slim down

  1. B

    Melt Belly Fats Naturally

    Hi all, recently I have joined a class called “Melt Belly Fats Master Class” where they teach people how to slim down naturally. I myself already slim down from 51.5kg to 49.3kg in less than two weeks. Some of my friends who joined this class with me, they have faster results than me. They have...
  2. A

    wts: bottomslim package

    Hello Ladies, I have a Bottomslim package which I signed up in hopes that I will look nice for my upcoming wedding shoots. I attended my sessions diligently for a month and honestly I can really see and feel the differences. Being an office lady causing me to have a Pear bodyshape. But now I...
  3. jaster

    How to lose the fats?

    Multimillion dollar question? Is it really so hard to reduce the numbers on the weighing scale? Not at all. Don't eat and just drink water to see if you can see your weight going down. There is no secret formula and most slimming programmes are based on one simple equation. Input = Output Eat...