(2003) Brides of year 2003


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hi shirsweetiepie and vivace,

no time no see
nice to catch up with u both again.

vivace... wah, your PS already?! so fast... must get plenty of sleep on sunday okie? so thot of any place for your outdoor PS yet? hope u get good weather on monday... *cross my fingers for u too*
remember to share your pics with us when they're ready hor


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Hi Ally & Vivace

WOW!! so envious!! can go and hv fun wif hubby during outdoor shoots hor!!

Bingo!! Bless u and all brides free to " rains" on both their PS & wedding day.
no ones like it tat day( raining cats & dogs)

Vivace,then u can hv the nite wif hubby @ ur luv nest loh!

Yes yes, 2 share wif us when the pics are ready loh. btw,any personal email add for the both of u?


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OK, I will go there and take a look, thanks. Will inform you if i came across nice shoe.


If can find a ready made shoe, better. Don't have so much headache. But if non of the shoe suit your standard then have to MTM.


hi vio,

rec'd yr msg. I tot so too. Nxt tym then.

hi serene,

it's not the same if ur not at the gathering. do take care n rest well. I'll pray for yr fast recovery!


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Hihi Pausini

My hubby stops doing montage for the moment coz we need to attend to our carpentry work n RSVP list

So your wedding in Malaysia carry on as plan huh?

The thing is there is no backup for me. Hopefully everything goes smoothly then I can finish the report. The most I can ask my boss to help write comments but I still need to do the charts n tables.

U make the table arrangement for your guests?


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hi ally and shirs,

i still hv not decide where to take for the outdoor, probably will choose sentosa coz there are trees... beach... sand... sun...

i hv upload some pix of my love nest at http://sg.photos.yahoo.com/vivacecs... feel free to visit...

dun worry! i wont 4get u all lah! once i got the photos will let u hv a look


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Hi maya

Which bridal did u go to? So good, got free photographer? Are u sure there is no hidden cost?
How much are they charging u for each roll of films? Sometimes, it's more worth it to get outside photographer. Mine charging me $480 for 8 rolls of film (include developing, album and negatives) I heard normally wedding u will require at least 8 rolls.

I add in extra $1190 for 12 photos..Expensive hoh??? So heart pain...still dunno whether I should add some more. I did not get my proof and negatives back. But I kept thinking it's once in a lifetime thingy. And I will not stay young in future...hee. Wat u gals think? Add or dun add?


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hi naomi,

ur wedding is in Dec? then you would need to source quickly...i go by budget as first cut, then food quality and service, followed by availability. Think you can find the pricing of the crown prince hotel at its website...check it out.

hi sunflower26,

sorry, no help to offer. sometimes i drink more water and i think it sort of flushes out altogether.. :p


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if you any of you r working ard Raffles place area, you can go check out the shoes at
Caltex House on the 2nd floor (opp Singapore Post).

The shop is called Heatwave and they are hvg a sale, some sizes are limited but the shoes r reasonable white silver and black going for abt 30 - 50.


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Dear 1027,

Thank you! For the great idea cause I hate the hotel decore, fake wedding cake and wedding card. So I might ask them whether they would trade all that for the wedding cup cake! Thanks! I have not even meet with the hotel guys! Maybe should do that soon!

Thanks Again


Dear Amerline,

Thanks for the advice!! I know what you mean! Okay will follow your advice! I am quite desperate you see! Thanks again! :)



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Hi serene,

Must take care and get enough rest ok…
Get well soon

Hi ladies,

We’ll meet again some other time, yea?
Meanwhile take care…


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sunshine, i guess u'r one of the 2 brides who booked david loh...there's 1 on 6:30 & another one on 7:30pm...

now i dunno what to do


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hi cazza, you're welcome! (er, actually i didn't help much!)

are you intending to serve your guests the wedding cake / cupcake at dessert?
it's possible if you dun have too many tables.
If you have many tables, then the wedding cake may not be big enough, and the kitchen staff most likely do not have enough time to slice up the cake in time for distribution at dessert.


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Hi jbride,

I din know he has two bookings on that day. I thought mine is at 6pm??? My FH did the calling. Dun scare me leh... I can't get hold of my FH yet!!!


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Dear 1027,

Have sent you a picture of the wedding cup cake i am talking about. Its actually going to be 300 cup cakes (some thing like muffins) arrange beautifully in a tiered manner like a normal wedding cake. Then after the so called cake cutting, It would be easily distributed as dessert! :)



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Pausini: at least you got all the stuff done. i have not. i m stress. Glad to know that yr weddding in msia will proceed.

