10k Budget only for Reno, can help?


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Hi all,

im looking for a contracter that can provide reasonable price and good workmanship for my new four-rm flat. mostly carpentary work needed. Please PM me if you think you had meet any ...

Thanks!! : )


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Hi all, for those that pm or email me pls give a proper heading leh so i wont delete yr emails otherwise too bad if i miss out.


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I wanna faint liao...minor minor things for my mais, quotation goes up to $25k for IDs! Found one contractor who did a mais (overhaul) for a friend at less than $50k. When I asked him to give me quotation, is LESS THAN $15K ~! most likely will get contractor.


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Help anyone? Really appreciate any help I can get.. Need a quote from ID for my resale 4rm flat about 104 sqm.

I'm looking at a $30K budget. Possible mah?

1. Hack existing flooring & replace with timber strips flooring for Living/ 3 Bedrooms.
2. Install Kitchen cabinets
3. Plaster & paint whole unit including kitchen
4. Hack & install new wall tiles & new flooring for 2 toilets.
5. Rewiring for whole unit
6. Install new windows & grills
7. Change all the doors & frames including toilet doors
8. Install a new gate
9. Plumbing & water proofing
10. Bathroom fixtures

Pls email me at [email protected]


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I thought $30K is a modest quote already, becoz i search everywhere, all the ids quote above $40K for this. Anyone has a better quote pls share...pls?

I'm so sian looking at the $40K bill..need some serious help here...Mr Bear?

Pls email me your quotes for my reference [email protected]

thx all.


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1. Hack existing flooring & replace with timber strips flooring for Living/ 3 Bedrooms. (not sure rate now)
2. Install Kitchen cabinets ( how many feets u doing? 26 feet plus solid top is abt 3.6k
3. Plaster & paint whole unit including kitchen (1k plus enuff)
4. Hack & install new wall tiles & new flooring for 2 toilets. (cost of hacking is done by measurements so i m not sure how big yr kitchen is...)
5. Rewiring for whole unit (usually $800 to 1.2k depends what u do or wants)
6. Install new windows & grills (alu type w double hollow is ard 1 - 1.5k)
7. Change all the doors & frames including toilet doors (necessary meh? hdb main door is the best !!! fire proof)
8. Install a new gate ( how big? mine is ard 1.5k for solid wrought iron w designs)
9. Plumbing & water proofing
10. Bathroom fixtures

dear alice i aga aga tell u cos i not really into reno nowadays... but more or less i know ard this price...

then again if yr id is good, price is also "good"


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actually hor, i dun think i need a id leh. because i roughly know what design i want. can i look for a reno contractor, just do up my house, with some pictures i show him?

super hard to find a reno contractor leh, becoz nowadays all double up as id. i just dun feel the need for the id to earn that extra bucks from me by without having the need to design.


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i'm also looking for contractor to reno my 3rm unit. trying to keep cost to a budget.

Mr Bear & BenDi... can pm me your contractor contacts? thanks.


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mine is a 4 NG flat, spent $18,000.
hacking & replacing kitchen & toilet tiles, overlay laminated (wood like) flooring to 3 rooms, change of window grill to 3 windows, change of toilet windows, adding few partitions including an additional mini room, wall plastering, electric & pipes change, 1 U shape kitchen cabinet & lights installations + cleaning

Hi Janet, if you don't mind can you share your deco pictures? my email is [email protected]


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Hi. Nowadays timber flooring is very expensive. If you dont mind, you can use laminate flooring to lower down ur cost. For plumbing work, check with ur id what type of pipping they offer to you. Copper or Stainless steel. I think now stainless steel is cheaper than copper. For doors, main door if fire rated, no point change. Use back. For door frame, change if u intend to use solid wood door. Room door may change using classic door(can use back the metal door frame). Their materials not bad either. Try to lower your cost on kitchen toilet, do simple n nice can already. Most of the owner focus more on their master toilet.


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i am looking at a resale flat, about 16yrs. can someone tell me roughly how much it will cost to HACK away and REDO:

- Kitchen (built in cabinets and wall tiles)
- 2x toilet (everything must go. buy everything new including toilet bowls, wall tiles, sink area, etc)
- Living room & bedroom (hack floor and change to "fake parquet" aka Laminate. about 950sft)
- False ceiling
- Lights (assuming cheap lights)
- Paint
- electric works
- piping water works

built in wardroom in master room
bathtub in master toilet.
Total: ???

Thanks in advance.


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it will cost you at least 30K.
I had mine reno many years back, also resale flat, hacking off everything and redoing simple reno, it cost me almost that price.

Not things more expensive..it's probably cost more.. hacking is very expensive.

Check the prices with contractor carefully.


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hi all, if you're interested, i've got this ID who did up my place.

Reliable and good.

SM me and i will give u his no. But must quote my name k. :)

Might be able to give u a beta price depending on the extension of ur reno.



