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Oso32, no time no hear from you, how's your wedding preparations going?

Shook, wah, must buy so many things ah? I din know, thot only need to get the candles will do, and I'm wondering where the hell am I going to put the candles.

Sue, I'm not sure about other dialects but it's a teochew tradition for the groom's parents to invite the brides parents to the wedding. Will need to get a person who writes the wedding cards to do the writing. The person normally works in those teochew shop also provides the common things needed to buy for the teochew tradition. I also dun know all these, it's my hubby's dad who told us about this.

Kare, when are you flying? Btw, another recommendation on videographer, this person is my friend's uncle, with many years of experience. William Loh @ 97388481.

Arubagal, for photoshoot, I think a few popular places are the Lalang patch at Changi, Sentosa, Kallang stadium, One Fullerton, Botanical Gardens.

Vin, envy you, travelling to Europe! It's one of my dream honeymoon too. Maybe, I might get a chance to travel there next year or so.


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Hi Sweets

Eh I dun really remember who was on the stepper... keke. No lah, my weight is fluctuating all the time. hah u saw me doing the hand weights ah, so paisey haha, i anyhow do one. Feel so heavy these days cos forever on PMS, so stressed until my period not here since before photoshoot session back in Feb.
How, should c doctor or not?

Wah beibei,

U got count number of days to wedding ah? how i never count. hehe wanna count for me? June 22, actual day. haha. I'm quite fortunate cos i dun have wedding dinner, so it's just a casual thing and all still turning up.

Wish u gals happiness and a fabulous marriage for yrs to come! I'm so excited abt marriage! But scared after that become fat fat... arghhh

Shanice :p


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I actually chose for my evening gown a purple outfit.....it's actually 2 layers inside a bright purple then the outer sheer layer is organza ...the 2 put together give a effect that's darkish bright purple..... I'm fair skin...so you think will stand out or brighter colour better....would be having crystals along the hem line as well.... so thought dark colour would then stand out more.

Hi Leo29,

Can you share your photo with me as well?


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Hihi Jan
Poor u, FH still flying when it is <1mth b4 your wedding. Y his company so inconsiderate one.
Me abt same situation as u. GDL on 2nd May, 9 days to wedding. My parents can't send invite to relatives till GDL

Cool dwn, find things to destress.
Dun arrange 8 ppl to a table. U will suffer great loss. The urshers have to help u to re-allocate seats for guests when the tables r not fully taken come close to the commence of your banquet. Of coz u arrange a table of 10 1st.

Hihi Jazz
Hmm... candles to b bought by groom side, not bride side.
The candles to b light up @ the alter on your actual day.


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51 more days to my ROM!!!
61 more days to my Actual Day!!!

Sweets, When do u usually go Amore? wanna go classes together? Tuesday 10.30am's Hi/Lo very good... good workout.



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hi cazz,

thanks for the offer &amp; sorry for the late reply. was on leave yesterday ...

apart from mailing u my resume, is there an address that i can post / deliver my resume to?

flying dutchman.com ?? you're not the class95 flying dutchman's staff are you?

heh heh ... that'll be kool !!!

may i ask u alittle more? what kind of event mgt are you doing? exhibitions / conference / roadshows / d&amp;d etc?


Sorry i won't be able to go for dinner. Got yoga on thurs...


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Oso32: yes it make some sense but i dun interpret it this way. Never mind as long as ur parents dun mind will do.

Just a reminder. i didnt notice till GDL. Some of the tradition still have to follow. Like of polite to do it. At least next time if i married my daughter or getting in a DIL i would know what to do.


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hi amerline,

hope i can recognise you! ; )

Hi Serene,

yeap time passes quite slowly
though i have tonnes and tonnes of work, din really feel like doing hee hee


Shook &amp; May: got lobang for wine at 50% discount. let me know if you interested yeah. details as follows:

France, Epicure Medoc Reserve 1998
> "Dried herb character changes to currant and
> berries. Medium-bodied, soft
> tannins and a fruity finish."

