10k for 4room resale with such a list, possible?


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Design consultation & space planning
Design proposal & perspective drawings
Selection of colour, material & accessories
Site co-ordination & supervision
Decoration advive
Hacking of existing floor tiles at living & dining area.
Hacking of existing skirting at all bedrooms
Hacking of existing floor & wall tiles at kitchen area.
Hacking of existing floor & wall tiles at both toilet area.
Supply & lay 600mm x 600mm homogenous tiles at living and dining includes skirting.
Supply & lay laminated flooring at all bedrooms includes skirting.
Supply & lay ceramic wall tiles to full height at kitchen area.
Supply & lat homogeous tiles at kitchen include water proofing.
Supply & lay ceramic wall tiles to full height at both toilet area.
Supply & lat ceramic floor tiles at both toilet include water proofing.
Construct mortar base for kitchen cabinet, fridge, washing machine.
Supply & install new copper piping for whole house.
Supply labour to install 2 sets of WC
Supply labour to install 2 sets of wash basin.
supply labour to install 2 sets of toilet accessories.
Supply labour & install inlet/outlet piping for washing machine & kitchen sink.
Supply labour to install o2 sets of instant heater.
Supply & install false ceiling or L-box at living area.
Supply & install false ceiling or L-box at dining area.
Supply & install false ceiling at bedroom passage way.
Supply & paint internal wall and ceiling for whole house using ICI paint.
Supply & paint all doors/frames, gate, piping.
Supply & install alum. Sliding /bi-fold door for both toilet's entrance.
Supply haulage and delivery of goods to site.
Clear whole house debris
Clear and wash whole house with acid wash.
Lay whole house with floor protection.
L 10ft bottom & L 10ft top hung laminated kitchen cabinet c/w
dish rack, cutlery tray, handles, 4 drawers & ABS trimming.
" CRESTO " solid surface top ( L 10ft )
L5ft feature wall for hsehold shelter
L 6ft suspended low laminated t.v. console for living.
L 6ft half height feature wall above t.v. console for living.
L 5ft full height laminated swing door wardrobe.
Supply & install false ceiling at master bedroom with recess design. $540.00
To shorten 03 bedroom's wooden door height due to overlaying of new $180.00
laminated flooring.
Supply and install 01 set tempered glass shower screen at master bathroom $380.00
Design & fabricate L 900mm full height laminated shoe cabinet c/w L 600mm $890.00
low bench.
Design & fabricate L 1500mm full height laminated swing door wardrobe. $1,000.00
Design & fabricate L 1200mm laminated computer cum writing desk. $520.00

total $25,686.00


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Hi, do email me ur contractors' info too! I nd to redo my hdb flat and on tight budget.
These are what i nd to do :
Hack toilet floor for common toilet
Replace toilet floor with ceramic/homogenous tiles common toilet
Replace shower-screen in master bedroom's toilet
Remove & Replace W.C in master and common toilet
Replace W.C sink in master and common toiilet
Rewire entire house
Demolish ex-owners kitchen cabinets
Do up Kitchen Cabinets
Change all pipes to plastic or copper
Demolish room cabinets
Reposition Walk-in warddrobes to normal slide-door floor to ceiling cabinets
Partition MasterBedRoom & Common Rm
Convert Svc Balcony to Guest Rm
Convert dining space to study area
Repair tiles affected by demolishing
Provide system 3 split unit aircon
Plaster living room and 3 bedrooms
Supply 3 classic room doors
Supply bi-fold doors for master room and common
Repaint whole house

On tight-budget, do what we can afford.
Thks in adv. My email [email protected]
Hi, i'm a new user here in this forum.. Been looking at the conversations in the forum. I need to get a good and reasonable priced contractor too. I notice that you guys dont give the contractors' contact here.. So i seek your help to email me at [email protected] your contractor's contact, if you have any to recommend. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Anyone can recommend me a reno that is 10k below for a standard 4 room 100m2 new home? My Kitchen and 2 toilets are already tilled. Only the 3 bedrooms and living room need to be tiled and design. you can email me at [email protected]


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it's aleast 1.5k for the cabinets alone. need the table top also and other appliances. and depending on how the origianl cabinets were installed, it can go up to almost 3k.


