discussion on this sometimes ago... can anyone share some samples with me, if u dun mind?
my email is [email protected].




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Hi hi .. well, after much pondering, I went to see a doc yesterday. I wouldn't have otherwise but I want to be well enough to plan for the rest of my wedding (need lots of energy hor?). Anyway, doc asked me to rest yesterday which I did initially but then after, I need to go and change my photo montage and then rushed down to my hotel to see the flowers. But overall, I am feeling much better this morning. Yay .. the way to recovery!

Jazz & Shook
Think knowing French is not a requisite. Really. But having a phrasebook around is always useful. Then again, when you are there, you wouldn't use it much unless you don't have someone standing in front of you, waiting for an answer! By the way, if you all have a Palm or something, you must download this program called Metro!! It's free and if you enter the Metro stop you are from, and going to, they would list down the time of the trip, which train to take, from which direction, where to connect etc. Very good! I use it every single day of my trip there! Also, before I forget, you must go to Versailles when you're in France. It's a short train trip from Paris. It's spring/summer now so the flowers are in bloom and the palace gardens are gorgeous!!

I've emailed you!

serene sng


When is the sale ending??? Jurong Point har??? Very far leh.. Me stay at Bedok leh.. hais...


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Hi kk,

finally ps over.
so did you managed to see your pixs?
very nice ya.

me waiting anxiously to see my pixs. two weeks from now. i was perspiring like crazy when i went to chijmes. hee hee...


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Hi Cherubies,

I'm fine...still trying to get used to married life. Staying with my mil. Life style here is quite different from my home. But I think more time will be better

Oh dear, then you perspire, your make-up got drop? Was your ps fun or super tiring? For me, my back & legs were acing...luckly I wore my canvas shoe for the outdoor

Remember to show us after your pics are out, ok?
btw, wan to meet up again, now tat everyone's exams are over


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Not sure when it'll end. But of course you can try your area see whether got such offer too. I wonder if gift land is closing down. Lot1 used to have one, then now closed and turn to breadtalk


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Hi i oso June bride ,i not cantonese but do you think i can still wear kua,cos mr friend said you must wear kua cos is oni once a lifetime.Please advice me.


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hi ladies

sorie flo had MIA from here 4 a while...
been buz with work nt able 2 log in as often... :p

cherubies n kk mei

flo waitin patientli 4 my ps which is earli next mth...
hope tat everythin will turn out well...


had gone 4 my 2nd fittin...
my gowns turn out fanatastic...
amanda had done a gd job on my gowns n my guy's suit...
thumbs up 4 amanda!!!

as 4 my trial make up, freddie had turned flo from a 'ducklin' 2 a 'swan'!!! haha...
love the hairdo n make up he had done 4 mi 4 my trial...

lookin 4ward 2 seein myself on my ps daz...

will b meetin up with travis next wkend 2 discuss abt the outdr ps location...
how many outdr ps u gers hv ah???


tokin abt meetin up again, flo is on!!!
but i can onli make it after the 2nd wk of june...
coz hv 2 diet a bit b4 ps mah...

lastli wishin all a gd wkend ahead!!!


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Hi girls,

I am back... wah lots of posting... look like May is on honeymoon now...

I was back on sat early morning.. boy finally all my wedding dinner have completely.

Shook, Sue & May: Glad to hear that most of the stuffs are fine...!!!

MY PILs and BIL have a shock when they went in for dinner... PILs are not used to the weather. It is very hot, hotter than singapore...

Bought a lot of T-shirt back from msia...


how is ur pre?


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I think nowadays it doesn't matter whether you're cantonese or not if you want to put on a kua. Many brides put on kuas too even though they are not cantonese. I am cantonese but I have chosen to put on a cheongsum instead of a kua...so?


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Hi Tracy,
I think its important to wear what u like. to me, its ur big day. Personlly, i dun look good when i put on the kus, look fat ..so i am intending to wear a simple tea dress.


serene sng

Hi everyone,


i think so leh.. cos even tampines one also shut down...hais.... Everywhere is so bad...
I need your help meow..!! Do you have a list of march in song for me to view.. Me dun know where to search.. Advice pls: Do you think i should buy a 300++ corset jus for the wedding??? (i feel very expensive.... but the pple at the bridal shop ask me to buy cos my bust very big.. afraid cannot support...)
Gals you guys can give me advise as well...



