(2003) Brides of year 2003


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hi kk, have you tried the NTUC 3-day Income diet?
it's quite good ... i tried it before.
It's inexpensive, but you need A LOT of discipline not to give in to temptation.

You can either buy the NTUC 3-day Income diet from the larger NTUCs, or you can download the ingredients and instructions from the Income website and do it yourself.
The diet package from the supermarkt costs $22.90 thereabout.

here's the income link:

Amerline, really? Was the cake nice? It was from the Patissier ... sure expensive wan... should be nice also. Some people dun like the design tho, coz it seems very messy to them.

Cocktail reception ah? No offence ok ... but i personally won't/
(A) a lot of singaporean tend to be late for wedding dinners, esp the cocktail.

(B) You want to get the full attention of everyone when you do the champagne pouring and cake cutting. One of the objectives of these 2 activities is for everyone to admire the beautiful couple on stage, esp the bride's dresses etc. Doing it during the cocktail reception may not achieve this effect.

cazza, re the real wedding cake. You dun need the real wedding cake to cater to everyone. You can still have a real wedding cake, but what you serve to your guests may be a flat cake (ie just a normal tray of cake) that is decorated the same as the real wedding cake.
A) Flat cakes are alot cheaper
B) your guests won't be able to tell the difference whether they cake they're served is truly a slice off the real wedding cake or is it a slice off the flat cake.

The chefs at Lana Cake taught me this, coz they said to bake a wedding cake big enough to feed everyone is impossible if you have many tables!


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Kare: the slimming salt quite good, double usage and effect! *wink*
How do u manage to squeeze for a massage on the actual day of wedding. U super leh! My day program is very pack. My friend remind me to have good rest after all the stuffs in the morning. try to cut short all my program so i have time to rest in hotel...

Shook: Dinner in msia is still a big ?? One uncle told us dun go back, he saw banquet with very poor attendance some close relatives also dun dare to attend wedding dinner over at msia. Other uncle told us no problem, we really dun know who to listen to and yesterday the new reported that the msia govt told the msian in spore not to go back to msia for the time being.
These govt are really stupid pig, they dun understand that those kena SARS have all send to hospital.

Jan: i am more relax now.... now is my day schedule, try to make it more simple for my helpers... How are u doing now. Dun are abt ur SIL. She thot everyone must think for her. if she really so scare then ask her to move back to her parents house lor. or tell her,u are luck i help u to take 10 day leaves!


Hi Jus/1027,

I am thinking of replacing my 3 meals to eating cereal only.. kekekee... anyway i always have a very light breakfast now (only cereal + bread sometimes), no lunch and a dinner (sumptuous
). I wonder it will work if i replace cereal too for dinner. Then no need to spend any $$$.. kekee...

Yah, i heard of NTUC diet. I was on the verge of going NTUC and copy the "recipe" down.. hahahaa.. and mix and match myself :p


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Gals, I din know 11am to 1pm is inauspicious for tea ceremony. My tea ceremony with the guy's side is at my house in Sengkang. I had intended to have tea ceremony about 11:00am. Since that is an auspicious time, I might have to do the tea ceremony for the guy's side earlier 'cos I need to be out of my house by 9:15am. Maybe, I will go outside to take some pictures. Can I still return back to Sengkang to change to my tea dress between 11am to 1pm?

Pausini, hope that things will turn out well for you! I guess I'll be facing the same problem soon too.

Shook, May, thanks for the notes! I'll go back and check with my mum.

Shook, Pausini, guess we all have our problems. I went crazy trying to chase my mum to confirm the buffet menu at my house after the tea ceremony, and the number of guests 'cos she has been boh chap for the past two weeks. I've been nagging and nagging and we end up quarrelling instead. It's like, it's just three weeks down the road and while I'm trying to get my stuff settled and she can't be bothered 'cos she wants to spend more time on doing her house renovation? *sigh*

May, for Korea, there're two major shopping markets in Korea. One is called Dongdaemun, the other is Nandaemun. There's another shopping popular place called Itaewon. But it's more of an expad area, so I prefer the other two markets. The place I stayed in when I went there in Feb is called Fraser Suites. Behind is a famous arty street called Insadong. The street sells lots of arty stuff eg protraits, pictures good for decorations for the house. And not to mention all the nice little restuarants in the small alleys that has nice traditional Korean food. It's very easy to travel around in Seoul via the subway. So the trick is to stay in a hotel in central of Seoul where the subway is just a few walks away. You could take a tour from Singapore, to the other places out of Seoul, then spend a few days free and easy in Seoul. I have an extra copy of map of Seoul, if you want, I can pass that one to you.
I can highlight to you where are the places you can visit in Seoul.

