(2003) Brides of year 2003


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leo! so u also a leo!! like me!!


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hi everyone,

i bought my copy of style already...it's quite informative and has quite a few gowns. But only thing is that the mag is not very well organised...and also it doesn't make it a point to list the prices of the items shown in the mag, which wld be really helpful...

they've got interesting tips on looking great for your wedding day though!


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Pausini, does your dad know you're getting married? If he doesn't know, maybe if you dun invite him, he won't know abt it. By the time he knows, yeah, he may be angry but your dinner and day wld be over already so no worries.
I think you decide what's the possibility that he will really make a mess at the dinner. Dun forget that this trouble making may have higher possibility since his name not in card, and looks like he may not be able to take part in the tea ceremony too. That sure won't sit well with him and he may freely drink at the dinner. If that's the case, then maybe better to take him out completely. Let him get angry AFTERWARDS......sometimes, life is all abt hard choices. You can always make up to him later by being "nicer", more filial later.....but of cse he may just ignore you for that "insult"....bk to case of life and hard choices......

Kare, I don't see what's wrong in telling them that you are not free to add any more kids to your list. You have every right to reject them. Say you are taking up cses, no time.....


jbride: Thanks for the compilation! I'm having my ps in June cos my FH is having his school holidays then and also because both of us get rather busy with our work in the second half of the year.

tingting: Same here. I still prefer SOk ENg's style as well. Sigh...will probably leave this to my FH to decide. Hope that he will make a decision soon.

I'll be going to KL tomorow for a short break and so will miss all your postings for the next few days
. Will look forward to read all your postings again on Wednesday!

naturally: thanks for informing us about the show. Even though I have already settled my bridal package, I am still very tempted to go for shows! Don't know about you ladies.

chicory: I haven't got a copy of style...couldn't find it...will probably search again at other news stand. Don't worry about not being a 'model' size...I'm not very small too (not even medium!)*chuckle* In fact, I was only able to try out 1 gown at Dang before I signed on the dotted line!

sandgirl: You are most welcome to join us! We'll be most happy to share whatever info we have with you!


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So you stay at those orange color building. Very nice design. I like it very much but too bad was not given to us for selection. Got security system build in right? You move in already? My block was light blue and red-the most ugly color as I always said, can see very clearly when you travel on TPE toward changi.


Welcome to our thread!


What nick was given to us?


Very touch lei, willing to travel from JW to here. We wouldn’t left you out.


Ai yah, you never read my posting last time hah, sob sob! Yah, we both leo and our birthday is only 1 day different lei. Hahaha, we can celebrate b.day together, ;).



Yahyah... I am staying at JW. Which blk you staying?? I got my flat through the 1st round of WIS for JW...


Can I sure on... Actually I used to play MJ overnite... Start from Fri nite after work till 4-5am.. Then I will spent my whole Sat morning sleeping till late noon....


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hi leo29,
what nick you are refering? Me don't understand your question.

Me blur blur liao abit don't know how many of the gals are joining us for the gathering, can help me refresh my memory...!


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Hi Mrs Quake... thank U... sure I hope to exchange info and idea from everyone here....

enjoy yr short trip to KL.. and come back recharge.


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iris: i'm having my ps in june cos of the june holidays. That's when i'll be free.

btw, thanks for updating the list.

mrs quake: have a great time at KL.

Sandgirl: a warm welcome to u!


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Confirm location of meeting: Esplanade
Confirm date : 28/03/03
Time : 0700-0730pm
Attendance : Meow + hubby(?), Pris, Shirlynn,Besse, Are , Leo29, twinklets, Feb + hubby(?), Jing jing, Akira, Serrich

Not attending - Wen, Sunnyling, Clyne, okeanosmao, DK, Amore, Yve, Ava

You confirm coming along?

You sure you wanna bring hubby? Only 2 guys leh, think my hubby may find it strange leh...

Pris, you confirm the rest. yet? Is the price too ex?


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hi taddess

my dog is a female dog. keke... yep she's very active, i like it cos i prefer active dogs! sometimes notti also lah... :p

hi all,

i wun be logging into this forum until i return from my OUTDOOR PHOTOSHOOT IN TIOMAN! i'll come back on tues! keke... pls help me pray that it will b successful! Thanks! Cos i'm rather nervous!


Will call u when i come back regarding the outing.
will be bringing camera to tioman, and hope got chance to take some nice pics... will post it here after i've scanned them
Take Care, enjoy ur weekend! Tomolo nite (sun) will b staying overnite at my sis's place, then monday morning leave for tioman! kekekekek fun fun!



