10k Budget only for Reno, can help?


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thanks jacky for your advice. So whats the best way of renovating my bathroom as i dont want the bathtub around. if i hack away the bathtub and relay the floor tiles with new water proofing, should be ok rite?


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better leave the bathtub there.theres no way to tell if the waterproofing will get compromised during hacking.also,waterproofing is normally laid as 1 whole complete piece for the whole bathroom.if u were to hack off 1/2 of the floor & lay waterproofing for 1/2 of it,wouldn't there be a gap right thru the middle?water will still leak thru if u do tat.& no ID or contractor can guarantee u a problem free job for partial jobs like urs.its either leave it as it is or change the whole flooring.


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Hi All,

I am also planning to renovate my house, actually it should be restoring my poor abused house. Need to know with below works, what is rough costs. Anyone has any idea can advise / share your quotes?

1) Hack parquet floors and skirtings in 3 x bedrooms and skirtings only in living room
2) Re-lay the 3 x bedroom floors and skirtings and skirtings only in living room
3) Hack 9 sets of wooden doorframes and remove the doors
4) Re-build 9 sets of doorframes and doors
5) Hack away 2 x built in wardrobe
6) Re-build MBR built in wardrobe
7) Polish current living room marble flooring
8) Hack and rebuild kitchen cabinets with solid top
9) Install windows at backyard.

Above are needs list, required due to restoration and rectifications. My unit is 1011sqft.


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I also have wants list:

1) Hack away 1 wall that is between kitchen and 3rd bedroom to enlarge the 3rd bedroom
2) Build 2 new walls to seperate the kitchen and 3rd bedroom at a different angle so the 3rd bedroom remain at bigger size while kitchen shrink
3) Remove wall tiles from old kitchen wall inside the new 3rd bedroom
4) Re-lay partial flooring in 3rd bedroom which were previous kitchen tiles
5) Build a new entrance to kitchen
6) Shift location of living room aircon as a result of the hacking away of wall


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am doing my reno for resale 3 rm. cost me abt 10k+ include aircon, marble florr polishing, plastering, false ceiling for whole house, kitchen cabinet, sealy matteress (2k+)....i would strongly recommend my kitchen cabinet people, he is a old man that going to retire, his work very good and price cheap. Plastering people also good. Yar i engaged diff expert in diff area. A lot of coordination work to be done but is cheaper and good workmanship.


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if u want to compare prices, i can recommend a contractor for you to compare...

however, he can speak mandarin only


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hmmm hubbs n i gotten exec premiun flat...

do ya'l think 10k is sufficient for :

1) painting of all walls (might have to DIY if over budget)
2) making small platform in balcony
3) making walk in wardrobe
4) fixing up kitchen cabinets/stove/cooker & glass door for kitchen entrance
5) making cabinets under the 2 toilet sinks
6) 3 air cons
7) fixing windows in the balcony
8) fixing windows at the service balcony
9) shoe cabinet not higher than the waist
10) some door to cover bomb shelter door
11) lights for whole house
12) custom display cabinet for figurines and toys

thing is my frn's hubby is doin it for us... i do think he wil charge us good rate in fact he did mention cost price... and hubbs n i do not knw what market rate is like... so would like some advice bah... =)


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miSsycAnDypRinCeSs ,

If you dun mind, can have a second opninion from another contractor with this list. so that you know if this is below the market rate. With 10k, you can do major part of the house.

if interested can email me at [email protected]
I can provide you the contacts.


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Hi all,

I'm looking for a cheap and reliable contractor to do up the whole flat.

Could you kindly PM me their contacts?



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Hi all forumers,

my budget is also abt 10k for doing up my 3i flat. any gd recommendations for reliable contractors? thks!


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Hi i'm new here too.
Will collect the key by next month.

Mine it's resale 4 room (103 sqm).
Style: Zen
Look and fell: Simple, spacing, walnut color of wood
Budget: have a tight budget, less then 10k.(If quotation more then 10k, we will give up the tv console and Master bedroom’s Wardrobe.)

1. L-Shape Custom make TV console (which can place 29' normal Tv)
2. Divider at the entrance.
3. Hacking and install Kitchen cabinets (wall and base)
4. Glass door in Kitchen (Pull type, not slide)
5. Both toilets only replace new WC & Basin (without exchange flooring & Wall Tiles).
6. Master bed room's toilet install bathTub & cabinet.
7. Master bedroom’s Wardrobe.
8. Panting
9. Polish 3 bedrooms's of floor.
10. Camicla Wash.

pls email me at [email protected]

Thanks a lot:D


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hi alice
my views are:
you should forgo your bath tub and cabinate in toilet. because it looks to me they are not practical stuffs.
if you have cabinate in toilet, can get damage easily due to mositure. bath tub waste water.

instead of getting ID to do renvo, can consider those contractor aka al lar cart renvo type.