Jan, do you mind passing me the speech too? Though I'm just having a small party, I wonder what speech should be given too.
Gee... just ignore your SIL, some people are just like that.


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hi ally,

tks for ur complement...
it's ok lah! in fact, u can take a look at all the albumn... if i mind, i wont put it in the public...
did u look at my Baby's photo... i hv her for abt 7 yrs already... i wont bring her to my new place juz leave her wif my parents... coz she is also my parents's precious...

my place is at Sembawang... where is ur love nest then?

P.S. my email : [email protected] (do take not hor, shirs


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leo29.. yup, its in central, near to the HDB HUB area, beside a handphone shop. anyway, toa payoh has tons of shoe shops, think got at least 6, so its a gd place to shop for normal shoes, dun think i've seen much wedding shoes tho'...

akira... same as u, i oso got bad back, so my shoes have v big heel & not v high. hmm... i rem my fren wore those traditional red embriodery shoes when she wore kua last time.... but not so sure abt cheongsum tho...


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My advice will be the same as the others. Ignore your SIL. I would just smile and give them patronising smiles, but I'll still go ahead with my plans. That will really give them!

I didn't know that's an inauspicious time for tea ceremony too!

I just heard from my videographer (yay, I got one already!!!) that most brides will take more photos on that actual day. I didn't plan for that. And I read here most of you will do that too?

But won't it be rushy??

How does the procedure go? What I had in mind is this:

Groom to bride's house to fetch her
Goes to groom's house for tea ceremony
Proceed to wedding room; change to tea dress
Proceed back to bride's house for tea ceremony

Is this procedure correct?

Now I'm also interested in the photo taking and wondering if I can take photos before going back to my mom's house?

I tried Renewal Day Spa (at the Negara hotel is it)'s facial and didn't like it at all.

I have all the intention to get massages on the next day. Thought of surprising my husband. But massages on the actual day can be good too. Anyway, I'm still in the planning stage.

Thanks for the rec! I'll go grab the Slimming salts tomorrow. What's the name of it? Available at Watson's? Guardian's?

Wah.. less than 10 days for Pausini & Peabrain and several others!!


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Jazz: I think i even heard from someone that 11am - 1pm is the time for the death to get buried. Remember u will always see the family will start walking out during that timing. Just to avoid to crash with such ceremony.

I have my tea ceremony ard 11am also. Cos that time when i ask she told me best to get the bride out of the house from 9am to 11am. i will only reached my mum place ard 1pm ++

Really headache with the dinner problems. Hope someone find the cure for the SARS ASAP.

now look like trip to penang have to cancel also. just wonder is there any other places in singapore that alot us to relax. cant afford oversea leh..


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Hihi Jan
Poor girl, u work till Fri? I hope I need not to go back to work on sat.
I oso have many relatives coming for t ceremony on my side.
Ask your bitchy SIL not to go to your MIL's hse for 10 days after u return fm honeymoon if she is not happy

Hihi May
Oh dear, do u have bruises? Is it serious?
I oso have vegetarian n Muslim guests. We put them as the 11th person in a table of 10
I oso have problem filling 10 pax in some table where a guest or the spouse won't b attending my wedding dinner. I then peh chek wif some of my friends. Asked me 1000 n 1 ? wasted me so much time. Worst r those who tell me won't attend my wedding. Some of my colleagues n friends still wanna consider when I asked for confirmation of their attendence. So sickening, think they r VIP, want me to ask so many times. I can't do table arrangement tis week end liao

I seen dr wrt my rash, dr said allergy. Hand n leg get better, back still v bad.
I have 4 days marriage leave

Hihi Pausini
Envy u girls can use slimming salt.
Your M'sia wedding dinner still hanging in the air?

