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shook: u mum really love u. look like u have to convince her on that. I believe i know why she want u to wear a one pc gown now. I do agre with her that a one pc gown look more decent and elegent. If EG, i think u shld get something more fun-loving dress. It also help if u feel u want diff style for ur two gowns. get a one pc for WG and a two pc for EG. why not u get a more ballroom style for WG or u have fixed ur Wg and they dun allow u to change?


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Hi Cin

I m still deciding for the 1st ... FH wants to use tradtn'l wedding march song but i m contemplating to change but yet to find a substitute. 2nd walk-in ... i luv 'it had to be u' by robert downey junior. using the orchestra version. if u like savage garden, u can use 'i knew i luv u before i met u', it's a nice song 2. if not, there's this song by faith hill, sorry i can't remember the name, which is suitable 2. Me like Westlife 2 but their songs don't sound suitable at all. We both luv a chinese song v. much but not sure if it sounds wierd mixing with english ones. I don't hv any special theme like some ppl does, i just use the songs tt both my FH n i like

For our bridal studios, u can see it in the archive. Anyway, i m with seletar broadway. How abt u n when's yr big day?


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hi Shir & ally,

tell ur one more thing... my hubby actually replayed the scene
on our ROM day... and my friend use his videocam to record down for us...
whenever our friends come to our new house, I will definitely play it for them... my hubby feel so embrassed and wanted to hide himself each time I play

thanks ally, will consider the place you suggested...

happy planning


Hi tingting: Good to know that you engage Sok Eng as well! Which package did you take up? I bought my shoe at the normal price.

Naturally: It was a little painful for the first day. After that, it was more discomfort than pain cos my cheek swelled up. My advice to you is to go to the dentist now before your wisdom tooth gives you more problems. Imagine having a toothache nearer the wedding date? It will spoil your mood and wedding! Better get it out now if possible.

I'm really berry happy when FH finally agree to spend a bit more to get my choice photographer.

Cream: Don't worry too much! 2 of my friends did their package with GHA as well and they had no complaints. Just communicate well with them and make sure you double check on each issue to make sure everything is going the correct way.

Christmas: Since your FH commented on your cavity, I think it's really time to see a dentist. Go to one that is reputatable. It's always good to visit a dentist to salvage your teeth. Your set of pearlies are going to last you for the rest of your life!

I always see a dentist once a year at least for a normal check and polish/ scale whenever necessary. I think SARS should not be a concern if the dentist practise good hygiene. I took lots of antibiotic prescribed by the dentist before the op as I have heart murmur which makes me vulnerable to virus and bacterial attacks. I'm still on antibiotic now to hold up my body resistance against any germs.


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Hi Stressed,

OIC...I nearly had my wedding at Raffles too..It was in one of my list...they didn't respond to me so i struck them out. I signed up with Goodwood...chose it becoz the ballroom is just nice for 20 odd tables and its colonial favour.

Have u had your first fitting already? When is your PS?

I've yet to get my teadress yet...was toying with the idea of Kua, as one dun get to wear it every other occasion.


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hi cin,
for guo da li aka GDL will depends on your dialect.
E.g me a teochew, will ask for Si Dian Jin + Canned Pork Legs + 2 pairs of Ang Huay(Promagrante flower with fruit if possible) + oranges + ... (4got wat else liao) ..

As for wat to giv, will depend wat your hubby's side wans and we give either wat he wans or use ang pao to represent.

I'm with Focus in IMM. How abt urself? and when is your big day?


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Hi Abrinas,

Nah, i don't really like savage garden...there is this song that i really like from Ally McBeal, but can't remb the name, have to go find out. Is the 'it had to be you' by RDJ also from Ally McBeal? Boyzone's Everyday I Love you is not bad too...

the thing is, i'm a jazz fanatic..most of my cds are jazz cds, so any song outside of jazz, i have to buy...which equates to spending more money sigh...

and while i will be playing jazz music at reception and during the dinner (hope the guests don't fall asleep at the dinner table), I was thinking maybe a jazz song for first walk-in may not be that suitable cause jazz is either kinda slow or too noisy...