Shook: agree w pausini...why no one is helping you knowing u r getting married so soon. oh dear...u will be so stress at work ...cant u talk to yr boss? I am just going to the hair salon to touch up my color. My hair has grown quite a bit since i did my coloring before ps.

Ya, it seems that 11 am - 1 pm is not a good time everyday. I plan to start my tea ceremony with hubby relatives before 11 am. So it shld be ok hor? Cannot 11 - 1 pm dont do anything, right?

It seems that our parents and PIL are driving us crazy. ya me too. Just called my mom and she told me that my dad is not calling the relatives to rsvo. How can like that...if they dont turn up it will be such a waste. They still count their kids in. Goodness, i was so angry. i am going home this weekend to help them count. i am cutting back the number of tables for my parents too. In the end, just dont want to invite so many people.

Then hubby's parents worst...so lazy...end up hubby got to write the invites for his uncles and aunties...arghhhh...


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Hi leo29,
I had received your photos and i think you look GREAT with the gowns. It is not as 'revealing' as what I thought initially. You are lucky as you had confirmed your design and know what you want.

I met up with michelle last tuesday, tried about 10 WGs but still don't know what I like. really troubled........ Michelle mentioned that she liked me to wear spaghetti strap and bustier gowns. I will meet up with her one month later to look at her designs before deciding. Will keep you inform.

hi DK,
How are you these days? So you had confirmed on your WG and EG designs? me troubled....


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hmm... there is also a heatwave in toa payoh if any of you is around the area.

my tots on shoes is they muz be comfortable, cos if not, walking around whole day will be a torture, no matter how pretty they are. right novas?
i also read in the papers abt the holland v shop, think i mentioned b4 also. its supposed to be a specialist in wedding shoes.


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oops, dunno why my msg got truncated.

The pix you sent me is nice! BUt will there be enough for everyone?

The above pix is also of a wedding cup-cake, from The Patissier.

Nice but expensive!


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Shook: Yah.. my mum just called me. My grandma thot we have postphone sin dinner to another date. So she thot that we will always delay the dinner back in Msia. Cos there are still a few invite still with her so she wonder shld she give to the relatives. I told my mum to reassure my grandma that the pple going back are healthy and SARS free. I think msia newspaper must have wrote incorrect news abt Sin that every1 over there have a wrong understanding of situation over here.
Sickening msia news.

May: wah then u wld have to spend some $$ on all these? i didnt bother to do colouring, i think i will just go for mani and Pedi and scrab my back myself with the Slimming Salt. The slimming salt very good to use, can do many things and after the scrab the skin feel very smooth.

All parents have the same problems with the guests list. I know my mum also the same. So what i do is to sit down and work out the list with my mum. so we come out will 4 tables. That is why my mum ask for 4 tables from my PIL.
Then, now we worked out the name of her guests by letting her to call the guests and told them abt the news and to get their attendance.

My FH very funny, he just wldnt want to give me his parents guest list to me. He keep insist that his cousin will deal with the table arrange. i know the more i ask i will start another rd of arguement with him. So i forget abt it. his relatives is his cousins responsiblities to deal with them. SO i ask my AH Yee to take care of my mum, my friends and my FH's tables. I tried not to let his cousin to handle the friends table. Sometime too many cooks will spoilt the soup.

Beside all these i got two colleagues that decided to come to my wedding last min. AND i have given their seats up to others !!!! sigh...
so no choice he have to squeeze lor that mean table of 11.

I hope no such this again...


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are, agree with you tat shoes must be comfortable. I was half-joking with hubby tat I want to wear white sneakers cos anyway underneath the gown no one can really see.. easier to walk around with a heavy gown too. But he said NO. :p so now prob going to look around for something flattish. I dun have a v good back cos of some sports injuries so I dun think I can walk around in heels the whole day..

btw anyone knows wat shoes to wear with a cheongsum? I'm getting one instead of a tea dress but dunno wat shoes to wear with it....


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Hi Nicky,

mine is at Swisstel Stamford..former westin lor..
wow didnt know on that day so many couples...hehheh

as for mine, i will be solemising on the dinner
will be getting a custom made ring pillow
we havent even filed for the ROM date...hahhah
anyway ours will be done outside so no issue lar..
just told my hubby that scully we prepare everything but just forgot to file for ROM...hahahha

Cin...doesnt yr bridal provide u ROM package with dress etc?
wow urs at fullerton..very nice place :p

Shanice...so where will u be staying after marriage?

