(2003) Brides of year 2003


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Hi chub,

I am also a sept bride. I think if you are really concerned about the sars, then even if you postpone it, how do you know when the sars would go off. As for me, either I just do it as I have planned or might as well just cancel it.


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leo, you look gorgeous. got good skin so can bare more

ava, I eat a lot more when I get stressed. ha ha in fact the other day a male colleague just commented tat I really eat quite a lot for someone my size. v embarrassing. :p


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Hi Dk
I have just gotten the design from TY. 3 for WG - all bustier ball gown with different detailing and 3 for EG - 1 bustier mermaid, 2 spaghetti straps mermaid and 1 of them is low back. I have not decided on the WG design. Still thinking if I should ask him for 2 more designs. As for EG, it will be spaghetti strap w sleeve attachment (similar to the one in TY advert in Female Brides).
I have decided to use lilac for EG and ice pink for tea dress. All pastel colour. Will it be too boring? But if I choose a stronger colour like red, it will clash w the design cos the gown supposed to be soft and flowy. What u think?


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have u bought GDL things?bought wine?cakes?guest list?invitation cards?confirmed photographer/videographer,clothes for mum,jackets for dad,bridal car,honeymoon?


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Hi Wedsoon,
I am also sick and was on MC for two days. My hubby said I played too much already. I hope you are better now.
I more suai than u. I have lost about $150 over 4 days. Very very bad luck. Every game also got "shi san yao" cards - all the ones and nines and big cards. Thinking of making then people "ang gang" no hope mah! See the cards also want to vomit blood. Hope have better luck this weekend.

How is your meeting w Michelle? Did you try a lot of her gowns? What did she recommend?


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Hi Leo29,
I want to see. Send to me leh? My email: [email protected]. Is it the one with low front and low back? Must see must see.

I am going to wear 3 or 3 1/2 inches. If 4 inches, taller than hubby already. Once I confirmed the design for WG, will look for shoes and accessories. Been to paradox london? Saw some nice shoes featured in magazine.

You are so lucky. So fast decided the design for your WG and EG already. For me, still thinking whether to ask for more designs or not. I looked at the design and find that something is lacking but cant tell what. So my designer also dont know what I want. How do u know whether that design is the most suitable?

I think last weekend not too good for us ox. That s why lost $. Next time must see calendar then play¡­ hee hee¡­

Sat & Sun confirmed playing. FIL forbid us from going out so nothing to do mj lor.


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Hi Min,
As long as your house has not start renovation, HDB will be responsible for all defects. Even if they have fixed and you are not satisfied, can ask them to redo until u are happy w it.
They like to dily daly and they never pick up calls. What I did was fax them the list of defects and write a complain letter. After that, the OIC quickly came and look at the defects and follow thru.


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hi chub and faye,

i agree wif faye, postpone... must well cancel it lah!

but chub, if u really intend to do so, pls do it fast coz i hv heard others said tat some hotel may not agree if ur notice is less than 6 months... think u got to tell them u next intend date for the wedding...


hi jus,

i agree with u, slimming course also help in toning up the body, not just losing weight, so u won't have those excess flab after the weight lost.

u so skinny, so lucky no need to go thru this process. slimming course oso torturing one u know heehee



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what a long list of questions :

1)GDL still pending
2)Wine, Hotel supply
3)Cakes & Invite cards by this week
4)Photograhpy - Confirm
5)Mum and Dad - Done
6)Bridal Car - Done
7)Honeymoon - Pending

so not too bad, most of the list is already in progress.

What about you ?


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u not bad mah!
me also pending till early may if to book honeymoon.meeting hotel mgr next sat to dicuss also I must try to negotitate lesser tables...

when is your GDL?mine is on 18/5/03.but would be a simple one.will be distributing cakes to relatives instead of asking them to come down.

guest book provided by hotel.ring pillow i no need leh..


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hi gals... I haven been coming to sbrides these days... sigh. becos of the sars thing, i had to relocate to another level .. very sianx... cos the big big boss is jus sitting behind me.. and have a birds eye view to my monitor... i simply lost all my privacy... even now i had to type my msg in my email and cut and paste over...

anyway, hope you gals have fun.. i wont be able to meet up...

am going for lunch soon.. maybe will bump into one of you gals again... heehee....

hi cazza, my sister is also looking for a job... but her experience is in customer service.. i wonder if you or any of you gals here know of any open positions she can apply to.... she's a ploy grad... and she is very realistic in her pay expectations. i have her resume... if any of you need, thanks!!