I'm with Yvonne Creative, anyone here else with them? My big day is June 22. Yours?


hi jus,

when ur big day? wat did u choose?

yuppz, thats the CS i took, my FH liked it alot, he had never imagine I could carry a CS that well. he always associated CS with aunties hahahaha

the CS is OTR, than EG is MTM bcoz the OTR one not in the color i want, I wanted a different type and color of fabric. I am still indecisive whether to get the EG or not.

I intend to wear the CS for the 2nd march in. save cost and sth different too. by doing so, no need EG liaoz!

need some advice, wat type of shoes to match? i was thinking of beading my own matching shoes, but i am afraid i may not make it for the PS next mth.


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Maybe i should give Shir some stress by insisting she do my make up. See how she respond. hee hee

I have not had my fitting. Waiting so impatiently for her call leh. My PS is in July 14th. Ur's leh? I don't like Kua coz it's too thick for our weather.

I can wear Kua when my children get married! Maybe Singapore will snow then!


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Hi Cin

no, not frm ally Mcbeal, it's from a movie called "When Harry meets Sally". Yep, the song fm Boyzone is quite nice 2. Ya, i agree with u... i think i bought a lot of CDs 2 ... when i c a song/album tt i like, i will buy esp now. hv stop already. maybe will scout ard again cos Celine Dion has got a new album out n i like her. I also have a weakness for movie soundtracks, esp cartoons n romance ones.

Mine's 1 day b4 u ie. 21st. Seems like 22nd a good day, think u r the 4th bride in this thread who is doing it on 22nd. i need a saturday cos of my church wedding n i like saturdays ... my guests can hv a day of rest on sunday b4 a working day again.


hi stressed

why not join jus and me and get a CS heehee start a trend! Oct'03 fashion.....


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Hi Amerline,

My wedding day is on the 24th Oct
My gowns are MTM
White gown -- a bustier with long train
Evening Gown -- 2 piece with a transparent 'overcoat' -- maroon
Tea dress -- pink bare-back cheong sam

wah... he gave you such a good price...
i must complain liao. hee hee

good idea that you are thinking of using the CS for 2nd march-in
definitely eye-catching

i have mtm one so-called flowery cheong sum last year for my FH's brother's wedding
like it very much
wanted to wear it again, but mom say a little too bluish... hiya, a bit wasted

as for shoes, you can always ask Don for his opinion
they would normally suggest that you get a pair to match all... not so ma fan then
for my case, they suggested champagne coloured shoes to go with all the gowns
(tot a but mismatch for the wedding gown, but hiya, most probably would not be seen)
so, save money!!! hahaha

your EG would be beaded as well?
if yes, it's definitely a good buy for 600!!!

initially, i also tot that CS very aunty
somemore flowery
but just like you i was very pleasantly surprised that it can look so good ; )


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hello mrs quake,

heard that sok eng is good. mind sharing with me what is inclusive in your package and how much is it? my budget for photography (preferably digital) is not more than 1.4k.



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Pausini: ya i knock down one room for the walk-in wardrobe. Anyway, you need to be really tidy for walk-in. I already cannot tahan the mess. I cant stand leaving things around but hubby very mess. I always tell him to put inside the cupboard and hide it away from sight.
Anyway, i trying to tell myself that it is only 2 of us, messy ok, pack when there is guest loh.

cant really tell the size of your living room but for a 4 room it is really big. you r lucky to have ballot for it.

Yr neighbours are yound like u? I have got 6 households on my floor, 3 on each side. Luckily, i am on the side where my two neighbours are young couples like me. The other side are the old folks. Play mahjong and Theresea Tseng songs.

I cant remember if your friend's montage got music or not. i need to check it out.
Peabrain: i see that you r using Choon Huat for your actual day. I am considering him. How much did you sign him up for?

Oso: 20cents for the insert...tat is quite x.

Shook: wow, so sexy yr 2 piece wg sounds. i cant imagine u wearing a old and dirty rom dress. Sounds really funny.



