(2003) Brides of year 2003


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Hi All,

How’s your preparation fr your wedding coming soon is two mths times or less???

Fr those who haven’t book their ticket fr honeymoon, right now Qantas and british airways hv a promotions. Try to check it out.

Hi May,
Dun worry you will look ba-ba, your photograher will definitely capture your best angel…

The tea dress I wore it fr my hubby side tea ceremony as I hv mine on my Malaysia dinner day.
HI Pausini,
If you want to re-take your PS, must make up your mind early and do it ASAP. Check out with them are they able to complete the album fr you if you want to re-take your PS??
Hi Jan,
How old is your tat SIL?? Wonder how come still hv such “xiao dong zuo” ppl??
Just be what you are.. respect your IL but dun need to “poh” them as acting is very tiring….

HI Shook,
Is better to get diff. Design and cutting fr your WG and EG. My WG is with biggest can-can, one of my EG is mermaid cut with full lace and crystal, the another one is simple tube (but the design and the materials are quite unique) with sworski crystal.
How can I manage to change 6 outfit in one day?? Emm.. morning is with WG and Kwa fr tea ceremony and outdoor photo session.
The evening time, I wore a cocktail dress (a bare back top and a organsa bottom), then change to Wedding gown for 1st March in, then follow by the mermaid EG for 2nd March in and formal photo session. Then change to the last evening gown to mingle ard with my guest and sabo by them then to send-off the guest.
The time fr changing session is all handle by my photographer. He will signal me and follow me to change and see am I proper match with my accessories as the bridal shop gv me a few set of accessories fr just one outfit in case I dun like the one I choose in last-minute. And then his assistant will help me to do all the touch-up.. and I will out on the lip-sticks myself and let him go through b4 I went down to the ballroom.

My dinner )just the dinner time w/o the cocktail session) is last fr at least 3 to 3.5 hrs. My dinner ended near to 12a.m aft all the extra photos we took with most of out relatives and friends b4 they leave.
Dun envy me, talked to your coordinator, she might help. Everytime I went down to the bridal shop or my coordinator abt the go back to Taiwan, she will rang me up and asked me what I want fr my EG, in terms of design and colors and she will try to sources fr me. If I didn’t tell her, she will inform me if she bring back sth new. As my photographer also tell her to gv me sth diff. From one to another. Remember must voice out.
Hi Gals,
Who is the one who ask me abt Eric’s service (fr videographer)???
HI Pausini,
I hvn’t uploaded my photos, my photographer help me to scan all the photos fr my actual day and I hvn’t hv the time to get it from him. Very bz with works.
Am not tiring with the changing, as all my gowns are proper set and is not can-can other than my WG, is easy to wear. My changing speed is fast , I still hv time to take photos is the room aft I change into new outfit.
I dun feel tired fr my PS.. coz thru out the day, we just joke and laugh together with all. In fact all the laugh and smile a very real as my photographer told us jokes and make us laugh.
Hi Jazz,
Long time didn’t “see” you. How’s youre preparation???
HI Cat,
No time to upload my photos now. Very very bz. But I can send you a few if you want.


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hi sandgirl72,

thx for your infor

I prefer a smaller hob...2 burner will do...there's 1 stainless-steel 2 burner by rinnai, but have not seen the actual thing..u can look out for fujioh...i saw one with the big burner on the right & smaller burner on the left.


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Good morning everyone!

Went for my trial make-up yesterday. It was quite fun to be dolled up prettily!

Anyway, we took some pictures to serve as a reminder of what we did. just in case the make up artist does something differently on the photo shoot / actual day.

Has any one of you gone for yours yet?
Some tips my make-up artist told me prior to the trial:
- wash and dry your hair before the trial
- clean your face. do not apply anything, not even moisturiser
- preferably go for a facial the next day after the trial
- let the make up artist neaten / re-shape your eyebrows for you (dun do it yourself or your beautician to do)


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hi gals,

sandgirl: no lah, u r not too vain. i did the same thing too. yah, ur package is good. i din thought of doing that at that time so i wasted a lot of $$$. reg. the shoes, i think u could tailor-made ur shoes at leaping lizard. my friend had hers made there for $48. it's value for $ lor.

naturally: do u know whether 'o' studio is going to have any promotion? Saw fr. 'style' wedding mag that the works are pretty ok. now very interested. really hope that i would be able to get the same package as urs.

tiara: i think it depends on ur bridal shop. for mine, they need about 3 mths to develop the photos, so I have to have my ps b4 oct.


