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on Wedding cakes..

Hey Flo, me like the idea too. saw it in one of the foriegn magz too... they use something like donut. The one lump kind not the annulet type. added some flowers as deco. looks great!

won't b using for my wedding though. my venue's too spacious so no point doing up the cake for show... hee..


yah loh everything goes up when u add "wedding" to it. I remember I paid somehitng like a $100 for my ROM bouquet which consist of only 30 stalk of roses w a ribbon. no other flowers what-so-ever.

on the dummy cake... I find them silly too. so I told my bf no dummy cakes!! that means not "cake-cutting" ceremony for me too... find it quite silly.


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Hi all SeptBrides,

Have seen Andrew Choi and Dee Synergy Journalistic...comparing both, we prefer Dee Synergy's work cos' it's better with the colors and lighting....I'm looking for a photographer as my wedding falls on a hot date...also i need some referral for videographer too....can anyone please refer some good videographer for actual day please?


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Hi Blossom,

I find that hot stamping is nicer and better but insert also not bad coz if you write wrongly on insert, you can change another pc but if you write wrongly on the card that is with hot stamping, you have to waste it, that will be the difference.
Some printer charge or might not charge you for the string and did not tie for you but some do tie but charge you for 10 cent each. Quite confusing lah so need to check wih individual printer to get more infor.
My printer(Jasvy) Tel: 6299 2263
Contact Person: Jason
You may want to try AMK Hi Tech coz I think they charge quite cheap. Contact No: 6458 9455
Another Printer: T Dragon, Tel: 6292 8338
Hope it may help you.
I think you should get more cards from your hotel coz I only have 30 tables yet get 240pcs.


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Hi Bluechin,

Yap a bit excited.
Think I bring a pair of heels that and then facial foam etc.
I could check with them tomoro.
Not sure, how long they take, willa sk tomoro.

Yap it's slightly revealing but just for once.
should be ok.
I also got one bareback one.
I like it a lot.Thinking of using it for WG initiallty but change my mind coz May say a lot of people use that as their WG. So I want to be different.

Coz I got tummy.
I'll try tomoro with the gowns.

The last time I there, give a remarks on them misusing the forum and ganna a lot of comment back on me. So now, I scared to go there.
Did write an Email to Chin leng about it.
Hope it will be solve.

Actually, my ourdoor was chosen by my FH also.
It looks sweet doesn't seem to suit me.

Do you think my gowns suits me?

I might be gettng a friend to reproduce my album (if possible) when my album is ready (small size one lah). Coz my father also wants a copy (my parents divorce). I also want a copy for scanning and redo the album per my style. What you think?

Hi Angeline,

can i see your gown too?
but i forgot who ur coordinator is liao.
MY office PC crash lost everything.
So when u going down again?



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Hi pinkapple,

they're call profiteroles!! hee hee, fancy names huh?

Of course, made a mental note of the date already! Definitely looking forward to meet you. Let's save time, meet either at Oaks? Since yu're gonna check out the place again?


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hi irene, ur PS so soon... so good... how long do you think Paris can get the album out for you??

btw, I was thinking if u oredi have a big album, not much point of repeatedly producing so many small ones lor... that's my opinion lah... hope u dun mind me kapo...


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I would love for you to come too. You hav been so helpful on the make up. In fact everyone here has been great. I invite everyone to come and gather although of couse you have to BYO for the brunch. Where's a good place? Perhaps a lunch buffet at a hotel, what about Traders, so I can see for myself what kinda food they have there.

Flo, how about that? cos I've already tried the food at Oaks, thought maybe can eat at Traders since putting them on the list for possible dinner venue too.

Who else wanna come !!! Remember to bring photos , cuttings of your gowns , make up, boyfriends, whatever.


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Hi Jenjen,

i not sure. will ask tomoro.

but my dad wants 1 set, my mum will want 1 set too.
so maybe just do a simple reproducing.



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Yalor, Irene,

I share the same point with JenJen, no point to re-produce so many small album, some times later, u find it's a waste. Most of pple will only take a look of yr wedding album on your wedding day. Very rare that pple will keep asking u to bring out the album for them to view.

