$10k Revo Budget for D&B 4rm possible???


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Hi all,

Will need some advice, $10k possible to find contractor for the renovation of a 4rm D&B unit of 100 sq metres?

Inclusive of
- Paint
- false ceiling
- kitchen cabinet
- tv console
- wardrobe
- study table
- book shelf
- shoe cabinet

Any good and resonable price ID/Contractor/Carpentry Co. to recommend?


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Tried sending you a PM but you cannot receive PM. I think your budget is super tight.

If your budget cannot be increased, it looks like either you get lower quality stuff for the things you want or you cannot have so many things...

- Kitchen cabinet itself would be about $5k.
- Built-in wardrobe about 4k depending on how many cupboards.
- Painting 1.2k
- False ceiling - anything from $700 to $2k depending on how long / big it is

Just my opinion based on renovation works I have done in my flat, and I didn't engage any ID.


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Hi blue skies, My apology.. first time user.. i have activated the PM already. Thanks for reminding.. if i increase to $15k? does it helps? i didnt wan to engage ID coz i feel that they charge more for their professional supervise svcs etc.. However, heard alot of bad comment bout contrator.. Really duno who to trust, which is gd or bad..Lolx.. i m first time home owner as well..


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Hi Lest, How much u spend to renovate your place? do i need to hack? Coz i think there shldnt be any cabinet now, coz its design & build flat..


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Hi Lest,

I dun think i can come out with $32k that is alot of money.. LOLZ..Just to confirm, if your flat a new one or resale? I am trying to look for carpentry actually.. However, i totally agree that carpentry work is very ex..


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So the correct steps shld be to fix my air con, follow by contractor work e.g painting, false ceiling, lights & lastly getting carpenter to build the furnitures?


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I'm also on tight budget for reno, anyone can help me with good and reliable contractors? thanks


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Just to share - I am also sourcing quotes for my 4-rooom d&b.. and all the quotes I have received so far are around the range of $30k.


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I just got a quotation at 22K plus for my new 4rm flat. Is that consider cheap? Btw, mine is BTO..


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Hi ladies

In case u found ur perfect furniture at Barang Barang, I can offer 25% off my voucher value of $500. Reason for letting go is because the items there don't fit my house decor theme. Pls PM me if interested.


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Wah, ur budget of 10K really tight. I also just finish my reno and just moved in 2-3weeks ago. But my unit is resale unit( redo everthing ).I think if you increase ur budget to about 15k to 20k it is possible. Just my opinion only.


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I personally feel u can play a lot with 10k budget if u ala carte urself and don go thru contractor. they mark up at least 30% to earn e profit. U can try sourcing for the main contarctors directly whcih we did and save us a lot lor.. ours is an em.

My estimated for u is as follows:

- Paint - $1k
- false ceiling - $1k
- kitchen cabinet - $2k
- tv console - get a wall mount TV and a DIY shelfing - $1k
- wardrobe - $1k
- study table -can kiv or source a cheap one
- book shelf - $500
- shoe cabinet - $500


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hi baby bubble,

r ur wardrobe, book shelf n shoe cabinet built-in? i'm oso a first timer n haf a v v tight budget cos our $$ r all used to pay the ridiculous cov

do u think u could PM me ur sub-contractors contacts? many many thx!!


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Im also sourcing for reno contractor.
I juz bought my resale flat. Size: 184m2. Juz wanna do simple reno, eg flooring & painting. Do u think how much will they cost?


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I just want to share my bad experience with everyone. Research carefully before you commit to purchase anything.
FUKAI ENVIRONMENTAL PTE LTD do not accept cancellation if you changed your mind. Your deposit will be eaten up. They will tell you "The deposit is not refundable in any circumstances". When you asked to use the deposit for the purchase of other product of same value, they said the same thing "The deposit is not refundable in any circumstances".

While I'm not asking for a refund, why do they keep repeating the same thing to me. The total purchase I made is $1,518.00. The deposit is around $460. The balance amount was paid through credit card installment. It has been 15 days since the day I informed them to cancel the installment plan, they still have not terminate the installment plan with the bank.

When I called them, they keep telling me to write in through email. They said management will reply. It will take 3-5 working days. When I received the email, I was very surprised that the email was replied by the staff Michelle who spoke to me. Their so-call management is their staff.

Spoke to another staff Ms. Tan, she told me with regards to the deposit, "Just like you pay option fee for HDB, if you decide not to buy the house, boh liao, is boh liao". And the last call was hung up on me.

So everyone, beware of walking into a black shop.


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hi all! I went through the crazy phase of looking for suitable IDs who could meet my tight budget and yet propose good ideas. Found one good one and i'm quite happy with him so far. PM me if you need any details.


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Dear all,

Just my 2 cents worth...

If you are really on a budget and not too fussy, some of the items (wardrobe 4dr or sliding dr, TV console, study table, etc) can be brought through furniture shops or Ikea. Look through the Straits Times on Sat and Sun... There are plenty of offers in it.

Please feel free to email me at [email protected] should you need any advice on renovation matters/contacts


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Hi everyone,

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Thank you very much!


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Hi, thanks for sharing great ideas here
i have a budget to adhere to as well..
can i also have the contacts of good contractor/id please?


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We are moving but we're going to make some renovations in our new home. Would be grateful if you can pm me contact numbers of good, reliable and affordable contractors. Thanks in advance.


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