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can email me the details of ur package at [email protected]? i only know that ur package includes 8 rolls of film. Does it includes the arrangement of the photos etc such as having borders at the side etc? thanks.


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hi all,

Anyone would care to recommend a freelance photography and videography? My Budget is around $1000 in total. My wedding is also in Sept, till now still havn't engaged them.....


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Hi vin, it's me who asked about Eric the videographer. Got your video back? How izzit? I'm still sourcing for one, quite ex

pausini... actually I've no idea what the invites will look like
still trying to crack my brains to come up with something

dear all... hang in there


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hey gals,

rec'd my 'invitation' via e-mail for tomorrow's gathering? alert me if any1 can't make it or ..... yah ;)

hi 1027,

thks for e pre-trial tips ;) btw, shld we go facial e day b4 trial or aft? but y aft e trial huh??


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hi all...

argh..just got onto the weighing scale and I've put on weight!!! man! so angry .... hopefully its water weight since I'm pms-ing....arghhh....arghh...arghhh....

sorry, had to "yell" in anguish

Privledged, your mother is very talented with her hands ....
wow....to make flowers for guests and now cakes for you ...

Abrinas, jia you jia you ... btw, u from st nicks right ? did u go to the funfair this past sat ? heard it was great

okie ladies...now me to sulk a bit... over the weight thinggy ...grrrrr


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hi all... wah, 1 weekend & i had to read so many postings!

leo29... haven't started on reno yet. & sad to say, got bad news from our contractor tat he can prob oni start in june, so now considering waiting or changing contractor.

the charity hunt thingy is organised by our CRM dept, so we not involved. even if we go, muz pay leh, juz got discount tats all. but no car leh...

besse... no need to worry abt players, we got hubbys mah!
hahahaha... we can play unisex oso leh! hahahaha... but i dun think we will enjoy playing with guys hor??

welcome to min & purpledream!


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Hi sweets

No lah, u mix up liao. I m not from st nicks but I know abt the funfair. My sis was there as a family outing cos her colleague's daughter is studying there n she invited her n she told me abt it.

Hi priviledged

Tt's nice. Shd be after otherwise it will be very dusty. My sis too has a piano in her hse - she bought it cos both herself n her 2 sons r learning how to play.


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Hi Peabrain,

Oh... got my video back, the outcome not back... You mean Eric charges is quite ex?? How much is his charges now?? Or you took diff. package??


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Peabrain: thanks for your sweet comments. Ya loh, the pictures are very blur. But it is just an idea of how i look with the thick make up. I also prefer my hair bun up for the wedding gown. It is amazing how complete a bride look after putting on the veil. I feel more like a bride. If only i can wear the veil for the wedding banquet. But i was told i cant do so.

Shook: ya,i have not an chuang that is why the matress is pop up agst the wall.

Pausini: dont be sad abt the photos. Like the other gals say u can save $$ as no need to select too many photos. Or u can spend more on actual day photography which is more memorable. Glad that u have sort out the issues concerning ur dad.

Kare, shook and pausini: To lose a little weight around the tummy, maybe you want to try the slimming salt from Watsons called Shimizu Slimming Salt. It is a salt that you rub at your tummy area when u are showering. I have been using it faithfully for since Dec and i think it helps. Now my gown is too lose on me. I also used the same brand sliming lotion. U got to use it everyday and consecutively 3 mths to feel the results.

Maya: u r just like me. I mean all these planning and details. I think it is a job hazard habit. I also cant stand my hubby who is like yours. Initally during reno, i was very upset w him, coz i am always the one who source and bargain. Even honeymoon i also must do the planning...cant stand. But i am coming to terms w it. It is just our nature and character to be detailed and we like to make sure everything is planned out so that they are no screws up. Relax a little, dont get too stress...ok...at the end of the day, i tell myself, at least i feel better that i am doing all these...course i know nothing will go wrong. If he does it, i will worry more man...


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Yah lor, nowadays even wkend our thread is very active also. Last time only active on wkdays. It's seem coming into this thread is already a routine for some of us. Keep it up!

Hah....., why so long? I remember you give job to different contractor. Which contractor you refering to? I mean do what job for you.


How about you, I mean your renovation? Going on smoothly? Have you decided which tile you wan?