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I'm looking for contractor to:
1. Polish the floor
2.Change of kitchen cabinet doors (keeping the counter-top) *Are contractors willing to do it?
3. Changing of some tiles in toilet wall. (I have extra tiles to change the chipped ones)
4. Plastering of wall for 2 bedrms
5. Paint the whole house including piping (exclude kitchen)
6. Rewiring of electrical connection
7. Maybe change of water piping
8. Installing 1 Ceiling fan

How much do u think it will cost? I am trying to keep it around 10k. Any good recommendation?


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Hi all,

I'm planning to change all my old water pipes as well as whole house painting services?

Any recommendation? Reasonable price and very responsible contractors.



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Hi, peeps.
Me also looking for contractors, anyone here bot a resale flat thru ERA? heard they have their own contractors and if u buy house from an ERA agent, they will do it at a subsidised price. So any experience/advice? How much is a good budget to set aside for reno for a 5 room flat? Maybe jus to do up the dining, kitchen and toilet area with walk-in wardrobe? Thanks! btw, if there are cracks on the wall, shd i b concerned? it is a 5 room flat in Senja area and they say it is not structural but still if i buy that place, will it be a recurring prob? how much would it be to fix that up?


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Below is quote by chew ID

1) Hacking existing flooring & replace new
tiles for kitchen and 2 toilets $2500
2) Supply & install kitchen cabinets $3700
3) Plastering for whole house $1700
4) Painting for whole house $980
5) Rewiring for whole house $1950
6) Supply & install windows $1850
7) Supply & install grills $950
8) Change 2 doors & door frames $1000
9) Change 2 toilet doors $600
10) Change main door $580
11) Install new gate $600
12) Plumbing works $800
13) 2 toilet bowls $960
14) 2 basins $560
15) 2 instant heater $560

All prices are subject to 7% GST.


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hi jason,

mine was done by chew interior last year. is it a resale 4 room flat? what is the length of the kitchen cabinet? for the toilet bowls, basins and instant heater, i suggest you buy yourself as what i did. btw who is your id


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I can recommend u my trusted reno contractor.
He did my place and we r satisfied with the workmanship.
Charges quite decent too.
U can contact Mr Barry of Multiview Interior at 67843303.Can quote my name (Sue) and he'll consider giving u good prices :)



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Hi all,

mine is a small 3rm brand new flat (60m-squared), need the following renos:

1. kitchen cabinet (up and down)
2. solid surface top
3. 3 pane window at service balcony
4. homogenous tiles for 2 bedrooms and living room
5. painting of whole house including ceilings

its really very simple and basic, hoping to find a contractor/ID that can charge less than 8k.

do PM me if u can help! thanks so much!!


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Need some advice and recommendation of contractor for the following works:

Item Description
A Hacking/Dismantling & Protection Works.
1 Dismantling - Living room cabinets and plaster cornices for whole unit.
2 Floor Protection - whole unit (Plastic and Cardboard, 2 layers for laminated flooring)
3 Haulage & disposal services for whole renovation
4 Acid wash for whole unit

B Plastering/Cornices/Painting Works
1 Plastering whole house c/w smoothen compound walls & ceiling.
2 "Square L/Box light holder for living room, supply & install 4 energy saving florescent
tube lights, 9 energy saving bulbs square down lights fittings."
3 "Painting & inclusive of wall sealant for whole house, including doors, door frames, pipings
in choice of colours. Paint Brand - Nippon (Min. 2 coats)"
4 To supply and install simple cornices at all 3 bedrooms

C Carpentry Works :
1 Revarnish kitchen cabinet, inclusive of cabinet doors and frames. To realign the cabinets doors.
2 To seal top of 2 door frames (Rooms) with cornice board
3 To supply & install acylic sliding door at kitchen entrance.
4 To supply & install 1 unit wash basin & inlet & outlet pipe.

D Electrical Works/Installation Works :
1 Whole house electrical rewiring inclusive of supply of fittings, sockets & 1 unit M.C.B
* 13amp double socket (x10), sgl socket (x10), Light pt (x10), SCV pt (x3)
Telephone pt (x3), Heater pt (x1), Aircon pt (x1), Fan pt (x2)
2 "Labour to install all lighting fixtures, ceiling fan (x2), heater (x1), tap (x2), clothes drying
rack (x1 set), dish drying rack (x1), Blinds (x4 sets) "
3 To supply and install 1 copper pipe & heater split unit in kitchen toliet

Can someone advise me roughly how much it will cost me? Im on a tight budget and probably these are considered minor renovation i think.

i need some recommendations for IDs for
-hacking and replace of kitchen cabinets n floorings.
-toilet doors+pipes+tiles
-basin area

3Room flat. 24 years.
budget <10K. possible?
anyone with good contractors? can email me please?


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i'm also planning to re-do my kitchen

- Hack kitchen wall, floor tiles and kitchen cabinets
- re-tile kitchen floor
- supply / install kitchen cabinet
- cement screeding kitchen wall
- overlay living room and 3 bedrooms

Please kindly email me!! Thanks


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I am planning to replace a watercloset from squatting type with the water tank mounted above a pipe to the sitting version.

