10k Budget only for Reno, can help?


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My Sengkang 4rm premium flat is coming but budget limited as I need the funds elsewhere for furnishing and wedding preparations.

Only budget with $10k, anyone with similar experiences can assist or recommend contractor with good prices?


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I can recommend my contractor to u if u want. Try to pm u but u unable to accept PM.

PM me if u r keen.


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Is $10K a magic number or wat?
harlow threadstarter, already got a few other threads discussing abt ur magic number reno budget. nothing new lah.

pls help urself and go read up.
dun juz chin cai start up a thread for urself. already alot of duplicating threads liao. it will only make navigating and browsing more difficult for other future newbies.





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hi bailey

yes i have read them all n in fact tried to email some of them but sadly no one replied so far, my guess is that most of them have got wat they wanted n left the forum.

anyway, im not chin chin cai cai open thread n $10k is indeed a magic nbr as it'll free up lots of other funds for other uses. maybe if u oredi foresee tis thread to be similar to wat u have seen so far, u could move on n let others like me have a chance


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just wanna share with all. what house_mover say is all true and the quotation that it is too good to be true is really true. i got interior background and i dont need id but contractor. source things all on my own. got 5 quotation all are ridiculous till i read this forum. house_mover shared his guy and im doing the same thing. look for deen 81984205. i read house_mover his quotation and it far cheaper than what others famous co. had quote me. i dont wanna say much just that you dont have to spend more that 13k for just kitchen and 2bathroom works. my floor area is 131m2.
read this post by house_mover


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hi oldham,
before others can help u, u need to help urself 1st.
why i commented that $10K is a "magic number" is not becos of the amt involved. but besides this little info, u hv not provided any other specific requirements that u want.

$10K u wan to "bao mountain and bao sea"?


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hi beetle bailey,
actually i can understand how oldham feel as me too, a newbie, do not actually know what is needed for a new premium flat. i've beening reading up the old threads.. they are either abandoned or they are not relevant as some are standard/resale while we are looking reno works for 4rm premium.
actually would appreciate if experience pple here advise what is necessary to fit in the tight budget....
I am sure oldham don't mean to pay 10K to bao mountain bao sea.....


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My advice,
1) wait for the premium flat to come first, open door and see for yourself what need to be done and list it out.
2) with the list, go get some quotations from IDs, contractors. (note : my contractor is HOO| BEE... look under the thread HO BEE pls)
3) after u got the quotes, u compare and also redraft what u really need and what u think is "can do without".
4) confirm the contract/ID u finalise and the renovation will start from there.


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wow! u guys should thank MRB for his/her efforts to start the dummies' guide to renovating.

must know wat u want and wat u need then decide wat to do.

if the renovation is small-scale the price wont diff too much.

1% more in payment means 1% more in quality.


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I thank many of you who actually email me their contractors contact and of cos thank those not so helpful (a lot of comments & attention-seeking) ones for making this thread lively.

I have spoken to some of my own contractors through recommendation fr frds & of cos have my ideal list of things to be done but was quoted from $12k to as absurd as $25k for the same thing. I do agree that newbies like me should do up a list of wants first and I did, just lazy to type it out here. I think a lot of luck is involved when you source for ID cos there's just so many of them, self employed or under company, you just dunno who has the best price. It's hard work but think it'll be worth it.


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Yah... I totally agree with cha_alex. Lowest price may not be the best.
At least, that's what I learnt.


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Erm.. it depends bah , 10,000 budget for renovating its possible de, i feel that nowadays peepz are rather interested in wall hacking and creating space to make their home special or i put it this way , unique as they think that they are e only one to hack the particular wall down in the block.

I suppose this is nt true, budget can be spent on meaningful thing like electric, painting, featured wall and even flooring. Thus, e need for creating space can be achieved by well thought interior color scheme and efficient furniture placement instead.


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hi oldham, dun wry loh, can b done de. but lik beetle bailey ment haha dun expect 10k can bao sua bao hai. my premium 5rm reno is slightly more than tis price cos include sm extra carpentry


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if you are left to do most of the coordinating work with your contractors,
may want to get an experienced female contractor.
that was what i did.
i got a very reasonable quotation
and i was very comfortable talking to the contractor.
she is an experienced lady in this industry
together with her husband.
i am not exaggerating,
dun believe me?
give her a call - Jane @ 64743355/ 96665530.
at least give her a chance to quote you
- won't be disappointed.
just a very satisfied and grateful customer - Kate
or you can email me at [email protected]


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think u urself are the so called jane, cos u give a invaild e-mail address, and u keep going to a lot of other forums saying jane good, but when ask for what u do and what the quote, u never reply.


