10 Good Beauty Salons to recommend


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Just like to consolidate which are the 10 best beauty salons in Singapore.

I shall start with the first, the salon that I have always been going to.

Mary Chia Jurong East. Services are good and beautician friendly. Only thing bad is these big salons are always pretty expensive. I like some of their products as well, pretty effective.

Anyone can recommend some cheaper and good salon, be it smaller size?


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hi all
i have deep acne scars on my face which makes me look odd. i would to know abt a good institute which can help me reduce these marks .


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I recently went to a salon at Adelphi called True Shape, on seeing good review on flowerpod forum.

In short, it is professional, skillful, friendly, not pushy, and ambience is cozy. Results are good as well. Well recommended!

Their contact is 63366596. You can call for enquiries if interested.


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Hi georgina,

For you case mu st try is therapy.
It work very well on deep ance scars name (MRS)mirconeedle rejuvenating system.
I used to have deep scar cause by ance problem.
After doing the therapy my scar 90% gone.
You will see very good result in just 1 session.

interested I can share more detail to you.
or you can call them direct for more info about the MRS therapy.For Tampines-6782 0846
Yishun- 67560727.


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Hi georgina, if your scars are pretty deep, think the best treatment is laser, which is available at most skin/plastic surgery clinics


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i recently tried a home service facial. they actually come to ur house to do facial.i find it good coz i am a kind of lazy girl who will not step out of my house once i am home. so this concept best suit me. their skill is gd too. most impt price reasonable.


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i think laser is the fastest way if super serious...
If no breakout & left w scar, I personally go for diamond peel & ipl...i do go for detox facial as toxic will slow down the skin renewal process...
When i had severe breakout, i will go for purifying/anti acne facial & take birdnest - home cook birdnest...u will feel & c the difference if u take regularly...


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Hi everybody, I am pleased that I am able to share with you all my home base beautician @ Hougang called Narava. I have been with them for 5 years and their services and products is all along so good.
I used to have acne problems at my T-zone and after much treatment and using their Verde product, my acne at my forehead are gone. I tried using many other products before but doesnt cure until a friend recommend this beautician to me.
My mummy is with them as well and they do have another anti-aging treatment with instant result, now my mummy look much younger with her sagging skin problem..
Well, i am just sharing my experience and i personally feel their price is resonable and worth it ...
have a look www.naravabeauty.webs.com


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Hey [Jennifer Fong (bqueen)],

I've tried TRUE SHAPE also and commented on Flowerpod as well.Indeed, their services were certainly good and definately not pushy at all.I went there with my friend, enjoyed their service and after knowing their range of packages and pricing, i find it affordable and reasonable so me and my friend took up a 15 sessions of R/f package.It's my 3rd session now and i had never regetted signing up.

For those who are interested, their number is 63366596.;)


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I go to Body Contours. I like it coz my beautician is gd. Extraction ok, eyebrow shaping gd, friendly and not pushy. But generally the sales ppl outside r very pushy. Price a bit ex but can try.


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Hi there, i've been to quite a few. Some disastrous, some so-so. Finally, after some trial and error from several recommendations from friends, i'm happy to settle down at Balik Kampung Spa. i like my beautician cos she is super meticulous and careful, esp. when it comes to extraction. I have very sensitive skin, and get red patches easily after facials. With her, i feel safe. Some friends commented my skin has improved quite a bit! heeehee.. veri happie!
call 68920985 and look for lily.


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I also go to Body Contours, started 6 years ago. Usually dun have preferred beauticians. The ones I met are usually good in doing extraction.

Like the treatments at their hair spa, too.

Agree with Princess Genie that the sales pple are pushy.


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Hey crystal,

Out of curiosity, i tried true shape as well. Went down for RF and IPL, and glad to say, I'm really pleased with their services. The beautician is extremely friendly and humorous, and their services and products double thumbs up!

Thanks for all your recommendations!


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DO NOT GO TO TRUE SHAPE! @ Adelphi They are writing all thier own reviews in most forums and im a victim of theirs.

Had one of the worst time there, lousy place with hard selling people. Initially was there to try their "Botanical Stem Cell" but it turn out to be a nightmare.

May only care abt selling me packages which at first i thought was attractive. They quoted me $4000 for 20 sessions but however my nets can only charge $2000, they offered to escort me to the atm.

On second thought, i do not want to commit myself in the package. So i refused, May and Chole turned black face.

At the end i just pay my facial that was done and left, to my surprise i heard " IF no money, then don't come and try!"

I hope no innocent party will suffer from TRUE SHAPE at ADELPHI.


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Hi All,

Based on my past 5 years experience, I would like to recommend SENSUOUS BEAUTY. They only 2 branches, Bedok and Toa Payoh Central. Very good service, affordable and non-pushy type. I only have their TP number. You can call 62555123, look for Cynthia.


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i think numbers should only be passed down in private. advertisers pls stop spamming here.

i've tried lancome beauty institute's facials. it's good, but slightly pricey.
i think you can negotiate a package with them base on what your skin condition/budget is like.


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I have been suffering from adult acne for the longest time...blackheads, large pores, whiteheads..you name it, I have it. : ( and honestly, I've given up visiting doctors and trying out so many facial salons and buying over the counter stuff...

But I am recently going to this place call AGELESS. Located at Hougang. Tried their promo facial for $38 only. I must say my face cleared up quite a fair bit after the first session and not much redness or swelling after all that extraction... :D Better to call 6284 2278 cos' they're sometimes quite booked.