I didn't even develop extra package from my bridal shop, just take their standard package. Becos I learnt from my sister, she has married for 4 years and after her wedding, no one actually ask her abt her wedding photos. Pple will asking abt honeymoon photos liao. End up, u will store all your photos in the store room, what a waste. My 2nd sister also didn't develop extra photos.

Well, just my own opinion, think abt it..no offend...


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Oh, its a Sunday! I will love to, but I'm working on that Sunday too!
coz' I'm working in a 24hours service line... POOR me! Guess what, my FH is coming back on that day morning! Hmm.. let me check w/ my colleague whether they willing to change shift with me. Will keeps u gals update!


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hi blossom,

hv u seen heat embossing? it's quite nice too n slightly cheaper than hotstamping. i think hot stamping don't fit all designs.

hi julia,

try the wedding gift shop in marina square. i got mine fr there.


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U must be really excited about yr new flat


Hope u had a great time at your PS.... u should be there now i guess.....

Your gowns r nice and they suit ya....

Yah, i agree with ya that facial foam's very impt....all that make up will make me feel heavy on my face......

I understand if your parents wanna a copy of the album.....i think u should either give each of them one copy or to give none at all....otherwise they might feel that it's unfair if you give one copy to only one of them.....

Scanning the pictures shouldn't be a problem....yes, i think u should do up an album your style if you have the time.....


Hi Kittycat
yes i had my Guo Da Li last Sat.
Oredi went around to give cakes to relatives. When is ur wedding day...?
my is on 6 & 7 july..
hmm...tot i remember ur big day is similar with my and mo...true?


Hi! was busi yesterday..so didn't manage to reply fast..soli..
$150 for 210cards rather ex. Which supplier is that? Didn't u try AMK Hi-Tech?Heard the service is good. U r confirming 30tables right? I've got 35 tables that's why getting more mah.. but no harm trying to get more from your hotel..it cost them peanuts..
At the moment, i m trying to nego with my co. printing supplier..hopefully can get a good price .... That time base on 300cards, he quoting me less than $200(hotstamping on inserts). I have inserts so no harm printing more.. This afternoon, he's sending the despatch guy to collect my samples and would let me see the artwork and quotation after getting my samples and requirements. If i could get a good deal, would recommend to u gals..

Liz, In total how many pics u have for your big album ?? The crystal album u referring is the album u bought to put in the others 4R pic which u didn't choose isit? Where u get the crystal decor album.. how many pgs one har.. I also thinking of getting one.. By the way, did u choose the magazine style album which needs to top up $600?
I did leh..thats why easily exceed budget..

julia andrew

Hi gals

Went 2 choose my pics yesterday... well...usual...like most of the ppl here...burst my budget!! heehee...it is not me, it is my hubby. He insist, he thinks that all the pics looks very nice.

I think my pics were ok except those that were taken at the end of the session. I look kindof tired by then. Hopefully the touch up will make it look better. ok, gotta go.


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<FONT COLOR="aa00aa">bluechin,</FONT>
ya, pretty excited, but oso very headache!! hope everything will "chuan dao qiao tou zi ran zhi"


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Hmm...all Dec brides seemed awfully quiet this morning!

On wedding cakes, those of you who wants to bring real cakes from outside rather than getting the real cakes from the hotels, better check if the hotel will attach any conditions. I had that idea too initially. But some of the hotels we cheked out were pretty hesitant. If we wanted to go ahead with it, we will have to sign an indeminity form to absolve the hotel of all responsibility if anything (like food poisoning) happens.

Most hotels don't seemed too keen for couple to use real cakes. Some hotels wanted to charge us $1000+ to make the real cake and serve it to the guests. How to afford??


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Hi Dec Brides,

The MIA Princesslin just completed my 5 days outdoor shoot, which is an additional shoot, my actual one in Sept, anyway if u want the info can look at the thread under "Photos to share". the can see how i look like hehehe

And our first meeting!! yeah ! but Sunday 30th not a good day for me coz got wedding to attend! and its world cup final. anyway what abt the following week can?


Hi carol,
Yup...this forum is good

I've not done my "guo da li" yet...no one said anything abt it. Am I suppose to initiate??? Or should the guy's parents be initiating??? What's
the procedure like??? Pls advice.



