101 ways to tekan the groom


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Hey people... just browse the file myself..
saw most of the games play at other fren's wedding oredi...
any more ideas...? the bridesmaid made th

just to share something funny.. my fren's 'bro' actually brought axe, hammer..etc.. to the gate crashing... them dance the 'King Fu Hustle' movie dance.. it was pretty funny =)

others would be... asking the bro to pass banana using their mouth 'to and back' ... the guys almost kissed >_<"

ohya... if there's "sweet, sour, bitter and spicy drinks"... maybe dun make the spicy drinks too spicy.. coz a fren of mine puke after he drank that.. coz it's too early in the morning .. =)


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Hi Celine,

Can I have a copy too, thanks.

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