Hihi Jazz
I mean 11am to 1pm is inauspicious on my wedding day. May b u check tongsu whether it is auspicious or not on your wedding day

Hihi Kare
My aunt said the correct procedure is groom fetch bride, go to groom's hse to pray to ancestor, go to chamble rm, tea ceremony @ groom's hse, tea ceremony @ bride's hse. She said nowadays ppl usually pratised the procedure u described above coz couples dun stay wif parents.


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Dear all

Great dae!

Babbit, U r definitely right,there's a possiblity for the SARS diseases to continue till Sept.
Wat to do! View it from another perspective,taking measures againist SARS for the guests on the wedding day,do us good too.

U staying @ Admiralty link too?

Vivace.noted! Tks!


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Shook: u can also get it.

Kare: i forgot how to spell the slimming salt. May: u remember the name. Only Watson got it, the same brand now have cream too.

I only have one vegetarian, that is my Sister MIL. but my mum say dun bother.


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Hi Pooh,

Can email me your link please? my email is [email protected]

Hi Cinder,
no, my bridal package doesn't include ROM dress, but anyway, the bridal studion decided to throw it in for free (off the rack, but new one heh heh nobody wear before


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That's what my mum said as well. That 11 - 1pm is that time when ...

Anyway, so that means as long as we're not on the road from 11 - 1pm, that's alright?

Now I'm planning my itinery for the day. If I want to take some photos before going to my mum's place, then I'll definitely be out of the house from 11 - 1pm.


Can I have a brief description of those who've already planned your itinery?


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we are writing those invites which we have to send by post this weekend.As for relatives invites will pass to my dad.

think no worries for your wedding day being on Father's Day cos your wedding is once in a life time mah..your relatives and friends shd be atending your wedding to celebrate your joy and happiness!!

How are you?Have you printed your invites?


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hi shirs,

yes, but i m still stay wif my parents at Yishun and will move to admiralty link after the customery, i will stay at blk 484, where r u staying?


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Kare: the slimming salt brand is called Shimuzu. It comes in this white cube box. You can only buy it at Watsons.

I also dislike the Renewal Day Spa at Negara Hotel. I plan to go to Tong building's outlet. but not too sure yet.

Jazz: u r so nice. If you dont need the extra map, i wldnt mind taking it from you. Where do you work? If we cant arrange to meet, will you mind mailing it to me? My hubby does not want to extend a few more days to stay in Seoul. The hotel that you stayed in, is it expensive. I c if i can convince him. Do i need to change US$ or WON is good enuf?

i got a sample of the mc speech from my hotel, give me yr fax # and i an fax you .

Shook: thanx for your concern. I most likely going to have a huge blue black on my knee. It still hurt if i rub it. got pple want to consider attending..aiyo cant they give u a straight answer. Can u insist ...cant wait until sky is bright leh. My hubby dont want to put this people at the 11th person on the table. He drives me crazy, he refused to spilt them. Like those that got only 8 on a table. He still insist on putting them together and forgoing the 2 places. I am so tired arguing with him.
u allergic to what? dust...yr gowns bare back? mine both are so cant afford to have rashes. I also lazy, suppose to scrub every other day myself but...sigh...

11 am - 1 pm is a bad time for wedding EVERYDAY.... so i got to make sure that i reach my new house before 11 am for hubby's relatives tea ceremony. After tea ceremony then i go out for ps.

i am not done w my actual day schedule, when i am i will share w you ok.


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Hi pooh,

Thanx for sending the link to your pictures, they are very well taken! i like your tresses
Congratulations and do not worry too much about your wedding day falling on Father's Day, don't think will affect the attendance, be a happy bride!


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Hi sleepy, that's my opinion, I won't pay extra for wedding photos bec I think that they are preying on all couples in this area. It's the one place that they can really earn $ and it's usually the ladies who give in bec once in a lifetime you are so nicely dolled up and it's your wedding after all. So a lot of couples tend to buy and buy. WHy don't you ask ard from married friends what did they do with their album after they got married? Maybe that will help in your decision. ANd seriously, do consider makeovers, they are quite good and much cheaper. Couple packages are within $200 and you get quite a no. of photos from there.