This wine was given an 85 points rating in the international known wine magazine - The Wine Spectator, in 2001 for their 1998 vintage. Heard the normal retail price is S$45 but i can get it at about $20. not sure if $45 is really the retail price. if possible, can either of you check with contact?

let me know asap.


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Jan: Thanks for the lobang...any chance we can taste the wine? I dont know much abt french wine but I am looking at below $ 20. more to the range of $ 15. But if it really costs $45
then it is worth it.

The brand is Epicure?


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hi mrs quake,

thanks for the compliment! That was my bf's first visit to the shop...so wanna show him the cheong sam...glad that he's happy with it..as well as the WGs in the shop..

how did Dang guide you in the designing phase? although i have a faint idea of the type of gown i like, it's hard to have a concrete picture...and i'll change my mind many times before deciding on something, so it's hard to even tear out the pictures! everytime i look at the mags i tag different pages... :p


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Hi all,

Beibei, guess mine was a weekday so they allow minimum 30 tables. Though I too bargained for it! Anyway what I am most worried for my HM is we will be discriminated against when we are in that country. Anyone heard of discrimination in Europe?


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oh........then i mus ask another close fren or sis to go with me for the gown design with my hubby loh...... =P
my pal told me to prepare cutouts from the magz to show wat i wan.......but i got limited mags... n the designs look almost the same to me... =S
so i am watching out on tvs....... hopefully can describe to Dang on wat i am talking abt....


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Hi 1027,

Yah that is my boss :). The kind of event we do are gala dinner, mall promotions, conferences, road show, product launches, and other corporate events. We do not do D&amp;Ds and family day but should our corporate client insist we do it just for a goodwill. You can find out more at www.theflyingdutchman.com.sg

Hey just found a really cool site to down load music for weddings KAZZA you guys should check it out cause is free! :)

You girls have fun on Thursday!

hi Amerline,

Positions available are like business development positions! :)


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Hi Cin, I too have a minimum of 35 tables. At the moment, our hotel does not want to commit to giving us a lower number for minimum. I guess I can understand their point also. If they agree now, then we'll probably invite less people to begin with. Then they will lose out.

They say we can write in nearer the date if we need to reduce the number. We're trying to invite up to 40 tables to minimise the loss. If really can't help it, then have to write in and hope the hotel has some compassion.


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i went to surf the site. KOOL !!!
FD is your boss???
wow !

I think my forte is alot more corporate, but i am not creative. I do hotel conferences and seminars better. Corporate roadshows for products also can.
Does your company have a position for this?

thanks cazza !


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hi gals

haven't catch up with you guys for so long.

Tried on some gowns at Everbliss and i look soo frumpy. Maybe I'm bit small size. Anyone know how to put on more weight? Ppl advise me to put on more to look better. Sighs

Meow meow
can u update my PS as 15Aug? Thanks



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Hi 1027

Yes we do depending on your experience the title would be corporate events ......

Regarding the creative part not to worry! :) I am in charge of conceptualizing thus, it is my job to help in the creative part of the proposal! :)

That is why I have problem with my wedding too much ideas! Damn and money is restrictive!

Yes my boss is FD his name is Mark van Cuylenburg


hi cazza,

i am accounts trained but i have worked in an exhibitions company for 2 yrs. Doing mainly operational aspects and registration for conferences and seminars and some PR.

wonder if your company is willing to train pple up coz I am really interested in this line.

opps, oct'03 brides become a job search engine heehee


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got ur photos already. u look gorgeous in those gowns...so envious...only if i hv such good figure...: )

ur WG is very sexy and sweet. almost bare back huh with an opening in front...i won't dare to even give it a try...me too conservative. like the color of ur EG, very fairy like feeling.



