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    Letting go wedding package - no expiry date

    Hi BTB, THE PACKAGE DOES NOT HAVE AN EXPIRY DATE Price of package (GST included): $3127 Deposit (GST included): $1535 Selling: $1500 Meaning you will pay me $1500 and pay the wedding shop the balance as stated in the contract. As this is a wedding package, we will need to meet up and do...
  2. J

    ALL-IN Package - Pre Wedding Shoot & Actual Day

    Hi there, This is all-in package! You may contact me if you require more information :) Pre Wedding 3 Outdoor Locations All soft copy return with Original Jpeg file (50 edited and effect photo) 1 Wedding Gown for photo shooting 1 Evening Gown for photo shooting 1 Short dress for photo...
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    Wedding Gown Rental

    Hi All wedding experts! I'm a foreigner who working in singapore, and I'm getting married on this November 2018. I was looking for bridal gown rental for my prewedd photoshoot and actual day. Any recommended bridal gown rental with affordable price? Thank you!