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Discussion in 'Wedding Essentials' started by roxyz, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. roxyz

    roxyz New Member

    Hi we are planning a jazz theme nite...

    but so far, our walk in songs are sentimental ones like valentine etc. Will it sound weird if marxh in is sentimental and the background music is jazz?

    Does anyone have any recommendation for any nice jazzy 1st dish song &amp; also march in songs. Thanks!

  2. novia

    novia New Member

    how about quando quando quando by michael buble? It's quite upbeat [​IMG]
  3. roxyz

    roxyz New Member

    Thanks bride!

    I like that song too [​IMG]

    Thinking of using it as those background music....
  4. beautyseek

    beautyseek New Member

  5. roxyz

    roxyz New Member

    hi beauty seet
    email sent!!
  6. beautyseek

    beautyseek New Member

    Thanks very much, roxyz. I think I love this song best of all the songs I have. Really v grateful.
  7. cint

    cint New Member

  8. bridetobe2006

    bridetobe2006 New Member

  9. applerain

    applerain New Member

  10. applerain

    applerain New Member

  11. foreverhappy

    foreverhappy New Member

  12. summerkitty

    summerkitty New Member

    hi roxyz,

    can u send me the song too ? thanks alot. I have been searching for a song used by Chrisling in their videography for one of their wedding couple. title sounds similar .. . maybe it's the one you mentioned ...

    me email : bentleys1978@yahoo.com.sg
  13. shers83

    shers83 Member

  14. sogo

    sogo New Member

  15. mehmeh26

    mehmeh26 New Member

  16. loink

    loink New Member

  17. xw_moon

    xw_moon New Member

  18. uberrimae

    uberrimae New Member

  19. roxyz

    roxyz New Member

    hi all

    song sent!! enjoy~
  20. thomsonbride

    thomsonbride New Member


    Anyone happens to have the song - Sans Toi, Ma Mie by Clementine? The album is called "Made in France".

    Thank you.
  21. faye77

    faye77 New Member

    hi roxyz,

    do u have the song " the way u look tonite" by michael buble? can email me : pswong69@hotmail.com
  22. ohjs

    ohjs New Member

  23. ohjs

    ohjs New Member

    roxy can help sent mi the song
    quando quando quando by michael buble
  24. chantal

    chantal New Member

  25. kris_neo

    kris_neo New Member

  26. kkwr

    kkwr New Member

    Hi roxyz,

    Can email me the song: quando quando quando by michael buble.


    Thanks a lot [​IMG]
  27. stepford

    stepford New Member

    kkwr : U want the song by Michael Buble alone or duet with Nelly Furtado?
  28. smilez

    smilez New Member

  29. gervynne

    gervynne New Member

    hi stepford,

    can trouble u to send me the song as well? both the solo and duet [​IMG]

    my email's gervynne@gmail.com
  30. stepford

    stepford New Member

    smilez &amp; gervynne, I have sent the song over in separate mails. ;)
  31. kitty_li

    kitty_li Active Member

    Can someone send me the song "quando quando quando", please? Thanks in advance! [​IMG] cy_tan02@yahoo.com
  32. lilyn22

    lilyn22 Member

    Hi! could i also be sent quando quando quando either by buble alone or the duet version? i'm thinking of using it for 2nd march in..need it ASAP..thanks so much!
  33. shers83

    shers83 Member

    Hi stepford,

    can send me the song quando quando quando by buble alone ?

  34. lilostitch

    lilostitch New Member

    Hi Stepford,

    can send me the song "quando quando quando" too?

    Thanks alot!

  35. lilo

    lilo Member

  36. cutedemon

    cutedemon New Member

  37. im_ashley

    im_ashley New Member

  38. summer1979

    summer1979 New Member


    Can i hv the song as well?

    My wedding date is getting nearer, Head gettting bigger for song searching lor.

    Thanks lot [​IMG]=

  39. foodyan

    foodyan New Member

  40. yunxi

    yunxi New Member

    can any kind soul pls also email the "quando quando quando" as well? have heard it before and think it's nice. Thanks a million!
  41. mrsevelynlim

    mrsevelynlim New Member

    hi guys!
    im going with a jazz theme too. maybe we can start a folder of jazz songs on yahoo briefcase or sth? then can just go and dl.

    right now i haf very many jazz songs. haha as for the first dish, i think i might use I Get a Kick of You (Jamie Cullum). ok la, it's not as catchy as Bond's Victory but i think tt's abit over used haha.

    Save the Last Dance's quite good too.
  42. beautyseek

    beautyseek New Member

    I wld like to have jazz songs too! But mine is a mix of all kinds ... i am trying to put together my own wedding CD. Appreciate it if you can share with ur folder when it is up! Thanks.
  43. junior22

    junior22 New Member

  44. sindel

    sindel New Member

  45. bebes

    bebes New Member

  46. tyingknot2007

    tyingknot2007 New Member

    Hi Roxyz or Stepford,

    Could you send me this song as well as other song that you may have suitable for wedding or photo montage.


    Greatly appreciated.
  47. leesjy

    leesjy New Member

  48. bubblesoul

    bubblesoul New Member

    Hi Roxyz

    Can send me the "quando quando quando" by michael buble. My email add is : bubble_637@yahoo.com.sg

    Thanks you so much
  49. babygirl23

    babygirl23 New Member

  50. sindel

    sindel New Member

    hi roxyz

    pls send me the song: quando quando quando by michael buble &amp; " the way u look tonite" by michael buble


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