How is your treasure hunt last sat? Got win prize or not?


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hi may:
Dun want to think on the PS pix. yah lor can save $$. I used the salt too, it does have some effect but not too great. U use the cream too? DO u have problem of line on ur neck? I have it but dun know is it too many fat so have this effect. I realise my skin wasnt in very good condition. I experience itchiness and some red dots appear. have to cook some chinese herbs that cleans blood.

Maya: Dun worry, thing wld be better for u soon.

I will be going back to Malaysia this thrusday nite till weekend to settle my malaysia banquet. At least after this weekend, i have another thing off load my mind.

Girls, have u all plan u actual day program? i'm workingout halfway now.


May: don't worry lah. i won't be offended so easily. all of you gals are just trying to be helpful by giving me your opinions. i more than happy, will not be unhappy. it helps to know that people care lor. MIL and SIL issues? i haven't gone to that topic before. really that bad huh? aiyoh, why like that. sigh. i usually just access this topic lor. see when free i will pop by. things aren't exactly rosy at home too so going home to de-stress is also not such an appealing idea. of course i do agree that it's definitely better than staying there and getting in trouble with my SIL and MIL. will speak to hubby about it. keep you updated. : ) According to dats given by Shook, seems like Qing Ming is about 10days, starts on 5 Apr, end on 15 Apr. distribute card by end of this month? tough. we haven't settle guest list yet. but same as you, i broadcasting actual date of wedding in apr. now too early. How was your PS? When can see pics? must share, very excited! Know what you mean about spending for PS. I spent alot for mani,pedi and body massage and scrub! Very broke after that. hahaha!
Cat: i worry too. My MIL says she needs more tables and this is even before she started counting the actual people she is going to invite. worry about the money part. if keep increasing table numbers we will run into big problem of paying lor. sigh.

Pausini: all of you so nice. i want to weep already. know what you mean. i trying to get out of the way. i need to brush up my social skills. i am that kind that don't know how to sweet talk. i just say what comes to my mind and i always make a stand ie either i like or don't like. i don't like to sit on the fence. think very lose out when it comes to this because SIL very good with words. i just blurt out my thoughts. dumb but very difficult to change. plus i am that kind who can don't talk for days, can just read and live in my own world but SIL very socialable, everything also consult MIL. i just like to be left alone and i can make my own decisions. cannot imagine everything also consult MIL, it's like you have no opinion/mind of your own! but that's why my MIL likes about her!!!!!! Horrors when i heard about it! MIL says, SIL respects her and keep her updated on everything in her life. my gosh! i thought women nowadays are more independent already. i agree with Shook, it's the smile that steals the night. we try our best to change our size but we cannot never change that stunning smile. it's usually the way the bride carrys herself on that day that is most important. compared to those in states we consider quite ok size already. that's how i console myself because when i bought those bridal magazines from states, the brides are mostly size 14 and above and they still look as stunning and regal in those gown. dont' worry and be sad. looks are secondary, what is important is we are all happy yeah!

Shook: Thanks, i got the file already. As for printing of cards, as long as you are happy, just do it. not sure about printer being able to print purple words but if you keen can check out and see how much lor. you using laser colour jet? if not must be careful. last time my colleague did that, wasted alot of paper and ink she said because even sneeze also smudge ink. : ) make sure dry hands yeah.

Kare2711: thanks, trying my best to be sincere. but can tell you very tough especially after i try my very best still hear comments that she like her better and SIL is better in this and that. tough road. yup you are right. FH also say as long as he loves me, don't care and think so much. so sweet hor. : ) heehee! you also got a tough job ahead especially already with 3 infront of you to set standards. but jia you! we support you. agree with you, just be ourselves, cannot never make everyone happy.

Maya: i thought you mia. so long no see you in forum. As for your FH, all guys are like that. my FH also bocup. be very busy flying here and there. i try my best to do what i can. when he comes back in apr, i waiting to see him scramble abit lor. hahaha! very wicked hor. what to do, keep telling him not much time left but they all feel the same, no need to worry and hurry, still got time. so i let him take his own sweet time lor. no use to be angry and then quarrel mah. : ) you take care of health yeah. if can then one of these sundays go for massage? very relaxing, must pamper yourself.

Vin: SIL is now 30 years old. don't know why she like that lah. i sian also.

Gals: have not started on honeymoon yet. also actual day list of activities not started. don't know where to begin.


