2 way cake to recommend?


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ZA works wonders for me... been using it for years now.


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i would recommend Chanson (japanese brand), selling quite well with Pola...
i use to have white heads using other 2 way cake as my skin is sensitive, but after using this the white heads are gone

getting it from the direct supplier

pm me @ [email protected] if u're interested...


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some1 tell me this. I find it helpful & make me understand how to make my makeup last longer.
Oily & Combination skin - 2 way cake
Dry - foundation/makeup base + loose powder
I hope this helps. If u want ur make up to last for the whole day, u can apply ampoule. I try this beauty lifting ampoule from germany, my makeup do last for the whole day. I used it whenever I had event after work. Cos I need my makeup to last thru out the day. And it works.

I got it quite cheap some more. Those makeup artist selling $25-35. Yet I got it at $5/amp. Super affordable! Hehehe...


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i swear by Shu uemura UV underbase and natural glow powder foundation!! it's very lightweight, longlasting and gives flawless finish.. i guess wotever makeup u use, just make sure u cleanse it off thoroughly so it doesnt clog ur pores or wot nots.

btw, daledale (choe) where u got ur amps? i saw on other threads selling $7-$10.
wanna get for my ps in july, cos i'm going to taipei and it's gonna be super hot! my makeup might melt in the heat!


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I heard ZA 2-way cake is quite good..

I used to use YSL 2-way cake but finds it clogs my pores a bit. But my frens told me, all 2-way cakes are like that. Either u choose good coverage (aka pimples and pores dun show) & suffer clogged pores, or little coverage & ok pores.


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Introducing C’Bon Two way cake,made in Japan. Its main ingredient of aloe vera is suitable for even sensitive skin, strong moisturizing effect,convenient dry or wet application,maximum coverage with a natural finish,long wearing, minimum touch-up required,compact and portable.
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I am using liquid firming foundation - it can cover well and firm at the same time. Overall, I'm using organic cosmetic products that can last for more than 5 - 7 years. This is good especially for gals who seldom make up but still need to buy it for certain occassion. Last time, I bought normal cosmetic products and need to throw after 2years. It is really costly if we just use for less than 10 times. Now I save a lot....


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I have sensitive skin (prone to breakouts) and have tried numerous brands of 2-way cakes but none provides as good coverage as The Body Shop one. It evens out my skin tone and covers my dark circles and blemishes effectively. Comes with SPF plus it doesn't hurt the pocket!


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I am now using mineral makeup and I simply love it... just knowing that I am putting something "healthy" on my skin makes me not feel guilty about slapping on so much make up everyday but no choice for work.

Accordingly to the consultant I can even wear it to sleep and my skin will not suffer... i have yet to try it though :p


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Hi Pinkblusher,

Hmm...frm my opinion as a makeup artist, my advise is not to wear anything to sleep even though mineral powder mayb healthy coz after all its still a makeup in a powder form coz our skin cells will regenerate while we sleep...and putting on any sort of makeup or powder might affect tat process..

best at night is to bare ur skin and put on nothing but ur skincare products..afterall ur skin do need a break once in awhile from all those powder and makeup..if ur skin is dry or if u sleep in aircon room do try to put on a hydrating moisturiser, tat way ur skin wun feel dry the next morning when u wake up =)


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I have just acquired a foundation brush and really wonder why people use brush to apply liquid foundation. Do u all wash the brush everyday coz it seems very "wet" after each usage.

I used to use sponge but I found it un-economical coz it seems that the sponge is absorbing more foundation than my skin. In addition, are we suppose to throw away the sponge after 1 usage coz i was thinking that bacteria will breed on the sponge due to the damp nature of the sponge.

Seem to have a similar problem with the brush. sigh.

I'm trying to steer clear of 2 way cake coz I feel that it looks really "thick" on my face.


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for all super oily skin sis out there , this is my makeup rountie and people would be surprised how bad my skin is without makeup ( i have breakout,super oily,acne scar problem)

urban decay oil control makeup spray --> pore minimising mousse -->sofina Primavista long keep base ---> 2 way foundation ---> lashes/brush whatever i need to do ---> urban decay oil control spray again

im always a high end product user but recently i bot a refill of Za skin beauty 2way foundation sicne it was on sale , i was indeed very impressed by the result .. oxidise not too bad

Lola was my fav foundation/powder when i lived outside of singapore, but it doesnt really last in this hot weather .

hope it helps


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Revlon is not bad. Last time i used it as alternative with Lancome 2 way cake. When I was about to buy refill for my Lancome, the BA said that type is out of stock then She put another type on me. After that she said "See, this one look exactly the same like the one you are using" (thinking that i was using my Lancome powder, but actually i was using Revlon!). So after that bye2 Lancome. Why should i buy much expensive powder if even the BA think it delivered same result as drug store brand?


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Would like to recommend Christian Dior Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Sculpting Powder. Bought it in Duty Free Changi at about $72 i think. Very very nice. Really make my face glowy. Quite ex but really give me that kind of health look that I want! Anyway one pack can last for about 3-4 months and I use it everyday. Can opt to buy re-fill also, which is around 50. This one make my face looks glowing during pre-wed shot