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Hi Pucca, Hi Abrinas,

Is it true that bride and groom cannot meet on guo da li day? Also, what are the essential stuff we have to buy for guo da li? wah lau, damn blur man...

Heh, think June 22 supposed to be auspicious day... My future MIL consulted a monk who looked through the Tong Shu or something like that.

Yah, if left to me, i would prefer a Saturday also...oh well.

I read in the archive that you guys are thinking of a contingency plan to postpone in case of the SARs thing? i am keeping my fingers crossed that everything will be alright come June man...

our banquet hotel said that we have to give a month's notice, and the date has to be by this year. If postpone to next, will levy a small charge... how? what are your plans?


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hi mrs quake,

i took the full day digital (premium) package. how about you? now that you mention, i better make an appt with my dentist too... :p

hi bride-to-be,

you can visit sok eng's website www.berryhappy.com to find out more about the packages available. The pricing is posted online.


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Hi all

been mia for quite a while...just to update, have fixed PS date to be 22nd Oct. is it too rush for me???

Mrs Quake : you engaged Sok Eng from berryhappy to be your actual day photographer??? how much did she charged??

Cream : my wedding is on the same day as yours too....
where is yours going to be???



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pucca, ya lor ... i think 22nd v. popular. i curious went to check the tradtn'l chinese calendar ... 21st actually not suitable to get married ... Nvrmnd lah, as long as my marriage is blessed by my Lord can liao.


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hi cin,
i'm not sure abt GDL .. i oni know tt 1 day b4 the big day .. we are not suppose to see each other ... according to my geomancer .. he say cannot call each other oso *faint* .. anyway.. we still can sms/icq/yahoo/msn/email right ?? hee...

me still hv talk abt the contingency plan with hubby yet ...


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hi cin

i think not guo da li day lah, shd be day b4 actually wedding day issit? my friend did not meet her hub day b4 wedding. She went to do her manicure, hair, shopping .. a lot lah, also cannot remember liao. I need to meet FH on tt day cos hv to go down to church to check out the deco tt they r putting up n i think hv to go n collect the flowers fm the bridal shop also.

We all, i think like u, crossing our fingers (n toes!!) n praying v. hard tt it will be over soon. All will be well again if it ends by this mth or even beginning of next. *Praying*


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i tot ur hubby shd be the one collecting the flowers?

i guess on the day b4 we will be bz with manicure n other last min stuff ..sounds scary ... anyway .. right now .. we juz hv to pray hard tt this SARS thing will stablize soon ..


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May: I saw one of my friend having walkin. really stuffy, got to have good ventilation. My FH dun like it, he say if the clothes didnt get enough sunlight will go smelly and place inside a stuffy wardrobe that affect all the clothes. Sometime i think my FH thinks too much! *Sigh*
Oh my friend Walk-in is very messy. Have to keep everything nice nice. ur hubby lazy, for us. i am the lazy one! *hee hee*

My living room? didnt measure but i really hope i got a full length window. Yah, i count myself lucky lah. All my neighbour are old or mid age, no new couples, but they are quite nice. FH like to blast his home theatre system cos he is very proud of it. have to tone him down sometime.

My mum said my hse is like a malay family hse. hahaha


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Hi, Pris,

Called Susan just now. She mentioned that she may be leaving but not to let her colleagues know that her customers(us)know about it.Told her that I would like to go down and finalise my package with her (put items that she has promised us in the invoice) in case we have dispute over the items with the future coordinator.

How many extra photos did you have if your gowns MTM. Last time, she allowed me to have one extra photo if I take OTR.She also agreed to reduce the extra photo from charge of S$75 to S$70 but not written in the invoice. We see if can bargain to reduce lesser cos I saw in the thread that someone managed to bargain till S$60 to S$65.

When is your 1st fitting and PS? I might be going down on Saturday to meet her to finanlise my package.