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Ava wants me to let you know that she saw sorella corsets. For more details, can you please give her a ring? I believe she saw it in Robinson or John little.

Eh....march in songs huh? Think i have, but i need to search leh. When i find it i'll let you know okie?


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Hi Serene!

Saw the sorella corset bustier with fishbone selling at 29.90
i'm not sure wht sizes they have but the one i saw was size 75.. maybe you can go check? it's a john little sommerset

Hey meow ;)
happy u bought ur bed also

i might downsize if i can't find a suitable king bedframe... my next target is IMM ;)


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Hi all 22 June brides..

guess everyone must be very excited.

i am in the process of sending out the wedding invitations. at least i have settle my biggest problem (i.e. invitations for colleagues)phew!!

me currently oso tinking of how to do the ang pow box. Currently left wif : -

1)ordering the guo da li cakes
2)choosing wedding dinner songs
3)buying the things to carry in the wedding day bag
4)writing MC speeches as well as our own speeches
5)organising get together sessions for my jie meis.
6)planning the actual day schedule

will u gals be giving a speech during the wedding dinner?


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Hi, gals,

Very interesting here. Anyone can advise if a corset or bra needs to be worn for bare back/low cut wedding gown/Eg at the back as can see right?

Settled your renov? I went El-fa today. Saw sandgirl. She was there this afternoon too. Any better price ID firms that you went? Got so tired sourcing ard.


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Was thinking of going Ikea. But was closed by the time i went there. So far i haven't go source for any other contractors. Yeah, its really very tiring lor.
You leh? How's yours?

I thought normally your bridal will provide a padding for you so you dun even need to wear any corset or bra?

If you like the bedframe as what we've seen at Simmons, you can try Park Mall. That's what she says. Else get your contractor to custom make one for you.

Hear from Ava you are there to source for mattress too. So what did you bought?



Just back from IKEA, crowded as usual. Gd offers- handblown glass rectangular vases @$3.90 (shorter) up (for the taller or squarer types).

Tentative idea:
* I have 35 normal (non-VIP) banquet tables which hotel provides a tiny square glass container with rose petals and floating candles.
* Supplementing at additional own cost flower arrangements. Hate basket-with-sponge arrangements. Seen some nice pics of clear glass vases/ glass plates/ glass bowls with ROSES arrangements... not feasible to buy 35 all vases and not know what to do with them after the banquet (unless I go into this business haha). Professional florists quote of $20 up each arrangement is abit higher than I desire too, so probably not likely.

So, getting own roses to arrange in-
~ 5 GLASS vases @$3.90 each (after banquet, keep 1, give 2 to ILs and my mum, 2 to best friends as special wedding mementos).
~ 10 plain tall drinking glasses @$2.50 each (they can pass off as vases for banquet, and after, use for home)
~ 8 glass dinner plates yet-to-source (after banquet, use for home)
~ 8 glass sideplates yet-to-source (after banquet, use for home)
~ 4 glass bowls yet-to-source (after banquet, use for home)

This way, I get matching dishes/ bowls for the home, the use of clear plain GLASS and ROSES ties everything together at the banquet without looking too disjointed (anyway the hotel's own tiny square GLASS container with ROSE petals and floating candles arrangement also helps unify the theme). Hence the only "real" flower decoration costs are the roses and I still achieve my desired glass-with-flowers look (instead of basket-with-flowers).

Life Storey Paragon having sale- handmade (and supposedly dishwasher-safe) petal inspired white dinner plates going 1-for-1 (works out abt $6 up each). Regular-sized spray-painted chopsticks with bamboo holder @$1 each pair (good for wedding favours if anyone's considering that... only con is the spraypaint part makes me wary about toxic-safety).

Spotlight Orchard's round organza (with sewn trim) going 10pcs @$3 (good for wrapping nuts or soap or potpourri) but not much left.