10 Good Beauty Salons to recommend


Sharon, can I have the details too??

I just finished my package with this Asian Skin Solution. Dont really like it... Initially, they assessed my condition and told me they will customise my facials. As I'm the kind who doesnt like ppl to hardsell, i took whatever I feel is good when they recommend me and signed a 10 times package. But EVERYTIME I go for my facial, the beautician will hardsell to add this add that. Once, when I asked how come they recommend this particular treatment cos I told it was in my package when i signed up but they say my package was just the basic facials only. I was so angry bcos i knew i added a few other treatments during signing up on top of the basic facials.

They are really very pushy and they tend to talk alot to u during your treatments where sometimes you cant just relax and enjoy your facial.

I'm now looking for another place with reasonable price and near town as I work at Shenton Way and stay at Redhill area. Anyone has any recommendations?


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Any good beauty salon to recommend? Stay in Hougang area, near IMH. Looking for 1 resonable and no hard selling salon . Just shifted here.. so no lobang le.. thanks!!
Hi all,

De dreamZ-Link beauté provides an one-stop service for ur face.body.soul. Affordable prices, nice ambience. Contact certified therapist, Jazz @90144194 for appointment.


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hey jasmine,

yea, you can google Porcelain face spa and go to their facebook for reviews, iCompare.sg too or their website www.porcelainfacespa.com.

hope u will like it like i did.


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Dear Brides to be,
just wanna share my pleasant experience as i feel this salon really brought my skin back to life. i had pasty skin, with huge pores that were almost beyong cure unless i went to do laser. i started putting make up at a young age and hence overtime, it came to a point where i couldnt walk out of the house w/o wearing foundation & concealer.

this salon @ united square, called EGA wellness, was recommended by a close girlfriend. it aims at age defiance through some new technology that i cant remember the name. all i remember is that their products are all energized with crystals, and my skin has improved tremendously! its hard to describe as i really tried sooooooo many salons like bioskin, bodyperfect, mary chia etc and their packages are not cheap at all!
i am extremely happy that there is such a technology and i want to share the word coz i want all of us to be beautiful brides!

if u are keen, pls call them at 6258 0065. my fav therapist is helen or catherine. =)


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wah, i saw the S$12,888 facial treatment price , i also shiok...
lucky i know this home based therapist, help me save a lot money .
ur also can try this Bukit batok home based facial salon. good, cheap, and nice.
any question can pm me happy to share with your


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hi ladies

any recommended therapist at porcelain?
i'd lk to give them a try cos i like the name!! whoa..
i havent had facials for lk..6yrs


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hey Lydia (i inferred from your name lokie weds lydia), I am a regular at Porcelain.

actually now they only have 1 main therapist who does the extractions and all, coz she's really good and they don't anyhow hire therapist. Her name is Jenny, can try to book her. but she sure nag you coz 6 years never do facial a bit long! haha.. motherly type of nag la, she's nice.

recently they're getting rather popular so must call in advance.

but thankfully they are good to regulars, and let ppl like me book 2 or 3 appts at one go to "chop" the slot! :D


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ya man, $12888!!??

true shape got a promotion that cost only $288 for 10 sessions of Microdermabrasion, crystal de white facial or body perfector slimming, that is like 1/100 of the price....


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any good facial places in tanjong pagar or raffles place area? Currently looking out for alternatives, cos dun really like the service of the one which I'm going now. Products wise, they are quite ok, but when it comes to service, all i can say is they need improvement. Dont think I want to continue with them after my current package ends.

Any good recommendations that are affordably priced?


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Hmm. acupuncture can slim down face only ?? I dun think so, as i went for acupuncture before and mine is slim down overall


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Just went to my regular place for treatment. they have new machine for slimming. Meso with thermo machine. if i am not wrong . hmm can really see instant result.


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Hi Miram,

What are the supplments that can make the skin look beautiful without facial? I am curious.. please share.. thanks!


