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Hello BTB! Just thought I might wanna share my short and disappointed experience with 1 altitude.

A little background: I’m BTB 2019, (luckily still far and we have ample time to find venue again) The purpose of us looking for venue at such early period beforehand it’s because my fiancé and I wanted a very intimate wedding cutting off all the customary stuff, just solemnisation follow by a seat down dinner but yet leaving a good impression to our guests since it’s really small at around 30pax. On top of that half of our guests were flying in as my fiancé is not local and some of them had never been to Singapore. So the venue to us consider the most important and we wish they will have a good and memorable one.

We were pretty straightforward on our directions and priorities so we went straight to decide “why not 1-Altitude”? Firstly they offer PRIVATE DINING ROOM for small affairs and secondly, it’s our first dating venue 3 years back and we thought it hold a very meaningful memories to us.

Moving forward, my Fiancé started to email 1-Host, my guess is they are like planners and collaborated with a few venues... I’m not too sure about that... but they replied and told us even for our small affair of 30 pax, the min. Spending is $20k! Of course we are in shock! $20k for 30 pax it’s a bit too extravagant!

So he separately emailed 1-Altitude, that was in Dec 2017. Of course we are delighted that the Coodinator replied us that they are able to cater to our small affair and it’s all fully customisable! She asked more into info and we furnished her with everything and it was also a quite firmed up info.. like I said we are very sure with what we wanted.

She then replied us in mid Jan after 2 weeks. We are fine with the delay in reply as we still have time. And she emailed us a quote and package for the items we need and will be provided to us very clearly. She also requested to have a Meetup for a site visit. Which we agreed too! However, she could only meet us on weekdays, office hours. And we gave in too despite our busy schedule. My fiancé got to rush and skip his lunch to meet her during his lunch hour just to visit the place and had a more detail talk.

We first met her on 15 Jan 12.30pm. The place that we will be using “ private dining room” was undergoing renovation / upgrading. We are ok too cause we are fine to view the place again when we are confirming. After viewing, we were pretty excited. We had discussion to iron out our queries and we did share with her our encounter with 1-Host as well as asked her again (even its already stated in her quote, no min. Spending) and her reply was “ NOPE! As we see the increasing trend of smaller group wedding like 30-50pax... therefore we cater a private dining room for smaller affair!” Further more, she soft booked our date before our confirmation and no other clauses were stated to us. We are more than happy to hear that!

She promised to send us some images after the Reno. But Nope, no follow ups from her at all..

After our consideration, we still decided to go ahead despite her lack of service! We initiated to view the place again even though she had not make any initiative but we are still fine with it.. my fiancé arranged 4 days in advance to meet 8th Feb to take some pictures for my parents before we pay the deposit... our meeting arranged to be at his lunch hour also , 12.30pm. While we were on the way at 11.40am, she sent my fiancé this:

“my management saw my proposal and said its not possible to release the date for just the private dining room until 3 months prior to the wedding. Or if you take the entire restaurant exclusive”

Seriously? It’s our second meeting to just confirm the final look and to make deposit then she sent this? Then what’s the quote for? I’m not sure if I’m being unreasonable, but I was very disappointed at the moment when my fiancé fwd her msg to me. Reaching there. She seems wasn’t prepared to meet us. And had no apologetic sense. I might have made a wrong move by my sarcastic comments, and expressed my disappointment. But we definitely did right is to hold our anger and spoke in our lowest volume in order not to interrupt their customers from dining. But at the other hand, the way she handed us for the price we are gonna pay is unacceptable. Cutting my conversation when I’m trying to explained to her... and her attitude with her rolling eyes while talking to us... lastly, her trying to use a lie and cover the other lie...

Eg: while explaining that her management can only release the date 3 mths prior, it’s her negligence for not telling us Initially and all the past couples with small affairs also book the venue only 3 mths prior. Yet when we first met, she told us couples book at least a year ahead. And before we left, she lied and said it’s a new move this year... so which is which?

She said that she will try talk to the management again... but I doubt so since even sending images to us seems like a difficult task for her.

I’m not sure if I’m a bridezilla, or it’s a usual norm out there that a quoted price/ package is actually not applicable? Ain’t the quote act as a contract that we need to agree upon before confirmation but seems like their quote can be like a rough paper and meant nothing?

At the end of the story, I’m Glad that we see her true colours and how they work before our wedding day. If we’ve handed our big day to them, I can’t imagine if I will get what we were promised? or everything are lies after lies as their sales tactics to coax the newly wed?

No doubt I must compliment they do have a nice location with nice view. If BTB looking for small gathering can handle their “not so real” services no harm trying.