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hey all,

i got this from my contractor. just a question, i notice a lot of ppl have this thing called "acid wash" is it compulsory? can i do it for my resale flat?

i think the prices seem quite high. but not sure if this is the case in the market...

appreciate all your advises!

1. To print the whole house [ I.C.I or Nippon] $1200
2. To vanish 3 bedrooms, kitchen entrance door and frame
3. To supply and install solid wood door and frame at bedroom
way $580
4. To remove supply and install cornice 3 step holder for master
bedroom $350
5. To hack wash basin concrete support and patch up tiles work
for master
bed room toilet $380
6. To supply and install vanity top with lower cabinet for master
toilet $1100
7. To supply and install inlet and outlet water pipe for master
toilet wash basin $130
8. To remove and install w/c for master bedroom toilet [Labour
charge] $140
9. To remove supply and install wardrobe for master bedroom
10. To remove supply and install wardrobe for bedroom 2
11. To hack and construct washing machine base for service balcony
12. To remove and install lighting for whole house [Labour
charge] $270
13. To hack supply and install wooden from with glass for kitchen
14. To polish marble for living room $470
15. To grind 3 bedrooms parquet flooring $550
16. To supply and install 3 door with frame at master bedroom
below $320


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anyone care to comment on this quote for a 4-room standard 100 m2 new flat?

The kitchen and the bathrooms are all tiles and have no intention to change the pipes to stainless steel or copper.

A Construction works
1 Supply & lay polished homogenous tiles c/w skirting 600x600 for Living,Dining & store
2 Lamination for 3 Bedrooms
3 Construct base for cabinet, fridge & washing
4 Construct kerb for 02 toilet 2
5 Supply & lay slate tiles at foyer area

B Glass works
1 Supply & install shower screen ( tempered) for 01 toilet

C Piping Works

1 Labour to install 1 heater
2 Labour to install sink & taps for kitchen
3 Labour to install sinks & tap at master toilet

D Cornice works
1 Supply & install L box holder at Living ( 1 side only)
2 Install false ceiling at master bedroom

E Carpentry Works
1 Fabricate & install kitchen cabinet in laminate finish (bottom) 19.5ft

2 Fabricate & install shoe cabinet c/w seatee at foyer area 8ft

3 Fabricate & install wardrobe at master bedrroom 7ft

4 Fabricate & install vanity cabinet at master toilet 5ft

G Doors
1 Supply & install PD doors for Master Bedroom Toilet

H Others
1 Supply & install solid surface worktop 12.5ft
2 Provide washing upon completion
3 Supply & install nyatoh door ( solid) 3

Total Renovation Amount 15,270.00


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Almost every HP in the market now have camera. Is it so hard to take a picture and upload here?

I believe if not all but majority user here are not internet "dummy" and also are "young pp" (hardly be age 60 right?)

There is so many users here and keep telling other pp how good their ID/Contractor was. Some pp even have like hundreds and thousands of Post number. It make me wonder if their reno ever really complete or they too rich so keep having reno?

so pls... post pics...

Else everyone also can say "My House very nicely done at low price if you are keen can email me."

Sorry if this posting "hurt" some here.
Thank you for the understanding for the benefit of all.


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Hi All

I am new here.

I have gotten a Resale 4room corner unit at Tampines recently. 104sqm. Expecting to collect keys within 2-3 months.

I have a tight budget, around 10K to 15K.
Any good contractor or ID to recommend?
Can email me : [email protected]

Thanks a million!!


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Hi! All, I'm new here too...need a carpenter contact for the following:
1) Hack & remove current kitchen cabinet
2) Install new kitchen cabinets
3) Install new bathroom cabinets
Also any contacts for ceiling fans, curtain contractor and awnings pls do forward to : [email protected] Thanks a million!


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I am new here too. Got a resale 4rm flat abt 82sqm. I plan to a la carte myself, but not sure the jobs i need are whose job :p. My budget is 10k, anyone can advise if its possible

1) wet works: overlay wall tiles (2K)
2) carpentry: remove exsiting cabinet and construct new ones, top n bottom cabinet. will use laminate n postfoam laminate top. approx. 3.5m bottom and 2m top, fix cooker hob (3K).
3) who?: replace exsiting cooking area sink and wash basin, toilet pipes, toilet bowl (I have a separate toilet and bathroom in the kitchen area)(1K include the price of the accessories)

1) Painter: Paint whole hse (500, i supply paint and get painter)
2) polish/vanish flr, 3bedroom parquet, living terrazo (700)
3) carpenter: build-in wardrobe for 2 of the bed room, 1.8m each. prefer sliding door, laminate (2.5k)


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hi im newbie here, just got a resale 4rm.
was wondering how much it will be to do the following:
- rebuild 2 walls for a room and storeroom.
- hack the kitchen sink area (with concrete) and wooden cupboard....so may needa redo the flooring?
- do flooring for 92sq m
- hack the 2 toilets....so needa redo the floor also?


