2-way Cake - Duration of Use


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hi I use ZA and I find that it can be consumed pretty fast. I m switching to Fasio cos it seem more solid' and last longer.
can anyone share which brand they are using?


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hi totebride

Me using biotherm 2-way cake (i find it beri good lor, the power beri smooth n fine)... ... actually i think last more then 4 mth la cos me now still using the refill that i bought during dec'03 .. cos my last one be4 the power really "gone" then i change to new one liao lor. Actually shisedio power oso not bad, b4 using biotherm, i m using their 2-way cake lor... but cos i m using biotherm cleanser so i change to their power lor...


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Me using lancome maquicake, not too bad, lasted abt half a year.

May i know the actual name of the biotherm compact you are using?


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am using Maybelline Shine-Free
not very sure if it's good coz i never changed brand before! hee

bought this brand twice and am finishing my current one...see...it lasted me so long tt i didn't get to try out others! come to think of it, 2 sets of this foundation lasted me 2 years...means 1 set actually lasts me abt 1 year!

now that my current set is finishing soon, i need to buy another one. thinking of trying other brands...any recommendations?


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Hi soko...

I dun remember the actual name of the compact but they only 2 type of 2-way cake... one got the whitening ingredient n the other type is the normal one ... me using the normal one ...U wan to change?


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Hi jolin

ya lor, feel like changing cos been using the same product for too long, getting xian. and i quite like biotherm counters cos very fresh looking. How much is your compact?


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Hi soko

I think the casing abt $15 then the refill cost $48.00 (total abt $63). The whitening refill cost abt $50 like that cos got 1 time i did change into the whitening power but i felt the effect is the same so i change back to the old thing again...


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Hi jolin,

may I know what is your skin type? Does the biotherm
2-way cake last you the whole day or you need to do
touch up?

Biotherm has a new 2-way cake under the white detox
range, have you tried it? Comments if any?



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Hi tobebride

Ya,i did tried their new white detox range but i think the effect is the same as the normal 2-way cake leh...only the price diff la ... hmmm can actually last me the whole day, i normally dun do touch up one lor.... i m normal to combination skin type ....


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I heard from some ppl that cosmetic cannot be keep for too long...they say after 3 mths, even havent finish also must throw....especially 2 way cake, cos it is being applied in moist sometimes....is it true?


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Hi Angie

i don think is 3 mths, actually is 3 years. if 3 mths then every1 is broke liao, rite? agree tt 2-way cake r d most unhygenic 1. if u start up applying in wet, then everytime u use u hv 2 wet it, cant turn back 2 dry already.


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hi all girls.........
i advice you all girls to stop using chemical product cos one of the ingredient inside the makeup is petrolium ... imagine that you all are actually pouring petrolium onto your face everyday.....


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hi. i'm currently using the Za 2-way cake, but i tend to perspire a lot in recent hot weather especially when i run events.

Does anyone have any recommendations for 2-way cake that is "more perspiration-proof"? i also have sensitive skin too.

thanks for your help.


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Hi all,
I've been using water based 2 way cake, which
can be used as daytime finishing powder and
as foundation during evening time. It has
no chemical compounds or oil, which blog
our pores and can cause acne and pigmentation
after long term usage of wrong products.

You may private message me, just drag your
mouse to my name on the left and click
I can send you their product info.

thank u


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I've been using KOSE's two way cake for 8 years oredi and never shift to other brands. It's good as it is natural( not cakey) and it gives me a transclucent and bright complexion + got whitening and uv protection benefits. Give it a try!


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I have sensitive skin. i have been using Estee Lauder 2 way cake for 4 years. It has medium coverage, not too heavy like chanel or ZA, and it can long me the whole day without getting cakey. Look natural but yet can cover. Love it
i have been using Estee lauder's two way cake also! i love it....used for 3yrs plus.. i change the refill every 2-3 months even if its not finished though....scared bacteria grow or something haha


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I use Bioderm 2-way cake. Good. smooth finish. trick is use a brush, not the sponge. More even coverage. My MUA taught me. hehehe


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I am using Nu Skin 2-way cake! I like the effects. It feels light and create a flawless and natural look! Sometimes I don't even notice that I am wearing make up! Most importantly, it blends very well on the skin.

