$100 for Registrar to officiate solemnization outdoors??

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Hi OinkOink!

Mine still far far away heez.. Jan 24th ;)
Hope all's smooth for u & enjoy the moment k!!
Share more after ur ROM orh..


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Hi all do you all have any gd and courteous JP to recommend? I try approaching Mr Chan he is really very attitude.. My hubby tried asking question cos 1st time mah he told my hubby to learn his english and hang up the phone just liddat leh...


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Hi Angeline,
tatz funny fm d thread everyone says Mr Chan is a friendly guy..i'm planning to engage him for my JP too..maybe u wana try Chris chen or prof Yu?they r recommened jp too


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Hi Angeline,
My JP is gonna b Mr Chan wo.. spoken to him via phone & he sounds nice & patience enuff lei.. very furnie he treat ur hubby like tt?!? hmm..

Haloz Oink2,
SO how was the BIG day?!? kekez..


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Congrats to all gals who are getting married soon or already married.

I got ROM in June 2006 but now still get very excited when discussing ROM and AD stuff.

my AD will be in Mar 2007

Enjoy the ROM planning process..Cheers


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Hi Pearl,

My JP was Mr Chan. Well, overall I would say he's ok and well versed. However, he arrived 10 mins earlier and when I asked him, is there anything that he need to tell us, he said nothing. It was a fast process and he's jovial person. Didn't really mingle around. Looked really stern. Haha

Overall I do not experience the good moments as mentioned by other brides.


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Hi OinkOink,
I attended a ROM by Mr Chan yest too! He'd cracked a few jokes, make the tensed couple abit relax & the whole thing went on pretty well, think he also arrived early yesterday!

Mayb u too tense & stressed on your ROM day tt's why not able to really enjoy?! a bit nervous lei..

Hi Verena,
Thanks orh!! Am goin through the big "Projects" of my life now.. hehez..


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I just sign a wedding package at Mr& Missweddingclub in Tanjong Pagar. Any ppls take photo there b4 ? How the service and photo quality ?Heard that many famous ppls taken photos there.


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Hi Shiau Ling,

Heard they are very famous and good at photography. My aunt and best friend had signed up their package too. But haven't take their photo shoot yet. But my best friend is taking her photo shoot on 4 Nov. Perhaps can share more with you after her photo shoot.


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Hi Ladies,

Am planning to get ROM next year somewhere in April. Where exactly is this Masonic Club and Love that Binds? And can someone share on how to book the JP in-advance and the procedures of e-filing? Am totally a newbie here.


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Hi OinkOink,

I'm also intending to hold my ROM at Swissotel Merchant Court. Care to share with me your ROM package with them? And do you have any pictures to share with me? You may email me at [email protected].



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Hi OinkOink,

DId u just had ur ROM @ Swissotel Merchant Court?
i just went to the hotel yesterday to view the place ...it was quite nice...
i am intending to have High Tea Reception there...
Can you share with me your experience as well as the package u had? Who was ur JP then?
You may email me @ [email protected] to share...

And Congrats!


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hi BTB

have u consider in holding ROM in a country club? for example like singapore poly graduate guild, don need to be a member and u can still book e place.

its a pretty interesting concept


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Hi all,
rom in a country club is pretty interesting. Actually most club, you dont have to be a member. OCC is pretty nice,Raffles marina is nice too but too far


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Hi all, I am considering of having my ROM at Jurong CC, nice place with a church like setting and decor included. They are charging us only $8+++ pp for a simple high tea if we book our wedding package with them. You gals may consider them as a venue option.

Cheers. =)


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Hi Bon, it's a public service medal. Those are conferred by the president during national day. During national day period, the papers will publish a long list of names.. some of them are BBMs, PBMs, then still got Star and Award..

I doi'nt know the difference.

But if your JP has a PBM or something like taht, it means the JP has made some contribution to society, Your ROM cert will show your JP having PBm cos pple with PBMs awarded, can use the title PBM behind their names.


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You may want to have a Chocolate Fountain and have the guests enjoy Fondue with it

Call Perry 93848982 for rental..

Great Service & Satisfaction


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Hi gals, I'm a newbie here and i'm getting ROM this coming June. Do you all have any recommendation for JP? I am inviting one out to my solemnisation venue.
Any good recommendations for ROM package in terms of make-up, hair-do etc?


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JP to sign letter of acknowledgement, the letter is done by us? or they will have a standard acknowledge letter?
Any JP intro? I Prefer male with a friendly look type. solemniser how much? they have a market rate?
My ROM on 15Sep2007


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Hi OinkOink,
I'm so sorry i didn't set my profile properly. I have open up my PM already. BTW, will drop u a mail on ur MUA. Thanks alot!!


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My 1st posting!

Seems like this Mr Chan has got both good & bad reviews. Alittle too risky for outdoor solemnisation... Any safer bet?

Mine will be 20 Dec 07 & will be holding an outdoor event.


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Hi All,

I m plaaning on my marriage and need to get some advice and info.

How much does it cost me in total to ROM only?

Any cheap lunch / high-tea buffet to recommend at less than SGD$25/pax

Hope someone could help me cos need to plan on the budget leh....

Thanks, Snowy


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Hi Snowy,

The registration charges for ROM is only $26.
If u choose to ROM outside the building, you will have to book a JP and have to reimburse the tpt charges to them... Recommendation chgs is $28 and above...

For high-tea buffet, you may try Furama Hotel..
Both Furama Hotel have a ROM package of $888+++ for first 30pax.. Any additional pax will be charge at $25+++ for Furama City Center & $30+++ for Furama Riverfront..

Or you may try some chinese restaurant like restaurant 88 ... It will be cheaper.. Some may cost <$200 per table for lunch..

Hope the info helps...


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This is my first time in the forum. I am having my solemnisation next year march. Any good JP to recommend? I have no clue at all..
Thanks gals!


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this is the first time here for me too.. I intend to rom on 19/1/08 (Sat) @ my new flat @ Jalan Membina. Can anyone recommend me a JP (or a few just in case) who is willing to it on a sat? Issit still in time to get a JP for that date. I see most ppl here book way way before ... thanks in advance.

my email: [email protected]


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hey ladies, I've tried so manyyy places man. From spas to cafes, the prices were all out of my budget until we found National Library (central one). It's beautiful and great for the ROM, and it's sooooo affordable. I highly recommend Spa Boutique for those with a bigger budget!! Or Halia restaurant- the price is good but they are going through reno during first two weeks of jan, which is my ROM.

I need a JP too!!!!!!!!


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Ours was done recently by a Mr Chia Ti Yu, a very young friendly and jovial Solemniser. I think he is the youngest solemniser I have seen in weddings so far. Can try to contact him.


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National Library? Wow, thats a great idea, after renovations it looks cool. which area of National Library and how much?


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Hello everyone,

I'm going to hold my ROM together with lunch buffet party in garden or coast. Pls give me some advice, the budget should be $30-$40/person including dink.

Thanks in advance


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Urgently looking for a JP for my ROM on 24th March 2008! Just decided to change to outdoor solemnisation. Anyone can recommend a friendly JP? Great thanks!


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this is my 1st posting. i am having my ROM on 24.11.08. Any gd recommendation for gown rental??
thanks ya..