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Hi I have just bought a resale 4 room flat. Having tight budget.

I want to do the following:
1. Hack kitchen and 2 toliet flooring and wall tiles
2. Hack and do a kitchen cabinet 16 ft with solid top
3. Change basin and wc
4. Do a shower screen in MBR
5. rewiring the whole house

The kitchen sink, wc, basin and hook & hob built in oven we get ourselves. My budget is less than 10k, can do it?


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hi alison
think less than 10k is difficult esp wif all the hacking n rewiring. it'll be good if u have a slightly bigger bduget. I've got quotations for just only hacking n revamp of kitchen(like what u requested), painting of whole house already cost me $9k plus - 10k plus. So for u, include bathrooms... it'll definitely be ard the same as mine was 5 room flat.

why dun u overlay the bathroom tiles instead of hacking? can save some $$...


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Well, my parents said overlay will not be good. Besides, I have ask a quotation it cost me 12k plus, can I know ur price have exceed 11k?


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my cheapest quote was ard 9k plus, the most ex one is ard 12k. Mine only quoted for the kitchen only... no bathrooms. I'm looking to do up the kitchen n painting of the whole house only. Bathrooms were renovated before. Think it's ard what u got...12k plus for ya. Abit difficult to get below 10k.

I'm going for the 12k one cos it's reco by many frens n confirmed good workmanships n no hidden cost. Though it may seem the most ex among the rest, least I can be sure of the qaulity of work done.
just bear in mind of the hidden cost of some contractors.

I'm not really doing it up to very designer style... just wanna do up the old kitchen which looked very run down... cos we plan to rent the unit out. :p


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hi alison,

overlay according to my uncle in this business (he distribute materials to contractors) is ok...maybe u want to consider or ask around for professional advice (sorry not saying your parents not prof'l, but i know more conservative folks prefer hacking)

i wanted to overlay my kitchen wall tiles, but now decide to hack , plaster and paint, lagi cheap. my kitchen is big kind, so iif just plaster will save alot of $. i will tile only 1 wall (cabinet n cooking side). this is wat 1 of the tile shop taught me, the lady say its the trend now (dont know true??). but i look at foreign home mag, they dont use wall tiles too. anyway i go for low cost solutions coz i think we will stay for max 5yrs.


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I will be staying there for good, well decide to do away the shower screen as there are alot of disadvantages. Is there any contractor that will do all the things I listed except for kitchen cabinets and shower screens for less than 10k?


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hey alison, not sure if it's possible, but this is what i know

1. Hack kitchen and 2 toliet flooring and wall tiles (no quote for this)

2. Hack and do a kitchen cabinet 16 ft with solid top (u not doing right? but usually i see ppl it's ard 2k - 5k)

3. Change basin and wc (abt $300 - $400 for WC, probably $200-$300 for basin --> basin and WC included, but not cabinet under the basin though)

4. Do a shower screen in MBR (i got a $550 quote, but depends on length and material)

5. rewiring the whole house (easily 1-2k, but for specific pts: electrical pts, $60 for single $80 for double, light pts $50 each, cable pt ard $100 each)

6. don't forget that there's painting which is ard 1k


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hi ahjackandjas, may I know how many rooms and how big your floor space is? Do u hv any pictures that you can maybe share with me for reference? The items u listed are almost what I need for my resale unit. Which contractor is this quote from? Appreciate if you can email me at [email protected]. Thks!