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Hi Naturally,
Ok, do let me know how your shoes turn out
. Hope that it will be very nice

Hi Tingting,
Are you choosing to take back your EG or teadress? So envious that you can take back one of the gowns
. Me too also have many conflicting ideas about the skeletal structure of the WG and i ended up tearing many pages from the magazines, i guess i will jus show the designer what i like and then hear their professional opinions

Hi sunflower26,
You can go to www.theknot.com, there are quite abit of gown designs there. You can then print out the ones you like and show to your designer, don't need to describe so tediously
. Hope you find the site useful and enjoy surfing...


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Allo Amerline,

I think they don't mind cause my background is advertising and they still head hunted me. Cause bottom line to them is the passion to learn.



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Hihi Pausini
Very likely I can't go on leave on my GDL

Wat is the tradition dat we muz follow?

Hihi Jan
I m oso looking in the range of $15. I know nuts abt wine, try to look out for Epicure Medoc when I go wine sourcing.


Hi, I stumbled upon this thread. I am also a Dec bride.
But I still haven't decide on my bridal studio yet. Now, it's between silver lining and dang. I like dang's design more but she doesn't tie-in with Utopia, which both me and my darling like. Haven't met Dang before, only met Cindy, thought she is quite nice. Supposed to meet Jit (silver lining) this sun abt the design of the gown. Silver lining is nice too and I am sure he can produce what I want. Anyone heard of any comments (both good and bad) abt silver lining?

BTW, I read that someone wanted Triston Yeo no. I wanted to post his no. and email add here but it doesn't allow me to. Anyone can tell me how to post these info? He is my actual day photographer. My wedding is on 7 Dec and I know that he is also taken on 6 Dec. Hopefully, you can get him.


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Hi All: Thks for all your concern. I've recovered &amp; feeling better. Guess partly also stress over the wedding. So everybody, must take care huh....May is next week &amp; some of us here will be married off.

Hi Shook: I've selected the photos already. The album will be ready on 10 May. My package is 20 photos but becos it rained, so Chris compensated me with extra photos. He gave us 5 more but we asked for 3 more. So, I hv a 28 pages album. At least, I save some $ here without topping up extra for photos. Wow, I din know that bride's mum has to buy so many things leh. Thanks for the long list.

Hi Kare: I really don't want to drop out from here. I'll know their decision by end of this week or hopefully by tmrw.

Hi Pausini: I watched that documentary too. That's y I'm asking u if it is a must. I think my mum doesn't even know. You are right abt addressing the relatives correctly. My mum is getting my uncle to help us to write the relatives invites for us.

Hi May: Thks for mentioning abt Vit C. I just went to pop one &amp; came back to finish my posting....hehe. I read yr email today but was very busy so din reply u. I'll still chk with my colleague abt the photography.

Hi Maya: Saw some ads fm Aussino. They got discounts on quilt covers. I'm looking for bed sheets for my 'an chuang'.

Hi Jazz: I'm a teochew so I told FH that I need the 'si dian jin'. My father also never mentioned abt the invites, maybe my mum din know becos she's a cantonese.

Hi Arubagal: I'll resend to you. For me, I only wore my WG for outdoor. I dunno where can u change out of yr WG outdoor &amp; the gown is so heavy. Might be a bit troublesome.


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Hi Nokia,
I am also having wedding on 6/6. My church at olps and dinner at conrad.

Hi All,
I'm also stress out with the SARS case. Luckily, i reserved the minimum no of table at conrad - 20. Hopefully, my tables will be able to filled by relatives and close friends. Other than that we can only pray hard that things will be better in June


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Yup, still going ahead with the flight. No choice. Right now, just go with the flow. If at that time, really something pops up, then we'll handle from there. Can't worry so much already or would die. LOL!

Thanks on the rec! I'm leaving on 9th June.


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Hi Min,
I have choosen my gowns for my photoshooting already but still have not decide which EG I want cos I have choosen 2 design, 1 is in gold the other one is like blue green both is tube dress.
My WG is MTM to what I want and really can't wait to wear it cos that day went for fitting can't bare to take it off so nice and Dexx is my make-up artist for my PS and actual day, he is very friendly and talking to him like my friend very relax lor.
As for the song list, its ok take your time just remember to send it to me by mid next month.