Yvonne...which printing comapny u gg to? actually taht time wanted to book Grand Hyatt too...but find one of the banquet manager late for our appointment n sh enot professional so in the end very angry...we waited 1hr plus..anyway is a nice place...how many tables r u all having?


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The timeslot I'd wanted is taken... now I've to settle for the earlier or later timeslots. So vexed!

Trust my man to do the job and in the end turned out like that! HIAZZZ!!!


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Hi sleepy, wah! so ex for 12 pieces?? If you ask me, no I will not add. I know it's once in a lifetime but think, will you be taking out your album all the time to see? Friends will also get tired after a while. Most people I check with said that their photos throw into cupboard after a few mths, never take out again. If you want to capture your youth, go for makeovers with FH. I did that with my FH last X'mas, the photos were quite nice, cheaper too. I even opted not to have the portrait, exchange that for more 15R.
My studio is that famous one for poor service, CC/IW. I already knew they were poor in svc but they really offer good deals. THeir photography is free for AD if you pay 50% when you 1st sign. You buy thye films and do your own processing later. That's a small cost. So far, I'm quite ok with their service, cld be better but I'm not paying top $ so cannot complain too much. Just make sure that I check and check with them, and always remind them......
Actually, if you have 4R copies of your pictures, you can select your fave ones and go to Kodak to photoprint. Turn out quite good too. I did that with my makeover photos which dont give you bk the negatives too. Took the photograph and got Kodak to scan and print for me, pay something like $15 for A4 size.....


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maya, welcome ;).. like you, i may have to jump into the sep thread too

hi gals,

i have tentatively booked my dinner on 18 sep, my actual day is 17 sep which is quite popular, so ballroom not available on 17th, the actual day photographer i booked previously is already taken and no more makeup artist for me... sobsob.. i gotto start looking all over again

cherubies, good luck for your exams!!
my PS is tomolo... heehee...and i hope i can still squeeze into the 2nd EG i picked for PS, have been eating and eating since ROM :p juz came back from mani/pedi and facial, really shiok ... kekeke

sleepy, we only decided to get married in feb this year.. didn't want to wait till next year and didn't want to choose those extremely popular months where we have difficulty booking hotels and photographers, so ended up with july lor.. perhaps this incident is a blessing in disguise, now i have a much better wedding date! haha... ah Q hor


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hi shir and vivace,

my email addy is [email protected]
my PS is around end jun. will share pics with u both when ready ^^

vivace... wah, ur love nest very nice! *2 thumbs up*
where's ur place? i really like what u did with ur front door area with the shoe cabinet very nicely concealed
oh, hope u dun mind, i took a peek at ur ROM photos
u looked so sweet and blissful! ^^


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The slimming salt is good to use? A good exfoliator?

Wah.. your wedding is really near now! How are you feeling?

While you're all done and prepared, I'm just coming up with my invitation list. *headache* who to ask and whom not to.

Where are you going for your scrubs/massage? Actually I have plans for my FH and I to go for massages on the actual day, between the tea ceremony as well as the wedding reception. Is that possible, you think? I have never gone for massages before, but would really love to! Difficult to find good ones though.

I really need to read this thread more closely, and catch up!

Ooooh.. I really wish we could help you too!

I don't think I would mingle with my guests because I want a grand entrance *vain*. As for the time my husband is supposed to pick me up, it's already pre-arranged. I think mine's around 7 - 8! Geez..forgot! Must ask my PIL again.

Nope, no more outdoor shoots for me. After the tea ceremony, I'll be going to the hotel to rest and rest and if possible, grab a massage.

lost crayon shinchan..

hey gals..
MIA for a while.... i find tat u girls really can talk man!!! hahaa.. i feel so lost.. everytime i want to post something, i dono where to start.. hahaa.. cos all of u are on another topic liao...

:) but its okie cos i can quietly absorb many info from u girls...


Wen, my measurement taken on my 1st appointment last Sat.