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Hihi May
Great dat u had a gd time for your ps. Yes yes I wanna c your ps @ [email protected]
Y cannot wear veil for wedding banquet har?
Oh boy I haven't an chuang but my mattress already set properly. Can still pop it up or not?

Hihi Pausini
Gd dat u reach a decision to inform your dad. A load off your mind. Not easy to be the eldest, especially a girl. But eldest usually have strong character n leadership skill.
We start printing the insert since last sat. My hubby asked his niece to print 20pcs a day coz afraid the printer can't take it if print 2 many copies. Plan to cut the insert tis weekend then tie ribbon n ready to send.
Be my friend be my love is the name of the 1st song. Ya right, the 2nd song is sang by Zhao Yong Hua.
Which shop in Concourse did u get the flowers? I found the shops there sell plastic flowers in stalk. Can use for wrist corsage or not? Thot can get ribbon fm Concourse oso?

Hihi Vin
Lucky dat u have an assistant to follow thru your wedding to do touch up n signal u when to change. I won't get dat kinda service. I asked b4 liao.

Hihi all
I bought my guo da li stuff yesterday fm a shop in China town. Forgot to check the shop unit no. It is 2 shops together. I got fm the one dat is not the corner shop. The owner is a lady. She is v gd. She will tell u wat to get, wat not necessary to get. She said dun need to spend so much if not necessary. She oso recommend those cheaper stickers. Won't ker tok customers.


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leo29... ya, i've got several contractors, but the one tat cant start is more crucial lor. he is considered our 'main con', coz he doing all the wet works. my kitchen cant start oso w/o his base, so we can oni start electricity, aircon & ceiling, then hv to stop & wait for him. sigh... he has too many projects on hand now. oso gd of him lah, he rather tell us frankly then get subcontrator to anyhow do.

everyday i come to office, i will open up to tis page, its a habit for me liao!!!


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happygal: i have send u email. can u talk using mail regarding JLC issue. It wasnt very good to post here. Many other bride may just pop in and read.

Jan: yah i am looking at the bright side now. ur SIL really know how to make her life good at home. I also not a sweet talk person. i only sweet talk when i joke with friend and family member. So i dun sweet talk to my MIL, dun see the point. i feel very fake, anyway i am not in hurry to curry flavour her. I think if there is anyone who is trying ot make my life worse, i make it double back or i simply "dun care". There is so many things to handle, where got time for all these. *sigh*


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hi jus,
do they hv a sale at SG Expo? my new place already has the mattress and frame but becos we have slept on it liao, most prob, i'll jus replace the mattress.

hi vio,
received yr 'invitation'. =) that's interesting! ;)


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Hi vio, oops, haven't check email yet. But i remembered

Should go facial after the trial, best if go on the day itself. Why? coz the make up is quite thick compared to our daily make up, esp for photoshoot, your skin cannot "breathe" under all that make up when you go outdoors.


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shook: i have send u the files. but i guess some of the files when thru some is not may be ur mailbox full again.

Did u get the tea pot set? how much? what is the design?? What did u get for guo da li? See whether i have left out anything?

Yah, the flowers come in bundle of stalks. I got cheaper on. So 1 bundle = 5 stalk is $1 with 5 roses lor. i saw the ribbon, but i want to get those that i used to make the inital wrist corsage and i realise many shop doesnt have it. So still looking, if still cannot find then have to revert back to normal ribbon. I got the flowers from a middle shop. didnt note down the name. there is another shop at the other end that sell flowers and ribbon, he also have another branch at Arab street. The boss is quite good to advise on the material. I think he also sell material to make corsage but since i got the flowers before hand i didnt ask to see other material then the ribbon.

he told me his sho No.98 Arab st branch have more things. may be u want to drop by. Dun know if May got all her crystal there?


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Hi Ally & Hazel Cheung (vivace)

Great dae!

Hi Ally,care to share which bridal did u sign up wif?

Sept Brides..

I'm oso sourcing for photography and videography for my actual day too,budget ard $1000,can someone recommend?

Flowee Jie

How hv u been? We bumped into each other again. hv gotta the keys 4 the reno,however,still hv some retification to be done.

relieved tat all these gonna ends soon.

Where is ur wedding day?Can't remember whether have u told me before or not?


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Jan, Cat: i emailed you pixs of my second fitting liao. The website is up so i can email to you gals.