And also to replace the metal water pipe type to PVC material pipe (any1 does that for old HDB)?

This is for a 30y HDB, if i were to purchase the water closet separately, how much will the workmanship cost in total? Surf a few reno firm web, but can't find quotes for individual items.



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i just got a resale 4rm flat
i plan to redo my whole kitchen as in
-remove and replace existing floor and wall tiles
-remove and replace existing kitchen cabinet and counter top
-reposition gas piping and electricity piping nearer up to the ceiling
-simple cornices for 3 bed room
-false ceiling for living room and dining area
-sand off current paint as its those rocky surface type and repaint whole unit

anyone can advise what would the price range be?


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not so easy to do away with the current rocky surface. Its called stone dunno what...cant remember but quite costly to do away as contractor need to get rid of it then plaster. So min. 2k for a 4 room if not wrong.

I think ur quote would come up to around close to 15k depending on the ft of your top n bottom kitchen cabinets.


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poison, i have a plumber, he may be able to help..he had done up my house thru recommendation from my carpenter..His name mr Steven.but you may need to call Ms perlyn 90080883, carpenter, to get his contact. Dont worries, she is a nice lady, will sure tell you the phone number when you ask her ya..



I just bought a resale 4room flat, my budget is around 10k intending to get renovation loan.

-remove and replace existing floor and wall tiles in kitchen
-remove and replace existing kitchen cabinet top and bottom
-hacking of build in wardrobe for 3 bedrooms, toilet cupboards, bar counter and a shoe rack
-re-do the master bedroom toilet
-lay tiles on master bedroom(currently is cement flooring)
-build in wardrobe in master bedroom

Any recomendation?


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hi ivy from your works that you require for your resale 4room,don think 10k is possible as hacking takes up a protion of your reno. I hv looked thru many ids &amp; if I did my calculations, it will cost you ard 14k. when you hack ur wall &amp; floor tiles,you will need to remove all the accessories for both toilet &amp; kitchen &amp; add in new ones. Hopefully when you remove your other items in your house,the tiles are not damage due to old flat. How long you require for your MBR wardrobe. If not wrong, kitchen in older flats are longer unless you will be doing a shorter one so less cost.


Hi Lim80,

im only doing the master bedroom toilet and the flooring is still new only need to do the wall tiles as for the common toilet just abit of touch up only
for my kitchen i will do a shorter one de...
its such a headache to reno resale flats... =(


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hi... I am looking for a cheap and good contractor just to renovate my kitchen &amp; two bathroom. Any contractor to recommend? My budget is around 10K plus only. Please advise. Thanks.
My email is [email protected]


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Hi Ivy, i age with Lim80. 10k is really not possible becos most of the materials and sand r increasing at a alarming rate. your flr and wall tiles cost will depend on what type and price of types that you choose. not advisable to choose those with mosiacs becos that's v ex. depending on your ft and height, your kitchen cabinet can cost up to $2k to $3k. Plus all the hacking can also easily set you back to a few k too. Hacking is ex, but is plastering included? and also you have to tell how many ft your wardrobe is, i think the cheapest quote i got for wardrobe (customised) a lot of laminates type to choose, is also at least $1.5k! so i tink you better reconsider your budget


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Hi Elise,

Are you able to PM me or let me know from which contractor you got the ch cheapest quote you mentioned for wardrobe (~1.5k). Thank you very much.


Like Ivy, I do plan to renovate my resale 5I HDB flat as below:

- TV console + feature wall
- build in MBR wardrobe
- replace of kitchen cabinets (up and down) with relocate sink
- false ceiling
- revamp 2 toilets

thanks guys, need to seek u guys advice


i m hoping to do my new 4room hse for 10k-12k
duno is it possible

no need to do tiles. already have tiles inside..

only need
1. raise up storage platform
2. painting whole unit
3. wiring n lighting
4. kitchen cabinet, fridge base, washing machine base
5. window grills.

any1 has recommendation?
[email protected]



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Hi! I'm hoping to do my new 4room premium hse for about 10k too.
oso already have tiles/skirting for kitchen, living/dining and timber flooring for all bedrms

only need
1. hacking 2 kitchen walls measuring 2.6m and 2m respectively
2. painting whole unit
3. wiring (kitchen) n lighting
4. modern european design kitchen cabinet, kitchen base
5. TV console and panel
6. closet wardrobe (1.5m long)

any1 has recommendation for contractor or reno company? appreciate e help ~ thanks!


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Hi all need recommendation for a good interior designer with a low budget

$15k reno for hDb 3room
1)whole house flooing with tiles
2)two toilte wall tiles &amp; floor
3)painting work
4)kitchen cabinet

any one can recommened some interior designer to me ?


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this thread has not seem to move...haha.

anybody has good contractor to recommend, like those who are subcontractor for hotel and commercial projects? I'm flexible, with a 10-13k budget... all the companies me n FH visited quoted us a huge range of 6-20K just for the kitchen design that we want....quite discouraged.