15D Italy, Switzerland & Paris tour - Chan Bros or Dynasty??


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Dear All,

I am planning on a honeymoon to Europe in Dec this year (specifically the Italy, Switzerland & Paris tour). I am considering either Chan Bros or Dynasty. I went with CB to turkey last year and thought it was not bad but have heard good reviews for Dynasty as well. Dynasty is a few hundred bucks more expensive - not sure if it is worth it? Alternatively, I could go with CB and use the few hundred bucks to extend 1 to 2 Days of F&E in Paris. Any views/past experience to share, pls?



Europe in Dec is very cold. Might be nice to go Switzerland but I heard from friends who went Italy in Feb that is was so cold that they didn't enjoy the trip.


I don't think it's a good idea to visit Europe in Dec too. The weather may be freaky and if snow is too heavy, you may face a lot of delay and inconveniences. Daylight is also short.

I went with Dynasty last year on this itinerary and it was fantastic! The price was higher but you do get the value. We didn't have to bother with our luggages and we stayed in very good hotels and food was good too. Very well taken care of throughout.


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Thanks for the info! I have to go in Dec due to work commitments and we also wanted to experience some snow together.. I was hoping it would be relatively ok before late Dec as I was under the impression that the weather turns colder in Jan - Feb. No?

If I would like to extend my trip - should I remain in Paris or travel to London? I would like to go Paris's Disneyland - anyone has any experience to share on this as well?



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I think is too generic just to say Europe dec is snowing. Europe is such a big place. I went 12D italy in Dec and had great fun. The weather was cool enough to sustain prolong walking. I think Dec is the best time to travel coz everything is much cheaper. The only downside is you might not want to go into the mountains.

Coming Dec, i'm planning for a Switzerland / Austria trip again.

As for cold, Feb is much much colder than Dec


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If you want to experience snow in early Dec, you really have to go into the high mountain areas. Unless this year provides freaky weather again, there's not a lot of places that will snow in early Dec


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I'm planning to travel aound end of Nov this year.
just wondering isn't cold and start to snow?

BTW anyone can provide me any feedback from Chan Brother 12 days best of Italy, Switzerland and Paris or ASA 14 days Italy, Switzerland and Paris?

Still considering!

Chan Brother and ASA do not have any departure date on Nov 2012 and so far only EU travel provide me the date on 28 Nov.


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We just came from london & europe honeymoon. We got the Contiki package thru Fortune Travel. Contiki package is 6 countries, 10 days is definitely cheaper and value for the money since you can go to more country. Weve been to london -lovely place, warm people, safe & clean,
Armsterdam- nice place also safe & clean.they bring us to red light district
Austria- lovely alps, some even went to rafting even its freezing water.
Germany (munich & rhine valley)- friendly people, we bought beer stein, beers were serve per litre each. Munich is city area wt nice buildings, rhine valley is country side we saw a castle there.
Venice- its not as nice as what u seen on movie. No cars there except for 1 ferarri display. U need to walk or take gondola to travel around the area
Switzerland ( lucern & Camp jungfrau)- a must see in europe! U can forget about italy & france but NOT switzerland. Swiss is the best among all places weve been.
Paris- nice bldgs but not a safe place.

Other than package we also had a pre-stay, which is free & easy in italy & london also under fortune travel. Honestly, italy is not as nice as we all imagine... Trains & street are messy and not safe in italy coz many pick pocketer. You should spend more time in london coz its safe & clean

I like Fortune travel service. Fennie is my contact person there very accomodating & nice lady.


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End Nov will be colder than June for sure. But "cold" is relative to individual. I find it the best time to travel.

As to whether it will snow, it depends on where you're going. Majority of places will not snow


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We are planning to go Swiss for our honeymoon but have not decide other countries in Europe. Plan to have a relaxing since it is a honeymoon and don't want to rush. Any recommendation, other than Swiss, what other country in Europe to visit?


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Going on a self-drive to Swiss early Dec... targetting 12D too


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Went with CB for 10 days italy romance trip. Feeling extremely disappointed.

1)Had 5 meals of chinese food! I can tell you that it's the worst chinese food we've ever had! Yeah, they have vegetable soup, vegetables, more vegetables, omelette, fat meat, ... Lunch is usually at our own expenses. Once, our beloved guide can even walk us to the wrong restaurant for dinner and walk us back again, only to have to wait outside of the restaurant! Hey, it's 4 degrees in the cold! Not even knowledgeable about place, pathetic!

2a)Places of interests were done in a rush. Hardly have time to snap pictures at the colosseum, and was rushed to st peter's basalica. Over there, the italian guide asked our sg guide whether to have more time or less. Our sg guide, without consulting us, told the italian guide 30 mins instead of her recommended 1 hr! Thanks for the mad rush CHAN BROTHERS!

2b)Over at sienna, was told to meet at a specific time, but some of us waited like fools for an extra 30 mins because our sg guide is still having lunch!!! Visited florence, but did not even get to see the duomo, one of the largest in the world!

2c)The gondola trip was specified as 45 mins. It was finished in 25 mins!!! That was a major ripped off!!!

2d)We had to pay for sistine chapel. That costs us each 40 euros. The regular price is only 12 euros. Another ripped off!

2e)Was asked if we wanted to visit verona (romeo n juliet fame). However, it was on the way from venice to milan. Initially, guide wanted to charge 40 euro each! Later for strange reasons, it can be reduced to 20 euro! Laughable!!!

The entire experience is a drain! Won't ever join CB again. It's all done in the spirit of profit. Nope, CB doesn't care. They will take care of you if you have deep pockets for shopping. Should have chosen Dynasty over Chan bro! Deep deep regrets!


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Travelling with Chan Bro is very very unsafe. Had a terrible experience with them on our 15D Europe trip in Oct 2012. Our bags after 6hrs of shopping in Paris was left in the coach and was stolen. The coach driver and the tour manager were on the bus when this happened. CB say its our responsibility for the bags but all 33passengers had all their bags on the bus. Only 2 families had our stuff stolen. CB is very irresponsible and for 2 months they have been telling us they’l wind up the issue and settle us. But nothing happened. They don’t care about customers once you make your full payment. Now Im going legal and will file a case against them.
In a foreign land this is the last thing you may want to experience in your honeymoon.


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erm have you guys tried free and easy before? just book your own flights and hotels separately. Granted,you have to do more homework such as booking and all, but in my experience its really worth the savings and you get to explore more places. wego flights and hotels give a list of the best deals, of course you can go to other websites but so far i find that this one is the best.
I tht the stolen case was from another travel agency, so its CB.
I also tht of booking with them for my end year Europe trip.... so can anybody share with me which travel agency is good in europe?