Hi Serene,
Hee hee, I found out that I prefer noodles then rice when I am pregnant and prefer to have lots of fresh veg in my meal maybe like a sandwich.
So thats why hubby say I very picky in food, maybe you can send me some of the meal planning you have.


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Hihi Sue
Wow Chris is really nice. Y does he compensate u for the bad weather. It is not his fault wat.
It wz drizzling on my ps day. My photographer juz wanna get everything over n done quickly. End up only took 80 shots for me.

Hihi Arubagal
I changed my gown in the hotel. If u wanna change your gown, may b u arrange wif your hotel to take photos @ their premise n lend u a rm for changing.


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Hi Leo,
Very nice lei your WG, I really hope got such good figure as you to wear something so daring,
Your EG is sweet too.
Thanks for sharing your photos with me.
When I get mine I share share with you too.


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Hi gals,
Got a news to share with all of you.
My mum just got some information from her Union's meeting and found out that Crown Prince Hotel has already close down, so to all of you out there if your dinner is booked with those 4 stars hotel and those not really stable type maybe you all can consider getting an wedding insurance with NTUC Income and it cost around $120+ and its a one time payment and they are willing to pay you from $5k-$10k if the hotel or restaurant close down. Its better to play safe then sorry cos now the SARS thing is so scary so anything can happen.


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hi chicory,

i'll be taking back the tea dress. Guess it'll be more wearable than the EG. Hope that you'll have a fun time at ur bridal shop! I gotta start tearing out the pages soon...

hi keropi,

you can take Dang's no-photographer package at $3288, then sign on separately with Utopia. It's quite commonly done so should not have major problems. Just that u'll have to book the photographer urself and coordinate the dates.


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Hi Leo29
I m interested to see yr pics too.. can email me:
[email protected]

Hi gals,
Time flies, havent been logging in for such long time.. Seems like you gals are progressing fast.. Viewing WG, EG, reno.. For me, too busy with work, think I really got lots to catch up.
Till now haven't even visit my bridal shop (though have signed up). Thought of popping by one of these days.. Do you all normally make appointment with them before going, or can I just pop by?

Hi Pris,
First I wanna congratulate you,, becoming a young mommy soon.. I note your info on Crown Prince Hotel, I haven't heard of it anywhere, it is confirmed? I m worried, cos I have signed up with them.. Where's your mom working, at Crown Prince?? I m really worried..


hi all sept brides,

me too is a sept bride. would like to check with u all 1 thing.

sars is still going on. though my wedding is 5 mths away, i'm thinking is it a better idea to inform the hotel now tt we wld like to postpone to a later date, rather than wait till july/aug (if - touch wood - the sars is still on).

pls share with me what do u all think abt this. thanks. i know i'm being a paranoid, but...


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Lkf and Priscilla,

Don’t said like that lei, make me pai seh. I where got good figure,very ka deh(short). As I told Are, I vain mah so like to expose, heeheehee…


That is not my acutual day WG/EG. Is sample for me to try on only. I will show you all photos when I go for each fitting. You all must do the same orh.


Ok, waiting for you to send us your photos.

Jing Jing,

It’s better for you to make an appt. At least they can reserve the time to serve you. Yours is MTM or OTR?

Hi April, welcome welcom! You want to email your particular to Meow? Just a record of Nov brides.

Email to : [email protected] with these info.:

1) Nickname
2) Real Name
3) Birthday (DD/MM/YY)
4) ROM Date
5) Actual Day
6) Venue of Banquet
7) Email address
8) New Home Location (area)
9) Contact Nos
10) Name of bridal
11) Photoshoot date
12) You and your husband dialect
13) Actual day photograher


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Hi Jing,
My mum is a part of the FDWA something like a Union for hotels in Singapore and when she today went to the meeting they announce this news and just only today cos they go bankrupt because of the SARS and no business thats why they close down.
You better call up to your Co-ordinator to double confirm everything.


hi cazza,

i am enrolled in a slimming course, not bad effects but of coz it comes with a price tag. hehe i lost 2 kg and 1 inch of the waist and thighs during the 1st couple of sessions without dieting....


