$100 for Registrar to officiate solemnization outdoors??

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Hi all,

Any advise on friendly and kind JP? Is it legal to have solemnization just outside my HDB unit?


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Hi All,

If you got the information on hand could you share with me the ROM packages and JP contacts? Thanks


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Im also looking for JPs contact too, for outdoor solemnization. And roughly when can we start contacting them? So far had any of you got any JPs in mind that are humourous and fun (i thot this may add a bit of fun to outdoorsy weddings ^^)

I have obtained a no. of quotes from One Rochester, Oleary's Bar and Grill(just below Singapore Flyer), The British Club and SMC. All are outdoor weddings...

If you want the info and contacts of the above, u can email me [email protected]


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I intend to have an outdoor solemnization in July, can anyone share with me infos, prices,pictures for such event. (Hweng): Care to share your package with National Library and pictures =). Ivy: Care to share your packages and picture with Seletar Country Club. Can i also have the packages and pictures of SAF Yatch club. Thank u girls appreciate any respond.

Lyn [email protected]


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Hi BTBs,

Got several encounters emailing JPs who mentioned my wedding date on September is too early to be booked inside their calenders. Just to ask if u have any reliable, jovial JP(s) to recommend? If so, pls email me at [email protected].

Thanks all.



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hi mashpotato

i had my wedding at il lido not long ago, and it was great. service was good and the view at sunset is no kidding seriously breathtaking


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Hi May Lim

Can share with me more about your wedding @ il lido? do you have pictures to show? Did you all solemnize outdoors or have a stage set-up? seating capacity and pricing package etc?

Thanks! My email is [email protected]

Do email me!
Thanks alot!


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Dear all

Im urgently looking for JP. Anyone had experience with any good JP?

Appreciate if can get the contact too! Thanks!!