(2003) Brides of year 2003


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hi hi

i better start going to the gym next week ... feeling damn fat and bloated man ..somemore 1st appointment with kai next week!! better get my butt moving, later kana suan!!!

me wearing heels .. maybe slip on sandals on the beach? what if they ask me to step inside the water?? there goes my shoes u know!!!


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I am already talking in oct brides thread.. haahaha... just that i use a different nick to "camouflage" myself here :p


I can't bear to leave this thread

For the press powder, i thought i need to know what colour the makeup artist is applying on me, else won't the press powder colour not matching to the colour makeup artist uses? Or press powder is based on skin colour ah?

Yah, for makeup remover, i guess can buy off the shelf from guardian store, etc?

Hi Enya,

I understand what u mean.. kekeeke.. probably bare footed in the water would be better than putting on anything?

My heels are those open toe and slip on type.


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Hi all,

I am a Nov bride too and new here...itz nice to know so many of Nov brides in this forum.

Can i check if you have any recommendations for actual day photographers? Thanks gals!


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Hi Jazz: I read from newspaper that there's cases of SARS in NZ. Told my FH to check with Chan Bro if we can postpone. My mum has also being telling me to postpone until it's settled but God knows when this SARS thing is going to end since there's no cure. Moreover, I need to go Bangkok in July for a friend's wedding. So if I dun go in June, then it will be July & this will clash with my best friend's wedding.

Hi Shook: Glad that you've found your dream gowns. I'm not inviting any bosses' spouse because I dun know them.

Hi Maya: Finally you've settled your date. One thing off your mind. We won't forget you. Have to keep this friendship going.

Hi Kare: Sorry to hear abt that. Like what May said, see if you can go somewhere nearer. I guess now is the time where your hubby needs your support most.

I've loaded my sample prints, will send you all the link. Pls give me your frank comments. I'll be going down to confirm my selection tmr.


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hi leo29,hi meow,

ya .. agree its abit long..can just put crayon lor... well , i have confirmed my wedding banquet at traders hotel and my bridal shop at christian creations ... (any comments on these 2?? hhehee?)
i have also confirmed my church wedding.. but these are the main things that i know must be done now.. but hor.. the minor details hor, i really dono leh.. things like the accessories, i have not even started sourcing... but just started checking on the tiaras though... errr tats all tat i've done.. hehee..


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hi soyabean

i'm also cantonese and my FH also hokkien!! same! hehehe.. yah lor... like wat u've mentioned... hey must buy pants for FH issit? instead can also substitute with ang bao..the pants supposed to be placed at the mid-section of the roasted pig after its cut up.. but we wun be having roasted pig cos my FH is a vegetarian. haha, ang bao instead... on actual day, bride's mum must comb hair for bride in the morning, auspicious time, or not? my mum bought this wedding kit, heart shaped one, those straw or ratten kinda thing... inside got comb, sewing kit, hahaha... so cute! and also bought red umbrella, a basin, towel, 2 sets of bowl and chopsticks... hmmm..

dunno lah, so confusing! arghhh...


anyone knows who must come to gal's place during guo da li? FH's parents or some auntie?


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hi all... me back.

besse, leo29... we finally started our reno. but a lot of headache, cos of our horde of contractors. quite hard to co-ordinate everyone, and their timing so 'flexible' that we hv to keep re-shuffling. sigh, expected this so juz handle issue by issue.

our reno things also changed so much from day one we started man, we tool out a lot of things and decided to live with wat we hv now to save $$. no longer getting bank loan but preparing to use DBS cashline if need $$. we est the total budget plus furnishing to be ard $25K. hope can achieve man.