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Hi Cream,
Welcome to the thread. My wedding also on the same day.
Juz signed up wif BV last week.
Dun worry too much.... I have a fren who was wif GHA and it turned out wonderful for her.

serene sng

Hi guys,

I will try to find.. IF not, guess u have to help me...My sis friend is a May Bride and alos in the May posting so i will be engaging with her help!
As Dragon Gate do not have any projetor so i have to ask someone to find me one without charges.
Nick have it but they charge, abit expensive.

My coordinator didnt put me into the quenue leh.. sad man.. Mine will be end August (Chinese date is one day after the Chinese Ghost festival)
Need to hurry cos afraid that if not nice we still can redo.. Do u know how mucht the bridal studio charge how much for extra 1 photo..?? that time didnt ask...

You can buy folate milk...Good for the baby & u. I think is under the Marigold brand. Selling at Cold Storage & few NTUC outlets.


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Hi Pam

Nice to know you! Where are you holding your wedding banquet?

Me not worry so much now coz I have received many positive remarks on GHA and many brides' support in this forum, unlike FBO. I think you must be paying alot for BV package. By the way, how's your preparation?


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Venue: Arab St & Spotlight (if time allowed)
Date: 12th or 19th of Apr(both saturdays)
Time:1230pm. (Take lunch first then shop)

12th - Amore, Shirlynn, Wen, Meow
19th - Wen, Meow
Not Attending - Yve, Feb, Are, Pris, Okean, Serene, Clyne, Sunnyling

What can i help huh?

I have another suggestion. Maybe its not a good one too, you dun have to follow lor. Since Dragon Gate doesn't provide any projector and renting it is not cheap. You can either choose to drop the idea or ask any friend of yours who has a projector in his/her company who can lend you a day. But you need his/her help to operate the projector. Other considerations are will all the guest appreciate the montage especially the older generation? Think they prefer to eat then to watch lor. That was what happen to one of my friend's wedding. All were eating rather watching the clips. Pretty upset lor.
Well if my restaurant doesn't provide me any projector, i'll also forgo the whole idea. But the truth is they do provide lor. So its now for me to headache again if i should spent the additional $$ to do it or without it?


bridetobe: Sok Eng's work and packages can be found on her website provided by tingting. Have a look at her portfoilio to see if you like her work. I'm sure her packages are well within your budget.

tingting: I'm currently on her Full Day Wedding package; not the premium one but will upgrade to the premium package if we have spare $$$ closer to date.

Good move to see a dentist now. People always say 'First impression counts' and I think the one of the first things people notice when you meet is your white pearlies. I can't imagine a bride having bad teeth on her photoshoot or wedding day! Wouldn't that put people off? ;)

Rinoa: I'm paying $850+$50 (for separate day wedding) for the basic digital package as I contacted her in mid Feb. She told me that she she'll be increasing her prices soon but froze her prices for me when I first met up with her as I indicated strong interest in engaging her service. I believe she has increased her prices already (since Mar).


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Hi MIn,
I am going down this Sat too for my selection of gown,I will be there at 3.30pm and my photoshooting is on 19 April (Sat) 11am.

About the photos she is giving me if I take OTR I am not sure so have to check with her first on Sat.
Hee, let me know what time you going down lor so I could meet up with you there on this Sat.

HI Okeanosmao,
Really thank you for all your help and advice for me I will remember it.

Hi Serene,
the Folate milk is in powder type or liquid type?

Hi Meow,
You have forgotten to update my actual day and PS date, but I send you in the e-mail stating everything liao.


Hi Wen,
I was so trouble with the bridal issue..could'nt stand firm on one...
But i got a surprise from my FH today.
I was told tat he'd oledi confirmed with Ted Wu for the bridal & made the downpayment...& only thing for me to do is to go sleep early & stop surfing the net for bridal info...Ooops! big black eye rings starting to surface!

I've been was trying to compromise on cheaper bridal packages...cos i always felt that customary is jus a show & waste of $$. But he feels tat if it had to be it then the monies should be worth spent on quality.

I'm still having doubts leh!
Will this be the wrong choice?


Do take care of yourself & baby...while preparing for your wedding in June...
Pls do keep us inform of your status, ok?