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Hihi Pausini
I can't use slimming salt bcoz of my sensitive skin. Now dat I have rashes dun dare to try new product on my skin
Is it ok to stay outdoor n take photos fm 11am to 1pm?

Hihi May
I oso dunno my skin allergic to wat. Dr said dust, air, temperature, sweat, just anything. My WG n EG not bare back, t dress bare back. Even then the rashes r quite high up. So bare back or not still obvious. My make up artist said use veil n shawl to cover lor. Hopefully it recovers by May
U use zambark (dunno the correct spelling) to rub your blue black. It is a dark green color ointment. It works on me. Lucky the blue black is on your knee, can't c wif your long gown
Wow your hubby not frugal leh. Like dat can waste abt 1 or 2 tables if u add 1 or 2 empty seats here n there.

I v sad. My hubby said Tradewind juz informed him dat our trip is cancelled as there is insufficient ppl. 29 gotta go honeymoon hunting again. Sigh... y my plan got upset one after another


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can i hv a copy of your song list for reference too? my email can be found in the nova list.

today like a bit quiet hor...anyway TGIF.

to all hv a nice weekend


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Yup, I think I agree with you. hope I can restrain myself when I meet up with my bridal tomorrow. My married friends said they throw in the cupboard. I really dun understand how others can actually stick to 20 photographs only. Very hard to resist, u know. Nevertheless, I will try.

BTW, dun mind me asking u ladies...how old are you? I'm 26


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I got it. Will look through it tonight and bombard you with questions tomorrow (hope you don't mind).

Wah so detailed! You use Orchid's one and edit is it? Heh..I'm also using that as a template. But I think since we're both not Christians, yours will be more applicable to me.

Tomorrow's briefings - do you brief everyone on the groom's side as well?

Yah I can wait
Thanks! Will check out the salts tomorrow

After tea ceremony then you go to PS? Then tea ceremony at your own mum's place is not counted ah?

Wah..this wedding planning is no joke :p

Aiyah, how come like that? This is just cancellation of a flight?


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Pucca and abrina,

u gals took ur pic liao right..can send me the link..like to take a peek..

i hope mine turns out well ..so worried!


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Hi all,

I am kinda of getting a bit jittery already! Many things I have not done yet. getting my invites ready, guest list, roles for my helpers, actual day itinary, guo da li, MUSIC and what else have I missed out? Please enlighten!


soyabean, cutie, cin, cinder, shanice, Nicky, yvonne:

wah! there are eight brides tying knot on 22/6! It is really a hot date!

haha, maybe can have a gathering already, hehe :p

Just check: where and when do u go for your honeymoon?? Seems that no place is stay from
the threaten of SARS now. Mood affected?


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hi gals...

oh... so the gathering was cancelled? hope we can meet up another time...

Actually i am quite concerned when i see you gals going on diets. before you start on any diets, my advise is to understand how our body works. i dunno if i shd go into such details here... it might bore some of you... and be totally irrelevant.

but, let me give a short summary.

our body is very efficient. depending on our effort level, your body will decide and responce accordingly. if you eat more than wat your body require, your body will store the excess as fat. if you eat much lesser than wat your body require, your body will responce by lowering your metabolic rate... will use up less energy.

so going on diet, will cause your body to be alarmed... and will go into the "conservation" mode. so you will find it hard to lose weight cos your metabolic rate will fall accordingly.

my advise is.. always to watch wat you eat, and conbine your diet with a good exercise regime. start counting your calaries... and watch your input vs output.

hee... those interested to find out more can email me lah ([email protected])... I dont mind sharing here too, jus tt i scare i will sound offensive... hee...


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Hi Cinder

aiyah..so sori.. paiseh.. me got mixed up wif the hotels liao.

Hi soyabean, cutie, cin, cinder, shanice, yvonne and whitely,

me alreadi booked honeymoon during natas fair. going to mauritius. but was informed by travel agent that mauritius has suspending all flights from Singapore until end of May.
quite sad. sob!sob!.

how abt u gals?