reno is such a headache. but i love shopping for furnishing! got new ideas aft each visit, hubby can't keep up with me! hahahaha.... ;P

thanx for the concern over the 'xiao ren' in my office. i really can't stand them and i know my boss is trying to drive me away. i'm also trying hard to fulfil her wish, so all pls wish me luck! ;P

my ring is also platinum. tho' its matt, its pretty easy to get scratches cos hubby's got one juz aft the engraving! i wanted the guy to make amendments and he offered to polish the whole ring! i wouldn't want to risk tat, so we left it. but aft wearing my rings a few times, also some lines here and there, but i guess tat gives it a rustic look? me and hubby xiao one, wear 4 a wk aft our ROm, then happy then take out to wear. but i shd be wearing daily aft our wedding. hubby can't coz his workplace not allowed.

sorrie for the long long msg, miss you gals! ;P


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Welcome wink

My photographer is Nick Goh. I love his artwork. Think someother also has good photographers to recommend too.

Wink and Crayon, will both of you send your details such as:
2)Real name
3)ROM date
4)Actual date
6)email address
7)Bridal boutique
8)Actual day photographer
9)Photoshoot date
10)Dialect of bride & groom
11)Venue of banquet
12)Contact No.
13)new home add(area)
to me at [email protected]? I'm compiling the list of nova here.

I think those you need to settle will be your photographer and videographer. These are more important as compare to other. Maybe deco stuffs or wedding favors and wrist corsage if needed?

No prob Shirlynn will help when you ask. But i'm not really that good ok? Now lost touch with the trend and knowledge liao.

drop you a mail liao


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wish you luck then.
Hmm...did he accidentally scratch it? Well its nice that they polish it for you again. At most later they engrave the name back again mah.


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Hi hi,

I have a question regarding the ang pows. Let's say someone is a jie mei and also an emcee. How many ang paos am i supposed to pack for her? three? One at the door (the collective one to be shared among them), then one from us for being a jie mei, and one at the end of the day for being an emcee is it? is this overdoing it a bit? Should i substitute one ang pao with a gift or something? what do you girls think?


Do all Cantonese brides out there know that your FH has to buy your younger brother a pair of shoes? It's called Kao Jai Hai.


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Thanks for your concerns! Really appreciate them
I have since talked to my SO. We decide to go ahead with our honeymoon. Reason is the company promises that closing down will only be in Dec this year. If we do not go now, there will not be any chance for us to go in the near future. If he gets a new job, then he can't take leave until end of next year. We are currently busy with churning out letters to any companies that he would like to work for. And then we'll see from there.

Lovely pics! I think you're going to have a hard time choosing which pics to put in your album.


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Hi Wink,

Welcome to this thread!!

My actual day photographer is also Nick Goh.

What is your requirement ( just photos or with presentation during the dinner or videography...) for the actual day and do you have any budget in mind??

Maybe can let us know, and all the brides can help by recommending to you their photographers whom they think can meet your requirements.

Okie?? See you around!!


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wowowwo!!!me on mc yesterday and now so much posting!!

me bought my GDL things last sun as well as gold si dian jin from my parents too!!We only bought few items for GDL cos we tried to simplify everything..and my GDL day is confirmed 18/5!!


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hi ladies,

how's everybody?
busy with reno and fittings?

i am looking for wedding favours
(cheap-cheap one lar...)
anyone got any lobang?

my hotel is providing me chocolates
just tot it would be nice to have additional wedding favours



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Hi wen

I never made any appointment with them leh..Me just walked in like tat...But to play safe, if you want just called them lor...


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Hi all,

I'm a nov bride too!
Could anyone recommend me any gd actual day videographers?
Appreciate your help very much!


Hi Jus,

What is ur budget like?

U can check it out at Kooolgifts Creation at http://www.koool.com.sg. But the cheapest is around $1 per pax. For this, u can get items like a bell, etc.

Hmm, u can also check it out at concourse. There are a lot of cheap stuff there, but well, maybe have to compromise on the quality. I got my gift boxes from there. Each less than 20 cents. But quality wise, of course not as good as what are sold outside.