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Hi kiroro,

have you had your food tasting yet ? What about your invite cards ?

i have not done anything yet. still idleing.

Only think of send out the invites by End April. What else to look out for ?


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Jan: the place i recommended is called Karuizawa.
U got to take the JR train from Tokyo and the journey is more than an hour. It was very nice when i was there during winter as it has ski resort next to this outlet shopping mall.
I think the ski resort is closed in Spring. Not too sure if the place is still as nice in Spring but for outlet shopping this is quite good. You can find Nike factory outlet and Muji factory outlet here.

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza
Description:A facility with three areas. One area is dedicated to famous and popular brands; another to outdoor wear and sports brands; and the third to souvenirs and foodstuffs that can only be purchased in Karuizawa.
Main Merchandise:Casual wear, men's wear, ladies' wear, children's wear, brand fashions, foodstuffs, imported household goods, shoes and socks, household goods
No.of premises:120
Address:Karuizawa, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano-ken
Access:3-10 min. walk from JR Karuizawa Sta.

I wouldnt mind going back to Japan again but hubby dont want. I may go to Korea instead. It is now Korea or Bali for honeymoon. I dont intend to book anything package till after wedding coz of the uncertainty.

I have checked the wine you got lobang, it really costs S$45.

Shook: my mom need to buy so many things? I have decided to make things as simple as possible - it is just too stressful. Why did you change the GDL's date? 1 May is a public holiday, wouldnt it be easier.

Sue: Chris is very nice to give u the free photos. I will not be displaying my photo album at the dinner. I have asked my brother to do a slide show for me showing the photos. I didnt know what to do for the presentation montage so decided to do this instead. This way no need to worry that people will damage my album.

Arubagal: i went to sentosa for ps and i changed to my casual clothes at beaufort hotel. Go to the ballroom section of the hotel and there is a very quiet toilet at the basement. Forget abt changing your gown in the toilet cubical. It is impossible w the can can. luckily for me no one was in the whole toilet other than my female photographer, i just stripped.


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hi cazza,

wah... you become your company's recruiter
hee hee

heard that cambridge diet is quite good, but must have the determination of not eating anything except the drink-based meals (provided by the package) for at least 1 week

my FH tried it and lost 5 kg in one and a half weeks (he cannot resist after that... hahaha)
first 2 days yield the best results -- 2-3kg
subsequently half kg for each day

the good thing about slimming courses would be that you dun have to 'torture' yourself
but, would need to spend more-lar
hee hee


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Hi Pris!

THanks for the info.

this sars thingy is really bad news... hope our fellow SB getting married in the next few mths will be fine.

Ladies do take care!

Remember to wash your hands &amp; more importantly...
DON'T Touch your face ... esp when you are out...

always wash your hands first before touching your face okie...


Tingting: What I did was to flip through magazines and start tagging the pages I like - be it the cutting of the gowns, embroidery design, beadings, types of veils, length of train, a special detail you like of a gown.

I showed Dang all those pages and point them out to her. She, on the other hand, also search for pictures of gowns that she think would suit me and show me on the day we discuss about the design.

The basic thing is to be truthful to yourself and Dang when selecting the designs and trust Dang to do the work after that.

In my opinion, only you and your FH should go for the appointment on the designing date. Afterall, it is your wedding and you and your FH should like the gowns. Sometimes, friends may influence you into what they like instead of what you like.

Keropi: I'm a Dang bride too and I took out her MTM package without photo for $3288. I took out a separate package with Andrew Choi even though he is link up with Dand as I get a better deal by going direct.

Dang is quite nice too. You should make an appointment to see her. She just got back from a trip recently. Perhaps that's why you you didn't get to see her.


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I want to see your sexy pics too!
pls send to me


i've changed my mind more than a dozen times!
i'm sure you'll lose the weight you need
'cos of the STRESS! ;)