Hi girls

I am a september 03 bride too. Wedding date 6 or 13 Sep 03. Solemnisation and dinner in Regent Hotel @ Capers. Bridal shop Golden Horse Award Yishun. Love nest will be in Bishan Loft once it is completed, hopefully TOP in Sep/Oct and staying with in-laws awwwww~~~~~

It is only another 4.5 months to the wedding and I haven't prepared anything. I tried to find things to do but couldn't find anything to do....

May I ask what should be done/confirmed at this stage? Am I taking things too easy?


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hi all! ^^ bet u all are zzz now

babbit... yup, agree sars is a long-term thing and we all will definitely have to take precautions come our dinner time. think it might become a norm for the hotels to serve individual portions and run a temperature check on the guests before the dinner starts, at least for the next few months. btw, r u working in a hospital since u mentioned ur friends and colleagues are hospital based?

vivace... yup, i took a look at ur Baby's photos too!
very adorable... is she a poodle? must be very pampered by u all!
aiyah, u stay quite near ur parents mah, can still see ur Baby often... my love nest is in tampines
would take my keys in the next 2 weeks... so excited! can't wait to see my place ^^

shir... what is ur email addy?

hi angel... welcome to the thread! hmm, think still quite ok for u since u booked ur bridal studio and hotel already. off the top of my head, this is a list of some of the things that should have been done at this stage:

1) settle the design of ur WG and EG. If u are getting OTR, there is still time to choose. If u opted for MTM, u should have confirmed the design for both by now and awaiting the 1st fitting.

2) arrange ur studio and outdoor PS with ur bridal studio. this would include fixing a time/date for ur trial makeup and PS.

3) book ur actual day photographer/videographer. many of them are booked months ahead.

4) If u are engaging musicians for ur dinner, should also book them by now.

5) start looking for ur wedding shoes. must buy them before ur PS.

6) have a 1st draft of ur guest list for ur wedding dinner.

7) plan a draft of ur actual day schedule with a timeline of the tasks that need to be done on that day. can start sourcing for relatives/friends/colleagues who are willing to offer their help. appoint an overall co-ordinator to see to the actual day programme.

8) start sourcing for wedding favours if u intend to get them.

erm, that's about all i can think of now... whew! i sure sound like a long-winded obasan!

heh heh, very sorry for the long mail
thanks for reading thru! it has been proven all of u are very patient people!
well, time for me to zzz and goodnite all!


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Hi Taddess,
Heh i am in the same shoes as you... btw, have you started writing your invites yet? i haven't, but my handwriting very cursive, quite illegible...trying to buy a labelling machine to print names on clear labels to stick on the card...dunno lah, see how...

Hi Whitely,
Yah, Air Mauritius and Air Seychelles have pulled out of Singapore. Heng ah, actually I was considering between Seychelles, Maldives and Fiji. But Maldives June monsoony season, in the end decided on Fiji with a stopover for few nights in Auckland. Luckily never choose Seychelles. Now I am keeping my fingers crossed that New Zealand and Fiji remain and emerge unscathed.

Hi Pooh,
Love your pics. Think you look like Phyllis Quek (anyone tell you this before?) in the photos WG1a, WG2a, Bear and i think both of you look very nice together, esp in EG1 and Hai Zi Shu 1. Your outdoor was at Sentosa? very nice... who's your photographer? i forgot, sorry...


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Hi all, heheh, I'm over 30, an "old" bride lah....

Sleepy, I know what you mean, it's really a test of your nerves to say no to those nice photos....I discussed with FH before we went down. We both agreed no extra. With that in mind, when they tried to push (and they can be pushy!), we just keep saying no. Of cse they not happy lah but I don't care. Just be diplomatic (still need their good svc mah) and refuse politely and in a friendly manner.....


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Hi Ally & all

wow!!! tks for all the useful advise. It's definitely be of help.

I'm oso looking 4 shoes too,wonder any places where I can scout for nice shoes? looking into silver straps kind!!

Vivace,saw ur " baby" too.lurve it,it's cute.

Hi Angel

Congrats in advance. so taken ur wedding shoots already?can share wif us when it's ready then!

u gals may reach me 4 personal conversation, coffee or makan via email @ [email protected]

Bye for now & catch up wif u all next week. Me,heading 4 lunch,then to lurve nest. Enjoy!