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I tried home based facial in sengkang
she using Dermalogica .
After many such treatments happening outside, I really prefer to go to home facial. Enough is enough


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Nowadays Slimming Centre cannot be relianced. Today signed up tomorrow may be it will be closing down. This is what we learned from newspaper recently, right?

I always believe TRA is the best!!!


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I have an experience to get a promotion 3 in 1 treatment @$39. The service is very terrible and the facial saloon is very dark @ Chinese Garden... cannot remember the name. The beautician is very rude and the products is DIY. The thing that I cannot accept is the place is very dirty and the towel full of leftover mask. I never expected to have such facial salon in Singapore. Luckily, I found a good place and reasonable price treatment @opera beauty cottage.


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I know that as we age, we faced more problems on our skin so, we just need to reset our skin to our younger skin then all problems will go away. Right? That's why I want to recommend ageLOC, it helps to target our youth gene cluster(135 genes to be exact), reset and reverse! Wonderful!


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Been to Bioskin and True Shape.

Bioskin's products is pretty good, especially those for face. You can give it a try if you like. But as usual, big names are often more ex.

True Shape is a smaller salon located at the adelphi building (near City Hall MRT). Very nice ambience and good customer services. Results impressive too, though they are small.


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Hi just to share on a new beauty salon that I went to on recommendations from friends. Called True Shape, located at The Adelphi #03-03(opposite funan, near City Hall MRT). Their service and products are really good! and the beautician that attend to me are so friendly and approachable.

They are having a promotion right now for Bust Enhancement, RF Face or BOdy Slimming for only $28 nett for 1 session. Can call 63366596 for enquiries if interested

I tried RF Face and did a IPL with them and results are impressive!


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Try Jill Lowe at Raffles Arcade. They also have outlet at AMK Hub. Best is to go to Raffles Hotel first. If Ms Lowe is there, you are in luck. For special rates, say you are refered by Carol and quote 20345. Their products is also good.


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Try Pink Parlour... they have good locations and have heard of good reviews for their IPL as well. Centralised; outlets at Orchard Central (I've been there, big and spacious!), Far East Plaza, Marina Sq and NEX shopping mall.


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I am letting go a facial package with Zen Beauty @ Novena Sqaure 2.

10 x $288 Meditrina facial
free one year remove of 'you pao'
free 3 x foot reflex and 3 x back massage

The package is $2888.
Please qoute me a reasonable price if u are keen.
Hp: 9 8 5 5 4 5 6 0

Thank you ^_^


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i was at tampines 1 earlier (wanted to have some air conditioning, weather has bn super crazy these days!!!) and saw tht pink parlour is opening there! excitement! <3


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I usually go to Supreme QX Spa for my massage. Their therapists are very experienced and will recommend the best treatments according to my symptoms and "troubled areas".

Recently, they are running a promotion for SG Brides forum members. On top of the current promotion - $68 massage, they are offering SG Brides forum members like us an additional 30% discount! Brides-to-be, pamper yourself now!

check out their website:
http://www.supremeqxspa.com.sg/ or call them at 6358 3029


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It is not a healthy way to gain weight. Apart from these you will gain only weight that may be belly fat, thigh or any else part of your body but not your muscles. Try some green vegetables and fruits and it will keep you healthy and active. Green vegetables and fruits provide lots of nutrients, minerals and vitamins to your body such as protein.



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Anyone go to Khitlab area.... opera beauty cottage ? i tried their skin tag remover a week ago. Feel to share with others. I thou my those tiny oil pores need to go for laser. Recommended from my friend to go opera beauty cottage to remove them. After tried, found that many oil pores, known as skin tag, are removed. Fanastic. Need to try
You can visit the facebook, opera beauty cottage. Currently, there is a promotion.. Buy 1 get 1 free.


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opera beauty cottage? interesting name

but i find it hard believe in smaller names after seeing the salons and spas close one by one, leaving the consumers with nothing. could try out for a session but not for a package. Will stick to Bella Skincare. Somemore the next branch is very near my house. yay!