Cazza, no short cut to loose weight... really. you have to be realistic lor... easy come easy go... so even if you go slimming ctr... and lost weight in a short span of time... if you don control your diet, and do the appropriate exercise.. you will put on those kilos very easily... so eat right, and exercise is the way to loose fats slowly but surely. we still have 6mths before oct... if you put your heart and mind to it, can do it one.... i can help you along the way... okie?


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Nope, bridal shop wouldn't used fresh flower for car deco, cannot make it. Just imagine the wind and sun impact on the fresh flower. Only corsages and hand bouquet is fresh flower.


You see lah, seldom come in so overlook your question. Lucky wen alert me. Ya, they will used net for car deco, not oganza. I seen them tide before, the net was very tight. So it wouldn't be very flappy when car is moving. Organza is too fine, it break easily. The procedure is; open bonnet,tide one end to it, open booth, tide the other end to it(The net is straight not dangling). When done, they close the bonnet and booth, just imagine the pulling.


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Hi gals

Thanks for the advice. I will take note of this. The weather is not too great for the past few days and my PS is next week. Just hope that Chris will take great pics!!


Tks. I have taken a look at the photos - you look v much of a glowing bride...


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hi amerline,

me still got tummy...
esp after eating

both don and rick said that i m too skiny to look really good in my gowns... ; (

but, shan't complain anymore...
FH would definitely box me
hee hee


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hi cookiecorgi,

my firm has also splitted us up into different levels, also as a precaution against SARS
we are not even supposed to meet up for lunch with those at different levels

i think the SARS thigy is getting more n more scary, with so many people affected and such domino effect...


Hi faye and vicace,

to me,

- cancel means no customary wedding. quite unfeasible since already decided on many things already.

- postpone means being considerate for other pple and hoping all wld be able to give us their blessing in a safer way.


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thnks for the photos!
*fainted* wow the WG was really sexy!!!

if gals feel this way...imgaine how what the guys will think! ur husband will definately be looking at you all day!

you go gal!


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Hi Whitely, soyabean, cutie n Cin,

mine is also same date as u all...22/6
any one else same?

where u all will be having ur banquet?
perhaps we might be the same...hehhehe

mine is at Swissotel stamford...

yar now becos of the SARS, we must be prepared for low attendance...which is very stressful as we very hard to gauge


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Oh dear, gals, i found something in the Nov thread! Crown Prince Hotel is closing down, something abt being badly hit by sars... if i'm not wrong, some gals here are holding their wedding banquet there??? Dunno how true is this... this sars thing is really worrying...


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Shook: i didnt do much during GDL. I didnt even follow my FH back to new hse. I just stay ard and my FH go back to new hse 1st. i only meet him later to go shopping.

Sue: blessing that u feel better now. take more rest ok. i feel stress for no reason nowsday dun know is it becos of wedding. Now working on my actual day schedule. i told myself dun be too stressful but i just cant help it to feel that way.

May: the wine really worth it.. for a french wie to cost $45 is quite a good wine alreadi.



I'm a Dec bride who has signed up with Crown Prince. I got really worried when I saw your posting. I have called the Hotel and they are claiming that it is not true that they are closing down.

Can you let us know what does FDWA stands for? I did a search and found that the only hotel 'union' we have in Singapore is Singapore Hospitality Association.

I'm very appreciative to you and thank you for your initiative in informing us of the 'closure' but unless you are very sure that the closing down is true and you have heard correctly from your mum, it is possible for the hotel to take legal action against you.

Please let us have more information on the so call union meeting of the FDWA that your mum attended as I'm sure a lot of us who signed up with Crown Prince would want to know.


Hi Naturally!

I an a Crown Prince bride and I did some work after reading your posting and has posted a message on the November thread as well.

I'm currently waiting for an official letter from the hotel to clarify the 'close down' rumour. The coordinator, Kris, has promised that we will be given a satisfactory answer by end of the week. I am still worried but will try and stay calm till I hear further news.

