2 weeks slimming plan


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Hi yipphy, congrats on your new born baby! I currently trying for baby now hee
I lost abt 17kg through Acupuncture slimming program. If you wish to get ny program infor n consultant contact detail and email me at [email protected] so far my slimming frd like vicky has achieved very good result too (=


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Hi jasmine
can email me the program info n yr consultant contact details.


Btw do u take any pills during the program??


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Hi Wendy , yup saw your email n replied you on my program infor and consultant contact detail le.
How many kg you want to shed off?


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Hi Wendy,

not pill but supplement
Are you same as me who dislike to take pills?


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Hi Wendy , I was recommended by jasmine to her consultant and into this program too, already 3months and I lost 12kg of fats.
How much you wish to lose?
It is detox pills , tcm base


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Hi Suhua

Mind to share some infor on the slimming experience ? At Bedok ? Can I have the address ? What type of treatment ? What is the cost ?



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Hi jason,wow hardly see a guy here. (=
i went through acupuncture slimming 2 years ago and luckily maintain until now heee . lost abt 17kg in S size currently

are you the one want to slim down or ur gf/wife?
i cant pm you , may be u can email me at [email protected] if you have any more question to ask abt my program bah
of course determination is important ya

cheers ! (=


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I didn't want to go for acupuncture becoz of the risk of getting bacterial infection from contaminated needles and other materials used in the treatment. Anyway, I'm also not overweight. I just need to get rid of tummy fats. I join the TRA program which can help me loose pure fats. It has been 3 yrs since and my weight has not rebound. I feel in any weight lost program the most important is not to have weight rebound.

Anyone interested in the TRA program can email me at [email protected] or call 96329620.

Not only has my weight not rebound, I always enjoy nice buffets whenever I'm overseas and my weight always maintain the same.


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Hey Ladies,

I have 5 packets of london weight management coffee to let go at less than market selling price. Those who are keen pls pm me at [email protected] or call 98380179.

For those who are heavily intoxicated with coffee yet worried of the high sugar content of normal 3in1 coffees, this might be a good choice to have, 1. reducing sugar intake, 2. providing meal replacement, 3. curbing the coffee thirst.


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To clarify, london weight coffee is the best selling product at london weight management. Just to elaborate more on how to consume this and the areas it helps:

1. It increases the metabolism rate of the body and curbs the appetite, hence helping you to lose weight.

2. It's like instant coffee powder; simply drink up to 2 sachets of coffee a day (1 for breakfast and 1 in the late afternoon) and burn 2000cals a day without any effort. Add one satchet together with 200ml of warm water (around a glass full), stir and consume!

Personally, i have consume it before. It has likewise flavour to 2-in-1 coffee. For those who has strong caffeine craving and yet worry that you will put on weight due to high sugar intake from these coffee. You might want to consider this.

I have on hand 5*15 "Satchets" boxes of LWC to let go. Boxes are in original condition, expiry is at 2014. There's another box which i had dismantle the box and taken out all the satchets.

Selling price at LWM is at S$168 per box.
However i am letting it go at S$130 per box.

Pls pm me if you are keen to get all or just a portion of it.

[email protected] or text/call 98380179.

Cheers to all.


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YLD (Gold), I've tried to PM you but you don't allow PM. Can PM me your email address? I aatended one at bedok which is cheap and effective.


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Hi! I've heard a lot about acupuncture slimming but I'm afraid of needles. I need to shed some belly fats that look like a horrid spare tire around my waist
My friend showed me this slimming package from Marie France that costs $488 (includes 14 slimming treatments and 1 contouring serum) for first time customers. Should I go for it?


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Hi abi, ya I was scared of acupuncture slimming too but I no choice , after tried so many slimming salon(spent 10k in London weight & 5k in Marie France yet no effect) I finally tried Acupuncture for slimming. Lost abt 17kg 2 years plus ago and now still maintaining . As for Marie France pkg, trust me, i don't think it is effective


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Like u, I was afraid of needles so in the end, I choose the most easy but effective program to slim down. I have stopped the program in Sept 2011 and till now still maintained and I have frenz who hv stop for few years also still maintaining.

Email me at [email protected] for more details.


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Hi chewie , the program i was under is acupuncture slimming and i had lost abt 17kg and maintain for 2.5year liao, i hope can maintain forever (=
Oh ya I've replied you le. You may check your email and if u got more question can email to me ask I try my best to answer lo.

Good luck in slimming !
hi jasmine,

wow u still very slim now. you still in this program.

I tink lina finished the program ard 1yr so nver go liao ..

Now her weight like bound back..to from 48kg to 60kg ..

I tink i still believe discpline ..
But, not cheap all these slimming ..

End of the day, still depend on the food in take and exercise.. i loss 5kg within a month without going to any slimming centre..

lina bring me went to the acupuncture slimming .. just a normal testing of weight and print and see ..need $10 just for 1 paper ..

But, i believe discpline and exercise and the food in take ... most impt ..