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Hi Oldham,

We are doing up our 5rm point block at 10Kish. Lots of hacking and glasses installed. Main focus will be the kitchen and common toilet. We went to a lot of ID and most important we are direct with the amount that we are willing to spend.

There are a lot of cases when during renovation, the amt kept increasing but knowing what you want and your ID know the amt you are going to be willing to pay is very impt too. Our ID said, this is a challenge for him but so far we are doing fine. Let me know if you want me to PM my ID.


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wah 10k for renovation? Actually if your flat is quite new,den 10k is normal what... Just do some refurnishing, like change tiles,paint but you have to focus more on your furniture lor.. If you want to change the whole outlay of your flat,like put partition here and there, then 10k not enough liao lor.. I recently read the Zhang Mi Xue in I Zhou Kan, she only spent 10k plus for the renovation! but also 10k plus for her furniture! somemore is private condo leh! so 10k not a prob...


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hmm... mabbe you can tell us what you intend to do?

cos doing a search on the forum will show up alot of quotations, but those might not be necessarily what you want.

mabbe a list of what you want to do will help better as most of the forummers here are more than willing to share their knowledge


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anyone can help?
i got a 4room premium flat.need quite alot of carpentry.i actually got a quote from fresco le but wanted more idea b4 decide


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ahtai_ahxue, Ya, heard of it, went there once personally with my FH. But we have yet to sign with them as we told them we need time to reconsider. They are quite patien with us and gave us quite a no. of suggesstion and proposals. At least they show good attitudes when I told them we wanna reconsider.


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hey JT n ahtai_ahxue, how is it w/ freasco? i saw their adver. in strait time n newpaper recently..their package seem not bad. i may go for quote when my FH is back..i got quote from 3D Innovations, but i dun like the way they service..will look for other..


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hey JT my place is done by fresco now...now the place on going..so happy but the design is not finislise yet but the tiling work is doing now as i wan to move in b4 dec


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Hi seansamantha

Can you let me have details of your ID? I am also looking at reno my flat.



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hi dann

if u r interested, I can also intro my ID to you too...their service is excellent n pricing is pretty competitive


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Hi everyone... I'm new here so hope you guys don mind me asking questions... My hubby and me are young so when we came to renovation we don have much cash on hand and both of us have only less than 10K for renovation... We'll just like to do some simple renovation like painting the wall, polish the floor, change all doors, electricity, and renovate the kitchen and both toliets... can anyone help ask we still need to buy furniture too...


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Hello seansamantha ,

i was being quoted 32K for 5 rooms premium, thought was very expensive .. can you give me your ID contact?


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Hi Everyone

Sorry for not checking the forum lately. was very tied up with work. Yeap, would be really interested to know your IDs. Can you all email them contacts to me at [email protected]?

Thank you!


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So many pp trying to intro ID and reno contractor here. Can post some pics of your home? There's a lot of false forumer here lately pretending helpful but actually are ID or contractor themself. Hash are these words but if really "you xin" or sincere to help then don't mind post pictures. Thanks.


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Hi Ladies & Gentleman

I hv a gd contractor to intro to u all, he comes highly recoomend by someone whom deal with him B4. He offer gd services, responsibility, gd workmanship n gd pricing.
Interest party, pls email me for his contact.



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i have just bought a 4rm resale flat. I would like to do minor reno due to budget constraint of 10k. These are the things i would like to reno:

1. re-laminate the kitchen cabinet only(retain the original framework) and to change to solid table top.

2. change of kitchen sink with installation

3. change of hood and hob with installation

4. hack and install a new vanity top with cabinet and a new washing basin and tap in MBR.

5.change the w/c in both toilets.

6.hack away the bathing tub and add a shower
screen to prevent the toilet from getting wet while bathing.

do you know what is the price from doing all these?


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usually re-laminating of existing cabinets are not a good idea as the amount of work involved in removing the existing laminate & putting up new ones is more tedious than doing up a new set of laminated cabinet itself.more often than not,u will find that relaminating itself will not be a lot cheaper than doing up a new set.laminate finish itself is not as pliable & thin as paper as most people think it is.for a good idea of how laminates are put up,ask ur contractor or designer to bring u for a tour of their workshop & u will understand why its not esy to relaminate.



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as for the bathtub peter intend to remove,there are usually no tiles finish on the area of wall & floor where the bathtub is situated.do take note that contractors & designers have no way to take note of telling whether there are tiles finish there until the bathtub is removed.do prepare an additional sum of $$ to have the contractor put up finishes after hacking.bear in mind hacking of part of the flooring or fixtures in ur bathroom may compromise the waterproofing quality thereby leading to leaking ceilings for the unit below urs.most contractors will not cover warranty for leakages for partially renovated bathrooms.