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Hi Cynthia.
ya i was thinking go for contractor rather then ID, heard that ID will cost more.
hm.. actualy we was consider to have jacuzzi:p rather then bathtub.
But i will take downur note, will ask the contractor bout the toilet's cabinate, as i always need put lot stuf in toilet:p


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Is it true that ID cost more? U know those shops at IMM, are they ID or contractors? The guy who coordinate my reno project is more of a contractor while he gets the ID to do the drawings for me.
I did my 4 room resale flat, hacked away EVERYTHING in the house & change everything (except windows) from tiles to pipes & carpentry, cost me about $27k. I got a 10.5 feet long, full height bookshelf some more. Not very expensive leh. Quality is good. But talking to the contractor will vomit blood sometimes.
ya agree contractor really makes me loss blood lo, they now jack up their price higher than id, claim gst and sand price up.. i think a little overdo lo.. id cheaper than no need to make my life so difficult to coordinate with the contractor lo
hi alice, i also do bathtub, are you putting a portable one or one with concrete support.. according to a lot i spoke to, portable really not last shaky but cheap.. concrete support better but the tiles might not match your existing, then you need to see your waterproofting, as long as there's hacking no guarantee your waterproofing last, and somemore all they only warranty waterproofing but not guarentee water no leaking!!!!! that's why i redo my 2 toilets and change my wc also..so if your budget 10k, most contractor and id won't wan to enticipate lo.. cos if there's any water leaking they will kena complain lo.. you see my quotation i got do all kitchen and toilet @ 11888 package lo plus freebies


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ID as the name implies means that they are going to do more than renvoation work. they are supposed to come out with more innovative designs...no doubt they claim that designs and computer modeling are free but somehow they manage to add on every unit of service charges.

as you see, renovations has many phrase that need to be carried out. from laying of tiles, pipes, carpentry work, painting etc...ID will help to co-ordinator each phase of work to be done in proper sequence. that's why ..we are paying for these too.

with the above extra service provided by ID, hence it will be more expensive than contractor.

but the benefit of contractor, is you get to speak to the person doing the job directly. and you are paying money to them directly. as long as you talk to them nicely, once in a while buy them coffee, cigrettes - they will be very happy to assist you and provide you with lots of good ideals.

sometimes, no matter how good IDs can be, they lack of experience which contractors can easily has more than 20 years of experience. most of them start as workers when they are young and start their own business or take over the business from their ex-boss.

the bad thing about contractor is, you need to come out with your own designs. if you are thinnking of some new age designs, don't expect contractors to understand what you mean. in their mind , their concern is practical.


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Hi Alice,

i think $10,000/- is possible, roughly the break-down is as follows:

1. Custom make TV console (which can place 29' normal Tv) - $1800
2. Divider at the entrance. - ($500)
3. Hacking and install Kitchen cabinets (wall and base) - $2000
4. Glass door in Kitchen (Pull type, not slide) - ($500)
5. Both toilets only replace new WC & Basin (without exchange flooring & Wall Tiles). - ($700)
6. Master bed room's toilet install bathTub & cabinet. - ($1200)
7. Master bedroom’s Wardrobe.- ($1800)
8. Panting ($800)
9. Polish 3 bedrooms's of floor. ($400)
10. Camicla Wash. ($200)

Total about $9,900


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hi Chi Ling and Summer,
Thanks for the info.
Summer, for the bathtub, we will go for concrete support. but consider jacuzzi keke.

ChiLing, r u from renovation company? seen u have the detail of the price list?


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Hi All,

I have secure 5rm resale flat. As budget is tight I would like to do simple reno. Here are my wish list:
1. Hacking and laying parquet to all 3 bedrooms
2. Vanity cabinet and full lenght mirror at master bathroom
3. Change wc+basin+sliding door at 2 toilets.
4. Install tempered glass shower screen at mater toilet
5. Feature walls at bomb shelter.