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Thks ! Haha i maintain quite well la, enjoy food but of course when I gain abit I tried to control lo. As like wat I said, need effort for maintenance too. I didn't go bk for 2 years too.
But every 6 months I will go bk for fat test And it is useful for me to monitor my body figure so y not? Lol

I tried so many slimming salon n spent so much of course b4 that I tried diet n exercise, not that lazy or wat, some ppl just can't even slim down at all , not even 1-2kg . Not like you so lucky ba
oh tat great.. lina going married soon.. dec 2012...

we meet up tooo n i help her finding banquet n she help mi on photograher n montage side..

best part, we are going to be neigbour soon 2015....

she is nice lady n her future husband is nice n caring man...
anyway, i will start diet next mth due to going for hong kong n shenzhen 1 wk for belated celebrate birthday coming bk left 6 wks going married sooon ..

then jia you loss weight ba ..... at least, must loss 6 kg..,
now 53kg ...

all best going 2012 brides .... jia you !!!!


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Ya that time she told me her wedding still long way to go but now so fast getting married . I oso going to celebrate my 2nd marriage anniversary liao!
Yes of course have to slim down healthy I on program cos of health n obese problem too. After slim down my hormonal and high blood problem .
Unhealthy way like slimming pill had to avoid !


The fastest way to lose weight in two weeks is to go for a detox program. Google it to find out more. I relied on natural remedies and they work pretty well on me.


Hi Ling, there are several ways to lose weight effectively in the shortest way possible. One way is to consume organic Apple Cider vinegar mixed with honey every morning, avoid all kinds of dairy products, avoid eating fried food, no meat and decrease your sugar intake. Drink more water during that period and take your meals on time. I survived on apple, kiwi and strawberries for breakfast, yong tau hu bee hoon without oil and fried vegetables for dinner. Just PM me if you have more questions for me


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Hi girls,

Losing weight is not an easy task. I have tried many methods, herbal supplements, detox programs, diets etc... but the effects were not visible.
Now I'm on Reductil diet pills. I'm using them just for a few weeks and feel the difference. And I do not do much effort. I simply eat healthy food and go swimming twice a week.
Reductil suppresses my appetite and I eat much less now. I feel full even after eating some vegetables or an apple. That feels great, as before I was always hungry.
If you're interested in the Reductil site I can email it to you. Just PM me.

Good luck everyone!


Some time ago I completed home slimming at Bedok, lost 10 kg in 2 months. So far not bad, even after a few months it's very stable unlike my past experiences where my weight will go up when I finish treatment.

Like you peg phoo I have tried diet pills but the weight came back. How many kg did you lose so far?


I used to take all sorts of pills- Reductil, Duromine, Panbesy and Xenical, at different stages and even the Atkins Diet, but I am glad I did as I managed to lose the amount of weight I wanted to (Though I went through a lot of you-know-what effects). Although you have achieved your ideal weight, it is best to watch your diet and eat sensibly. Just a kind reminder to let you know that we should always rely on lots of water to detox first thing in the morning
Walking helps too! (That include window shopping and buying groceries)


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Ladies, with the possible side effect of slimming pills, why risk ur health. There are better and safer ways to slim down and look good.

PM me for more detail


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Hi Pamela ,I lost ard 17 kg through Acupunture . mine is acupuncture slimming but not at bedok but oso east side.
Ok I will email you my program infor and contact detail of my consultant.
My email is [email protected]



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Anyone has any experience with this glow raspberry product?
Seems too good to be true, but I heard that its selling really fast..

I'm looking for a diet supplement to aid me in losing some weights within weeks as I will be putting on my gown in about a month's time! The acupuncture seems effective, but I do not have the time due to hectic work..

I know this is really last minute.. Just came back from overseas and din expect myself to gain weight! So any advices for a quick remedy??
i got a fren who took TRA and within days he lost 2 to 4 kg..not sure if it will work juz as fast for u but within 3 mths u would b able to see gd results. PM me for more info.


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I am already on my second bottle of Glow raspberry ketones.

Have lost 5.3 kg so far.. I think its by far the best slimming supplement I had. No nauseousness or whatsoever.

I bought it because Dr. Oz recommended it as one of his top 5 "fat buster" due to the raspberry ketones.

Anyway, Dr. Oz is a very knowledgeable and famous in USA..

Jo, you can consider it.. Its rich in anti-oxidant too. Good for for cells.


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BTW, any other good TCM slimming advice/treatment?
I'm open to alternative as long as its effective.

There seems to be a lot of comments about acupuncture. But seems painful and I'm kinda afraid of needles..


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oh ya, i am also looking out for a good slimming programme as my husband says that I am slightly on the heavy side though I have been very careful with my weight, I am a 50 kg have put on already more than 3.5 kgs over these few months.


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Hi Michelle,

I went to 2 slimming centres before, spent a lot, and even when there's little results, the weight rebound. Because of that I don't trust them anymore. To counter my increasing weight, I relied on exercise. However I stopped because of knee pain, and went up by 3kg. I decided to give it one last shot, and chose ***************** despite many recommendations on LFI, Aimin, TRA. Firstly it's very cheap ($560 for 4 sessions), and the feedback is not bad. After talking to the beautician Irene (in Bedok), I was convinced.

I'm 153cm and used to weigh 50kg. In 8 sessions, I dropped to 45kg. And it only took 1 month. Excellent results. A few months have passed and it's been maintaining at 45 - 46kg. You should give it a try!