$100 for Registrar to officiate solemnization outdoors??

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Hi everyone!
This is my first posting here too!=)

Read through some of your posting here... interesting place to share resources and recommendation.

Can send me a copy of the ROM list too? Actually i am quite lost in what i should be doing at the moment. Oh ya btw mine is on 20Sept08.


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Hi Everyone,

My 1st time posting here too!
Need help for afew nice & budget outdoor rom venue. Pls help..Thanks alot

Hi angeline, mi & bf also intend on 20 sept 08..LOL so u planning outdoor too?? have u book the JP?


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Hi Peareys,

Oh really gona be nice to have someone on the same day as me. Nope I have yet to book one. Not sure which is a good one. Want someone that is fun loving and jovial.

Actually i am also on a budget ROM outdoor. But i am rather particular with the atmosphere of the event. So having a headache here... =p


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hey all

juz happ to pass by this link.. I had my ROM last Dec.. it was an outdoor venue at SAF Yacht Club (Tanah Merah).. all my guests loved the place.. the pics also turned out nice.. atmosphere was romantic.. also we got to arrive in a small yacht

Our solemnizer was Rev Stephen Cheng.. very nice person.. was very patient & smiling.. eventhough we were late! hehe


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My ROM venue will also be at SAF Yatch CLub...
Could you share with me the theme you have chosen?
If possible, could you pm your ROM photo?

Thanks in advance!!!


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Can I quickly ask, what are the criterias that you use to select your JPs?

Personally, I need the JP to be able to speak proper English. I don't even need him to be super humourous or anything but I remember being appalled at a friend's ROM ceremony because the JP spoke very bad English and most of the audience were giggling (including me!).

Mr Chia Ti Yu sounds like a decent bet. Any other can-speak-good-English JPs to recommend pls?
My AD is on 22 May 09 (Fri) so I'm starting my research now. Hehe.


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Mine will be at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront this December, $1388++ for high tea, 30 pax, add pax at $45++.

Can look for Sheena. Go for the Paradiso Room, nice place.


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ANybody can share me which part of national library for the ROM and what is the charges? I visited the website, can't see anything about ROM. I really need urgently as still hunting for outdoor venue for ROM at the same time want to do tea ceremony. Pls advise thanks


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Pretty babes boutiques ...went to see your website. Nice collection !! Does the price in Singapore Dollar? Also what is the payment term and how long is delivery time?


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Hi, I need to ROM soon as my flat is here yet I am clueless how I should start planning.

I am sure that I do not want to do it at ROM. I prefer garden setting, a nice restaurant etc.

Please email me at [email protected] if you have any packages to share.

Thank you


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Hi flowerbride, you faced the same situation as me. my flat is here, and i need to ROM soon. haha.
Anyway, i have a few hotel/ restaurant ROM list on hand, any particular one you are looking at? I can email you.
And for me, i'm holding my ROM at Seletar country club.
Look for your JP!! i got Prof Yu.


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Anyone knows what'll be the proper period to book a JP. Do i have to book like a years in advance or ealier? or it's cool to do so like 3 months notification?

Because i'm having my ROM on a auspicious date, i've concern that it'll be hard get JP.


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Pult to sky> Congrets to you. If you have your date already its easy to work with. About 6mths before your ROM date you can start looking for which JP you like and than start reading threads of JP. Than you can start email the JP see if they are avail for your ROM date. But take note that some JP will only ask you to check back with them 3 mths before your ROM date.


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hi all. want to find out how much does a JP charge for outdoor solemnisation.
any one knows? are the rates different for different JP?


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Akaihayate> Hi JP or solemniser do not charge for ROM event. Is a gesture of appreciation, that one is to reimburse the Solemniser for transport costs incurred to officiate at your wedding. The reimbursement guideline is $28 to $48 according the ROM website. We paid S$50 in a AP.


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Hi everyone,

I am also looking for a ROM with budget <S$100 outdoors. Indeed, we already have rings bridal gown...So only now ROM..My quick calculation:

-$26 ROM fee (pay online)
-$50 for the room (CC charge little)
-The CC might also include Marriage Conlemniser.

Any body got experience on doing ROM at Community Club?Please share with us.



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hi everyone. i having my ROM too next yr, but was wondering if anyone of u here have manage to invite ur JP to hold ur solemnisation overseas?


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hi everyone... i was quite disappointed. JP asked me to call back 3 mths b4 my ROM date to confirmed but told me tat he would not ve agreed to me if he noe it is a Sun... but he did note down the date tentatively rite... i'll be holding my solemnisation in 3mths time n i need to look for another one now...

Anyone know of any JP who is bilingual? How about this Mr Chia Ti Yu? think he is gd from the gd comments given... need advise badly...



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National Library apparently is just the venue alone could anyone provide the details of the rest of the things as a package ie. food caterers, deco, tables,etc. if they have done something like this before am just looking at 10 - 15 pax for ROM &amp; solemenization

my e-mail : [email protected]


hi all, i recommended my JP, Leon Luai 97557839.
very nice guy...and accomodating...v friendly
i chg my timeslot numerous times but he was v patient and even assured me it's ok.
looks wise very well groomed


for those on budget for ROM venues, maybe can try Hort Park.

I had mine there, min 4hrs, each hr $50. air conditioned room with 50 chairs and 1 solemnization table and 2 chairs. Foodwise, I ordered catering which is $15 per pax, min 30 pax. food's good too...


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Hi Carlene,

am also interested to hold the solemnization at the Hort Park. Which hall did you held it at? Cos i saw that the multi purpose hall is more for bigger capacity.

My number of guests is also around 50 pax. Can you share which cater did you engage?