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hi shanice...
hehe.... me not told dat i hv to buy pants, was told to buy shoes...

and yeah, tink ur inlaws wont come to ur house for GDL, a mei-po will. can be a relative. tink usu ur FH will come as well.

and we're not following the comb hair thingy. my mum doesnt wan to do it cos she said too troublesome and she dun know how to do it, and she doesnt wan to do it in a wrong way.

tink there are shops in chinatown that sells those GDL stuff.

wow... a lot of june brides...
anybody has the updated list who's getting married on when? hehe...


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Welcome Kopibean, you wanna sent your details too?

Morning girls! Yippee tomorrow one more day before super long weekends!


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hi kk,

actually i very cheapo...
as this would be addtional wedding favours, i m looking at about 0.50 per piece hahaha
quite difficult to find i must say.
moreover only looking at about 250 pieces

i have gone to kooolgifts' shop
they have very nice items
but quite exp (h/e quality quite good!)

concourse -- hmm never tot of that
would go and see
thanx again


Hi jus,

Yah, me also cheapo.. kekeke.. anyway ur hotel got give chocolates liao mah, so nvm

For my case, restaurant dun give favours. So my ideas for favours change and change. Finally, we decided to give makan stuff. My budget was 60 cent per pax. The cheaper the better.. kekee.. then we happened to see this traditional red gift box that say "Long Feng Xi Tang" on it. We love traditional stuff, but of course, each box only less than 20 cents so we need to compromise on quality. We will fold the boxes ourselves and then buy some sweeties to pack inside the box, like hersheys chocolates, jelly, etc etc.

I popped by kool shop last sunday. Bought a pair of wedding bears (forever friends traditional) from the shop and a pack of 50 ang pows. Yah, quality real good! I have considered getting favours from them but the cheapest amounts to $1 per pax. Out of budget.. kekee..

Concourse Level 2. The vendors were from blanco court last time. They shifted there when blanco court was closed down.


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hi kare

dun worry too much. let nature take it course. things will turn out well

hi sue
u look so cheerful and pretty! must be a very enjoyable PS. very well taken!


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Ahah, oreo! So u are the real secret agent, camouflage and all!
1027, how's your wedding preps getting on? Feel free to join in too!

Oreo, your makeup artist shd apply makeup close to your skin colour, if u find that during your trial make-up, u look too dark/white, must feedback hor! So u can just get press powder based on your skin colour, also u can use it next time mah!
Actually also depends on your skin type, if u dun have oily skin, if u dun perspire much, perhaps u dun even have to touch up at all?!

Enya, good point there! It didn't occur to me that we may have to step into the water?? heehee, it'll be so comical to walk around with my wet nikes, making squishy squashy sounds..... err, ok, think it sounds quite gross too...

Ok ok, i'll keep my nikes at home, u gals are right, slip-on sandals are better (and prettier), and easier to kick off whenever we need to go barefoot!
Oh yah, try not to wear your actual wedding shoes outdoors, in case kena scratches!


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hi Soyabean,
this is the latest list which I have archived.

Taddess(10/6) - Bridal Zone, Marina Mandarin, JW
Beibei( 7th June)- Bridal Zone, Marina Mandarin, Yew Tee
Priviledged (28/6) - Silhouette + Robin, Regent, Punggol 21
Trinity03 - Punggol 21
Pucca75 (10th June) - Focus Bridal, Yun Nan, Yew Tee
Astrud (14th June) - Kevin Seah, Hilton, Ang Mo Kio, ImageGarden and The Edge (actual day)
Abrinas (21st June)- Seletar Broadway, Club Chinois, Punggol
Joyful - (14th June) J&M, Hotel New Otani, Seng Kang
Totoro -(20 June) Rasa Sentosa
Beanie (29th June)- Kai, Shangri-la Sentosa, Utopia
Jes - (7&8 June)Marina Mandarin, Golden Horse award, Punngol 21
Pooh (15th June)- Universal Brida, Holiday Inn PV, Bukit Batok Central
Sweets - Conrad
Delannie - Jawn
Kiroro (6th June) - Silhouette (Bridal) + Am Amor Meus (for kebaya), Conrad, Linn Kong (Studio+
Wabbit - J&M, Imperium, Sembawang
mmay (20th June) - The Fullerton
Cutie (22nd June) - Oriental, Yvonne Creative
Ah Ling - X-Zen, Pan Pac
Dolphie (14 & 17 June)- Wedding Present, Marriott, ImageGarden, Choon Huat (actual day)

