2 way cake to recommend?


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Been using a few brand of 2 way cake..but like not getting very gd...
i have a oily T-zone, yet sensitive..bit bit nia..pimple will pop out~
any nice brand to recommend?

can u send mi the file aso? thx
email : [email protected]


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I am ex-Prescriptives user. Now that they have pulled out of Singapore, I am considering either switching to Bobbi Brown or MAC. Any ones have any comments here? Also anyone has experience with MAC's Studio Perfect as compared to Studio Fix? Main difference is that Studio Perfect has SPF 15.


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Hi Beano,

Can i have the file too? Thank you! My email is [email protected]



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i think chanel products are excellent...bobbi brown is not too bad either. i also agree tt shiseido's makeup is really good. but best is to try on the products and see which suits u best. cos we all have diff skin types and all will react differently to diff products.