17K Renovation


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Hi sprizzy (spizz),

Care to share your quote and pics with me too?

[email protected]


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Hi all,

Can you recommend your ID/contractor to me? I am planning to renovate my sembawang flat. My fiance is always outstation (so sad) so I really need all your help ;-)


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Dear Chris,

So sorry to hear your story. Hope everything will be fine soon. Thanks for sharing your story. Take care.


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I'm new to this forum. I just got my flat 4rm premium and is looking around for good ID & reno contractor.
I'm been to 2 ID but their prices are a bit steep.
Can anyone recommend good reno contractors and any pictures to share? if you dun mind to share yr quotation too.. thanks alot



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Hi Jasmine
My friend just expanded his construction business by opening an interior design firm.Having opening promotion reno packages at very reasonable rates. If you are interested, you can email your contacts to [email protected]


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if you are left to do most of the coordinating work with your contractors,
may want to get an experienced female contractor.
that was what i did.
i got a very reasonable quotation
and i was very comfortable talking to the contractor.
she is an experienced lady in this industry
together with her husband.
i am not exaggerating,
dun believe me?
give her a call - Jane @ 64743355/ 96665530.
at least give her a chance to quote you
- won't be disappointed.
just a very satisfied and grateful customer - Kate
or you can email me at [email protected]


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think u urself are the so called jane, cos u give a invaild e-mail address, and u keep going to a lot of other forums saying jane good, but when ask for what u do and what the quote, u never reply.


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i got a 4room premium flat.need quite alot of carpentry.i actually got a quote from fresco le they quite nice offer me a good deal also but wanted more idea b4 decide


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Hi guys, saw this package in my neighbourhood. It's a new company, actually a subsidiary of Jae Yi Construction.

I think it's kinda of ex after reading most of the posts here.

Design Works & Services
01) Furniture layout plan & colour conceptualization
02) Perspective drawings for all capentry works
03) Materials & interior elements pre-consultations
04) ISO standard supervision

05) Hacking of living/dining & all bedroom floor tiles
06) Hacking of kitchen wall and floor tiles
07) Hacking of 2 toilet wall and floor tiles

Masonry Works
08) 450x450mm designer ceramic floor tiles for living/dining
09) 450x450mm designer ceramic floor tiles for all bedrooms
10) 450mm designer ceramic skirtings for whole house
11) 300x300mm designer ceramic/homogenous for kitchen flooring
12) 250x300mm designer ceramic/homogenous for kitchen
13) 300x300mm designer ceramic/homogenous for 2 toilet flooring
14) 250x300mm ceiling height designer ceramic wall tiles for 2 toilets
15) HDB approved waterproofing membrane for kitchen
16) HDB approved waterproofing membrane for 2 toilets
17) 1:3 cement screeding for whole house
18) 50mm fridge & w/machine base with tile finishes
19) 50mm k/cabinet base with tile finishes
20) Shower kerb for 2 bathrooms
21) Entrance kerbs with tile finishes
22) Sink support with homogenous tiles finishes
23) Stove support with homogenous tile finishes
24) Chopper support with homogenous tile finishes
25) Grinding round sink support
26) Grinding round stove support
27) Grinding round chopper support

Aluminium Works
28) Whole house aluminium grills 4ft ht.
29) Aluminium bi-fold door c/w acrylic panel for 2 toilets
30) Aluminium bi-fold door c/w acrylic panel for common toilet
31) Aluminium sliding door c/w acrylic panel for sink support
32) Aluminium sliding door c/w acrylic panel for stove support
33) Aluminium sliding door c/w acrylic panel for chopper support

34) Designer classic mould doors for all bedrooms
35) Standard lock sets for all bedrooms
36) Magnetic stopper for all bedrooms

Carpentry Works
37) 20ft designer solid ply laminate litchen cabinet
38) 10ft high density postfoam work top
39) 1 pair of frosted glass panel door
40) Designer handles for kitchen cabinet
41) 1 set of stainless steel dish rack
42) 1 column of drawers with cutlery tray
43) ABS trimming

Plasterceil Works
44) Designer plasterceil L-box in living room
45) Designer plasterceil simple cornices at dining room
46) Designer plasterceil simple cornices for all bedrooms
47) Plasterceil false ceiling at passageway

48) 10 Nos downlight points for L-Box
49) 01 No of downlight points for false ceiling
50) Whole house lights fitting
51) Rewiring for whole house

Plumbing Works
52) S/steel piping for whole house
53) Inlet & Outlet for sink & w/machine & w/basin
54) 02 nos of dual flush toilet bowl for 02 toilet
55) 02 nos of wash basin c/with level taps
56) 02 nos of instant heater for 02 bathrooms
57) 02 sets of toilet accessories for 02 toilets

58) Whole house painting using ICI/Nippon paints
59) Emusion coating
60) Painting of doors and doors frames
61) Painting of main gate
62) Painting of PVC/copper Piping
63) Patch up groove line on walls
64) Acid wash for whole house

Got a free italian Cuizino Cooker Hood & Hob for free.

The designer can knock off some of the price as we do not need everything.

We do not need (9) 450x450mm designer ceramic floor tiles for all bedrooms as we're sticking to our present parquet flooring, just need to polish, etc.

Also no need (18) & (19) 50mm base for kitchen, as there already exists a base.

For (13), (14), (16), (54), (55), (56) & (57), maybe can knock the price down as well as we do not have 2 toilets. Our house is a very old kind with 1 bathroom and 1 toilet...separate...no mater bedroom toilet. The separate toilet we have is very very small one.

Can anyone tell us roughly how much we can knock off for the above?



I'm new, getting my hse in 3mths time. I reali got no idea hw to go abt doing up my hse.What should I start doing first? My flat is a premium one so the floorings are all done up. So wat is the next area i should look into, pls advise. Can anyone send me some pics of ur hse and also provide me contacts of contractors or ID. Thxs a lot!


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hi ppl,

i need some help here..i recently got quoted 17k by an ID for a bedroom and studyroom..mainly for partition/caprentry/door works...no flooring and no reno to the toilets..do u think its exp? i find it costly for only both rooms, or shd i go straight to a contractor since i roughly know what i want alrd? cuz i heard that ID gives higher quotations....
ur advice is greatly appreciated!!