anyone knows if our ah yees and brothers have to follow every where we go??if we go to pray ancestor at my hubby's uncle's house,do they follow as well?


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hi meow,
ya i have been looking around for an AD photographer... but no confirmed names yet.. i have also been looking around for wat to give as wedding favours but as i said..looking around only.. still gathering ideas..

bery lazy lor... then know wat bridal car we want but still haven contact the pers yet.. hahah... for me ah.. everything will be last minute.. keke..

hahaa.. don mean to sound bad
... but, i just started my week today.. hahhaa.. envious... so its only a 2 day week for me...


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You sound happy today! Cool down already? Enjoy your long weekend with you hubby.


Ya, the contractor all have rubber time. Sometimes can wait until you vomit blood. Don't said contactor, just wait for the delivery can make my blood boil. I tot cashline interest rate is higher as compare to housing loan!

I know how you feel when dislike by boss. No matter what you do wouldn't make her happy. Go and pray pray lor. I heard Yue Xia Lao Ren can increase your Ren Yuan not only Yin Yuan. Last time I also have a colleague always stab me at the back and this had make my boss dislike me,so sad..... So I go and pray pray and not long that guy left the company. You must be thinking that I must had pray for that but no lei, I just pray my boss will treat me better.

You also wear your ring on and off! Am I the only that put on the ring everyday? So Chi Qing hor....,

Welcome... kopibean and wink!

Me going to meet my designer this evening to discuss gown design. So kan chiong! Now headach should I wear Kua for tea ceremony or make a tea dress. Hai....,


Hi kk

I just popped by in the forum. Can you let me know which shop did you go to in Concourse for the gift box?



Hi all,

May: me still checking out lobang for wine. keep u updated. i ask for below $20 but she faxed me list for $25. was really puzzled. have to call her to settle. keep you updated. see if we can pool together and get a good rate. As for honeymoon. definitely going. don't know when things wil be back to normal but life still have to go on. booked tickets for canada already. unless things turn for the worse, if not will be going. now trying to call canada if they will qurantine us. doubt so because if they do so, tourism for whichever country doing this will fall. as for that U friend. hmm... are you very close? if not i suggest you skip her. she may not be avoiding you but she definitely didn't commit to memory your big day. i am in same situation as you. had this u friend. didn't meet her for 5 years, no call nothing. out of the blue she sent me email inviting me to her wedding. i was shocked and puzzled how she got my email. since she invited, i just went. but have to be frank, didn't enjoy it one bit because i was put in the corner and from then on, she didn't even contact me at all. in fact, come to think of it, our communciation even for the wedding was by email. this was so even though she knew my telephone number. so even though i attended hers, i won't be inviting her to mine, no point.

Sue: very excited to see your pics. hope to see them before you select so that i can give my 2 cents worth.hahaha!

All: for those going to honeymoon, shall we compile list we leaving? very happy. the rest i not so sure so do add on if you are going yeah. trying to "gao qi fen". now everyone so sian, bring my mood down. we should be happy. it's our big day.

Jan2003-14 May
Sue - ?
May - ?