Will definitely be going back again... no doubt, will be signing up their package but definitely worth my money compared to the other beauty salons I've been to...


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Hi Jade

this Ageless sounds pretty good.
My complexion also not very good
Think i will give it a try as i live in Hougang too
Thanks for the recommendation


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I have my facial near marsiling. I like the beautician, she doesnt ask you to buy products and her service is good.She spent 3hrs on my face when i just back from oversea trip.
And she doesnt over charge..
Used to go BIG NAME salon, disappointed..


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Hi Agnes,

You're most welcomed. Have you tried Ageless already? I recently check out www.totallyspa.com and realize they're now having this Diamond Peel Facial promo for just $18 for the 1st-time trial. Also have other massage promotions. Do check it out. The promotion currently going on in their Bencoolen outlet. Address is The Bencoolen, 180 Bencoolen St, #02-03.

Do call them at 6238 8078 before going down. : )


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I have been visiting a homebased beautican too. I read about her in this forum too and I find her very good.Her prices are very reasonable compared to outside salon especially when she is giving me treatment. She cleared my complicated complexion problem.

For those interested, you may want to email her at [email protected].


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Hi, I've exactly did recommend my beautician in this forum sometime back, so far she is still the best. No hard sell. I just want to recommend her new treatment which can really make my face glow as well as instantly get to see that my face was fairer. Very good results even for the first time. She is currently selling this facial for $88. It is worth a try. We normally call her Ms Tan and she does it at home in Sengkang and Adelphi. She go by appt so do call her beforehand. Her contact is 97328451.


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hi hazelnutz (hazelnutz09)
Can you share the beautysalon's name? I stay ard Marsiling and been wanting try neighbourhood salon (used to frequent Leonard Drake but times are bad now ). There are so many salon here, dont noe which one to choose from. I'm extremely scared of pushy sales ppl (had bad exp at Slim Fit)


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I frequent a home based salon at Sengkang. They do house-calls too. They are friendly, have good skills, affordable rates too. I do facial with them too. Price much better compared to beauty salons outside.To view their services, go to www.beautydivas.multiply.com


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I go to Amore every month and I signed up package with them... first time was $3.5K and after more than 6 times, I decided to upgrade to $5K due to good service and result. Expired days are 5 years from now

Amore package is quite different with any other salon. $5K package entitles me to do any service they have with 40% disc from their normal price. Every month, I go there to do purifying facial and underarm hair removal that cost normally $120 (for facial) & $160 (for underarm) but I only need to pay 40%less and it will be deducted from my $5K. Moreover, they are not pushy type since I emphasized to them from the day one I joined. I hate beautician who always advertising to me when doing the treatment or right after the treatment (@.@)" I plan to do my post delivery treatment in the future as well

The best thing that I like Amore is that I can let my family and friends use my package as well .. so they got 40% off (it's kindda sharing a package so that it won't be too expensive).

So anyone of you willing to try Amore, can lemme know
I am not promoting Amore for sure, just purely sharing my experience since I had bad experience with some of the salons before ... hehehe....

Home-based beautician ???
I tried one of them before in TPY. I thought I can get a cheap rate. In fact, the basic she charged is $30 but after analyzing your skin, she will hard selling you to add this that and end up one time cost $70. She is nice in person but I don't feel comfortable everytime I went to her house and spent one hour to do facial there. Besides, she is not using disposable sponge or cotton .... after 3 times trying, then I decided to waste my $1K package (for 10 times facial only).



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Hi all, Im using a home spa call Galvanic Spa and its vr affordable,with immd effect.If you want, I can eml you the photos that I do on my half face after using it for 10min.


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Looking for hazelnutz (hazelnutz09), I'm keen on the salon name at Marsiling too! Cos i stay there. Saw alot of small salons.. but dun dare to try leh. Can PM me? I seldom come in here..


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can consider twister in tampines,recommended by someone i bought the slimming product fr.

its cheap and nice haircut


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i wish to recommend Master Institute @ Bishan. Been there for around 2 months & my complexion improved alot.. previously upon massage my face sure will have outbreaks now after massage, no more outbreaks & face firmer too...

You may contact Auntie Adeline @ 90296773, the address is Blk 513, #01-512 Bishan St 13 (next to Bishan interchange).


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Just tried the renewalift treatment at true shape adelphi, and it's a really good treatment for my skin. Would like to recommend to anyone who has acne/spots/dull skin problem. can check out their website for more info on this treatment



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WA! RF face at $28??, that's cheap! This treatment usually cost at least $150 per session. gonna grab this offer!


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if you are staying near West Coast, try the Sothys dealer at West Coast Plaza #02-34. The Salon name is ZaNN Esthetique & Cosmetique. Right now they have 50% off 2nd Product purchase. Worth buying especially the Biological Skin Peeling and Desquacream.


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Just went to try the Renewalift treatment at True Shape Adelphi, and I like it a lot! It has cured my acnes problems finally!!!

true shape adelphi, true shape adelphi, true shape adelphi!....Three cheers to you! hahahahahha


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i went for facial at teck whye. it's a home-based business, so the beautician charges quite cheap, $35 for about 2-3hrs of facial and includes eyebrow trimming, head & shoulder massage and use of machines. overall not too bad and the beautician will throw in some freebies once in a while. if anyone interested, can pm me