Below is my posting in November:


I'm a Dec bride who has signed up with Crown Prince. I got really worried when I saw your posting. I have called the Hotel and they are claiming that it is not true that they are closing down.

Can you let us know what does FDWA stands for? I did a search and found that the only hotel 'union' we have in Singapore is Singapore Hospitality Association.

I'm very appreciative to you and thank you for your initiative in informing us of the 'closure' but unless you are very sure that the closing down is true and you have heard correctly from your mum, it is possible for the hotel to take legal action against you.

Please let us have more information on the so call union meeting of the FDWA that your mum attended as I'm sure a lot of us who signed up with Crown Prince would want to know.


hi jus,

so serious ah? ur office good, at least take care of u all. my office pple still flying to vietnam as usual. boss say u dun fly u no need come work already....

SARS is scary bcoz of those irresponsible pple who dun seek proper treatment at proper places!

i am going next mon to TC for my fitting. hope I lost enuff weight heehee Don ask me to lose 1 kg and 1 inch off the waist. so that the CS will fit better. stressful!

hi ladies,

any recommendations of where to go for PS? And any ideas of where to get unique guestbooks??


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Hi Naturally,

Sigh, netscape has problem loading this thread leh. Everytime i need to refresh so many times to get the whole thing out. Now finally got it *phew*

Oh, glass pane got that tears effect ah? I still dunno leh. Sometimes i saw in magazines quite nice
kekekekee... hmm, i also told my hubby before, why not have waterfall in the background. And yes, millenia walk!! But eventually still feel sentosa and esplanade are better, more things for photoshoot

Crown prince is closing down?? Very worrying leh!! Such a reputable hotel closed down because of SARS hit?? Really hope its not true, else other hotels and restaurants will soon be affected too


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Hi ladies,

we've some new addition to our poll of dec brides
hope i din miss out anyone...

keropi, welcome!

i'm a 7 dec bride too
how's your prep?

7 Dec brides, anyone having solemnisation on 7 Dec too? I've called the JP, David Loh but he's fully booked on that day? Help! Any recommendation for other JP?

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freesia, Le Galleria , Holiday Inn
Sunshine, BV , Beaufort
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<FONT COLOR="119911">keropi, -, -</FONT>

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tintin , Jawn Happy ever after , OCC
Tiara, -, Oriental Hotel

oh dear! Crown Price Hotel really closing down? Mrs Quake &amp; Mickey, u're affected?


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Dear Ladies,

Just a gentle reminder...

In here we share information...right or wrong, no one knows...

It's up to each individual to check and verify if the information is true or not.

Please refrain from scaring pple that they can be sued.

1/2 the info in the forum are very subjective and it's each individual to check it out for themselves.


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Mrs Quake, hope this is just a rumour... yah, stay calm, since no official news yet, it's very much possible that the management may be able to salvage the hotel? Sorry if i made u so worried with my kpo news...



Just to let you know that I have spoken to the hotel and indeed, they are seeking advices from their lawyers already. You can call up the hotel and speak to Kris or Lu-Ann (spell?) if you like to verify.

I'm just stating what I found out from the hotel. This is meant to inform others as well and I'm not trying to 'scare' anyone with lawsuits.

I'm sure each of us posting here should have some responsibilities when sharing information with the rest in the forum. I shall refrain from posting anything concerning Crown Prince Hotel in this thread further until I receive a formal reply from the hotel.


Naturally &amp; Jbride:

Yes, I'm trying to keep my hopes high for the moment till the hotel gives us an official reply. No need to apologise since you are just passing info you learn from other threads.

I'm not one who will believe things without doing research or going back to the source. No denying that I'm worried but I'm definitely trying to keep cool now. *fingers crossed*

Thanks for all your concern. I'll let you guys know once I get any official news or reply from the hotel.


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i dunno, i'm just imagining that there may be a tears effect lor, or maybe i got that impression from some MTVs that i've seen???

Millenia walk is nice, always see couples there, it's another popular spot... but it's definitely no-no for us... cos hubby works there, will remind him of work stress!

Feel quite sad that hotels can be so badly hit by sars... hope all of us can be more socially responsible and try to contain the sars virus, so tourists and business investors can have confidence in Sgp again!!