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hi erin...
yes i m still online.. playing with my neopet.. hehehee...

my wedding is on 20 (customary) & 21 Dec (wedding dinner at Mandarin).. yes booked with Seletar Broadway.

how abt U?


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hi everyone,

I am new here in this forum and will be heading the aisle in nov this year. Can anyone visit any good bridal shop lately? care to share?


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hi sandgirl72,

my wedding is on 10th Dec 2003, booked with Sophia wedding collections and dinner at tunglok restaurant.


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Hi Meow and gals,
I may be bring my hubby along, cos I can't stay long. As after our meeting, I have to rush home to complete a work assignment.
But if it's gg to be an all gals gathering, then I will see you all there w/o my hubby


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Hi Meow and everyone,

Thanks 4 the warm welcome.Glad to see so many of you here. Meow, will email you my particulars. However, can't make it on 28th. Busy with my new house. Maybe can join you all next time. When is your wedding?

Thanks to Pris for recommending this thread to me. Pris, you settle you wedding venue already? Me a bit worried over the bridal package? Have not source yet. Any gd and reasonable recommendation?


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Hihi Maya
When your hubby says still a long time to May, tell him how many mths or days to go minus those time which u or he is not available. My hubby n me work dat way. We list dwn list of things to be done n set a time frame of when to finish wat. Of coz there r things which r important but not urgent n can be done after customary (mainly household thing). We postpone them. Share out the load and stress wif your hubby. Dun shoulder all the stress by yourself.

Hihi Pausini
I delted many big files. Could u pls try again. My hubby n me chose our photos fm baby to Uni yesterday. But no time to scan coz we gotta print the inserts.
How do u find the flowers @ Concourse? I m working @ Gateway. If can get flowers fm Concourse, more convenient 4 me. BTW, how thick is the ribbon for wrist corsage?
I like 2 mandarin songs v much. 1 of it is Be my friend, be my love. It is a v old song. Intend to use it for 1st march in. Wz hunting high n low 4 it. Another one is Zui Lan Mang De Shi, thinking of using it for montage. Do u have these 2 songs?
Agree wif Maya, if your dad doesn't know u r getting married, leave him out totally.


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hi fellow sep 03 brides... just to update, i finally booked my church (decided on QoP) and settled my WG and EG designs
feel so relieved! most of the things needed to be done for the wedding are settled and the only thing i have to worry about now is my house. it's really no joke getting married in singapore!
guess i'll be glad when my wedding is finally over and i've moved into my new place


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have romed already. in 2001. supposed to have my customary wedding last yr but b'cos my father-in-law passed away so have to wait for the mourning period to be over.

So u getting ROM in May? excited? Prepared ur wedding bands and dress?


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Hi Min,
yap, me confirm with Furama hotel already.
Got so many good deals from them.....hahah

If you ask me to suggest, me will suggest J&M Design and JLC cos they really give good offers, as I said go down to Tanjong Pagar and you will find a whole row of bridal shop over there or another place is Jurong IMM, they have a bridal shop level.

Hi Meow,
Got recieve my e-mail on the wrist coursage?
Heee... me scare got last minute members of our thread want to join so planning to book by this Friday, hope it is not too late to make reservation....

But me will call them up tomorrow to check out the pricing for per person lor........

Hi purpledream,
Welcome to our forum, me also getting married in Nov...kekke....me talking rubbish.
When is your actual Day?
Me is on the 28 Nov 03
Where you book your dinner n who you book your bridal package with? keke.... me abit kpo hoh, but never mind if you don't wish to answer me!
We are actually having a gathering on the 28 March 03 (Friday Evening) at the Esplanade, so do you want to join us? Cos me is in charge of making reservation so must confirm earlier huh.


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Hi Leo29

Ya loh wait is on the headline of the newspaper than hor jiat lat the whole world know that I am a gamble gui liao cant go cheating ppl with my innocent look liao hahahahaha.


Wow you so Wei Da leh travel from JW to SK to play MJ with us ah. Actually last time I use to travel Sembawang and Chua Chu Kang (I staying in the east) to play MJ with my friends also. kekeke.


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Good morning gals.


Hohoho, 1 day before you, mine is 26th.


The nick that I’m referring to come from your posting, “Heard that we have a nick for being the most happening thread in the whole SB forum”


What you email to Pris on the wrist corsages? Can email me also. I’m also looking around for it but no idea where to get it or how to make it.


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Hi Pris

What is this wrist corsages u refer to har? me also thinking of making for my ah yi leh? Can email me also...