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hi all... i recently bought a re-sale flat for 5rm.. 116sqm. i need to do some reno.... any idea roughly hom much it would cost? can someone please help o wad shld i look out for? many thanks in advance... pls e-mail to [email protected]

1. Hack kitchen and 2 toliet flooring and wall tiles & install
2. Hack and do a kitchen cabinet
3. Change basin and wc
4. rewiring the whole house
5. To paint the whole house
6. To polish marble for living room
7. To remove supply and install wardrobe for bedroom
8. To grind 3 bedrooms parquet flooring


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HI Jaz,

I am doing something very similar to yours. I can tell u ur 1st and 2nd item will be very exp... i think will cost abt $6-7k depending on size of ur kitchen. Mine is a resale 4room, but with big kitchen (can put 6seater dining set kind). i think if u retile the whole kitchen n toilet, u may need to add 2k to the above 6-7k.

my friend's mum did both item 1 and 2, retile after hack... total $8k (no top cabinet, only bottom).


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Hi all, I am new here, hopes to get some advice from all of you. I juz brought a resale 4 room flat at woodlands area, going to do some reno...
1. Hack the kitchen cabinet
2. Hack the kitchen & balcony flooring
3. Hack the Toilet flooring (Masterbed room only)
4. Build new kitchen cabinet
5. Install new flooring for Toilet, kitchen & balcony
6. Change new basin, sink and WC (Master bedroom)
hook & hob
Please email me the quotation to the following address [email protected]


Like yourself, I am on budget. I really wanna change the tiles of my kitchen and bathrooms but it's kinda expensive. Then I saw the suggestion from another forum which sounds quite interesting and cost saving.

As mentioned, it's not as durable as overlaying. But it saves quite a bit. I am thinking to coat the wall tiles and ovelay the floor tiles...I think, that can save at least a few hundred-1 K?


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hi GKToh

I explored this option liao.. I am very calculative, so explored many options. This one cost almost the same as overlaying the tiles.

if you can find tiles that cost $1-2/psf, ur tile cost will be low, only the tiling will cost u more money, and for the above area of 570sqft and spray painting only cost 3.4k+, i think its exp. I called one of the company doing this b4. he quote me $1.2k to spray 2 tiny toilet/bath wall (those old resale with 1 toilet n 1 bath kind), area abt 200+psf. so i see spray paint n overlay cost the same, i rather go overlay. somemore overlay more durable.


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hi Jaz,

me just got my keys few days back, now still looking around. End up i am doing ala carte, very tedious, but no choice, coz want to save money on big tkt items. I notice doing ala carte may not nec save $ on everything... contractor may get u good prices for small things like plumbing, electrical work, door etc... but i think ala carte may save on big things.

initially want to get a contractor, but my uncles are in some biz related to building (but they dont do end customer kind), so asked for their contact to help me...so i m like rojak here n there n hv to act like contractor, not easy loh. but good thing is the carpenter is my pil friend, so he reco plummer, electrician to us. we liase direct but they can still work w the carpenter on sequence of work.

everything i go to the subcon...i can tell u its tedious. but no choice, want to save money.

ooh btw, re-tile is definitely cheaper then hacking n tile loh. i even want to hack n plaster (no tile). but was told hack n plaster will b same cost as re tile (if u can find low cost tile). cost hacking is alot of work, and need disposal $$ too.

I have a contractor quote to hack all my kitchen wall tiles, hack existing cabinet n some fixtures, then cement n plaster...$2.3K... no tiling ok. and only kitchen wall. the kitchen flr, bathroom/toilet not in the 2.3k quote loh.

sometimes i wish i bear to part with that few k that i can save, to save myself all these hassle, coz i m very busy with my work too


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oh....i am also letting sub-con doing my house. Infact i am still waiting for their quotation to come back to me. I get to know them through a main contractor whom i know from my work 2 years back. I hope the end product will be good as they are doing all the up-market project.

well, blessed, handling the reno yourself is not easy. Cost saving is one factor but most impt is the style & end result of the house. You will also have to control the design you wanted.

Jia you!


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take note that for overlay & retiling without removing of existing tiles finish may not be a good long term idea.cement screeding (cement+sand+chemical) below the tiles desintegrates over time usually after 10-15 years.as such,the existing tiles may pop out or drop off causing the overlayed tiles to drop off as well.good examples of such incidents are those super old 20+year old flats with those 4"x4" white wall tiles.almost all units that i been to have tiles that are popping out or even fallen off.saving that few hundred dollars or a thousand in hacking may cause nightmares for u later on down the road.


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hi need help here..

wanna check if this is exp mah??

