1. Please Help! Want to have a plan to answer my wife's paraent!


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Hi All,

First of all, my partner and i already ROM a couple of years ago. My partner is from another country.

At that time, I've invited solemnizer and hold the ROM over at a small place, with sitted chinese banquet dinner. That is to settle my relatives, close friends and buddy. Of cos, her parent and sibling were also invited too.

This year we plan to have pre wedding photoshot. I intend to have it overseas (still in the progress of choosing which photgraphy cpy).

And now here is my questions:

a) How am i going to settle for my partner.
I don't want to hold a big event as we don't have that many people. I prefer simple.

b) Any suggestion that i should do in order to cloose the loop? I don't what are the so-called necessary things to do in order to address my parent-in-law as "Pa and Ma".

Now i thinking, i should have make a "big" one in the beginning. And now i left with all these small things to get headache with..

Please help by providing your suggestion thru here. Currently i can't access the message box due to some error occurred.

Thank you so much!


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you are right! Should have made plans in the beginning and make the ROM a bigger event so that you need not a wedding event now, but its too late isn't it? hehe

What is your budget? I would suggest that you hold a small scale but something special so that it doesn't look that simple and your partner & family would be happy too!

So probably your can look for those ROM venues with nice environment but of coz budget yourself and depends what kind of cusine which you and your partner would like to have? there's small scale places which I find it quite nice, it would be Peony Jade Keppel, Megu (serves chinese cuisine), my ROM was held at Steward Riverboat which serves Mexican-American cuisine which I totally love it, it is on a non functioning boat.. pretty cozy place.

If you are planning to go Taiwan for photography.. my bridal studio was very good.. which my frds also gave the same feedback and a couple of them actually went to it after my wedding! the studio is call Cang Ai.

of coz the necessary stuffs are the chinese traditional stuffs (if both of you are OK)... serving tea and call them "pa" "ma" and that will be it.. forever.. =D

Hope these will help!


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Thanks Joanne for the advice.

Anyway, we already had our ROM a few years ago.
And that makes the most difficult part whereby I don't intend to have a "big" wedding because there ain't that many people to invite.
But wonder what is there that i can do instead.
A small event + serving tea, lets say going for high tea in a small, nice enviroment? haha..

As for the photography, how much did you spent and what's inclusive in the package? I thinking to go Bali but ain't having any feedback for far..

Bascially, i don't trust many of the photography in SG..