Hi Meow

Ya am bringing my hubby along..Think he dun mind lor with me around..Anyway we wun be staying long also...

Hi serrich

Am staying at blk 271B but still have not move in though we have got it last year. How about u?


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Hi cookiemz,
congratulations on becoming a mrs...
how was that day?

glad u booked fullerton ballroom. heard that it's a very nice and elegant place. great choice! so how's your gown? when's your PS?

yup, 20 days to europe. really looking forward to it. maldives would be wonderful to chill out...

Hi LT,
long time... don't worry, occasionally come here we can "talk"...

booked my honeymoon already. don't worry, i'm sure you will find a place both you will want to go for your honeymoon. so how's your prep?


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Hi taddess

Don't say that. Actually most of our friends did not make wedding favors for guests. It's just tt my FH want to make our wedding more personalised tt's why he suggested this. Anyway, we came across this very coincidentally at the Singapore Learning Fest last year. Otherwise, don't think we will do anything anyway, giving us addtn'l stress on top of all the other stress. But tell u frankly, we r running into a little short of time now cos we need ard 250 pcs n we r only half way there
Hope we can finish in time (+ the wrapping)

Hi priviledged

How nice tt u know how to play the piano n violin. U gonna hv a piano at yr new hse? Then u can play at yr spare time.


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hi gals,

I am back from from ps on Friday. thank god it didnt rain. It was perfect weather and had 3 hours of ps at sentosa. I quite enjoy it thou it was very tiring. Me and hubby smile quite stiff towards the end. Also quite zonk out towards the end - Linn, the photographer actually told us dont smile till she ask us to. We were just posing and smiling silly away and when she is really to shoot - she say our smile too fake already.

The only sad thing was i wore my actual wedding shoes and it got a little dirty - coz the ground was still wet and soil. Sigh...
I took a couple of digital photos at the studio. Will be dowmloading it today. Let me know if you want to see them. The resolution not very good, ok.


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morning ladies!!...

pris... ur wedding on 28 Nov! finally saw one same date as me! ... hehe

welcome onboard purpledream!..


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Hi gals, good morning,

May... glad that your PS went smoothly, I'm going for mine this week, rather excited
Don't worry about your wedding shoes, might want to send it for professional cleaning eg minster minute. Can I take a look at your pix? Thanks in advance. [email protected]

Gals... been reading the posting, you gals are into the invites already, think i'm super behind
I'm gonna DIY my invites so now very kan cheong


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Hi girls, How is ur morning?

Kare: yes, this is how everyone saw me. strong, like a big pillar holding one another in the family together. when parents separated, sibling having issues. sometime i hope i wasnt that strong so someone can help me but not depend me only. its not easy to be ther eldest so i hope when i have kids next time, my eldest have to be a boy. I think it is too much for a girl to take them all. Thanks for the encouragement.

I think i just have to face the facts. i just have to blame myself that i didnt make any effort to slim down.

Maya: I'm work in DSTA but dealing with IT & OA system. It will be olrite if my dad knew that i am married after my wedding. scare is before wedding and somehow he got to know it and come and mess up the ceremony. So till now i still dun dare to tell him. I dun even dare to tell him i got a new house. after much consideration, i decided to just tell him a week before so he dun have much reaction time and have to come with an agreement that he shld not touch a drink that nite. I shld ask my aunty to look after him - my dad's sister.

Shook: I try to send the montage over again. Order my insert print, think u have to do it fast if u want to give out invitation before "Chin Ming". Like Jan, i went to T.dragon to print my insert. they are quite nice with good service and advise us alot on the wordings. last saturday when we visited the shop, they have already closed but a lady assistant is still ard, she dun mind attending to us. we spent ard 30 - 45 mins in the shop.

So u got all ur pix, next is to scan, then work out the storyline and can piece everything together. what is 1st song? can u translate into Hanyu pin yi? See whether able to get MP3 on the net. I heard my colleagues saying that it is easlier to get free download of chinese song than english one. The second song is good too. it is from "Zhao YongHua" right?

I got the flower from Concourse on sat too. i havent got the ribbon cos they dun have the one i want. So i think i will need to visit the shop at arab st again this week to get the ribbons.

I am still working on the new wrist corsages using the artifical flowers. Once i got it done, i post it out again.


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Hi Taddess, don't worry. Like Abrinas says, most weddings I attend don't give anything more than the hotel-supplied cake/chocolates. It's just that my future MIL insisted on baking the fruit cake herself. And my mum gave every guest a 'bunch' of silk flowers she made herself during my sister's wedding, so she felt she wanted to do something for mine. I forbade her to make things this time round, so she came up with this idea.