Gone for my 1st appt last Sat, oledi...no confirmation on designs yet...
Cos seen to many gowns for the pass few months so gone "Sotong"...Hee! So i left the opinion open for designs or colour to Ted (let him do the thinking part, lor.)
But Ted narrowed down the designs with a couple of questions regarding my preference & dislike during the...etc.
Few proposed designs for both WG & EG will be presented in sketches to me on my next appt.
(they called it - 1st discussion which is schedule on 17th May)
Oh! I told Ted no Tongas for me...that's it.

I'm a difficult client,right...but dun care lah...


Hi Jus,

Will our weight go up suddenly when we stop taking cambridge diet? Cambridge diet not that cheap also, so to eat it long term, especially till oct may not be the solution.. kekekekee...

I will be having ps next month so would like to go down by another 3 kg

Hi Gals,

Anybody know where is a good place to get guo da li stuff besides chinatown?


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Hihi May
Tis mgr of mine is a bit different. He is an Indian fm India. U know wat I mean.He is travelling next week. He din even inform me. Not dat I m kpo but I need to ensure dat there r enuff bank signatories ard. It is my dept secretary who informed me of his movement.
I told my parents my hotel doesn't allow going back for unconsumed tables n insisted dat they do rsvp for their guests. They oso understand dat my hubby spent a bomb in the wedding thing so they obliged to my request. Fair enuff, some of their guests' better half n relatives won't b attending. I oso told my hubby to use the reserved table as actual. Those rsvp not coming n turn up in the n gotta squeezed into a table of 11.

Hihi Pausini
Gd dat your M'sia wedding is juz a misunderstanding. So u can carry on wif your trip to Penang liao.
I oso leave hair coloring to my make-up artist. She did it for my ROM n ps. Plan to do menicure n pedicure myself. If not my SIL oso knows how to do it. I learned fm her actually. Lately my legs n backs have v severe rashes. V worried

Hihi Kare
Thx for the thots.
I wanna mingle wif my guests if possible, especially those ex-colleagues.
Din know u girls like massage. I had 2 spa vouchers fm Tradewind. I threw them away coz no one I asked is interested. Wat a waste.

Hihi Vin
How is your preparation for your honeymoon?


Shook: i have to work till the last day before my wedding. don't have enough leave especially if i need to quarantine using my annual leave after honeymoon. intend to mingle with guests so hope to start as early as possible. friends are usually ok but it's the relatives and older generation lor. not taking outdoor photos on actual day. no time i guess. have not work out schedule but we have big family for tea ceremony and after rushing to his and my house, i think in time to check into hotel. as for the time groom coming to fetch me, not set yet.

May: i have sample MC speech given by hotel. but not with me. should be at home but in hardcopy. if you need, i can fax to you tomorrow or saturday. thank you speech? i also need. anyone can help? honeeyyyymoooon. now situation in canada like no news. my PIL and future bitchy SIL are very angry with us for insisting we still want to go. very sian. u should have heard her comments. cannot tahan. trying to see if can go japan but the last time i went to visit him. things are super expensive. no news on cheanper wine. if you interested on that french one, let me know, i give contact to you. i may not be buying that, too expensive. sigh. keep u updated if got other lobangs but very late already lor. sian. this weekend going to be very busy.

Pausini: oh dear gal. have to try your best to relax. don't worry. you have done your best already. if it makes you feel better. mine is just a few days from yours but i haven't do much not even the actual day schedule. so i think you have done a great job. maybe this coming weekend, go shopping with hubby? date before wedding day to relax. on actual day sure have a few tiny things which may not go the way we want since we cannot plan for everything but just concentrate on the happier stuff okie. i also trying to console myself this way! hahaha!


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Hi ladies,
Come to think of it, the SARS situation may juz be possible to drag till Sep. However i think the mentality of most guests wld have been different by then. By Sep, i think everybody wld have accepted that it is a norm to get your temperature taken n shld u be down wif a flu or cold to wear a mask or excuse yourself. Anyone i doubt anyone will siam the banquet, may be the relatives but for all my frens n colleagues, they r all hospital based. ;P


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hi kk,

regarding the cambridge diet thingy...
weight won't increase suddenly once you stopped the diet
but after you reach the desired weight, cannot anyhow eat-lar...
from what my FH told me the first 2-3 days (of the diet) -- you are only losing the 'water' portion, hence the weight is dramatically reduced (but, note that this weight can be gained back very easily)
hence it is advisable that you take the diet meal for at least one-two weeks so that the weight gain (subsequently) would not be so dramatic

hope that helps!