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hi chub,

sorry if i offend u from the previous msg!

yes i know your postpone meaning but how long would u intend to postpone? wat if the situation getting worse?

how abt hv the customary but without wedding dinner... or the dinner only cater for the close relatives? will u consider?


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I'm sure he was just kidding!
you're quite tall you know
so naturally you'll have to eat enough for your body mass.....

getting old is just an excuse ;p wanna go dancing? ;) hee he ehe gd way to exercise... as long as we don't drink too much!

btw, your new place seems to be ready soon... when will you get your keys?


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wah... i din noe so many people follow our thread???

wen... i also heard cannot use fresh flowers cos the wind will blow all away, cos i initially wanted to use and my bridal people had a gd laugh! ;P

leo29... thanx for your confirmation. at least i know my florist not trying to cheat me to use more ex material.

eh... think i will show you all pics next time lah, now this forum like v dangerous hor??? ;P


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Hi are

are you still looking for simple deco for ur recep? I saw in a mag the other day a really simple and nice set up... i've to go look for it again... they just use ribbons &amp; tealights...


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Hi All,

Just for your info, Food Industry do have their own union to fight for their workers' rights. I forgotten their short form ... I think is something like what Priscilla has written.

Ps : I studied Industrial Relation course at NTUC b4, a lot of union in charge take these courses for their knowledge. So know a few people from this union too


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Hi Amerline,

In that sense, yes, at least the Firm is taking some action
But very inconvenient… my boss upstairs
Now we are conversing thru phone
Hee hee, but good also-lar… hopefully won’t kena so many arrows…

You’ll be going for your fitting this mon?
How about your FH? His suit is ready as well?
You must be quite excited

I bought a guest book from Furluv, one of the advertiser of SingaporeBrides during one of the wedding fair for 25 dollars
It is actually a large piece of paper (nice one-lar) folded into a booklet with a ribbon to secure it
Came in a variety of colours, red, green, yellow, blue
I think there’s a picture of it at the the website
But frankly speaking, not exactly worth it come to think about it…
But spent liao, never mind… hee hee


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hi gals...

hope everyone is doing fine..
so how was the last gathering? any more gatherings.. i am berry free now.. =p

ps. anyone going for manicure this sat? me going indulge..heheheh

hi leo29,

can i see the pics too? heard so much comments. make me curious oso..
email is [email protected]



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Hi Are &amp; Leo29
Oh no! I thought it has to be fresh flower. Already called a few florists to ask about prices. They charge $150 to $250 depending on the type of flowers used. So what should we use? Fake flowers? Or teddy bears? Or just organza or net?

Wow&iexcl;&shy; your WG &amp; EG really "dressed to kill"? Since have the asset, must flaunt. Look forward to see your actual gown. Must be very sexy since it is made to your size.


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May, do consider Korea. It's a very nice place, with lots of shopping and nice scenery. Let me if you decide to go, can tell you where are the nice places to shop in Seoul.

Sue, I think Teochew got quite a number of traditions if you really want to follow. To me, got si dian jin is enough... no need roast pig etc. :p Do you have to follow the tradition to wake up early and be out of your house before sun rise?

Arubagal, enjoy your PS.
For me, I din change my gown, just wore one straight off. Don't worry, I believed Chris is great!

Shook, can you share with me what are the things that the girl's side needs to buy?


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Hi, Pris,

When you got your photos, share with us. I have not gone for my fitting. Quite confused. Is it 1st fitting, you will only be choosing your PS gowns and EG. Some other days then you choose actual day Gown? Or when then you let them know you want to MTM WG? Your MTM wedding gown is design by Dexx or you specifically told him what you wanted?

Lots of gd comments on your gown. Care to share with me? Email me lah, my email address in Nov list. Thanks .


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wen... its up to u if you want to add teddy bears or anything else to the fake flowers. usually its those cloth flowers, and i also heard from my bridal tat they throw aft each use. think its totally out of shape or dirty liao so they dun recycle.

i'm just using flowers and net, thinking of using the net to make 'big ribbons' at the back of our van. not going to add anything else. was quoted $120-$150. are you using your own car as well? initially my bridal will provide the car so includes decor as well. now we using our van, so hv to find own decor. i shd be using a florist i know.