Jan, shook: I will email you the ps pix in a while.

pausini: u must persist w the salt. There is effect, patient. Yes, i use the lotion together w the salt. It seems to work for me. Remember after my 1st fitting, i very upset coz the gowns were very tight and fitting? That was in Jan. In early March, i went for 2nd fitting - the gown were loose. Designer all say i lose weight. But i didnt do any exercise. Thou i was supposed to climb the steps to my home on the 20th floor. But i have not started yet. So you try ok.
lines on the neck, i dont know i have or not. how u tell? what u really believe in chinese medicine hor. what can you boil to get rid of the rashes?
I get my crystals at no. 97 instead. dont remember anything from shop 98, though.

Peabrain: u mean the professional can clean my shoes? Tat is good. i very upset and wish that i have worn a lousy pair instead.

Kare: if you go outdoor, u mean want to wear another pair of wedding shoes - so tat u dont dirty yours like i did.

Jan: dunno, the SIL and MIL issues in this forum to me is really bad. I feel bad for the brides. Dont mind me asking, u r the only child at home but u say things r not that rosy. why? u dont have to answer me if you dont want to. I am just kpo.

Shook: i dont really know much abt the an chuang thingy. Have you put bedsheet on your mattress? not suppose to until the day. I think you can lift the mattress and pop it agst the wall now instead.
I tot the veil can only be worn in the am of actual day. Or was it once only...hmmm...but ps i already wear once so actual day twice liao. how ah? actually, with the veil all the brides look beautiful. Did you wear the veil on ps?
wow, so fast u buy guo da li stuff liao. I think i will ask MIL to buy.

Happygal: yah remember u from Amara thread. So how's everything with you?


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oh ya... juz to share 1 info, read in the papers yesterday tat there's a shop in holland V tat specialises in wedding shoes & kebaya... hmm.. but forgot the name leh, anyone read tat too?


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May: yah... it really works lah.. ok ok .. i will persist. May be diff shop lor. The veil wore during the PS not counted lah. Cos the actual day ur parents wld wear the veil for u. so is like marrying u off then ur hubby with take it off. i think it means u have married into his house. that is why at nite cannot wear liao. wearing another time meaning marrying again which u are not. Just like me, who have dinner in malaysia also cannot wear WG twice.

Shook: I found the song, u want.


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Hi Happygal,

Yeah, "know" you.. how's your facial??? When is your nxt appt???

You getting marry in May as well???


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hi vio,

i would check my mailbox when i reach home

hi cath,
yeap, yeap!having a sale there (till this coming sunday)
we bought from Benwood (frame + mattress)
so now trying to compare prices (hee!)
though kinda late...


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hi may n vin,

my PS next month, no lar my wedding is in Dec
just came in to kpo abit cos saw pausini
upset abt her ps, see what i can help her lor

may, so where did u go for ps?
so how's things over at Amara?

my facial this thursday n 9th of April


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Pausini: oh i c abt the veil.

Shook: tried sending the ps pix to you but rejected coz yr hotmail acct full.


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Hi Vin, I'm back here! Been very busy lately... just went for my photoshoot last Friday, and coincidentally, the same day as May. Me just getting a little worried 'cos I've booked my tickets to Canada via Cathy Pacific, transitting via Hong Kong. Kind of worried abt the flu thing now.

May, I had my photoshoot too on Friday. I too was very worried abt Fri 'cos it had been raining for the past few days. I was so happy to see the sun!
I was at Sentosa too, about 5 plus going 6. I saw a few couples, wonder if you were one of them? We stayed till about 7plus at the Siloso beach. How about you? Which places did you visit in Sentosa? Can I view your picts? Email is [email protected]. Thanks!!!

Btw, the an chuang thing works like this. You can still get a bed, and still sleep on the bed. Till that day, you're supposed to change to a new bedsheet, after that, at the auspicious time, you're to stand at the end of the bed, facing the bed frame, and make a wish. After that, you're not supposed to sleep on the bed till you've passed the customery wedding. Something like that. This is what I was told by the feng shui shi fu.


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happygal: i went to sentosa for ps. Was there from 4-7 pm. There were 3 other wedding couples there. In a way, you got to 'q' for the popular spots to take photo, u know. But luckily i was the first there.

There were quite a few tourists from China in Sentosa and they were all staring at me. When the monorail passed us, a group of people actually shouted Happy Wedding.