Bom Bom,
If U do need info on bridal do email me, been to many bridals cos i'm very KS...Hee! Hee!

Wen ,
My FH will be meeting up wif Jodie (Memphis) to finalise on the photography.

I will be having my 1st appointment with TW on 19th April. Do U think it's a good idea to have Ted or Kingsmen make the groom suit? Any other gd tailor?

how your preparation?

Meow & others,
My brother who's married in May, got the florist who's doing their banquet deco to make flower baskets & hairpieces for 2 flowers girls about $50. U may like to check with your banquet deco florist if U have one..cos they are likely to give U a better offer.


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Hihi Pausini
I told my mum 2 pc gown is vogue now. She saw photos @ White Link while I wz trying the gowns. She saw many 2 pc gowns in the photos, even bikini. So she kinda make do wif it lor. I have 2 WG kiv 4 me - the 2 pc gown n a flair ballrm gown. I like both. The designer said the 2 pc gown looks perfect. So hopefully I can carry the 2 pc gown.

Hihi May
Normally guys r messy. My brother is one. My dad n hubby can b messy when they r working but they will clear up after work is done.
The 2 pc WG is not v sexy but sexy enuff

The ROM dress is v dirty. It has brownish stain, like the sweat stain on T shirt. I gotta washed it. My mum wz extremely upset. She said I v miser, shld buy a new dress. Actually she wanted me to buy an EG. She had her EG to keep n my SIL had WG to keep. But she make do wif the pair of bears for bridal car ($80 over) as sovenir after she knew we spent a lot. Oso gowns r x.
My next door neighbour is a retired rich couple. Sometimes they stay there, sometimes they dun coz they have a few houses. 1 opposite unit is a weirdo. Haven't seen the neighbour of the other opposite unit.


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Hi stressed,

Actually there are many variations of cheong sam
and you would be surprised that many of the times it can look pretty good

hiya dun worry
can always give it a try or have a look
and let the designer show you some of the CS
no need to decide now mah...
; )


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thks yi!
wkend? collect lightings fr 1 shop & wait for delivery fr another cos mon install. got to move the stuff we bought fr ikea & bathrm,kitchen accessories fr his house to new flat also. this sun his bday but we agreed not to buy gifts or hv great celebration for each other this yr so as to save $$. will juz treat him to dinner at a place we juz discovered but nvr been there for dinner b4....:p


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Hi Rinoa,

the price increase is rather marginal..though i know that every cent counts when it comes to wedding..
but she now gives more prints as compared to the old package.


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Hi DK,
Your FH is so sweet. Give you such a surprise. I sure you must be v happy now. It is great. U will never regret cos his embroidery is really the most intricate I have seen so far.
Are you topping up to get TG to do your makeup? If you ask Ted Wu to MTM your FH suit, will he design for him? If he does, then it is worth cos he charge almost the same as market price (about $550, right?). For me, still have not source for tailor yet. Now looking for a colour photographer for actual day. After I have settled actual day, I will look for the tailor for hubby suit.

I am meeting Wesley n Jodie on saturday to pay deposit. My PS will be on 30 sep. U? If you are getting TG, check out his schedule first before you book the studio cos he is v busy. In sep, most of the day have already been booked.

For CS shopping, I went to Amos, Ted Collections, Kang and also Shanghai Silk House. In the end, still decided to get TY to design. So must to save more $$$ now.

I will be meeting TY on 21 Apr to look at his design for my gowns. V excited and looking forward to it. Everyday dreaming. I am sure you will have an interesting discussion w Ted on 19 Apr. Ya, I read somewhere that he doesnt like customer to bring other designers' work to show him. Just to let u know. Don't know true or not.


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Pausini: Full length windows nice to see but cleaning very siong. And guess what..i still have not clean my windows since shifting in. Nor have i clean my lights. Every weekend we r so swamped with stuff to do and by the time we finish the basic cleaning of the house, we r too shack to clean the windows and lights. SIGH...must try to do it this weekend. Coz i bought the curtains from IKEA still got no chance to put it up.