Abrinas, yes, we are definitely going to have a piano in our house, but maybe not immediately. Perhaps after we return from the US next year.

Shanice, I trust your photoshoot went really well. Did you have to pay a lot more to go to Tioman to shoot? Do you have to pay for photographer, make-up artist's accomodation and transport too?


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U njoy ur PS, that is good! after thinking at the pix, i can at least found one pic that i like and can blow up to bigger size for displaying. I spoilt my shoes when we are taking pic at sentosa. luckily that shoes i bought is cheap cheap so still not so heart pain. it giv eme excuse to look for another one.

Pea: U DIY ur own card! Must be very unique!


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gd morning!

wow, dress mtm fr. Allure Charix. must be exp rite?

ya, i remember that i was very excited and anxious. afraid that i'll do or say something wrong. Thought that the rom ceremony will take quite a while but seems like it's over in a flash. less than 10 mins.

Have u found a make-up artist? Think u need to book at least one or two months b4 ur rom date.


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Hi ladies,

Any of you have sourced for bedframes and matress?

Me and FH took a look at Singapore Expo
Anyone took a look there?


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Hi all

Morning! Jbride, thanks for the compilation. Mine is with Oriental Hotel. Still deciding on my bridal boutique and will make a final decision in mid-April when I have time to make some visits. I am considering Kai, Wedding Present, Dang, Emmanuel B (headache....)

I am thinking of having my photoshoot in Oct - is that too late for my Dec wedding?


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hi gals,

no prob

welcome sandgirl72

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>02 Dec</U></FONT>
enya, KAI , MM

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>06 Dec</U></FONT>
dinny, Graceful Image , Oriental Hotel
Mrs Quake, Dang ,Crown Prince Hotel

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>07 Dec</U></FONT>
jbride, KAI , Inter-Con
happygal, JLC , Amara
freesia, Le Galleria , Holiday Inn
Sunshine, BV , Beaufort
mickey,Thomson Wed'g Design, CrownPrice
wendyl, Bridal Concept, -

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>08 Dec</U></FONT>
Roro, J&amp;C , Grand Corpt

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>10 Dec</U></FONT>
Erin, Sophia , Tunglok Rest

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>13 Dec</U></FONT>
Babydoll, - , Hyatt
Ting Ting, - , Carlton Htl
Ming, - , Sheraton
Iris, Ted Wu , Raffles Town Club
sos, - , -

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>18 Dec</U></FONT>
piper, Milan , Grand Corpt
Jacq, Milan , Hilton

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>21 Dec</U></FONT>
<FONT COLOR="119911">sandgirl72, Seletar Broadway, Mandarin</FONT>
Naturally, Le Galleria , Hyatt
bobomagic, Bridal Zone , Rasa Sentosa

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>22 Dec</U></FONT>
renee, Julia Wedding News, Hyatt

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>27 Dec</U></FONT>
cutiechar, - , traders

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>28 Dec</U></FONT>
EL, GHA , Holiday Inn
Mio, JLC , Hyatt
Babyblue, Divine Couture , Conrad
Pam, - , Fulleton
rinoa, BV, raffles the plaza

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>30 Dec</U></FONT>
loving3377, Jawn Happy Ever After, -
chicory, -, -

tintin , Jawn Happy ever after , OCC
Tiara, -, -

naturally, not really, i've not started my reno yet...but have been bz sourcing for hob &amp; looking out for sale

how abt u? i guess there's nothing much to do for our wedding once we've settled our bridal, banquet &amp; actual day photography rite?

yah, how abt shoes?


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hi pausini,

saw ur posting that u had ur PS,
who is ur makeup artist?
Irene or Keith?
hmm...Kelvin is actually very quiet but once u warm up with him, PS can be very fun
well, if u realyl dun like ur PS, can ask for redo a few pictures again?
ur coordinator Lynn? can ask her

wonder this time round can i see ur photos liao?
my e-mail: [email protected]


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hi erin..
my ROM package with Allure is $590 include MTM dress (keep), hair do, make up and hand bouquet.. find their price very reasonable...

now looking ard for shoes to match my dress lor.. vain vain lor...

hi jbride
thanks U for adding me into yr compile list... btw, wat type of hob r u getting? saw sales going on in shops @ IMM.. went to visit 1 shop at 3rd floor "Lian Joo" their range of hob include brands like Turbo, Rinnai, La Germania, Elba etc quite good brands..

but i cant find the hob i wanted. cos i m looking for the bigger burner on my right side while the other 2 small burners on my left.. my contractor will source for me since this is a free gift from him... he he he