120 pax solemnisation lunch - any hotel to recommend?


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can anyone recommend me nice hotel venue for solemnisation?

my budget is around $60 per pax. prefer to have poolside or outdoor solemnisation in hotel.


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I have a solemnisation package bought at Changi V hotel, the top floor with swimming pool, which can cater between 60 to 100people. It is for any date from now to Oct 26 2015. I signed up for the package with my boyfriend but unfortunately my grandmother passed away, and I cannot hold the solemnisation till 1 year later.

Would really appreciate if anyone can take over my solemnisation package.

Some brief details on what is included:
1. venue: Poolside level 8, Changi Village Hotel
2. Date: From now to Oct 26 2016
3. 6 to 10pm event
4. For 60 pax guaranteed.
5. Include wedding deco
6. Buffet-style
7. Free one night junior suite stay
8. Pls PM me for more details at 9652 6516 - Angie

Thanks a lot.



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