The shower screens in my two toilets are the hardest to clean. Not mentioning the frosted glass door. There r forever water marks. All these housework r making my hands so rough. I am more particular wherelse hubby just clean can already lah...

Shook: u still have not tell me which chinese software u use for the insert. You cut and paste it over at the word document, right? Or insert text into it. I am trying to figure out how to copy over the word document.

U really cant take pictures for your WGs? If not, we can give you comments. Also i very curious abt the 2 piece WG leh.

Wow, you got rich neighbours. Actually no need to spend on the ROM dress lah, i bought mine and i wore it only once. I still buy white one somemore. Dunno can still wear or not.

Any of you planning to serve wine for dinner? Got lobang? Want to c if i can get a bottle for less than S$ 20.


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hi pucca

Ya, hubby will be collecting the flowers n check the deco for the car ... he will be going down with his ah gus who will be staying over at his hse. He will hv to send me to the church 1st b4 going to collect the flowers ... if the other way rd, then by the time the deco over, the flowers will die liao

Trying not to think of sars, we were looking at our day's events n guests' list yesterday n siao liao .... my restaurant will prob not be able to put in all the tables meaning we hv to cut n also, our day will hv to start at 5am !!


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gd morning gals !!

abrinas, 5am ?!?! he's coming to fetch u at 5am or u start make up @ 5am ?

i've roughly schedule our day's events.. tink i hv to rise n shine @ 5.30am .. coz hubby prob will reach my place @ 8am .. although me teachew bride .. lucky no need 7 early 8 early leave my hse .. :p


hi, i chance on this thread... i'm actually looking for a bed frame. can you all let me know where ritz reyman and melandas is... would like to go and take a look.. thanks


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May: Althot i dun have a full length window, i got alot of windows. I got total of 20 panels of windows. i dun even want to clean them. Just cleaning the windows can took one full day. MIL keep telling me to wash the windows during raining day so i can splash water on it without pple complaining abt it. Infact, i saw on product on the market that can help to clean the windows without us stretching out of the window to clean it.
Actually wanted to do shower screen but realise if i do it i will make my toilets very small so we drop the idea but put shower curtains. Can change diff design every years. hahaha..

why dun u try wearing a glove when doing household chores? it helps especially this time when u need to keep ur hands and nails always for all the chemical else nails broke very easily one.

I got problems with my two toilets flooring. They get dirty very easily althot i wash them everytime. very sian...

kare: any news that the school will closed further? i hope it close further and the exam is delay so i can bring my sister back to msia else she have to stay alone in spore for her exam.


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good morning, pucca!! Good morning all June brides who-r-out-there-n-not-in-here-yet!!

i start make-up at 5am cos hubby will come n fetch me at ard 7am. he stays in the west n me, east. travelling is 45 mins-1hr ... i don't want my fh to come n say 'sorry i m late .. traffic is a killer'
n plus tekaning time ... ard 20 mins which means i hv to leave mum's by 8am, reach MIL 9am, finish 10am, arr mum's at 11am, finish 12pm, go to htl check in n go church ... wahlah -> 1pm. perfect calculation rite?


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I can check for you the wine. I have a friend who's also buying many bottles of wine for her wedding.

Thanks so much for your photos! I didn't expect it since I didn't check in here yesterday. Wanted to check it last night but server was done. I let my husband see it too (hope you don't mind). Your house is very simple but nice. The way my husband likes it. He kept on saying, 'see, it should be simple like that'. Not that we have even got our house yet

Let's meet up, ok? Really want to meet up with everyone

I went for my photo selection yesterday. Wow.. we took 3 hours to select. In the end, hubby was tired and grouchy. Did lots of filtering and could do somemore but husband was willing to pay for more photos. I told him he musn't complain because I could do with lesser. Anyway, I feel a little heart pain that we are spending so much on photos. Surprisingly, my stingy husband doesn't feel the pain. Hmm hmmm .. Like you all here, I don't like the studio photos. Look so fake. Ended up with many outdoor shoots. Most of the those photos I don't like are mostly those which showed my flabby arms! I really must tone down those arms.