10k for 4room resale with such a list, possible?


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Hack toilet floor for master and common toilet
Replace toilet floor with ceramic/homogenous tiles for master and common toilet
Remove W.C
Remove W.C sink
Replace W.C with bowls supplied by owners in master and common toilet
Replace W.C sink with sinks supplied by owners in master and common toiilet
Rewire entire house
Demolish ex-owners kitchen cabinets
Repair sink support
Change all pipes to plastic or copper
Demolish storeroom
Demolish room cupboards
Repair tiles affected by demolishing
Provide system 3 split unit aircon
Plaster living room and 3 bedrooms
Supply 3 classic room doors
Supply bi-fold doors for master room and common toilet


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Thanks for the comments. Really? That'll be cool. Don't feel like changing the wall tiles for kitchen/toilet although they are the hdb kind. It's to the ceiling and quite clean. To change them will require too much money.
If I add kitchen cabinet, will still be < 10k?


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for air con, i suggest u consult the air con supplier instead of the contractor cause supplier will know better which brand n model is better for your use (according to your house size, how often u use, etc).

You can call Jeffery (Takaiyama) at 92373530. Very nice n helpful person. His website is www.takaiyama.com.sg

No harm to check out the price


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u should be able to keep within that if you're not doing any flooring.

for the bathroom, you can overlay instead of hacking. that will save you couple of hudreds. hacking will also need to involve water seepage treatment before retiling.

whole kitchen cabinet reno would come up to abt $3K (incl removal of cabinet). you will need to go for postform laminate top &amp; laminate cabinets.

for rewiring, go to ntuc income website. there's a list of electricians there. very very reasonable price! even cheaper than what the contractors will quote.

for aircon, i went for gain city. they're now having sale. system 3 invertor will be abt $2k, with installation.


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Hi, I need to overlay both bathrooms,Kitchen and SVS Balcony, paint the entire 4A resale house and change kitchen counter top to corian ( solid ) top, replace sink and WC. Do you think I can do all these within a budget of 4K? excluding WC/Sink purchase cost. Can someone give me the contact of a cheap but good ID contact as some one quoted me almost double of my budget for this. ([email protected])


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if you are left to do most of the coordinating work with your contractors,
may want to get an experienced female contractor.
that was what i did.
i got a very reasonable quotation
and i was very comfortable talking to the contractor.
she is an experienced lady in this industry
together with her husband.
i am not exaggerating,
dun believe me?
give her a call - Jane @ 64743355/ 96665530.
at least give her a chance to quote you
- won't be disappointed.
just a very satisfied and grateful customer - Kate
or you can email me at [email protected]


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think u urself are the so called jane, cos u give a invaild e-mail address, and u keep going to a lot of other forums saying jane good, but when ask for what u do and what the quote, u never reply.


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Hi all,

I've juz completed my reno. I'm rather pleased with this contractor. Mine was a major overhaul and it was below 30K. Reasonable pricing and prompt reply.. His quote was actually the cheapest that I received.
If anyone is interested, u can sms me at 91183610 for his contacts. Thks!

**Juz to share**


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i got a 4room premium flat.need quite alot of carpentry.i actually got a quote from fresco le they quite nice offer me a good deal also but wanted more idea b4 decide.


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i've some concerns on fresco... firstly, u can't find them listed on both yellow pages or eguide... secondly, they r not an approved hdb renovation contractor n not to mention RADAC.

Any idea if they r operating under another company name or something or any good/bad post-renovation experience to share?


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hey jeron, i went fresco b4,and my place is done up by them. i read from their namecard they are associate company of of lim &amp; lim furniture pte ltd and sin lip decoration contrator. hdb licence is HB-03-1127-D -- if i not wrg their are new company so it not surprise they are not under yellowpages or RADAC they just nvr go sign up w/ them...anyway the experience w/ my ID is not bad..i quite like my ID the way she handle my place..