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Hi Leo29,
kekeke... me heard of the nick in the chat room lar they will toking about our forum very active lor, and strongly encourage those people getting married in Nov.

Hi Feb, Okeanosmao and Leo29,
I have attached the website for all of you to see.


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May: u look lovely. i guess the photographer capture good angle of u. i like u flower too, they look better than mine.

ur gwon train is so long!


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OIC.Will check my email.Thanks!


Me also cannot accept lah. I very Bao Shou one,
. Feel very awkward, i mean with the photpgrapher even though important parts is being cover up.


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While looking at the list meow sent us, I notice you stay at Edgedale Plains, me too. Oh..., very very near lei. Which blk you in? Have you move in?


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Confirm location of meeting: Esplanade
Confirm date : 28/03/03
Time : 0700-0730pm
Attendance : Meow + hubby(?), Pris, Shirlynn,Besse, Are , Leo29, twinklets, Feb + hubby(?), Jing jing + hubby(?), Akira, Serrich

Not attending - Wen, Sunnyling, Clyne, okeanosmao, DK, Amore, Yve, Ava, Min

My wedding is on 14th. Once i compile the list, you'll get to know all our details too.
Do join us for the next gathering then. *smiles*

Yeah, i've receive your email. Haven't seen the things yet. Wonder if we should actually have a gathering of making our wrist corsages together??

Pris actually sent me an attachment of wrist corsage made by another bride.
Nope, have yet to confirm my contractor yet. Somehow we very lazy to continue looking for contractors. Maybe just decide from those we search and had alreay ask for their quotation. Was wondering, if i've already ask one of the contractor to quote, i believe if i were to see them from the exhibition now in expo, they won't give us more perks right?? If you understand what i mean...

Welcome purpledream

Could you please sent your details to me? I'm compiling them of all the brides here.

2)Real Name
4)ROM date
5)Actual day
6)Venue of banquet
7)Email address
8)Contact No.
9)New home location(area)
10)Name of bridal
11)Actual Day photographer
12)Date of photoshoot


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To those have requested. I email you already.

pausini: thanks for your nice comment. Linn Kong was very nice to work with. She taught us how to pose - which i think is very good coz i was initially very uncomfortable and unnatural.
Did yr photographer teach u to pose too?

I gave my designer some flowers pix and asked her to try to get it for me. They were very nice and really went the way to get it for me as long as it is in season. Actually wanted tulips but it doesnt last.

Yah, my train very long. Abt 1m, i am going to have a hard time walking down the aisle. The designer was very nice, she made a simplier train for me for outdoor. i forgot to take pictures of it. She actually work thru the nite to make for me and i didnt even ask for it. I have to say, i am very pleased with their professionalism and dedication.

Jazz: ya,i was also very worried abt fri weather. Thank god, it didnt rain. We are very lucky.
Did u see me. I was at Tanjung Beach around 6-7 pm. I went to Beaufort to change. I went to the tree at Artillery Lane and then to the ruins and the Kelong. U? Did u take any pixs to share?


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Hihi Jan
My hubby's niece n sis help us wif the insert. I got the purple color wording n forever friends bear picture I want.

Think the printer is not laser printer.
We decided to take a package tour 4 honeymoon. Waiting for NATAS fair

Hihi Pausini
U won't b wearing WG in Msia? U waring EG only?
I received 3 files fm u. Downloaded the file will view them on wed. I m on leave tml.
I got the Long Feng tea set @ $16, bathing tub, da yuan, xiao yuan, bed side lamp, shuang xi stickers, da yuan, comb, needle box, needle cushion, potty, mug 4 brushing teeth, red ribbon. My mum bought tower earlier on. Needle set going to get fm Watson, tooth brush n tooth paste going to get fm supermarket.
U found both songs?

Hihi May
I haven't lay the bedsheet yet, juz put a bed cover over the mattress.
My mum said cannot do wedding's thing during cheng meng. My guo da li is 1st day of the 4th moon, so gotta buy the stuff now.
I cleared my hotmail, u shld b able to send across your ps to me now. Thx
I wore veil 4 ps too. I heard wat Pausini said b4 abt the veil thing. So dat's the reason, I 4got abt it.

Hihi Jazz
How wz your ps?
U mean an chuang done by wedding couple dun need to get someone else to do n dun need a boy to roll over the bed?


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hey... can anyone still rem the website for the photographer that did half-naked photos for a couple? i think someone posted before...