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hi kk,

kooolgift quite exp
wah, you even got those 'wedding' ang pows
me thinking of using those angpows for cny one
me even more cheapo ; )


Hi AT,

I can't remember liao.. heee... i roughly remember when u go up the escalator, the shop is in the stretch at your back. When i went up escalator, i walk in clockwise manner so there is one stretch of shops in front of me and another stretch behind me. The stretch in front got things but i never purchased from them. More gift boxes for example are available in the shop i purchased from. They actually displayed the samples out, at the back of their shop. It is pretty obvious. U can catch it easily


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i hv the same prob as u .. i guess the xiong dis n jiemeis will follow .. wat we do is we do a quick pray pray and off we go back to our new place for tea ceremony ..

wah .. gd lah ... at least the date is cfm ..


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Hi Naturally,

Heee...well, what's there for me to pick up from this thread so as to pass secrets to the gals from another thread? kekekee....

Ohhh, yah hor, i got my trial makeup during my rom last year. Yah, indeed, same colour, not dark not light
I dun have oily skin but hor, u know singapore weather, so more or less will perspire wan, but then only the forehead affected. The other parts of the face is not affected. I experience this during rom too.

Not only it make squishy squashy sounds, but the whole shoes will also stick with sand.. hahahaa.. then end up second day must stay at home wash shoes and dry them :p

Yah, me not wearing actual wedding shoes for outdoor shoots. Too precious to me! kekkeee...anyway what kind of slip on sandals is nice? Those flat ones ah?


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Hi Gals,

How about bringing both slip-on sandals and track shoes along? I think wearing track shoes looks really sporty and cool
. More variety mah.


Hi Jus,

U know, i think got to grab whatever we can from koool now. Coz the lady told me dur to SARS, they have stopped importing. So even those bears which are out of stock, they are not able to replenish from HK now. So i dun get to see quite a number of designs of bears. I got the one which i have aimed for a long time though
Wanted to look at other designs too, but too bad dun have

Even for ang pows, the smallest size ones are out of stock. So i gotten myself 50s of the other design, just in case the SARS last long and no importing on their part.

The lady say why not wait till later half of year then purchase the things coz our wedding in Oct. But then i scared by then dun have my favourite, so i might as well buy and keep now


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Sue: thanks for sharing your photos. You look so skinny. I very envy. I like you EG the one in blue very ,uch. It suits u very much...but it is a little hard to c much from the small sample print but i tot the outdoor photos look great.
How much did you pay for your honey moon to NZ? U go for how long?

Jan: my u friend finally sms me and she will be coming with her hubby. Anyway,i am great i managed to reach her as i am inviting only selected u friend those that r close. your friend was really mean and i think u were very nice to go. if i were u, i will invite her and also put herin one corner. But dunno she will be as nice as you to turn up. U mean after that she didnt even send you a thank you card and a copy of the photo taken at the wedding dinner. Tat is terrible.

I still dont know abt honey moon. Ideally one want to depart on 18 May.


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yup lor..for my side we would just pray at my mum's house cos just a simple praying will do.but cos my hubby is the only son and no more other male cousins,hence we have to go back to his uncle's house after he fetch me from my mum's house..now worry the time a bit rush...cos after praying then got to go outdoor for some photo taking then go to our own house then go to my PIL house for tea ceremony..then I change to tea dress..then go back to my mum's house for tea ceremony..though my parents and his parents live same block but we still have to travel one round the block....


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Hi Shook-You can get that at Star Cellar, why don't you give them a call and check it out. Tel : 6334 2320 look for Alan, he is the boss.

Hi Sue-Can I share ur pics if you don't mind. E-mail:[email protected] Thanks

Hi Jan-No honeymoon for me. So sad!

Hi Kare-So sorry to hear abt that. Dun worry too much, everything will be ok!

Wondering where is Pau, hasn't been seeing her around. Maybe busy doing preparation. Me too getting very busy now.


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How many jie mei and brothers u all have huh..
i thik mine quite a number leh..how..some is self voluntary one, very paiseh, dunno how to reject..sigh


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Hi Meow,

Finally got my photographer for actual day..it's Stephen Loh..maybe you want to update the list..thanks..

Sorri for not participating actively in the thread lately..8|