Furthermore it is quite moiturising too. It do not create those "cakey" look after hours of applications. N i tend to work outdoors with perspiration and etc, i have no qualms of touching up.


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i'm using Shu Uemura 2-way cake. its very translucent and natural. will prob stick to it.
but i hardly make up so the one i used has been around a long time. but it still looks good. must i throw away? the last time i use no prob for my skin still...how huh? same for my eye shadows and blusher.


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Well I have oily skin.. and now my friends ask me what I do to get a matt finish and make up dont slide always fresh and I dnt touch up once I leave the houseband I swear by Christian Dior 2 way cake.. The whitening Range.. But then Again.. I use a base that is by Biore perfact face milk as a make up base found in watson or guardian.. Cheap and real good.. So if you wana try PM me to let me knoe if it is the face milk that controls the oil or is it the 2 way cake... coz I presume you gals will use the Biore face milk under your existing @ way cake brand..


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hi gerz,

Any recommendation for 2way cake for touching up on outdoor wedding shoots?? Much prefer a natural than cakey opera look...thax


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Can try out face shop, i like it very much as it look very fine to me.. a very nature look on the face. It is not expensive too, ard 50+


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I'm using organic "liquid firming foundation" very good (no expiry date). Cover and firm at the same time. However, don't misunderstand that it will firm forever...after wash go back to what u have. For permanent effect or maintaining... must use firming cream.


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I used to use Chanel 2 way cake and it is really good for coverage and lasting power but I end up getting pimples... perhaps it's better for ladies with drier skin. I have oily tea zone


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Hi! I'm a bit confused in selecting make up for my face as i'm still new in this area. Is 2 way cake the same as foundation? If u applied foundation, does that mean u have to complete your application with loose/finishing powder? Or any of these can be applied alone on itself? What is a loose powder? And what about make up base? Is it a necessity before applying foundation/powder/2 way cake?

I would really appreciate if anyone could help me on this


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Hi MayLittle,

You must be rather confusing now but its ok =) let me answer all ur enquiries.

2 way cake itself is a foundation.. which is why its also call 2 way foundation. Between this and liquid foundation, liquid it comes in a variety of texture from sheer to heavy or full coverage. whereas 2 way cake has more denser pigments therefore gives most amount of coverage.

When applying liquid foundation, it will be better to complete with a loose/finishing powder to give a more smooth, even and matte finish. otherwise, some liquid foundation may feel abit shiny and sticky on ur face.

For 2 way cake it will be no problem applying on its own as it comes in a denser powder form and will give u a smooth and matte finish upon application. Some people like it for its convinence.

A loose powder is something like a finishing powder that can also be found in a compressed form which we call press powder compact but the coverage wise will be lighter compare to 2 way cake. In fact, among all powder and foundation, it provides the lightest coverage. Therefore, there are people who really like/prefer light makeup they just apply sunblock and a layer of loose powder. But unless u have really perfect and flawless porcelain skin, otherwise, i'll recommend that u use as a finishing powder after ur liquid foundation.

There are many type of makeup base nowadays in the market. Most of the texture are usually light and sheer and mostly comes with SPF protection and some even provide skincare properties. It is not a neccessity but it somehow does helps in providing a better finish and helps makeup stay better and longer. Just like an artist painting something, he needs to set a base for his canvas so he can draw better and the painting stands out more.. the theory is about the same here. =)

Nowadays there are many different type of foundation and powder in the market. So its very important that u chose the right one for ur skin and feel comfortable wearing it. Like i always told my makeover clients beside choosing one that its suitable for ur skin type, chosing the right shade is also important as i do encounter ppl telling me that they always chose the most lightest shade of foundation thinking that it will make them look fair and white which is not the right way. When buying a foundation always feel free to try out..best will be try on the face along the jawline or on the chin area, that way u wun go wrong and will most likely to get the right shade. =)

Hope the above will be helpful to u. =)