wedding decoration

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    WTS Wedding Venue Decor Package from TWP

    Hi Future Brides, I am letting go of our wedding decorations package from The Wedding Props (TWP) worth 2600. The package was meant for decorating the auditorium at Changi Cove. package includes: - fairy lights setup at auditorium panel - backdrop - photo album table We already paid 1Ksgd...
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    Post Wedding Sale / Rent

    My Wedding is blissfully completed and i would like to let go some items. GDL Items Brand New Couple slipper - 2 for $20 Plates (used once) - $5 each Brand New Groom Silk Pyjama - $10 Gatecrash Items Brand New Xiong Di Tie (Set of 6) - $4 each Props (used once) - $10...
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    WTS: BNIP flower garlands

    brand new in pack flower garlands for sale. about 1.5m long each 3 packets available. 2 red, 1 pink ideal for bridal car decoration or wedding venue decoration 1 packets for $7