Kitchen, svc balcony and 1 bathroom
1 labour and material for fridge and wmachine base
2 labour for kitchen sink
3 supply and install kitchen cabinet top and bottom in laminiate finish
4 supply ans install kitchen work top
5 supply and install sliding window (3track) and 2 panel castment window
6 window grille

foyer living and dining
1 labour and material to hack and replace new tile wif pebble stove finish at foyer
2 supply and install false ceiling foyer dining and passage
3 Lbox holder at living rm
4 supply and install platform in living rm
5 supply and install dining table and cushion upholstery seater
6 labour to revarnish 3bedrm paquat
7 window grille for 3 rooms and living room
reno permit and protection of floor

1 wardrobe

1 supply and install lighting pt - 19
2 labour install lightings - 27
3 labour to install kitchen sink, heater and BR access
4 sanyo aircon - 3 units (normal ones)

painting for whole hse wif nippon

total ard 17000

my hse is a 4rm wif 91 sq feet


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Hi i'm new here too.
Will collect the key by next month.

Mine it's resale 4 room (103 sqm).
Style: Zen
Look and fell: Simple, spacing, walnut color of wood
Budget: have a tight budget, less then 10k.(If quotation more then 10k, we will give up the tv console and Master bedroom’s Wardrobe.)

1. L-Shape Custom make TV console (which can place 29' normal Tv)
2. Divider at the entrance.
3. Hacking and install Kitchen cabinets (wall and base)
4. Glass door in Kitchen (Pull type, not slide)
5. Both toilets only replace new WC & Basin (without exchange flooring & Wall Tiles).
6. Master bed room's toilet install bathTub & cabinet.
7. Master bedroom’s Wardrobe.
8. Panting
9. Polish 3 bedrooms's of floor.
10. Camicla Wash.

pls email me at [email protected]

Thanks a lot:D


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15k enough for renovation including
system 4 aircon
wardrobe for masterbed n guest rm
fixing up kitchen cabinets/stove/cooker & glass door for kitchen entrance
Install glass shower screen both toilet
electric points n lights
other minor works.


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Hi, peeps.
Me also looking for contractors, anyone here bot a resale flat thru ERA? heard they have their own contractors and if u buy house from an ERA agent, they will do it at a subsidised price. So any experience/advice? How much is a good budget to set aside for reno for a 5 room flat? Maybe jus to do up the dining, kitchen and toilet area with walk-in wardrobe? Thanks! btw, if there are cracks on the wall, shd i b concerned? it is a 5 room flat in Senja area and they say it is not structural but still if i buy that place, will it be a recurring prob? how much would it be to fix that up?


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HI everyone

i need advise on my new home reno 4rm. just need to do the painiting ,change of the lightings, removing and replacing the kitchen sink ,stove ,cookerhood and the 2 toilets...i am on tight budget 10k...any recomendation.please email me at [email protected]


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Has anyone here done your own renovations? As in, you coordinated everything yourself without going through a contractor/ID?


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Hi Natalie,

I would not suggest coordinating by yourself meaning you getting different chaps to do different parts, I am in construction line and I know the headache of doing so if you are not familiar with the sequene of construction. In addition there is a question of defects, for example, you get A to do your floor then get B to do your cabinet, maybe during handover you find floor damaged, you go ask A, A will say is B who installed the cabinet and spoilt the floor etc. So getting a point of contact will save you much trouble and effort. They might be able to give you better price too because they buy in bulk and got better relationship with supplier, but the other school of thought is they mark up on your product. But I got my aircon myself because I prefer to use Gain City. PM me if you want recommednation of contractor.


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Hi all,
I wonder if anyone of you have any idea how much will it cost to do up my new 4rm if I only want to do up my kitchen...have heater, aircon... cause the rest all done by HDB alr.


Michelle, yours should be between 5-6k, depending on the size of your kitchen & how many splitter for your aircon. Cheers.


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hi all, im new here. i just collect my keys last week and still hunting for contractors with gd workmanship. My Budget is below $30K. Pls do quote me ASAP. Thinking of moving in early march 2011. No need to do hacking as all my floor tiles has been hacked by hdb. except for kitchen and both toilets. Thinking of jus overlaying and some carpentry. Pls email me.. [email protected].
I can attached floor plan and 3d pictures.