We like the idea of working directly with contractors but ain't sure how to begin with. We just have contact numbers of parquet supplier. Sigh. anyone willing to help??
look for contract with hdb license very important to at least safeguard your reno
any contractor can be good don have to be popular, cos they might not have time for you or you need a long wait for the next available appointment.. as long as hdb approved they somehow pass certain standards


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hi arlene,

do you speak chinese?
if so, try this man, Mr Lee, 9633 8858.

hope he can help you within ur budget


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try Mr Lee above that i had mentioned , if u can speak chinese and see if he can do the job for you...
as long as things are done small scale, it will be cheaper, but if asking for lowest quote per item so that you can make most of your money, best do some homeworks, beside getting from ppl reccomend, try look around to compare waht is market price.. careful not to let fall by cheapest quote, there might be things not quote..
too high a quote do you really need to get the most expensive material, actually sometimes is jus the colour that cost the different not material.. ha fd that black colour always need top up in price lo.. look for ppl that you can communicate with, and can discuss and speak freely, if you can talk your tots out in front of the person, then most of the time, you will hav to bear with whatever you don like


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Hi I'm getting keys next week. Been looking around for contractors but cant find an ideal one yet! My budget ard 15k...for a new 3rm.
These are some items i need to do:
1. Flooring(Homogenous)
2. Grilles
3. Kitchen Cabinets
4. Painting/ plumbing/ electrical works
5. Two Toilets- shower kerb,shower screen in masterbed rm
6. Wardrobe in master bedrm
7. Aircons (system 3)


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Found a few contractors here...hehhee... Call up one today and met him up for discussion. Shall c how it goes... Thanks summer


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Help / advise needed pls.. I have problem with my lights with this Vin/ Rega shop at new world centre (got mcd & shop & save). We bought 10 lights from them (total 1,040.00), one which is a ceiling fan cum lights Brand Rega which costs $341. We order a 'Satin' one but they called after we left the shop saying no stock and recommended to change to 'white'. During delivery we see the boxes & sign it off. One day after our electrician came to install them all. Only then we saw that the white is not white but different parts has different shades of white, and even the chain to pull for on/off is also of 2 different colors. (one is silver & one is half silver & half golden??). tried to call them to rectify and no news yet. Can I ask if anyone has such experience and if going to CASE can resolve it? What to do.


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Hi berries,
How your contractor search?have you started yr reno?I am in need to find a good contractor for laying tiles and carpentry work.Can share what you do for yr reno? Thanks


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i feel generous today.

so i will share.

got the following done less than 11k.

4 room

1. hacking n laying tiles (matt surace/white horse tiles)
2. labour work for haulage of sand
3. cleanning up work
4. painting for whole house
5. window grills for whole house n access balcony
6. 26 ft kitchen w solid surface.
7. electric points n lights
8. other minor works.


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mine is a 4 NG flat, spent $18,000.
hacking & replacing kitchen & toilet tiles, overlay laminated (wood like) flooring to 3 rooms, change of window grill to 3 windows, change of toilet windows, adding few partitions including an additional mini room, wall plastering, electric & pipes change, 1 U shape kitchen cabinet & lights installations + cleaning.


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yes, want to call my reno co? in fact the service is good - the laminated floor was blurr by acid & they changed it at no charge. Tel 67559933. Jeffrey.


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more than enough !!!! i spent 11k for homo tiles, electric points, kitchen cabinet, paint, window grills n many more.... 7k is enough to get average furniture.


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hi, u r lucky gal, i got 2 wardrobes, 1 L soft & a bed frame (ok, its King) for S$4000 (NOVA). But my advs for any1 out there, try to check a few alternatives before u commit becos these days the salepeople can really CONvince u, so if u buy at the 1st shop, hehee - don't regret later.


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don't forget lights: for me, i spend $1000, later a friend told me their place only spend $500. (both HDB 4)... so... its like this...


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15k enough for renovation including
system 4 aircon
wardrobe for masterbed n guest rm
fixing up kitchen cabinets/stove/cooker & glass door for kitchen entrance
Install glass shower screen both toilet
electric points n lights
other minor works.


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Hi all, will be collecting my keys for my 3NG flat 67sqm in april or may. planning to do the following to my flay but budget would be less than 20k. any suggestions:

~ hack wall between kitchen n living area
~hack floor tiles for whole flat
~ install homogenous tiles for the whole flat
~ kitchen cabinets
~ sliding door between extended living and kitchen area
~ plastering of flat
~ painting of whole flat
~ electrical wiring of flat

pls mail contacts of contractors to [email protected]