weight loss

  1. J

    WTS: Platinum Yoga Membership (valid till 15 Oct 2020)

    Hello, I have a membership with platinum yoga Suntec and I’m looking to transfer due to relocation. Contract is valid till Nov 2020 at $1316nett. Let me know if you’re interested.
  2. X

    Fat transfer procedure?

    Hi Has anyone gone for fat transfer procedure, to move fats from certain parts of your body, to another part of your body? Any good reviews and recommended doctors/aesthetic clinic to go to? What was the price you paid?
  3. jaster

    How to lose the fats?

    Multimillion dollar question? Is it really so hard to reduce the numbers on the weighing scale? Not at all. Don't eat and just drink water to see if you can see your weight going down. There is no secret formula and most slimming programmes are based on one simple equation. Input = Output Eat...