wedding venue

  1. cardboardemu

    [Calling for Couples] FREE proposal plan/service support + feature in Japanese bridal ring brand video!

    We want you and your plus one to participate in our Proposal campaign! As part of a marketing campaign. we'll be providing assistance to an individual who wants to propose to their significant other, but require some guidance and encouragement. For couples who are keen, we are offering total...
  2. L

    Anyone had their wedding at the palm ballroom?

    How was your experience? How does it compare to the jubilee ballroom? Urgent!!!
  3. L

    WTB Wedding Lunch Nov 2022

    Hi, looking for venue for wedding lunch. Date - 19th Nov 2022 Pax - ~150 Cost/table <= $1.6k Thanks!
  4. O

    WTB wedding banquet package in 2022 Oct to dec (50-80pax)

    Hi looking for wedding banquet for sell from Oct - Dec 2022( 50-80pax)
  5. M

    Looking for someone to take AM session on 18 June 2022 so can share cost of Tentage @ Youngs

    Hi, We are considering this beautiful tentage setup @ Youngs (Seletar area) but it costs ard 13-14k for tentage + decor + sound system + 70 pax food etc. We'd like to know if anyone else is getting married on the same day and wld like the AM session so that we can check with the vendor if we...
  6. T

    Wedding at the AHAVA

    Hi brides! Anyone held their at the wedding at the AHAVA? Interested to know how was your experience like! We are thinking of holding our wedding there next year, but cant find much information abt them online. (No response when we reached out to their corporate email too. ) Thank you...
  7. C

    WTB 2 Jul 22 Caldwell House Solemnization

    If anyone has a Solemnization or lunch at Caldwell House which they would like to let go of, please contact me ‍♀️ Telegram: CYJX0 (Above is "zero" and not "O" the alphabet.) I am open to consider venues with Colonial theme as well.
  8. C

    WTS Wedding Venue Decor Package from TWP

    Hi Future Brides, I am letting go of our wedding decorations package from The Wedding Props (TWP) worth 2600. The package was meant for decorating the auditorium at Changi Cove. package includes: - fairy lights setup at auditorium panel - backdrop - photo album table We already paid 1Ksgd...
  9. V

    WTB Wedding Package July 2020

    Dear all I am finding a wedding package for July 2020 Kindly PM if you have one
  10. G

    Ramada at Zhongshan Park

    Hi there, anyone has had their wedding at Ramada before? Any reviews to share on the food and overall package please? Thank you!
  11. E

    Wedding in Restaurant Hotel Venue

    Privileges (Min. 25 tables) - Anything lower can neg Decorative wedding arch & aisle stands in the banquet hall. Special floral centrepiece for 2 VIP tables and other guest tables. Smoke effect for your grand entrance. Multi-layer model wedding cake for cake-cutting ceremony. Champagne fountain...