Hi all,
Does manicure and pedicure play impt part as facial? Is it only to smooth skin of hands and feet and tirm the nails nice nice huh?


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Hi ice,

Manicure and pedicure does help to smooth your hands and feet. Pedicure will help remove the hard skin on your feet as well. But must also maintain by moisturising the hands and feet everyday.


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Hi julybride,

Yep, my wedding is on 6 Jul and I'm doing my Guo Da Li this Sat. Some of my frens told me that after this event, me and husband hv to start addressing each other's parents as "Dad" &amp; "Mom". Wondering if this is true. How r u guys doing this?

Hi Mo,

This Guo Da Li is for the groom's side to deliver all the betrothal gifts to the bride's side --usually a few weeks before the actual wedding. I'm not too sure who's supposed to initiate this but I'm assuming it's the responsibility of the groom's side. You may want to check with your ILs and parents on this. For me, there was a mutual understanding between both parents that this has to be done and we arranged for a convenient day to do it.


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nicole , saw ur pixs
they r very lovely especially the night shots

hi flo n angeline
mi not going to malaysia liao. my granny is in stable condition. maybe go for a short weekend trip to c her next mth.

i will be having my trial make-up tiz weekend n flo, mi will be still meeting amy

i wanted a real cake for my wedding too but it costs 45+++ per kg and i will need 10- 15 kg

have already upgraded my room to the Brunei Suite liao


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I only in SGP next weekend, so cannot postpone the date. Perhaps, the other gals can start another gathering on a later date.
OK, now I running off to see your photos.


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hi romona and jinette,

thanks for yr compliments!!

Hi Gemi, slave to love and angeline,

I sent u the link already......

as for the meeting up, its for lunch is it? what time/where? i'll try to make it! but dunno if can or not!


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hi Nicole,

think it'll either be brunch or lunch at Traders cos Angeline is intd to check out the place.

I would love to be there at your trial... can i show up? Then I can discuss my stuff with Amy too!


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Hi Flo,

u still awake ah?

Okies thanks for info, gals, keep me updated abt time and venue, will try my bets to make it to meet up!!!



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hi loreal,
i din choose the magazine style album. alan din push for it at all. what is it actually? top up $600, very ex leh.


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Hi bluechin,

Done my PS. Quite tiring. I think sick today but dont' know if i should go see doctor coz scared boss say i take MC to watch World cup.

Quite fun.
Make up is nice and the hair style too.
The very last hairstyle is extremely nice . I like it.
Like those fairytale, fairy or 'xiao jin ling' in ballet.

I went labrador park and somewhere near victoria theatre/fullerton.

By the time i reach labrador, sun setting liao.

My studio timing starts at 10 a.m. and by 4 then finish studio shoot. Step out for outdoor around 5 p.m.
by the time we head back to bridal shop 7 p.m. liao.
still got sun.

Hope the outcome is good (coz my FH don't know how to smile one).

Saw your gown. Very nice.
Carmen show me.....
I think the red one is cute. There is something similar in the shop for photoshooting but white colour but I not very sure. Perhaps the skirt itself is the same.

But I u can wear coz u taller. I cannot.


Finally all done.

The ampoule cost $20/-. The fake Eyelash cost $15/-. Both me and hubby use ampoule. So total #55/-.

Photo takes 10 days to 2 weeks to be ready for selection.



hi kittycat,

thanks for the explanation
I'll only be able to do my Guo Da Li one week before the wedding, coz my si dian jin ring won't be ready till then. So have to wait, else the set won't be complete.

Another thing I'm really curious abt, do any of u gals know what's the meaning of a boy opening the car door for the groom when he arrives at the bride's place on the actual day in the morning??? Must it be a young boy, a relative??? Can it be a girl or an unrelated adult man??? Like in my case, I don't have any brother nor any male relatives, then how??? Was thinking of getting a friend to do it instead...is that appropriate???


ur studio did take up lots of time 6hrs. So u take more studio shoot than outdoor? May i know wat is ampoule? For wat uses?

oh i see... then can dun need to do Pedicure since our feets r hiding under the gown nobody will notice them.


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Hi Ice,

my my studio takes more time coz more hairstyle and makeup.....
Ampoule is to make the make up more lasting.