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    WTB AD videography and photography

    Hello everyone, we would like to buy/takeover AD photography and videography package. We are looking for AD MUA as well. Date: 26 November 2022 Please pm me. Thank you!
  2. M

    WTS/ $2020 for 8hr Photography AND Videography

    Hi BTBs! Due to a change in plans I'm letting go of an 8hr AD photography AND videography package with LookslikeMay for $2020. They have been incredibly helpful and patient and you can search both on facebook and on instagram to see their positive reviews! DM me if you are interested. For...
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    Actual Day Photo+Videography

    I am letting go of a package for your actual wedding day! PM me if you are interested to find out more.
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    Letting Go: All in Pre Wedding & Actual Day Bridal Package

    Pre Wedding - 3 outdoor location All soft copy return with Orginal JPEG File (50 edited and effect photo) Actual Day Rental Package 2 gowns + 2 groom tuxedo AD Make Up & Hairdo AD Photography 10 hours service on the day of your wedding AD Videography 10 hours service on the day of your...