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Maya, you really think I should not add? mmmh...maybe. If only I can get over this 'wanting' stage. heheheh...thanks! Maybe should go yearly makeover instead...growing old gracefully...

Hi cookiemz, me surprised u got no makeup artist? I thought this included in bridal package? I can recommend u Alan Dai, he's my actual day photographer. I seen his work, quite like it. He also got a thread in SB. Go look.
aiyo, why so kan cheong to get married huh? I plan since last year. You just plan this year and want this year to get married. any hidden reason? hehehehhehehehehe...*wicked smile*


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morning gals. fell down this morning while climbing the stairs,i tripped. So angry w myself, i was thinking of stuff and tripped. Landed on my knee and it hurts like hell.

Pausini: ya lor, i need to spend all this additional $$ to beautify myself. nvrmind lah, i will take it as a destress sessions to pamper myself. As long you r not forced to postpone the wedding in M'sia that is good. Ya, all this media reports are really terrible.

It is good that yr FH cousin is helping w his side of relatives. I hope the cousin is responsibility and knows what to do.

If you r allowed to sqeeze 11 to a table that is good. I got problem w those that requires vegetarian and muslim food. My hubby got 2 - 3 of such friends. Headache. I told him he will need to spilt his friends up and he refused. so angry w him that i told him i am very angry w him and went to bed. This am he told me that he will put all this special people on a table of their own - we need not fill up 10 for this table coz it is paid by per person @ $60. How r u gals handling such requests?

Kare: i may go to renewal spa not too sure yet. I have not made any appt. r u sure you will have time on actual day for massage. I had the same idea too but still feel that i will be stress to enjoy the treatment. I intend to go w hubby the next day after wedding - there is an aspara spa at my hotel and i have been there and enjoyed it very much.
i also vain like you - one to make great entrance so will not be mingling w guests. The slimming salt is good to use at the tummy - in a way it get helps to get rid of water retention. i can tell the diff if i stop using it.

Shook: i also got same thoughts to use reserved tables as actual. i wish the tables r not 10 pax -it is very difficult filling up 10 to a seat. did you see a doc abt your rashes? is it due to yr shower foam. you might want to switch brand and monitor the situation. or is yr skin too dry? yr mgr is bad. i hate pple that r not considerate ... i still feel that you shld tell him the situation and he shld either help out or assign someone to help you out so that you can take more days off before yr wedding. Yr company gives u 3 days marriage leave?

Jan: I will go to Star Cellar this sat and get back to you and Shook on the wine. You need 5 cases right? I think you better order from those that allow you to return the unopened bottles. i will let you know on Monday. thanks for offering to fax me the MC speech. I have called the hotel and they have a draft copy so i have asked them to fax me. Phew....

your SIL is so bitchy already, i am not surprised that she will take this opp to jump on you again abt yr honeymoon plans. The problem is when u r married, you inherit an extended family and suddenly you got to aplease so many pple - it can quite tiring. But in the long run, if you all insist to go Canada, will your PIL holds agst you? Esp MIL when you got to life w her after marriage. In yr MIL eyes, she probably thinks that it is you r the instigator not her son. Do u think she and yr FSIL will bitch and bitch abt this all the time after u guys return? Or worst they will continue to be angry w u and give u the silence treatment. Think u shld consider...as in your situation, you got to life with them and yr hubby maybe traveling again after marriage.

I have been checking out on the Korea tour package and it is not as expensive as i tot it will be. Hubby is now agreeable to go Korea.

Which tour agent is better? SA (UIC) or Chan Brothers?


hi 1027,

i like the cake u posted, saw and ate the real one b4 too! very unique and nice but its very difficult to distribute to all guests. in the end, only those who stayed back enjoyed it together.

Hi cazza,

think you got to check with the hotel if they are able to do it for you. or else if cake not finished its so wasted!! real wedding cakes are very expensive!

hi ladies,

wats ur opinion of cake cutting and champagne pouring during the cocktail reception??? mine will be done outdoors, so i feel this may be more special. any comments????



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Hi gals,
send u the link liao. Pls check.
These are just some of them. Too many pics cant upload all

Do give some comments.

Hi eustoma,
my bridal shop is Universal Bridal and mine is a inhouse photographer.

Hi Beibei,
how ur preparation? I only going to send my wedding cards for printing tmr.

My colleague told me yesterday that my wedding day is actually the Father's Day. Dunno will that affect the attendance. Now start to worried liao.